NHL Rumor Mill – February 1, 2013.

The latest on Roberto Luongo, Ryan O’Reilly and Stephen Weiss, plus the latest on the Star and Red Wings. 

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox recently reported on Roberto Luongo’s solid effort in his recent games and how he’s shrugged off the trade rumors which have dogged him for months. Cox claimed the Toronto Maple Leafs are still interested in Luongo but aren’t willing to pay the asking price of players and prospects the Canucks are demanding. The Florida Panthers may or may not be available, while the Washington Capitals are just speculation at the moment.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle noted James Reimer’s solid performance has begun to quiet calls for the Leafs to acquire Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as Reimer keeps playing well, the less inclined the Leafs are to go shopping for a veteran netminder. As for Luongo, the reason he’s getting more starts isn’t because the Canucks are “showcasing” him, but because they’re going with the hot hand in goal, and so far, that’s “Bobby Lu”. Of course, the fact he’s playing well won’t hurt his trade value, but I don’t believe the Panthers or Capitals will pursue him. Those clubs need scoring help, not a goaltender.

Could the Senators have interest in Stephen Weiss by the trade deadline?

Could the Senators have interest in Stephen Weiss by the trade deadline?

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren and Don Brennan both reports Senators GM Bryan Murray isn’t going to rush out into the trade or free agent market to try and find a short-term replacement for injured center Jason Spezza. Both agree Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss could be worth watching if Murray should seek a first line center later in the season. Weiss is an unrestricted free agent this summer and there’s speculation the Panthers might be unable to re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, the Senators will go with Kyle Turris on the first line and give more playing time to Peter Regin and rookie Mika Zibanejad. 

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports no progress in contract talks between the Colorado Avalanche and center Ryan O’Reilly. He does point out an interesting change in the new CBA which would make O’Reilly an unrestricted free agent after next season if he isn’t re-signed by then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs wouldn’t let that standoff last that long…would they? Naw, I daresay they would trade him before letting it come to that. Anyway, it remains to be seen how long O’Reilly wants this to drag on. He’s got no leverage, unless his hope is to force the Avs to trade him to a club willing to pay his salary demands.So far, the Avalanche management has dug in their heels.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika suggests the Stars could shop Michael Ryder, Jaromir Jagr, Brenden Morrow, Stephane Robidas and even Ray Whitney by the April 3rd trade deadline if they’re out of the playoff race by then.

MLIVE.COM:In a recent Q&A with his readers,  Ansar Khan expected the Detroit Red Wings to upgrade their blueline prior to this year’s trade deadline, acknowledging Phoenix’s Keith Yandle or Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester might be available by then. He also acknowledged the Wings might have some interest in Lubomir Visnovsky (who’s been dragging his feet rejoining the NY Islanders) by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of that trio, Visnovsky appears the most likely to be available by the deadline. The othe rtwo won’t be just given away, as the asking price could be expensive.


  1. Ryder has always been a solid player. A lot of teams that need scoring help could use a guy like him.

    • Ryder hasn’t always been a solid player, there was a time when the Bruins were considering buying him out ( luckily they didn’t as he came around ), but he has been streaky in his career.

  2. Florida does not need a goaltender??? u must be out of your mind, look at thier gaa and save% for Florida’s goalies

    • It is stil early in the season. Theo/Clemmer/Markstrom had good numbers last season.

      I’m still not understanding why the idiots in Canada are now saying that the Panthers won’t be able to afford Weiss and that they are maybe selling the team. I got in touch with Yormark on that and none of that is true.

      Also, if the Panthers had, and still might, interest in Luongo and his contract then what makes anyone think that they can’t afford Weiss and his new contract? DOH!

      • Us “idiots” in Canada are probably assuming the Panthers will be sold and that they can’t afford to pay players because anyone watching the panthers on tv knows that place is empty. The panther jet game last night was insane entire sections with only a few people in them. What a shame decent team and no fan support.

        • The Panthers aren’t in trouble as a franchise.

          • MJR I; you “seem” to know a lot. They may not be in trouble now, but they won’t survive. The sunbelt experiment will fail and more and more teams will be placed in Canada where they belong.

          • SSE is the company that owns the Panthers and made the stadium a top 10 entertainment venue in the US. Florida ownership involves big time millionaires with Huizenga as a leader. Panthers are not going anywhere. The team doesn’t make money, although it did very well in the playoffs last year in terms of money.

            This team will be winning once Tallon has all the right pieces in it. By then, they will be financially more stable.

            Also, the lockout did not help. Floridians down here spent their money and time on baseball, football, and mainly basketball with Lebron.

            Panthers are not for sale. End of story.

          • @Micki who said the Panthers are for sale? All that has been said is that the lack of fan support is pathetic, also it doesn’t matter how deep the ownerships pockets are without fan support it will at some point come to an end. Owners are not idiots they won’t continually throw good money after and the tax right off argument that I’m sure someone will throw out doesn’t work long term either and there are plenty of other ways to protect income from tax without investing in a sinking ship.

