NHL Rumor Mill – July 15, 2014

The latest on Mike Ribeiro and David Booth, the Bruins will have to move a defenseman, and addressing a couple of internet-generated rumors. 

Mike Ribeiro could soon sign with a new club.

Mike Ribeiro could soon sign with a new club.

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford cites a report from TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie claiming Mike Ribeiro could make a decision later this week as to which club he’ll sign with. His choices come down to two teams, one from each conference. Jason Brough, meanwhile, wonders if a club will take a chance on oft-injured winger David Booth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ribeiro’s behavioral issues aside, he remains a skilled playmaking center. If he’s sufficiently addressed those issues he could be a good short-term addition to a club lacking depth at center. Booth remains a skilled scoring winger but his injury history will make teams reluctant to invest in him. I believe he will be signed by someone, but it could take a training camp tryout to get a new contract.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports the Bruins will have to move a defenseman in the wake of their recent re-signing of Matt Bartkowski. Conroy notes veteran Johnny Boychuk has been oft-mentioned in rumors, but it could just as easily be Bartkowski.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins currently have $390K in cap space, and while they’ll get over $4 million cap relief when the season starts by placing concussed forward Marc Savard on long-term injured reserve, they still have to re-sign Torey Krug and Reilly Smith, as well as Jordan Caron and Justin Florek. 


One of my readers recently claimed he’d read a rumor claiming the Bruins would trade Dougie Hamilton for a top-six right wing. I doubt very much the Bruins will move the 6-5, 215-pound Hamilton. The 21-year-old will eventually replace the ageing Zdeno Chara when the latter retires or departs via free agency.

The Winnipeg Jets “wooing” San Jose Sharks captain Joe Thornton? Yeah, good luck with that.


  1. No way Bruins deal Hamilton he will be their future #1 defenseman. But I also think he needs to be more physical to eventually have Chara’s impact. I am not saying Hamilton will be the next Scott Niedermayer but that is more his style.

  2. Evander Kane to Ottawa for Jared Cowan, Craig Anderson and Colin Greening.


    • I’d love to see something like that. But Cheveldayoff is one of those ultra-careful GMs whose moves of that magnitude are so far non-existent. Yeah, there’s always a first time for everything, but IF he ever moves Kane and his $5,250,000 cap hit I doubt he’d take back 3 players who will cost him $8,937,000 combined without the other team also taking an unwanted contract along with Kane.

      • Although i’m not completely against trading Anderson and going with Lehner, after all Ottawa could sign Brodeur as mentor and back up. (maybe…..?) But I would be hesitant on giving up Cowen who has size and great potential. Defense is not something that comes easily in the NHL. It takes a lot of education and time to become a good solid D-man. Cowen Missing Training camp to get that big deal likely hindered is production. Cowen may develope into a solid top 4 d-man. I would place my money on that than Avander Kane staying in Ottawa if the trade is made. I like Greening but Ottawa has enough Depth to replace him so he is obvious trade bait.

        • I like Cowan a lot and agree that he projects into a top 4 D. That said, if you can move Anderson (you’ve got to move him before his contract is up and go with Lehner) and get something back with the talent and potential of Kane, I think throwing Cowan in would be worthwhile.
          Bringing in a Mentor backup would make sense as well.

          • Not bad, but I am not sure with Bogo Trouba Enstrom asmost likely the top 3 if Cowan would bethe difference in landing Kane. The Jets would likely want a top 6 forward as their bluline is actually not thst bad but depth of scoring is kind of missing especially if you sre dealing away Kane. Im not sure Greening could slide in to Ladds spot and Ladd moves up to play Kanes…they seem a little short on scoring depth with Greening or Tangradi playng 2nd linr minutes on left wing.

          • Fair enough but if your looking for 2nd or 3rd line scoring, Stepniak is available and would fit that bill reasonably.

      • I just wonder if Chevy has the guts to make the big deal, he hasn’t pulled the trigger on a significant deal in three years. Nyets still look like Thrashers-north. Buff’s name has been in the rumor mill for the past 2 season but he’s still a Jet.

  3. There’s no way the Bruins trade Dougie for a top-six forward. They don’t have any defensemen in the system that come close to his upside.

    • I agree, totally – Dougie will be a Bruin for a long, long time.

  4. LOL@ the Sens deal. I’m a Sens season ticket holder and I wouldn’t do that deal. EVER. Kane isn’t “getting it” in this league. Go play in Russia. You play like a Russian.

    I put a bit more stock in that Dougie Hamilton rumor. For the simple fact that Tyler Myers is in play. He, not Hamilton is the Big Z’s replacement. Hamilton to Buffalo for Myers and one of those fancy freshly drafted kids from this year’s draft.

    • No, that’s a pipe dream at best. Chiarelli has himself a perennial cup contender. Why on earth would he trade his best young defenseman for a guy who never panned out? Besides, Boston already has too many NHL-ready centers. This would be a step backwards for the Bruins.

