NHL Rumor Mill – June 10, 2014

The latest on Jason Spezza, Ryan Kesler, Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner, Jarome Iginla, Johnny Boychuk and Ilya Kovalchuk. 

THE GLOBE & MAIL: Eric Duhatschuk believes the Anaheim Ducks to be in on the trade discussions for Ottawa’s Jason Spezza, Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler and San Jose’s Joe Thornton. He expects the cost for Spezza or Kesler could be a players, first-round draft pick and a prospect, while the Ducks landing Thornton would be a long shot. He also speculates on the possibility of the Rangers and Kings buying out Brad Richards and Mike Richards.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio notes trade rumors have linked the Flyers to Ryan Kesler, but believes they should pass on pursuing him. He notes the Flyers are already deep at center and need a scoring left winger and a study No. 1 defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Panaccio, it makes no sense for the Flyers to pursue Kesler. I believe the Ducks will try to acquire either Spezza or Kesler. They probably prefer to land Kesler, who’d make a better fit as a number-two center than Spezza, but they have a recent trade history with the Senators, while the Canucks might not want to move Kesler to a Western Conference team. I doubt very much the Sharks would trade Thornton to a division rival, especially one in the same state.

Could the Oilers pursue Nazem Kadri?

Could the Oilers pursue Nazem Kadri?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples examines the pros and cons of the Oilers possibly pursuing Toronto’s Jake Gardiner or Nazem Kadri, but suspects the asking price would be more than the Oilers are willing to pay. It could mean parting with Nail Yakupov, David Perron or their first round pick (third overall) in this year’s draft.

CSN BAY AREA: NBC analyst Keith Jones believes the San Jose Sharks will win the Stanley Cup next season, but believes they must replace Dan Boyle on their blueline, even if it means parting with Joe Thornton to do so. The Sharks dealt Boyle’s rights last week to the New York Islanders.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brought cites a tweet from Andy Strickland claiming there won’t be contract talks between Boyle and the Islanders unless he decides he wants to play for them. The decision could come this week. Strickland believes the chances are “very slim to none” Boyle signs with them, as at this stage of his career he wants to play for a winner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Boyle hits the UFA block I expect the Detroit Red Wings and the Tampa Bay Lightning could pursue him as a short-term option to bolster their defense.  As for the Sharks trading Thornton for a top defenseman, that could be easier said than done, given his no-movement clause giving him full control over his future.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports contract negotiations are underway between the Bruins and Jarome Iginla. Given the Bruins tight cap space, Haggerty believes they’ll push to re-sign him to a one-year deal with a $1.8 million base salary. Haggerty also believes it would be wise for the Bruins to retain defenseman Johnny Boychuk, who’s been the subject of recent trade speculation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins might have to move some salary to free up cap space for next season. Along with Boychuk, winger Brad Marchand has also been mentioned as a potential trade candidate. 

NJ.COM: Randy Miller reports of a recent rumor claiming Ilya Kovalchuk, who “retired” from the New Jersey Devils to play in the KHL, was in talks with the Devils to return next season. Miller points out that’s impossible until 2018-19 (when he turns 35 and comes off the NHL’s voluntary retirement list), as he would have to sit out a full season of professional hockey and requires the unanimous consent of all 30 NHL teams.


  1. If the Oilers are that desperate for Kadri Id consider the 3 pick, finnaly a proper chance to build some youth with 2 picks in the top 10, of course this would also probably end up meaning they would send both picks to Florida for the 1, which Im not such a big fan of. :-/

    • schticky—and lyle richardson—-i have read this blog for 4 or 5 years now everyday
      best one on the internet—and i read all hockey related trade stuff—thanks for great insight—-GO LEAFS

    • You would ‘consider’ the third overall pick for Kadri? If that happens, I will sell my house and give you all the money!

      • Lol Im not sayin its a great deal for the Oilers but, if it hapens whats your address?

