NHL Rumor Mill – July 22, 2014

Latest on Evander Kane, Cody Franson, Antoine Vermette, Ryan O’Reilly, Joffrey Lupul, Braydon Coburn and more.

Were the Canadiens interested in Joffrey Lupul?

Were the Canadiens interested in Joffrey Lupul?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman offers up his 30-plus thoughts for the NHL offseason. Among them: Friedman believes teams will have interest in Arizona Coyotes center Antoine Vermette, who will be a UFA next summer. Coyotes GM Don Maloney hopes to re-sign him…Ryan O’Reilly is likely to follow Paul Stastny out of Colorado…The Washington Capitals prefer to see how defenseman Mike Green performs this season under coach Barry Trotz’s system…The Edmonton Oilers continue to seek a center, preferring not to rush prospect Leon Draisaitl…Friedman expects Edmonton’s Justin Schultz and Toronto’s Jake Gardiner to sign two-year “bridge contracts”…The Calgary Flames have let teams know they’re willing to take on a toxic contract provided they get something good as part of the return. Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman is floating in the rumor mill but he has a no-trade clause. They’re also believed to have looked at Toronto’s Cody Franson…The Montreal Canadiens reportedly had interest in Toronto’s Joffrey Lupul but the Leafs wish to retain him…It’s believed Evander Kane will start the season in Winnipeg…Canucks GM Jim Benning dismissed rumors he’s no fan of defenseman Chris Tanev…With Vladimir Sobotka headed to the KHL, the Blues are likely to retain Patrik Berglund…Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn has been mentioned in rumors but they’re not keen to move him…Stripping Joe Thornton of the Sharks captaincy won’t force him out of San Jose.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Coyotes cannot re-sign Vermette before the trade deadline and if they’re out of playoff contention by then they could shop him…Seems like it’s inevitable O’Reilly will be playing elsewhere within the next year or two…Green could also become trade bait if he struggles playing for Trotz or if the Capitals are out of playoff contention before the trade deadline…I don’t see many teams having interest in Wideman unless the Flames agree to pick up part of his annual $5.25 million salary. Doesn’t surprise me the Flames have interest in Franson, since former Leafs GM Brian Burke is now the Flames president of hockey operations…Given Lupul’s injury history the Canadiens would be better off looking elsewhere for size at forward…I can also see Kane starting the season in Winnipeg…Tanev is among the few promising young players on the Canucks. It would be foolish to move him…I don’t see Berglund, Coburn or Thornton going anywhere. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper doesn’t consider Winnipeg’s Evander Kane a good trade option for the Nashville Predators, citing character issues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators have made their moves to address their offense for this summer, acquiring James Neal and adding Mike Ribeiro via free agency. I don’t see them pursuing Kane or any other scorer this summer. 

TORONTO SUN/THE GLOBE & MAIL: Lance Hornby reports Cody Franson, who recently agreed to a one-year contract with the Maple Leafs, acknowledged the trade rumors floating about him this summer. Franson said he doesn’t want to leave Toronto and hopes to remain part of their future. James Mirtle, however, doubts Franson and James Reimer have long-term futures in Toronto.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples notes a National Post report claiming the Maple Leafs could try to move Franson before he becomes eligible for UFA status next summer, pointing out the Leafs tried to trade him to Montreal earlier this summer for Josh Gorges. Staples examines if Franson would be a good fit with the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Franson will have to make himself invaluable to the Leafs blueline if he hopes to remain with the Leafs. I don’t believe they’ll move Franson or Reimer before training camp opens. They could start the season in Toronto. 


  1. Starting to look like the market is making it hard to move guys that should have some value, not just from a Leafs perspective, but it seems like alot of teams are not going to get very fair value by moving guys before the start of the regular season. Franson 1 year at a very affordable contract but will be a UFA, ROR who will be a distraction all year long with a 1 year deal has lost value now with his impending UFA status, Green Kane Vermette… tough to see these guys getting what they are worth in any kind of trade before November.

    Funny the team that just signed Ribeiro is worried about the character of Kane.

    Lupul consistant 20 25 goal guy good team guy plays hard but should have been dealt while they could…leaves a big whole on the second line but going forward would be better to get out of that deal.

    • Publicly it makes sense for them to say that in order to get a better price on him. Like pointing out every scratch and dent when buying a used car. Then again this is coming from Josh Cooper who is a relative no-name in the hockey world, so who knows how much truth is there. I agree with Spec that I don’t think they’re looking at more add’s or offers unless they are no brainers.

      • Far fetched but what about Kane and prospect to TOR for Lupul and Franson? WPG gets goals to replace kane and a defenseman to finish off their top 6. Kane gets new home (albeit the though media center of TOR) and his style would fit nice with Coach Randy’s system. Thoughts?

