NHL Rumor MIll – July 7, 2014

10 interesting NHL free agents still available, the latest on Vincent Lecavalier and an update on the Senators goaltending. 

Derek Roy is among this summer's notable unsigned UFAs.

Derek Roy is among this summer’s notable unsigned UFAs.

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen looks at ten notable UFAs still available, including  Dany Heatley, Martin Brodeur, Brenden Morrow, Derek Roy, Dustin Penner and Mike Ribeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those names are impressive…or they would be if this were 2010, as that’s around when those players were still among the NHL’s best. Now, it’s a list of players well past their best-before dates.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports the Flyers are still trying to trade Vincent Lecavalier and the remainder of the five-year, $22.5 million contract he signed last summer. Carchidi claims the Nashville Predators and Ottawa Senators are among the teams which expressed interest, but they want the Flyers to pick up “a big part of his salary”, while some teams also want them to include a pick or player in the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After signing David Legwand last Friday, the Senators are no longer interested in Lecavalier, if they had any real interest in the first place. The most the Flyers can pick up of Lecavalier’s salary each year is $1.8125 million, as part of his salary this year consists of $2 million in bonus money which was paid on July 1. 

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes the Senators have some big decisions to make between the pipes. Craig Anderson and Robin Lehner are expected to return as the Senators tandem in 2014-15, but Brennan suggests it gets interesting beyond that. Anderson is entering the final season of his contract and will be eligible for UFA status next summer, while Lehner is an RFA this summer and is considered a future starter. “Do they try to trade Anderson before the deadline? Or do they re-sign him and risk stalling Lehner’s emergence for another three or four years?”, asks Brennan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will be determined by the respective performances of Anderson and Lehner this coming season. If Lehner outperforms Anderson this season, the latter becomes trade bait by the March deadline. If Anderson outperforms Lehner, the Senators will have to decide if they’ll continue to invest long-term in him over Lehner and perhaps shop the latter next summer. 


  1. Lehner…cheaper younger and its the Sens. Murray will wait to move Anderson until when the goalie market settles down or the trade deadline. Cant see uncle Eugene paying 4mill + for a goalie, if Anderson plays well he will need a raise and with all the RFAs that will need new deals plus MacArthur and Ryan, I doubt the internal budget will cover Anderson.

    • Most NHL teams “shop” at Barney’s for players…..Ottawa shops at Giant Tiger.

      • I’m not much of a Sens fan but honestly its embarrassing, as a Canadian hockey fan to see how that team has gone the past couple of years. I get that most Canadian teams have had bad management, but a bad owner here with pretty good management really hurts. The team had a tonne of potential, shame the way it seems to be run like a cheap version of an expansion team in a non hockey market.

        • There should be a code of ethics in place in the NHL. There should be rules in place that do not allow an owner to willingly put a crap team on the ice. With the Rogers money, Ottawa does not need to be as cheap as they are. Melnyk even wanted a casino to rob the public and fund his team. He is pathetic and should be ousted as an owner. I was a die hard Sen’s fan from 1993-2012. Now, I hate this team and Turned into a Leaf fan. WHY?….because the Leaf’s are all about class. Yeah, they don’t win often…but the organization is a powerful beast and you know they will ALWAYS be there. Ottawa is 1 exiting star (Ryan) and one CSI investigation (achilles gate)from being relocated.

          • “….because the Leaf’s are all about class …” You HAVE to be effing kidding! Tell that to Daryl Sittler and Dave Keon, to name just two who they have treated like crap. There’s nothing “classy” about being in a large market and owned by a faceless corporation with a license to print money thanks to idiots who flock to the rink year after year after year of total on-ice futility for almost half a century.

          • George you are an idiot!!!!! what He said was that the leafs ownership will always give the resources that are needed. aka Money Now they don’t always spend it wisely but its there to spend. Ottawa’s owner wont do that, And that’s what has turned him off of the team. And fyi Dave Keon and Darryl Sittler were screwed over by Ballard a completely different ownership group that has more in common with ottawas owner now CHEAP!!

    • Pretty sure Lehner is to one too but I doubt Ryan signs an extension with Ottawa. He is will probably be dealt too when it becomes clear he has no intentions too stay.

      • You guys do realize that Ottawa finished the past season ahead of Toronto correct?
        Let’s wait and see what happens this upcoming season before writing a postmortem. As an Ottawa fan I’m not thrilled about an owner who no longer seems to have the means to spend up however I can think of a number of teams (including that ‘all class’ team down the highway) that have proven that throwing around money does not always equate success on the ice. As Toronto fan’s you should know this better than anyone else.