      • Seriously, Kadri needs to stay or go this summer (personally they should keep him), hard to believe a team has this much trouble trying to decide to do with their players, Bolland, Phanuef, Gardiner, Franson, Reimer……..The Leafs are a good team in a great market that need to make a few realistic moves to get back to being competitive and back into the playoffs.

      • typical Maple Loaves fan overvaluing Kadri & Gardiner & Phaneuf & Reimer, the list goes on & on … he does it everyday … yawn …

        • Read it over again Ed I never said it was a great deal or that I think Kadri is worth the pick…go ahead you can do it, try sounding out the vowels maybe that will help.

        • you never mention your team so we can have our say

    • Kadri
      Just what the Oilers need another young, talented, struggling (at times) forward looking to establishing himself. Yep, that will solve all their problems. See nothing between Leafs and Oilers, they both need one or two defensive minded D-men or sign up for very large LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES FOR THEIR GOALIES.

      • With the 3 and the 8 it would be that much easier to get a D man, and a center. Take a couple years for them to develop but Bennet snd Sanheim would be a good start finnaly.

        • Im not sure the Leafs need 2 D 1 probably, Im sure they have too get rid of atleast 2 that suck. Granberg Percy Finn Rielly (so could Nillsson a kid plsying in Sweeden who looked very good at the world jrs) are going to be good at some point 1 more big D like Sanheim or Fleury and the blue line will be pretty good in the near future.
          Forrest for the trees scenario

        • Shticky your not getting the 3rd overall pick for what your stating. MacTavish isn’t an idiot. I’d rather have Draisaitl, Dal Colle or Bennett then Kadri and I’m 100% sure the Oilers and MacTavish would too.

          • Not if he wants to win now, Jes again Im not sure where you are getting the idea that these guys ar going to be stars in year 1 but I can guarantee you Bennet who wasnt able to do a single pull up at the combine at 185 lbs has the strength to play against NHL level defenders snd is not going to be putting up 50 point in thr NHL anytime soon. Down the road he will be a very good 2 way center ceiling probably a 2 C which it could be argued Kadri is a good 2 C right now with asmuch or a higher offensive ceiling than Bennett. You dont see these kids play Jes all youre basing your oppinion on is things you read from Craig Button. On most teams Bennett does not make the NHL next year I guarantee it.

    • If the leafs managed to get the third pick for Kadri, its a no brainier you take the deal. I would be pretty upset if they packaged the 3rd and 8th picks for the #1. Personally, ekblad is incredible, but based on past daft results he should fall from the projected #1 to the 3-4 region. Realistically, not getting ekblad wouldn’t be the end of the world since the leafs need a future ( cough…present..cough) centre so really any of the top 4 players are worth getting. Then depending on where you get a C or D with the #3, at #8 you draft either Ritchie, or Hayden.

    • Kadri for the third overall? In your dreams Leafs fans. Kadri and Gardiner together for third overall makes more sense. But Kadri alone wouldn’t land you a top 10 pick let alone a top 3.

      • It came from a guy IN Edmonton, not a Leaf fan.

        • But your running hog wild with it which is pretty funny. I can just see you salivating over this fantasy rumor and come draft day be very VERY disappointed that it didn’t happen.

          • Not at all I like Kadri alot, but if it brought in a top 3 pick along with the 8 and the young guys Toronto has already Id be okay with it. Its called building a properly a weird concept to alot of Leaf fans.

      • Kadri is a 23 year old, top 10 pick (7th) closing in on 200 NHL games. Sorry but he’s worth more than that pick

    • A deal involving Kadri and Perron seems fair to me, and would help each team. The Leafs could then target an established centre to replace Kadri.

      • Agree with you Liddy. But I think Nonis is going to structure his offseason plan on a defense first type of thing. His job is on the line with SHANABAN as the teams prez. I wouldn’t be to surprised to see Kadri traded for a mid 1st rounder and then leafs signing Fayne and an Ott type.

        • Why would you trade a 23 yr old, 50 point producer for a mid first. There would have to be more to the deal, especially in a weak daft year. Btw I didn’t say Kadri for the third pick was good for Edmonton, but that was part of the rumour. I don’t remotely understand why Edmonton would do it, but if they were there is no way toronto says no. Same goes for yakapov. Realistically Kadri has been better in the NHL, but it would be worth the gamble, leafs would probably have to through something else in.