  5. Evander Kane to Vancouver for Burrows, Lack & Shinkaruk.

    • This deal is basically Kane for Shinkaruk, backup goalie and an overpaid bum for Kane. Makes 0 sense.

      • Lol messed up on that last bit sorry…

        • I agree Jes,
          Who in their right mind wants Burrows coming their way? 33 years old, 4.5 million per for 3 years? NO thank you!!!!

          • Don’t know why he gets so much hate, Burrows has been a 25-35 goal scorer for the past 6 years, aside from last year due to injuries. Up untill this most recent deal he was making 2million a year for 4 years. He earned the deal he got and more than paid his dues. He had a bad year last year, but considering how many freak injuries he got, and the douchebag coach he had to play for, I would expect a huge comeback year for him next year.

            I would consider it a good chance that the sedins and burrows have a good bounceback year.

          • “Don’t know why he gets so much hate, Burrows has been a 25-35 goal scorer for the past 6 years, aside from last year due to injuries.”…………….Actually he has hit 25-30 in his entire career 4 times….2 years removed……. Clarkson had similar numbers last year. and if someone mentioned him in the same sentence, for a 22 year old Kane, he would get the same kind of backlash…….

          • Well he scored, 28, 35,26,28 during 2008-2009 season to 2011-2012. 2012/2013 was a lock out shortened season, and last year was clearly an an off year. To compare him to clarkson is a bad example, Burrows has consistently performed year after year, while clarkson had one good year. That one good year is also nowhere as good as burrows best year as well and he is getting paid way more.

            Also Kane seems to be ALL ABOUT KANE, he sounds like a cancer in the locker room.
            I get that kane is younger and has a lot of upside, but I find it pretty hard to understand why you think Burrows being mentioned as PART of a return is so preposterous. He is by no means the center piece. I guess it all depends on how often you see a player play and what he brings to the team. TBH I wouldn’t want kane on my team considering all the negative stuff he has been saying. We already had kesler, and luongo asking for trades out, vancouver does not need another guy who doesnt want to be part of the solution.

    • plekanec ,1st rd pick,tokarski, for kane

      • I’m not sure why Burrows takes so much heat. I’d take him.

  6. Kane isn’t going anywhere, the GM is afraid of his own shadow … can’t understand Jets ownership tolerating this guy … I have my doubts as to whether or not Kane ever figures it out … and that Sens trade proposal is laughable … Cowan can’t skate, Greening is a 3rd liner and Anderson is on the tail end … the Vancouver proposal is worth considering … but I’d rather take a flyer on Markstrom than Lack …

    • If Winnipeg would consider it with Markstrom instead of Lack even better.

      Burrows, Markstrom & Shinkaruk for Evander Kane.


    • Jets should have kept Dudley as their GM.

      • Ummmm Lack is Awesome. I’m surprised Vancouver signed Miller. I have all the faith in the world that Eddie lack will be a starter in the NHL. If I had a chance to pick him up with a small offer I’m doing it. Lack isn’t going any where’s from Vancouver and I fully expect after Miller time is done in Vancouver there will be no lack of goaltending in Vancouver. It’s all about watching the players and making projections all, My money is on Lack.

  7. Dark G

    Regardless of your trade rationale, your proposed trade only makes Bostons cap woes 5.5 million dollars worse….

  8. Riberio to Nash for 1 year 1.05 mill

    • *Ribeiro sorry

  9. Looks like Nashville is signing Ribeiro and Roy.

    • The preds are going to be a mess I think. Roy I dont mind, but it seems as tho, they are just signing anyone who can put up points and kind of have blinders on about other issues…could have made a trade or 2 and been further ahead imo. Guess we will see, but it wouldnt surprise me if they come out of the gate strong lose a couple games and really roll down hill. Too much turn over to quickly and I am not sure about a locker room with Neal Ribero Jokinen and Roy, all at the same time. Weber better lay down the law early.

  10. Kane to colorado for our own digruntled player Ryan O’Reilly.

    • Straight up?

    • You seem to be selling your team short, I think that ROR has more value than Kane.

      • Yes, ROR has way more value than Kane.

        • ROR is also out of Colorado in 2 seasons max. If you can get Kane for ROR straight up, I would make the deal.

          • No, that is just wrong! ROR is worth twice as much as Kane. It would cost the Jets; Kane, Scheifele and Ehlers.

          • O’Reilly does have more value so if Colorado was willing to make that trade get it done. It happens many times where a disgruntled player/team relationship sours the potential return. If O’Reilly is awarded 1 year through arbitration he becomes a RFA and suddenly susceptible to offer sheets. If he gets a two year deal he will be come a UFA at the end of it. If the relationship is soured O’Reilly may use these factors to force Colorado’s hand. I’d make the offer but it will have to wait until after the arbitration were wards are complete.

    • There was only a bit of dis-grunt during the time that Calgary submitted an offer sheet on him. Because he believed he was worth more than what Colorado was offering him at that point in time…and he proved it last season of how valuable he is. If your Avalanche was smart, they’d keep him long term. And he is only 23 years old. You don’t get rid of a valuable power forward like him, who doesn’t get many penalties!!!

