NHL Rumor Mill – July 23, 2014

Updates on Martin Brodeur, Cody Franson and Peter Mueller, the latest on the Blackhawks and more. 

Martin Brodeur still seeking a new NHL team.

Martin Brodeur still seeking a new NHL team.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Ben Raby reports former New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur continues to search for a new team. While Brodeur remains hopeful of joining a contender and making a run for a fourth Stanley Cup championship, he and his agent are finding few teams are in the market for a goalie. It could take until the end of training camp to land with a new club.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello isn’t inclined to invite Brodeur or another veteran goalie to training camp in September.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The fact Brodeur’s still unsigned indicates how much his stock has declined in recent years. Just two years ago teams would’ve been falling over themselves hoping to sign him. 

NATIONAL POST: Sean Fitz-Gerald, taking note of the Toronto Maple Leafs re-signing Cody Franson, reports the Leafs risk losing the blueliner to unrestricted free agency next summer. Fitz-Gerald believes there’s a chance the Leafs could trade him, though there’s also a chance they could re-sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I said yesterday, much will depend upon Franson’s performance this season. If the Leafs are struggling again to make the playoffs, Franson could be shopped at the trade deadline. 

CHICAGO DAILY HERALD: Barry Rozner recently reported on the Blackhawks need to shed salary to become cap compliant before this season begins, largely because they have several elite players under expensive contracts.  “And while that can be maddening for fans, it’s a much better situation than having a dearth of great players and paying mediocrity to reach the cap floor and miss the playoffs.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  It’s a good problem to have, one the Blackhawks overcame before and should easily do so again. Last time, they gutted nearly half of a championship roster, but were able to restock quickly via the draft and trades. They won’t have to go to that extreme again over the next couple of years. For example, this year they could be faced with trading either Johnny Oduya or Nick Leddy to get under the cap. Losing either player will leave a hole to be filled on their blueline, but it’s an easier problem to address than multiple ones throughout the lineup. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien noted a report claiming a return to the NHL is possible for forward Peter Mueller, citing the pros and cons of signing him.


  1. What better place for Marty other than the Devils?, Where He, Jagr, Elias, Zubrus, Zidlicky and Salvador can recreate the 1997 all star team…..Plus they can get the whole team meal discounts on their AARP cards….

    • Lol nice…

      Only complaint is that Jagr is ageless. So no age jokes about him :).

  2. Come on Marty, you’re wealthy beyond your wildest dreams as a result of a hall of fame career. Go out with class and retire now otherwise you can only hurt your reputation.

    • Still a hall of famer, but more of a joke everyday that goes by.

    • Still think Ducks should offer Marty one year @ 2 million. Who better to teach and baby sit Gibson & Anderson. Also an insurance policy just incase.

  3. new day new trade since it’s a snooze right now

    to TOR

    To Winn
    Kadri and Franson


    • prepare for a ripping…..

      • Ha!…..no.

    • Why? Leafs don’t need offensive defensemen, they need defensive defensemen and a true #1 center. Which probably half the NHL is always looking for.

    • No way
      Who would be 2nd line center?
      Leafs just have to resign gardiner( hopefully same numbers $ wise as franson) and team is set with cap space to try and get another player at trade deadline. Two decent top lines and two effective bottom lines round out the team, and everyone they have added has better corsi fenwick stats then those who left.

    • Oh no, I enjoyed your posts so much before this…..

  4. Unless James Reimer “accepts” his role as backup and gets into that mindset, he will be traded at the first opportunity, and I could see the Leafs bringing in Marty. Not saying they should, just that they probably would.

    • Not sure Marty’s ego would accept that rolr either.

      • I heard he’s got a huge ego. I heard from a nurse that he charges for autographs? Can anyone confirm this?

        • It’s not ego that makes someone ask for money. It’s the fact that certain ‘fans’ have wrecked it for the rest by asking for these autographs then sell them on eBay or wherever for profit not for a personal keep-safe. I am sure no one here wouldn’t ask for money up front too being the case.

          • What retarded comment by Mr. Moore’on. I read it three times and still can’t figure out what ego has to do with autographs. Bonehead

          • @Leafs24/7
            Do you ever have anything pertinent to say? Or do you just come here to troll everyone who in the past has pointed out your lack of knowledge? You generally have no idea what you are talking about, its not Ron or anyone elses fault.
            All you ever do is come her and bitch and whine about everything and everybody. Is your life really that shallow? I’m guessing you have alot of lonely days and lonelier nights judging by your sparkling personality, whit and understanding. (The last part of that sentence was sarcasm by the way, I thought I should point that out, just so you dont have to read it 3 times to try and figure it out….if you dont know what sarcasm is google it)

        • I met him in 2001 and again this past summer here in calgary, nice guy, very down to earth. I think it’ll be Pittsburg for him. Maybe San Jose if they move niemi. If Montreal adds some more pieces I can see him helping backup there

          • When are star asking a fee for an autograph it is generally asked to deter people from asking as the volume of request can be quite tasking. Most stars be it movie stars or athletes donate this charge to a charity. So don’t trash on him till you know the whole details.

          • Pittsburgh is spelled with an H on the end of it … welcome to 2014

          • Is this inglish class or a hokkey blaug?

  5. Even if the TML was in the hunt for a playoff spot, even a good one I would move Franson at the deadline. After 3 1 year deals and this latest deal, Franson fully intends to hit his home run on July 1 2015.