        • Why would anyone trade a center with 94 points over the past 125 games (his first 2 full years ) for a mid first round pick? Let alone a center who is 23 years old and was picked 7th overall? What kind of assbackwards move is that?

          • This is a rumour from a Toronto Media and Dave Staples from Edmonton read, now speculating, what would / could the Oilers offer Toronto based on a story! It’s moot..

    • Seriously Shticky?
      Just what the Oilers need is another slick small forward.
      If they are trading that pick it is for a d-man. In fact they would have more interest in Gardner than Kadri.
      Also the Panthers are under the gun to win NOW so two top 10 picks will do little for them.

      • Lol It was a comment on an article that is posted above, I commented that if the Oilers were that desperate of course Id think about it didnt say it was a great deal for the Oilers…. IT WASNT ME WHO SAID IT. Jeezus

    • It would take a lot more than Kadri to get the 3rd overall pick.

  2. Doug Wilson is a hack who lacks the testicular fortitude to do what needs to be done for that team. Resigning thornton and Marleau mid season was a huge blunder that should have cost him his job.

    • you would have preferred for them to walk via free agency and get nothing in return?

      please explain..

      • both marleau and thornton can put up points, but they shrink when the time comes. signing them midseason was a mistake. signing them to new contracts with no movement clauses gave wilson and to a lesser degree mclellan no leverage.

        what he should have done was sit them down and say, “you like it here in the nice weather? you like it where you’re a bit of a celebrity but you can still go to the grocery store with your family? you want more of this? fine. i want the western conference finals at the very least. if i get that you get another big fat pay-day and get to keep your awesome lives and get to leave you kids in the only home and school they’ve ever know. if i don’t get that, then we don’t need you here.”

        as ed said, what good is it to see the same result (a disappointing and underacheiving one) year after year. sure, you likely loose one or both in the offseason and they do put up big points but with couture and pavelski locking down your first two lines the sharks are one of the few teams that could afford to loose them for nothing -if it came to that. and while it’s not the deepest free agent pool out there with nearly 14 million in savings the sharks could find someone to replace them, maybe someone that doesn’t put up as many points but does put them up when they’re most important -heart and balls as it were.

    • What players did you have in mind to replace them? They put up 140+ points between the two of them.

      • but they have no heart or balls … what good is it to see the same result year after year after year … i’m happy Mario had the nuts to can the overrated Ray Shero …

        • Is there stats that measure Heart and Balls? Clarkson must have big Balls and Heart cause sadly he is lacking in hockey IQ maybe the Sharks will trade for him since they seem to be lacking in the category. Yet another smart observation Ed!

        • Heart and balls? Wow Ed, 140+ points vs. heart or balls, I’ll keep Thornton and Marleau and you can go post your nonsense somewhere else.

          • former sharks GM dean lombardi took heart and balls over points when he built the kings (26th overall in scoring). they’re one win away from the Cup. just saying.

        • Overrated??
          Perhaps you need to review the moves that he made?
          Seriously Eddie this guy will have his pick of jobs.
          He got canned because he would not allow for interference from Mario and ownership in his decision making which was included in his contract.
          So Mario can have his nuts but Ray had the balls.

    • People rag on Joe T and blame him for every playoff failure, but it goes beyond him. The problem with trading him even for a top D (like who, Weber?), is that now they have a huge hole at center. Joe has been a consistent performer and very durable throughout his career. Who has done better over that time? Very few centers have produced as consistently and no one as been as durable. Wilson has traded away a lot of young guys and draft picks over the past several years, and it’s coming back to bite him. They have a few good young players, but their prospect poos is weak compared to many other teams. I’m not sure they are great at drafting and development either (again, with a few exceptions). I know this sounds weird, but I’d like to see them trade Joe P. His value is super high due to 40 goal season. He is a smart player but not a tremendous skater, and I don’t think he’ll do as well playing without Joe and the linemates he’s had in SJ. I think he also lacks a NMC.