      • RoR is many things, but he is not a power forward.

        • This past season he showed he is a power forward. He was throwing his body around, powering himself in the boards and getting the puck out to his teammates, scored, set up goals, came back defensively and was an overall force. How is that not a power forward?

  11. how about the habs sending an offer sheet to reilly smith for 3.3 million for 2 years . just to help the bruins manage their cap . compensation would be a 2nd round pick .
    would force the bruins into putting someone else on the block to keep smith, perhaps eriksson .
    would make it tougher to sign Krug as well .also tougher to add a rw they are looking for .
    definitely just add to there rivalry.

    • This would be great.

    • Teams cannot send offer sheets anymore ,i believe that deadline has passed i might be wrong.Also Smith and Krug cant get offer sheets as this was the first full year in the NHL and they were not drafted but signed out of college.Im pretty sure on that because they cant even go to arbitration.Also montreal would have to give up picks to Boston could backfire on them if someone then offer sheeted Subban also.

      • Teams can still send RFAs offer sheets, except for those who are now facing arbitration hearings.

        • Yes, but Colorado currently have $9.695M in available cap space, like when Calgary submitted an offer sheet, Colorado will quickly match.

      • They can’t send him an offer sheet because he filed for salary arbitration

  12. I have a question is there a deadline on offer sheets and since smith and krug were college signings if they cant go to arbitration can they get offer sheets.spector this ones to you.

    • There is no deadline on offer sheets to Group II (restricted) free agents. Smith and Krug are Group II free agents and thus eligible to receive offer sheets.

      • Offer sheets become a trade cancer latter on. You try and poach a player from a team and you will find dealings with that team in the future are not so cordial. You may also find teams suddenly seeing your own team as a target once you break the offer sheet ice. The team who has the player who signed/accepts e offer sheet will likely match and deal with it later as they fear others will see it as a weakness and start making offers on their other RFA’s. Offer sheets are equivalent to launching a nuclear missile in war. They don’t end up pretty, things get real messy.

        • I think in some cases you are right, but only really between the 2 gms involved and generally its petty. Looking back over a few of the last cases of an offersheet…how many GMs especially in the western confrence are smiling at the ROR situation now? I doubt there is a ehole lot of ill will to Feaster from the Hawks, on top of that Feaster isnt with the Flames anymore so its not like it really affected much accept the Avs. If you look at the Flyers seems they have no issues making trades (asside from bad contracts) and they have done it twice, as have the Oilers, who again have little difficulty making deals….personally I dont really care for it in most cases as it seems they rarely work but I dont think it quite puts a blemish on a team or GM the way it once did.

          • I read that both Smith and Krug are not eligible to receive offer sheets because they are entry level RFA’s out of college. They don’t have the same rights as regular RFAs such as arbitration and signing offer sheets.

  13. No way Bruins move Dougie he is there future stud D-man. Bruins need to play there kids and pray the cap goes up so they can extend Krejci Lucic and Hamilton next year. There a tight group and I can see things working out.

  14. both Krug and Smith have completed their 3 year EL contracts regardless where they played . i believe both lack arbitration rights. because if they had filed that would make them exempt from an offer sheet .
    they are both in play just like Ryan Johansen ,Ondrej Palat, Jaden Schwartz etc

    • Now Johansen is someone I’d go to war over. Some should send an offer . However there is no way Columbus wouldn’t match unless it is of so high value they are rewarded 3 1rst round draft picks.

    • both Smith and Krug cannot sign offer sheets and do not have arbitration rights. they are special RFAs called entry level RFA’s becasue they left college early to sign.

      • Can you provide a link about that? I’ve searched the CBA but cannot find anything specific about that. From everything I’ve read, they can receive an offer sheet.

        • I found it on csnne in a joe haggerty article. I also tried to find something in the CBA on the net, but I haven’t had the time to look at the actual CBA. I did find an excerpt from an interview with Chiarrelli that said the same. It had something to do with them buring the first year of their eligibility and leaving college early.

          • I think this is it Lyle:

            (c) Players With Fewer Than Three Years of Professional Experience.
            Any Player with fewer than the required years of professional experience set forth
            in Section 10.2 shall have no right to Free Agency except as provided in this section. Upon
            expiration of such a Player’s SPC, the Club to whom the Player was last under SPC shall be
            entitled to make that Player a Qualifying Offer under the terms and conditions set forth in
            Section 10.2(a)(ii) above. A Club which makes this Qualifying Offer will have the exclusive
            right to negotiate with any such Player. In the event no such Qualifying Offer is made, the
            Player shall immediately become an Unrestricted Free Agent pursuant to Section 10.2(a)(iv)

  15. Ondrej Palat already signed oops

  16. Moving Hamilton would be a stupid move but so was moving Seguin.
    I guess anything is possible if it included a top line right wing I would do it.
    Would have to be a very good one like Eberle.
    I would also want Boychuk extended otherwise this team will be done in a year.