        • Right but thats kinda what I am getting at is the depressing part part of the whole thing, imagine if you had an owner who actually did have the abiliy or would use his finances, to ice a more competitive team. I am not comparing team records season to season. I think Ottawas management and coaching staff are first rate and as a Leaf fan am kind of envious of that part on the otherhand there is only so far that can get you. I am not trying to take a shot at the Sens, (I may not be a huge Sens fan or anything but as much of a Leafs fan as I am Id consider myself a Canadian hockey fan first.) but at least the Leafs, if they ever were fortunate enough to hire a decent staff (fat chance I know lol) have the financial ability to pay higher priced talent.

          • Fair enough. Ottawa’s single biggest problem is that they don’t have a large corporate base to tap into. The single largest employer (Cdn. Gov’t) can neither purchase seats or accept them from suppliers. No matter who the owner is this will continue to make the franchise a challenge to operate successfully. It pretty much has to be a hobby for someone with deep pockets which described Mr Melnyk in the early years of his ownership.

    • The only thing is, where can Anderson be traded? The small window is maybe Winnipeg, but Winnipeg might prefer Pavalec over Andersen. Ottawa is digging a very big grave for themselves, and ownership should spend bigger money to keep up with the big dogs = more sales and fans. And they are among the cheapest in the League for seat tickets, that’s gotta change.

      • Then i guess Winnipeg is happy with a goalie that stinks

    • All you people on here worried about how bad Ottawa is looking the last couple of years losing star player each year gotta shake your heads. This is not an unusual situation. Ottawa is a low budget team trying to fill the roster from with in while at the same time retain elite talent who have to wait until the plan is complete. Sometimes this plan stumbles and drags on. The Edmonton Oilers had/have the exact same issue. For years stars were leaving that team in waves. Then they started drafting highly regarded players. Still they struggle so know stars will come to the team. They carry on pushing that boulder up the hill. Life for a small market team isn’t easy even in the salary cap world. Ottawa’s younsters are going to have to show up and start producing to show the league that Ottawa can win. Once that happens a player like Spezza who was forced to play with 3rd line players will be willing to go to Ottawa as a star backed by a talented roster with talented players on his wing. This recent plight in Ottawa is not a unique occurance.

  2. Lyle,

    What is the rationale that the Flyers can only pick up $1.75 million of Lecalvier’s remaining cap hit. The language in the CBA states that a team must retain the same percentage of a player’s remaining salary and AA, meaning that even if the remaining salary on Vinny’s contract is only $14 million, and the Flyers pick up half that number going forward, they automatically retain half the cap hit going forward. It doesn’t state anything to suggest that because Vinny got paid his bonus, that it makes the flyers unable to pick up half of his cap hit, or at least that is the way it sounded to me. Any clarification would be appreciated.

    • Interesting and can easily become confusing. From what I understand is that the team can take on a max 50% of the salary/cap hit. I believe Vinny’s cap hit is 4.5 million per season, thus the max the Flyers can retain is 2.25 per year. At least that’s what this link led me to believe: http://www.capgeek.com/faq/how-do-retained-salary-transactions-work

      Why the Flyers would retain that money AND give up a prospect is beyond me. His bad year consisted of 20 goals. I’ll take that instead of paying money for nothing and losing a prospect or pick. Shift B Schenn to top line winger and put Vinny at 2C.

      • They can take on salary but not the bonuses. His actual total remaining salary is reportedly $14 million, so divide that by four is $3.5, half of which is $1.75 million.

        • “Teams can retain a percentage of a contract’s remaining cap hit, salary and bonuses — including signing bonuses — in trades.”

          I’m not entirely sure what’s right or wrong.
          Vinny has 16.5 in actual salary and 2.5 in bonuses remaining. 50% of the salary is 2.0625. I would hate to be the numbers guy for the NHL…..

      • I think he remains a Flyer this season. Totally agree Hextall won’t move a pick and/or a prospect just to unload Vinny’s salary. I’d say his choice is to play LW with Schenn and Simmonds or sit in the press box. If this scenario plays out, a defenseman is on the move to achieve cap compliance.

        • I have been saying that for a while now

    • Bonus money is cash up front and has already been paid out, you can only retain 50%of remaing salary. Vinnys deal has 15 mill left on it (I think) so 15 mill ÷ 4 years= 3.75 mill per × .5 is 1.875 mill is the most the Flyers can hold I believe.

      • Ah still more bonus money involved.

