NHL Rumor Mill – June 12, 2014.

Jason Spezza requests a trade, plus the latest on Mike Richards, Vincent Lecavalier, Shea Weber, Mikhail Grabovski, Jarome Iginla, Adam Larsson and more. 

Jason Spezza wants out of Ottawa.

Jason Spezza wants out of Ottawa.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators GM Bryan Murray yesterday confirmed Jason Spezza has requested a trade and Murray is actively pursuing trade options. The Sun’s Bruce Garrioch claims the Anaheimd Ducks, St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators and Vancouver Canucks have contacted the Senators about Spezza, while Murray admitted he’s spoken with two clubs, though he wouldn’t name them. Spezza has a list of ten teams to which he won’t accept being dealt, and it’s believed he wants a trade out of Canada.

The Citizen’s Ken Warren reports Murray said he isn’t anxious to move Spezza, acknowledging he won’t get full value for him. Warren also listed the Florida Panthers as a possible trade destination for Spezza. He believes the Senators want a proven NHL player plus draft picks and/or a prospect for Spezza. Complicating things is the Canucks could shop Ryan Kesler while there’s speculation the Sharks could shop Joe Thornton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray won’t just give Spezza away but I think he also knows there’s no chance of keeping the center beyond next season, as he’ll be a UFA next summer. It would also be better to try and move him now, rather than have Spezza’s future become a distraction for the club through next season. If he doesn’t want to go to a Canadian team, that takes the Canucks out of the running. I expect the Ducks and Blues have the most interest, and I think Spezza would accept being dealt to either one as they’re to be considered Cup contenders next season. Both also have depth in young players and prospects which could fetch the Senators a decent return. 

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun also reported Spezza trade request…Darren Dreger reports the LA Kings don’t want to buy out Mike Richards as they would have to replace him, yet Richards doesn’t want to be a fourth-line center. The Kings are expected to push Richards to improve his strength and conditioning but he might be unwilling to follow the path the Kings want…Dreger also reports Vincent Lecavalier’s agent has spoken with Flyers GM Ron Hextall about a trade. Lecavalier holds a full no-movement clause, giving him control over potential destinations…LeBrun reports Predators GM David Poile once again insists he’s not trading defenseman Shea Weber, intending to rebuild around his captain. “I am never trading Shea Weber”, said Poile…The Toronto Maple Leafs are high on Dan Boyle’s list of possible destinations. He’s expected to inform the NY Islanders this week if he intends to negotiate a contract with them. Boyle is eligible for UFA status this summer. It’s believed he’ll want a two-year deal, and LeBrun speculates the money might be more than the Leafs are willing to pay.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings must also re-sign Marian Gaborik, and buying out or trading Richards would free up cap space to do so…If the Flyers hope to move Lecavalier I believe they’ll have to retain part of his $4.5 million annual salary. He’s an aging center (34) whose best years are behind him…I believe Poile when he says he won’t trade Weber, but some observers believe the club cannot afford to retain him. I’ll take Poile at his word…Boyle is not the type of blueliner the Leafs need. They need skilled shutdown defensemen, which Boyle is not. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Boston Bruins have made re-signing Jarome Iginla their focus, to the point of putting contract talks with their other pending free agents on hold for now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Iginla understands the Bruins are likely his last, best chance to play for a Cup winner, and I won’t be surprised if they re-sign him for another one-year, bonus-laden deal. 

WASHINGTON POST: Alex Prewitt reports Mikhail Grabovski’s agent Gary Greenstin believes Capitals management is interested in re-signing his client. Grabovski is eligible for UFA status on July 1 but Greenstin said he’s willing to re-sign with the Capitals. Greenstin said he isn’t concerned over the shrinking timetable to get a deal done.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Brooks Laich’s agent Roly Thompson said he’s heard nothing from the Capitals to suggest his client will be a buyout candidate later this month.  Thompson notes Laich has not been asked by the Capitals to take a physical, which would be necessary for the club to buy him out. Laich ended the season on the injured reserve list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Capitals will make a serious effort to re-sign Grabovski, who was a good fit with the club this season until sidelined by injury. I also doubt Laich will be bought out.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports new Penguins GM Jim Rutherford admits he’s received interest from other teams in making trades with him. Rutherford said he’s willing to listen. Rossi recently reported several teams have contacted James Neal’s agent to express interest in the winger, but Neal isn’t seeking a trade. Rutherford also admitted re-signing pending UFA blueliner Matt Niskanen won’t be easy.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma wonders if Canucks defenseman Jason Garrison would waive his no-movement clause to accept a trade back to the Florida Panthers. He speculates about the Canucks offering Garrison and their first round pick (sixth overall) to the Panthers for the first overall pick, then using that pick to select Sam Reinhart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like Garrison loves living and playing in Vancouver, plus I doubt Garrison and the sixth overall will be enough to pry that first overall pick out of Florida. 