        • throw kadri in and a roster player coming back to and i think you’re close. Kane will demand tremendous return, and lupol and kadri woulda been considered almost untouchable in 2012.. how a difference one year can make

          • Trading away Lupul Franson and Kadri for Kane and some slary dump??You realize thats giving away almost 130 points right? Like almost 90 points more than Kane put up…Thats ridiculious.

          • hey its just my opinion on what the jets will want on a caliber young talent like evander kane. he is a stud and will be a top power forward in the nhl for years to come. your also forgettiing one thing, he can at least play 5v5. those other 3 guys cannot…

          • Not sure what you mean by Evander Kane can play 5vs5 and the others cant, Kadri has way better 5vs5 stats and corsi numbers than Kane, (and more points and goals besides that over the past 2 seasons by a rather large margin) no one has ever accused Evander Kane of being great defensively either. Its a ridiculious trade.

          • We have to assume Franson would probably leave Winnipeg next season as a UFA as well. And do not trade Kadri. How much of a distraction would Kane be playing in Toronto?

          • No saying he would be at sll but there is also a pretty good chance given the media covrrage and his attitude that he could be a bigger distraction in Toronto than he was in the Peg.

        • @Ihatecrosby

          Kane and prospect to TOR for Lupul and Franson?

          Wow man… It’s not far fetched it’s very very very very very very very very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very veryvery very very very very very FAR FETCHED. Lupul hasn’t ever played a full NHL year and has never played an 80 game season since 2006-2007. Franson is just an overrated defenseman. One of many in a Leafs uniform.

          Gardiner, Lupul and Kadri for Kane and Kichton or Nogier.

          • Again why trade a second line center who puts up more points than the winger let alone throw a guy who gets 20-25goals on top of that and your (as of now) #2 D?

            Kadri past 2 years 126 gp 38 goals 94 points + 3
            Kane past 2 years 111 gp 36 goals 74 points -10

            Want the corsi #s ? Its just as bad Kadri has the better possession stats…

            Its a stupid thought to think that any GM is giving the Jets a player who has simmilar numbers to Kane + a top 4 D man and a 20-25 goal guy on top of that… If the Jets are thinking of moving Kane they probably are not liking the offers which is one of the reasons they probably wont or are not moveing him.

          • @Shticky: Franson is not a top 4 D-man! Maybe offensively talented, but horrible on defense! Just shows how weak the Leafs D was last year!
            I am a Leafs fan and I wouldn’t trade Kadri! Even straight up for Kane I wouldn’t do it, because the Leafs have a bigger need at center! If he can produce constantly over 50 points over the next years the Leafs have at least a second line Center.
            IMO the reason the Jets didn’t trade Kane is that Cheveldayoff (spelling?) is asking for a kings ransom! A few days ago I read an article that since he is the GM of the Jets he didn’t made a player for player trade! The guy is afraid to get fleeced!

          • It was directed at Jes that suggested Gardiner, not Franson….Gardiner is a top 4 D man.

    • hey montreal get lost the only thing you will get from the leafs is toronto maple leaf socks

  2. Come on Spect’a…..where the hell is O’Reilly going!?!?!

    He’d look good anyhwere.
    Colorado needs defense. So, who has a glut of good defensive prospects, and cap space to take him on?

  3. I am a little surprised at the lack of trades and signings in the last 2 weeks considering 5 Canadian teams and about 8 american teams smell like a Proctologists rubber glove doing “charity exams” on Chili cook off attendees.

  4. To NYI
    Adam Larssen and Michael Ryder

    To NJ
    Ryan Strome and Cal Clutterbuck

    • That made me shoot coffee out of my nose… and I wasn’t drinking coffee!

      • Nj needs a young center NYI need a young dman, it just makes some sort of sense

        • dont they call a deal like that “a milbury”


      TO NYI: ROR

      young mobility for COL to spend on FA
      NYI gets legit #2 so him and JT can please the Islanders base for years to come. Two guys you can build around.


      • that’d be scary, but i think you’d have to throw in a late draft pick for the isles maybe even in 2016. then i’d click accept.

      • I think the Islanders are loaded with Young talent. They don’t really need a ROR imo. They need a couple of solid d-men.

        • NYR

          I don’t think they’ll need to make a big trade for defensemen. They are absolutely loaded with unbelievable defensemen that are NHL ready and near NHL ready. . Griffin Reinhart, Ville Pokka, Ryan Pulock, Calvin de Haan, Matt Donovan, Scott Mayfield and Adam Pelech to name a few. What they really need is a 2nd line center IMO.