    • it has to do with the bonuses In his contract they can not be covered

  3. the cba says that a team can retain up to 50 percent of a players salary, bonuses already paid are not included. If the bonus has yet to be paid then they could have taken more of the cap hit, but because it was already paid in full, and they already got the cap benefit, ie the player getting paid more than his cap hit indicated, the most they can retain is 50 percent of what hasnt been paid.

  4. This is how it is found in the FAQ section on Capgeek: “Teams can retain a percentage of a contract’s remaining cap hit, salary and bonuses — including signing bonuses — in trades. The following basic stipulations apply:
    No more than 50 per cent of the salary/cap hit can be retained
    The retained percentage must be the same for both salary and cap hit
    The retained percentage cannot be altered from year to year
    Salary/cap hit cannot be retained on more than three contracts per team in one season
    The aggregate cap hits retained cannot exceed 15 per cent of the upper limit
    A contract can be traded only twice where salary/cap hit is retained

    Unless Capgeek is wrong, which I highly doubt, doesn’t mention anything regarding bonuses, signing or performance.

    • Its 50% of remaining salary

  5. In my attempt at brevity, I’ve created some confusion. Lecavalier has $16.5 million in salary remaining on his contract in salary. $2 million of it, however, was just paid out as a signing bonus, so that doesn’t factor into the equation as that’s already been paid out. That leave $14.5 million. I also mistakenly wrote his remaining salary was $14 million. Divide $14.5 by four and it’s $3.625 million. Divide that in half and it’s $1.8125 million. That’s the actual salary. If it’s retaining half the cap hit, that’s $18 million divided by four is $4.5 million, divide that in half is $2.25 million.

    • The buyout deadline was 7/1. If Vinny is bought out next summer (I used 6/30/15 on capgeeks’s buyout calculator), his buyout caphit looks like this:

      ’15 -’16: $2,888,889
      ’16 – ’17: $2,888,889
      ’17 – ’18: $2,388,889
      ’18 – ’19: $889,889
      ’19 – ’20: $888,889
      ’20 -’21: $888,889

      It makes more sense, im my opinion, to excercise this option than retain $2.25 per and potentially lose a pick and/or prospect in a trade.

      • You know the hockey season is over when the main topic is how much salary a team can retain when dumping a past the prime player.

  6. I don’t know why teams like Nashville and Ottawa are taking so long to acquire a player like Lecavalier. Sure he isn’t the player he used to be during the era when they won the Cup…but he is still a good power forward who can play Center or Wing…and he only has a cap hit of $4.5M, Toronto should throw out a 2nd rounder and Franson for him. Then bring up Grandberg.


    Reimer will be the back-up, because he proved nothing this past season and the Arbitration ruling will be in favour of the Leafs…and Reimer will probably only see a $2M cap hit for 1 year.

    • That just doesn’t work at all. The last thing the Leafs need is VLC on the team. Bozak will remain on the first line – the top line for Toronto was the brightest part of the leafs season, followed by the goal tending.
      Kadri can’t be on the 3rd line because that hurts his development, with limited options we have to put our faith in him.

      I’d rather put out a one year contract to Morrow or Penner to bring some leadership in the team and add some grit and occasional scoring to the 3rd line. Makes sense to throw out a one year 1.2 – 1.5 million contract. Similar to the chance they took on raymond last year. Komarov can play Center if needed and Holland is more than capable of centering the third line too

      • In the bottom 6 you hsve 5 guys who can play center, why spend the money on Vinny who is slowing down? last year Bozak and Kadri both had more points thsn Vinny….this doesnt even make a little sense.

    • Vinny would have to be your third line center at a cap hit of $2.25M (not bad). Failing that Morrow for a year at $1.5M would be a decent low risk.

      Bottom line nothing like Vinny or Morrow are going to help turn what will be a horrible season which is about to be thrust upon us by Nonis.

      • Cant be much worse than last year and if it is the draft is much better and the csp situation is improved. Im fine with how its built at one oint last year the centers were JVR McClemment Smith and Smithson, cant be much worse than that. I dont think letting Bolland a guy who missed 60 games anyway Kulimen and McClemment walk makes them worse

  7. Now that Fischer is out for the Preds-maybe they can make something happen. Flyers pick up$1.5 Mill and throw in a 2nd rounder in.

    • No..throw nothing in. Keep salary, but trade no extras.

      • Nailed it. Hextall isn’t giving away draft picks or assets for teams to take Vinny off their hands. They pick up some, but not half. Better to keep him on the roster than give away picks/players AND eat salary for a guy who nobody seems to want, despite scoring 20 goals w/ a bad back, bouncing from LW to C and back again, landing on the 4th line. I’ve typed all this before, but it’s great seeing somebody use logic. Lecavalier is better than one bad season.