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello denied rumors defenseman Adam Larsson is planning on playing in Sweden next season rather than re-sign with the Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chere incorrectly listed Larsson as an unrestricted free agent. He is, in fact, a restricted free agent coming off an entry-level contract and lacks arbitration rights. 


  1. Very rarely does Devils news not slap you right in the jaw when you aren’t looking. The only two things I knew they were going to do was sign that Ryane Clowe to that absolutely terrible contract, and trade for Merek Zidlicky, which he himself stated. I still hate that contract with a burning passion as a Devils fan.

    The Kovalchuk thing wouldn’t surprise me, but they will not let Larsson go to Sweden. He’ll be dealt before they let him go for nothing.

    • Larsson has not been as advertised so far. I bet Lou wishes he took Dougie Hamilton, same draft class and as of right now Hamilton looks like he’s going to be real good one.

      • Not really… Larsson’s ceiling is still high. These guys are still young, yet. Larsson’s numbers are lacking because he’s not at all used on the power play. If I had the choice, I’d still take Larsson over Hamilton today.

      • A perfect example could be Victor Hedman. He finally had a breakout season points wise in his 4th full season. I’m not counting his lockout season. For most young d-men, it takes them awhile to become pretty good

    • If Larsson truly wants to play for Sweden, the Devils don’t have any control over it. They can’t tell him no. And if he truly has his mind set on going, I can’t see another NHL team willing to deal anything other than a possible conditional lower round pick. And even that seems unlikely.

      • He’s never actually indicated it… he said what pretty much every foreign player says about returning “it would be fun”. People are just afraid because Kovy “had fun” in SKA St Petersburg.

        Larsson wants a one way contract in NJ, not to go back to Sweden. That means he wants a one way contract in the NHL and that means another team would pay him to play for their NHL lineup rather than their AHL lineup.

  2. I am totally baffled by this speculation of buying out Richards. Where does this come from?

    1. Richards contract is not that expensive ($5.7M).
    2. Richards had 41 regular season points, fourth highest on the team.
    3. Brown, who is scheduled to make $5.8M next year, only had 27 points this season. Why is nobody talking about buying him out?
    4. The Kings have plenty of room to re-sign Gaborik, provided he’s willing to accept a reasonable amount (mid 5’s to low 6). If he won’t then they’ll just give Toffoli and Pearson a bigger role.

    • Nether one is a great contract going forward I mentioned it a few times. I think they win the cup this year and move one next, I could see why someone would think of using cbo on Richards, but too many GMs wil get in to the he has a cup(s) mind set, and someone will overpay and in a year or 2 when he is putting up 20 points in a 3rd or 4th line roll for 4 or 5 more years at nearly 6 mill will look like an idiot (like Dave Nonis if he resigns Bolland and the Clarkson deal) too much money for “intangibles”.

    • 5.7 million for a guy they are playing on the 4th line is pretty expensive. Given the Kings are not a scoring team, I don’t know how much his 41 points really means to the club. Richards has shown decline since leaving Philly. I think if they do buy Richards out, it’s more of a future move than a reflection of his play today. If he is playing 4th line now, where will he be in 4-5 years from now? Brown had a pretty bad year, but they may be willing to chalk it up as just 1 bad year.

    • They are stacked at Center and if he’s going to be a 3rd or 4th line center that is a awful lot of cash. Maybe Carter goes back on the wing I liked him there when he has played wing as a pro. Brown is the teams leader and really seems like Sutters kind of player. By what is above sounds like Richards has some commitment issues or lack of focus in the offseason again a lot of money to spend if the Kings do in fact have these concerns.

      • Leadership?? I think Kopitar Carter Williams Doughty Quick Brown (although his is rather expensive too) all have that covered.

    • its coming from the fact that he is making 5.7m and playing on the fourth line. Show me another team that has a fourth liner making that much per year? The reality is the Kings need to resign Gaborik, Greene, and Mitchell. As well as extend other important players like toffoli. Gaborik is going to need 7 mil to sign. They’d be stupid not too. He has shown he fits in their system very well.

      this is the last year of amnesty buyouts. So it is an idea that could work for them. Not saying it will happen, but it is a possibility. Don’t understand how you could be baffled by something that is logical and part of the business aspect of the game.

      • Ville Leino comes to mind

        • Ha Ha…his name immediately sprung into my mind too.

          • He came to my mind as well, then I threw up in my mouth….