    I personally believe the TML brass are quite happy to tank this year for a chance at Connor McDavid, despite any claims to the contrary.

    • They won’t be tanking. Shanahan is on board and losing is unacceptable to him and the rest of the brass. Nonis’ and Carlyle’s jobs are also on the line. They’ll be seeded somewhere from 7th-10th overall in the East.

      • I have to agree with Jes,
        The Leafs may not make the playoffs and they may not be outstanding, but they will not go quietly. There have been too many bad years for the new owners to allow them to slip into irrelevancy.

    • I think they will move bodies at the deadline for picks etc if they are not in a playoff position. The only way for them to get a top centre seems to be to draft one. The only way they can add to that is to move players. Rebuild!!!!!’

      • if bernier stays healthy they will be fine, defense is sketchy, tweek the D and they will be fine. i watch every game trust me, they have little to no defense think that’s obvious. going into the olympic break last year we were talking about playoffs already and who we might play.. then………………………………………..i put it all on that terrible D core, they are actually terrible.

        • The D may be weak, it isn’t the only problem.
          They need to have forwards that are willing to play a complete 2 way game and not half a$$ed.
          The changes they have made this off season will start to help, but I think the biggest issue was that these players ran out of gas down the stretch. The schedule was too compact and the Olympics killed a few of them, emotionally as well.

    • The Leafs are a better team than they showed at the end of last season. They won’t be a lottery team

  6. I like Franson but I think he is as good as gone, whether by trade or free agency. I think the writing is on the wall:
    1. three consecutive difficult contract signing with Toronto
    2. each contract signing are single-year ones, and at less then what he believes he’s worth
    3. he is approaching UFA status for the first time
    4. there would be a good amount of interest in him by other teams

    As for Brodeur signing with Toronto, not likely:
    1. Reimer would have to be traded first, and right now there is no market for him
    2. Brodeur probably wants to go to a contendor team, and surely he doesn’t see Toronto as one
    3. Toronto probably wouldn’t be willing to pay as much as Brodeur wants (probably wants to be paid significantly more then other backups due to his history – even though at this point that history makes no difference).

    What do you think, Lyle?

    • leafs are notorious for overpaying people, that’s the mistake they’re not trying to make again. franson isn’t that good.. i know of 15-20 d-men that make under a million that hit block shots and are plus players. sigh leafs sigh

      • You also then realize over the past 2 seasons he is in the top 20 d men in points right? Points is what get guys big pay cheques.

        • 3.3 isn’t even big, it’s just a waste – hes obv gonna be dealt at some point. so arguing about this is irrelevant.

  7. The best place for Brodeur is retirement.

  8. ROR signs 2 year $12 mill deal with Avs.

    • Avs trade from a Ranger fan friend of mine

      to NYR
      ROR and Elliot

      to COL
      Brassard, Staal(signs a new contract) Skjei and JT Miller

      • No Thanks,
        The Rangers would be giving away a 1-2 d-man, a 2nd line center, their best forward prospect and their best defensive prospect essentially for a 2nd line center?

        • his logic was, brassard is asking to much, staal isn’t going to resign after this year anyway, skjei is 3 years away and jt miller doesn’t fit in AV’s plans anyway.

          ROR would be your #1 center and Stepan would be 2

          • I don’t thin AV has any intentions of breaking up the Stepan/Kreider/Nash line (#1 line). It is his only line still intact from last year. Staal not signing is a bit of a guess……He has said zero to the effect. That all goes back to speculation that he wants to play with his brothers. Which imo has no weight behind it other than pure speculation. JT Miller is exactly what AV/NY is trying to build around….speed…He is very much in AV’s plans. I don’t know where that all comes from? Even if Skjei is 3 years away, he and Miller are literally #1 and #2 prospects for the Rangers organization. Admitting, a pretty bare cupboard for NY, but that makes them all the more important. I like the thought of ROR in NY, but not at that hefty price tag.

          • ROR 345 career games played, 73 goals, 118 assists, -8
            Stepan 294 career games played 73 goals, 124 assists, +59……Why is ROR taking his #1 spot again?

          • all of that was from a Rangers fan, not from me, I was just relaying.

            ROR, STL,ZUCC looks solid though as a 2nd line

          • ROR, St. Louis, Zuccs looks small….really small, Boyle / Moore looks horrible, Not to mention Klein / Allen on 3rd pairing looks not so good either. Like many Ranger fans, your friend is concentrating on the shiny object and not the big picture.

          • with stepans stats you gotta remember about that guy that plays in net for them and the influence he might have on his + -….

          • +/- aside. Stepan has better numbers with 1 season less in the NHL. I know everybody is pretty high on ROR…..But I’d take Stepan over him any day.

          • stepan is treat, i like him a lot too. kinda jealous actually

          • ror has dealt with a lot of drama, isn’t the first year for him. hope the business side doesn’t ruin what he can do on the ice!

  9. Jes,
    That is a bogus report on Brodeur and signing items. He is a class act, and will sign autographs for fans, as long as he has the time. He is one of the nicest guys in the NHL, and every player could take a page from him.
    He doesn’t have a big ego either. He wants a situation where he can play on a contender, and get possibly 25-30 starts. It’s not about ego, it’s about the right fit.

    • Ask his nanny…great guy. lol

      • LOL, I was thinking the same thing…But I was gonna mention the sister in law….

  10. @Troy
    Where are these statements coming from. Have you witnessed it yourself?
    If yes, that is a strong statement for your point.