  3. Is there rationale to possibly do a Luongo-O’Reilly (plus) trade?

    I agree Florida needs Luongo…but $$ is more the issue. They will soon not have a shot this season if they can’t start winning consistently.

    Washington needs a goalie as well…yes they could use scoring, but solidify the backend and their snipers might turn it around.

    • I’m sure the Canucks would love a Luongo for O’Reilly swap but the Avs? Not so much. They gave up a ton for Varlamov and aren’t going to give up on him this soon, especially since goaltending hasn’t really been a problem for them.

  4. Theodore has a .901 SV% and a 3.39 GAA. Clemmenson has an .840 and 4.80.

    Panthers don’t need goaltending help?

    • Trading goaltenders based on 5 games is a bad idea. Craig Anderson is what, 971 right now? Hyeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.

      He’ll be back at his 910 form in 10 games, and we’ll also see him still surrendering 33 shots a game.

      • I didn’t realize its the goalie’s job to play defense and limit shots on goal. Good to know.

        • A good goaltender stops pucks, a better goaltender displays leadership skills and coordinates his defense. For example, a better goaltender will often tell his defense what kind of shots to attempt to deflect and which ones to let through. It’s not his “job”, but then when Brodeur handles the puck and coordinates his defense, part of being a goaltender, you realize, is preventing scoring chances from happening in the first place.

  5. no gm is going to give any young players for luongo with that contract . bobby luo is one great goalie but at 34 yrs old should bring canucks back a veteran second liner and a 3rd rounder .hope he plays out the season with vancouver and shows the fans there what they are going to miss .
    I think Ryan O’Reilly and his agent just might have some leverage if it is true that he could become an ufa after next season if he is not signed by then .he would get his money as a ufa for sure and could go play with his brother in khl until then . colorado should deal him for a good young dman or a scoring winger .

    ottawa might be looking for a spezza replacement and Ryan O’Reilly would fit that team to a tee

    • Yeah well they’re going to go with their young guns for now and if they really start losing, they might do it, but I don’t see a reason to give away assets and possibly a 1st or 2nd rounder. Spezza is out indefinitely, but it could just be 2 months.

  6. @ Mack …I agree Theodore is DONE!!!!….. Hes looked terrible !!
    Unfortunately the Panthers are going up for sale and not sure if the will be alowed to take on such a contract as Luongo as not to hamper the sale price and its debts!!

    I am a Leaf fan but if I was Murray ..I might look to do a Zibinajed and Daugavins for Oriely and rights to Downie when hes healthy!!

    I wouldn’t do it right away but if they start to slip drasticly over the next 2 weeks then, if the deal was there id would that !! It would be a great trade for both teams!! skill skill skill

    • I wouldn’t trade Zibanejad… he’s struggled with injuries a little, but he still has more upside than O’Reilly at this point (in the future), and it wouldn’t do Ottawa much of a favour to pick up a player gone for a full season.

      I think Murray made it a point to build a strong farm system for Ottawa and it’s the only reason he wasn’t fired as a GM (though Ottawa took a hit, their farm system improved drastically). I don’t think he’ll stray from that philosophy.

  7. Would love to see the Bruins trade Krejci for O’Reilly!

    • Colorado is not going to pick up a 5M center if they’re unwilling to pay O’Reilly 4m/y.

      • They would if they think Krejci is a better investment than O’Reilly

  8. Vancouver GM Gillis has said publicly he wouldn’t hesitate to trade Schneider, Luongo, or anyone else on his roster if it would improve the club. Gillis has also said he’s comfortable keeping both goalies and given that he still has the option to buy out 2 contracts next year perhaps he buys out Ballard & Booth for an $8.45 million Cap savings which would easily allow him to keep both goalies and still have $11 + to fill out his roster.

  9. @ MJRI

    no offence but Orielly is and will also be a better pure centerman than Zibinejad…Oriely was pretty much the best centerman as well as player on the Avs team ..and they are stacked down the middle …Spezza may never be the same …and we all know how hard it is to find solid cenbterman in this league especially if they are available and you have Alfredson who is on the cusp of retiring …this would set the Sens up perfectly for long term success….. Zibinejad is a player that is unproven ….IMO
    Can’t look at likes and dislikes of players ..its about who is better and who is going to impact me now and for the long term !! Oriely is a # 1 power center man ..Zibinejad is in the AHL

    • I don’t take offense to differences of opinions.

      They’re both good players. I still think Zibanejad has more upside.

  10. Panthers are a pathetic franchise just look at the stands during a game. I went to florida once and walked around the arena and found 2 tickets for good seats available for 60 bucks each. Got in there and there was nobody, moved up another few rows and watched the game from damn close. Easiest thing i ever did.

    Also, Markstrom is one of the best up and coming goalies so why would the panthers trade for a goalie? It would only be for the short term..which lets face it, needs lots more than a goalie to be good. Better to think long term than to add an aging goalie with a bad contract who won’t do enough to help this team anyways. You have a great goalie who will be coming up soon.