          • Jes,
            That is exactly the problem on their d…..young and almost NHL ready. Griffin Reinhart is probably the best d-man in the system. But I doubt he comes in this year and plays any significant minutes. If at all. It isn’t often a young defensive team = good…..almost never good. They need help at d for the next few years. They did just sign Grabovski, they have Strome , Nielson etc…..they need d-men, desperately. ROR is far from a team need.

    • BuffBry

      LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA were you smoking up when you came up with this BS?

      • Must have got it from your dealer judging by the Leafs jets trade you posted earlier.

        • Franson and Lupul are nobodies.

          Of course you’d think that isn’t a fair deal. Gardiner and Kadri will have to be part of the deal and only way you guys get rid of Lupul and his 50 games a season and his contract is if he is a throw in not the focal point of the trade like buffbry had him and franson going to winnipeg for arguably one of the best if not the best player on the trade market.

          • Kane was also a healthy scratch by 2 different coaches last year not a guy I would be interested in on my team or in the locker room…Lupul played in as many games as Kane last year and put up more points, also puts up more ppg than Kane so far, You are right Lupul is injured lots but he is not a distraction, when healthy is a pretty productive guy and a good team guy. I doubt anyone would be stripping down a team to get rid of him. Career wise he is around 20-25 goals a year you dont throw away 2nd line centers and top 4 D men to trade those type guys.

    • The Isles have good d-prospects, so there is no need for Larsson! If you offer a proven top-4-d-men, you could get something similar.

  5. ror is such a great hockey player, hope the business side of hockey doesn’t affect his passion for the game he is gonna be a treat to watch over the next bunch of years, surprised no one has stepped up big and got that guy outta that bad situation.. I think he’s gonna be dealt to the east for a slew of telent/assets, just time will tell where.

  6. Looks like Shticky will be on cloud nine today after the Leafs hired Kyle Dubas aka Billy Bean from his favorite movie Money Ball. Shticky loves this movie and loves mentioning it in ever post so he must be partying it up in his parents basement right now over this move.

    • Yep to cloud 9 over Dubas being hired and Poulin and Loiselle firing nope to the parents basement (theyhave long since passed) seems as tho Shanny isrunning theshow pretty well, good hire a few good firi gsvap is better. Finally an adv stat guy in the organization…things are looking up it will take some time but the Leafs are on a better track.

    • Leafs 24/7

      At least have the class to offer your condolences about Shticky’s parents man. Not cool.

  7. If Franson wanted to stay in TO he would have signed a long term deal. He is just trying to get to free agency and by the time he does his best seasons may be behind him and he will not score a home run, especially with the Leafs. Three one one year deals in a row…Leafs are just getting him under contract at a reasonable amount for a trade IMO.

    • They all want more money.

  8. i think its safe to say at some point lupul will be dealt to calgary at some point, i just pray it’s not for matt stajan and a 4th round pick or something

    • I can 100 % Guarantee you that Calgary is not on the list of teams Lupul would waive his ntc for.

      • Lupul has a NTC? Wow… Who gave Lupul the contract? Burke?

        • Actually his ntc is void if they miss the playoffs just checked it on capgeek if they make the playoffs he gets too choose 6 teams he wont go to. So no ntc this year.

          • Ok then that parts not that bad but bottom feeders are probably teams he’d probably put on that list.

            I think you guys make playoffs this year though.

      • I can see him comming out here. He’s from fort sask. Three and a half hours up the road, he slides into their top six with young players and adds to their leadership group here. I really like Lupal in Toronto dmen with his injuries. He should’ve been the c instead if phaneuf

  9. Leafs signed Booth…..ehhh hopefully cheap lol

    • 1.1 mill so no risk…Im ok with it bury him if he stinks it up.

      • Not bad Shticky might be a pleasant surprise like Mason Raymond from last season….

    • Pretty good gamble here for the buds. If he plays well then great, if not he gets waived and sent to the minors. Only concern for me is that he may be taking a spot away from a young guy who deserves a shot.

      • Drew I believe Booth deserves a fair shot after what he’s gone through in Vancouver. They dogged him every which way. Gillis and Torts were career killers for this guy. He’ll never be a 30 goal scorer but 20 goals is a possibility.

    • Hopefully there’s some quality to come out of these additions, but the team is at least better prepared than a year ago if the injury bug hits hard again.

      • Not used to having all this depth…fingers crossed this is the end of Orr. Whole lot of forwards who can actually play.

        • Totally agree. Both can play hockey at the same salary Orr gets (i hope i’m not wrong). If he stays healthy and score 10 or more it will help the team more than Colton Orr :-)

  10. Didn’t you mean that nashille addressed their bad character isues by aquiring neal and robiero?