  3. With Marchand and Boychuk out there and available I highly doubt that the Oilers are looking at Kadri and Gardiner. It’s funny how the Leafs fans only read Kadri’s name in that mentioned rumour.

    • Marchand a center? Boychuk is a very good D that would make sense to the Oilers but cant really see Marchand being a need in Edmonton. I was speaking of a specific point in the article I was not saying there are no other options available to the Oilers. A second line of Perron Kadri and Yaks could be very good, Marchand could make sense if Yaks gets moved otherwise not seeing the fit with another winger.

      • Why would the oilers want marchant. They need to get bigger. I think if you remove the big bad bruins physical presence from marchant’s game, he’s going to fall off as a player. Probably get beat up pretty pretty bad.

        • and the cheap shot artist would deserve it … like when Neal kneed him in the head …

          • Yep this makes sense. Guess it just depends on what cheap shot artist is on your team hey Ed? Funny hearing a guy who loves the Pens with their history of never resorting to cheap shots (hello Cooke and Neal) ragging on a guy for the same thing.

        • My hole thinking is that Yakupov would be part of the deal. So in getting Marchand the Oilers would get a hole lot grittier and harder to play against. Also with Perron and Marchand on the same line if you focus to much on one the other will hurt you in the score board.

          • Not so sure Marchand makes them harder to play agsinst. Dirty and gritty or physical are 2 different things imo. Could be right tho,
            Im not so sure Id do Yaks for Marchand if I was the Bruins, again I just dont see a deal for Marchand to the Oilers. Marchand is worth more than Yaks and a second, Marchand is not worth Yaks and a first or plus most of the players on the roster of the Oilers. Marchand for the 3 seems close but with out moving a top 6 winger I just dont see a fit for another top 6 winger.

          • Yak will never be a Bruin. He is not the type of player they want. He doesn’t play with a chip on his shoulder. He is more of a prima dona.
            Never a big bad Bruin.

      • I would love to see the Leafs resign Karmonov and then acquire Marchand.
        Now that would bring some ‘jam’ to the Leafs line up in the bottom six but still provide a line worth rolling with the first two.

    • on the flip side, why would boston — (assuming they dont want a vet) go for 3rd; when those players are worth a 1st (+60 combined).
      Marchand and Boychuk are very good.
      Kadri and Gardiner are good.
      You could throw in Kane & Bylflugian / Bogosian as similar deals
      All have 1sts to add if needed.
      Not many better combos of forwards + defense + 1st that are everyday players/cheap/young and available.

      Lets skip Oilers altogether… How bout Marchand and Boychuk for Kessel?

  4. Andy Strickland essentially tweeted (without a source mind you) what Arthur Staple of Newsday already said which is that Boyle is going to talk to people in the Isles org and those who have been there. His manager said he was open to all options. This is old news. As for Mirtle replying there is little to no chance they sign him, I would remind him that Nabokov (someone Boyle is likely to talk to) and Viznovsky both didn’t want to go there but in the end resigned.

    • Two washed up has-beens, I’d be shocked if Boyle signed, he wants to win a cup.

      • I wouldnt be shocked I could see Garth overpaying or offering a retirement type deal to Boyle to mentor that blueline, I doubt it happens but…

    • there is absolutely, positively no shot of him resigning there. you know they will not overpay him. they have no chance at winning next year. just why would he sign there?

      Detroit, Flyers, Tampa, Montreal (if Markov exits) and many others are all better fits. His rights will get traded again before free agency starts.

      • Last year when Taveres got injured they were maybe 6 points out ? With crap goaltending a young D and MacDonald and they play in the east. With Healthy Taveres the young guys finnally looking like they are going in the right direction Halak and replace MacDonald with a guy like Boyle and maybe another ufa signing and I see them making the playoffs. Lets not forget its the east, so they could have a shot at making some noise if they get there. Snow has made some questionsble moves sure but I think too msny people are selling the Islanders short. They have a better team than they are getting credit for and if you csn get into the playoffs in the east (which I could easily see them doing with a couple moves) they have as much a shot as anybody.

        • I’m with you on the islanders shticky. Taveres is way too talented, and has so much passion. Te reality of the matter is most people don’t watch the islander, so they don’t realise how good of a player okposso has turned into. I can’t wait to see strome step up. Garth decided to keep the pick this year cause, if Taveres stays healthy there is no way their drafting top 5 next year. Worst case scenario they would be drafting between 15-20 next year.

        • Shticky, everyone pulls for the Islanders but no one can accept the prospect of success with Snow and Wang running things out there.
          Moulson/Vanek/MacDonald and they got zippo to show for any of them.
          If Moulson resigns out there then I see progress but Boyle and Halak don’t get me excited for their chances to make it to the big dance.

          • If Taveres is healthy all season and they get .910 + goaltending instead of .895 (between Nabakov and Poulin) and Boyle》Macdonald they make it.

          • MacDonald is a no. 4 type D man who was UFA that wasnt going to sign on the Island what exactly was he supposed to get for him? Vanek for Moulson was a bonehead move granted but…

          • Better by 40 less goals against, is the difference with a Halak Nabakov tandem over a Nabakov Poulin tandem, based on the sv% difference, add a better D man or 2 and a few more points from Taveres…Id say they are closer than they are getting credit for.

  5. I agree with Panaccio-stay away from the aging centre. They need to shore up there D and get some speed on the wing.

  6. The Bruins wont move Smith after the year he had.They are more likely to let Shawn Thornton go and Adam Mcquaid to save cap space.They wont let Boychuk go .they will bring up Svedberg to replace Johnson.If they can trade Mcquaid for a pick 5th or 6th round and let Shawn Thornton walk that saves them another 3 mill.The problem is re signing Smith and Krug.They will give Iginla same deal 1 mill plus incentives with his incentives he made close to 6 mill this season.Plus incentives dont affect your cap till following season.I can see them losing Paille as well.keeping Campbell and Kelly.They might bring up Spooner also.If the Bruins only lose Mcquaid on defence they will have a great 6 man defence core.

    Krug-Miller or Bartowski

    • I agree Shawn. I don’t see the Bruins trading Manchuck. Marchy, on the other hand, if the deal is right. They won’t give up a top 6 player without something coming back. Evander Kane maybe? just spitballing there lol.

      I can see Kelly being bought out if health permits, or traded to a team needing to reach the floor. That’s 3+ mil right there. McQuaid is a goner, another 1.5 mil. I am thinking Iggy signs same deal as least year. I think Florek fills in for Thornton pretty well, but they like him in the locker room.

      • i dont see Boston taking on Kane ,yes he has tons of upside but with his history of problems,the bruins got rid of Seguin for the same reason.To much partying and ego.i would like to see them keep Kelly and lose Paille instead.kelly is one of those guys they were missing in playoffs scores goals from dirty areas.If Thornton comes back will be at leauge minimum to save money.

  7. The Schenn brothers to the Leafs for Phaneuf and Loops

    • I was hoping for a similar trade 2 years ago

  8. Kadri could have a big year. I like his game. I like his creative mind. I say don’t trade him. Why put all that work in him to trade him away. He is not a boring player for sure. Lets wait for four or five more years like Philly did. (Getting rid of Richards and Carter). Can we trade the Toronto media? No wonder why player’s like Thornton don’t want to come to the leafs. (media, pressure) At least keep them out of the dressing room like Pat Quinn did. Maybe the guy who asked the question to Reimer should be the first to lose his job. Keep Kadri! He can stick handle it.

    • And has a bit of an edge or bite to his game, the kid is pretty physical, hits hard. Draws penalties.

      • He keeps coming up in rumors because he is the only chip they have right now.

  9. I can see Brodeur in Detroit fir a 1 year deal. Boyle is probable.

    • I was thinking the same thing as well, Detroit sign Brodeur on a 1 year deal. But It looks like we will probably sign monster Instead for 1 more season.