    • I love the uproar about buying out richards. Its hilarious. The guy has a cap hit of $5.7 for the next 6-8 years!!! And this is the last year a team can use its compliance buyout with no retaining cap hit. Why not use it. I get it, “he had 41 points and Brown had 21″. Dont get me wrong, I like both players. I like what Richards can bring to a team. But you can get rid of him and re-sign Gaborik for vitually the same cap hit. and still have $8 mil to spend. Its about the future. One player isnt going to kill the hopes of a stanley cup return.. He hasnt done crap on the score sheet all playoffs. You can get a 4th line center that kills penalties for far less money.

      • I think LA should trade M. Richards to NY for Brad Richards. Because if 41 points for 5.7 million is a bargain, you’re gonna love 51 points at 6.66 million…LOL

      • The Kings have to do something with Richards without taking back any real salary.

        If you look at their cap for 2015/16 — they have 8 players signed with a cap hit of 42M..

        They will need to give raises to Martin Jones, Williams, Stoll, Pearson, Toffoli, Martinez, Muzzin.. that year as well.

    • The idea of a Richards buyout isn’t only about signing Gaborik, Mitchell, Greene, and King as the Kings could manage it for next year. It has to do with this being the last chance to use a compliance buyout without sustaining a cap hit and the cap problems for the two summers after having UFAs Williams, Stoll, Regehr, and Martinez and RFAs Clifford, Pearson, Toffoli, Jones, Nolan, and Muzzin for the 2015-16 season and Kopitar and Lewis as UFAs the following year. Having $5.7 million tied up in Richards until 2019-20 is just too much if he isn’t playing as a top 6 forward as it hurts what they can do with the roster.

      Richards may have had an off year, but watching him play he still does so many great (and rule-bending) things. He does contribute and on a different team with less future cap concerns, that cap hit would make sense for what he offers. He is a player that I’d be happy to have on my favorite team, if it worked financially.

    • It is a very good point and one that I didn’t think of. Richards a guy on a low scoring team had 41 points. Kadri a guy who is on a high scoring team had 50 points. Now what if Richards was on a different style team? One like the leafs or hawks. Would he have more, quite possibly. So the idea of buying him out does become a little more far fetched when you think another team will most likely see the other attributes he brings and think if we get him in our system he could be a little more offensive

      • Like what everyone says, no one is going to deal for a guy that’s on the downside of his career, and cost that much money for a 4th line player

        • He’s not a 4th he’d be 2nd line center on many NHL teams. Just because he’s not on one of the deepest teams at the center position doesn’t mean he’s a 4th liner. Could be a 1st or 2nd liner on the Leafs. Definite 1st liner on the Sabres.

          • No he wouldnt. On a few teams ya maybe this year, but he is 30 next year and point totals will continue to decline, he has played with some very good players and hasnt managed 50 points or 20 goals in 3 years meanwhile his salary is still 5.7 mill for 5 years. Playing in front of Quick on a very defensive team he is a minus player. I think he is a 3rd or 4th line center on more teams than he is a 2.

          • I think people give LA a little more credit at the center position than is warranted. Because Richards should only really be behind Kopitar as of today. I pretty much see him and Carter as equals. Stoll is a 3rd line center at best and Toffoli (today) isn’t really more than a 3rd liner himself. This is not a Colorado situation where they are stacked with three of four 1-2 line centers.

      • With the Leafs he could quite possibly have less points playing with Clarkson and Lupul on the second line. Not to mention the whole thing about the Leafs dont exactly have Quick or play aswell defendivrly as the Kings and Richards is a minus player in LA. It could be a very ugly second line.

  3. trade him to Detroit we love Swedes.

    • I meant Larssen

    • So does NJ 😛 Besides our affinity for Czechs…

      • @MJR, trade you almquist and Kindl for Larssen. 1 Swede and 1 Czech for 1 Swede?

        • Detroit’s not a good trading partner for the Devs right now.

          • why? we have exactly what they need, young players and prospects

          • Czech please…

  4. Boyle to T.O. makes zero sense for either party. Boyle wants to play on a Cup contender, which the Leafs (one playoff appearance in a decade) are not. Leafs need a shutdown d-man and can’t afford to blow cap space on a luxury item.

    • I think it makes sense if they can move Phaneuf. Need a vet D for the group. Not sure Boyle would come to To. but I could see why the Leafs would have interest in him.

    • Boyle to Detroit makes more sense than Toronto. 23 years of making the playoffs makes a difference.

      Not sure what other moves the Wings make, but i am sure they will do something.

    • I would have assumed that Dan Boyle would want to go to a contender. I’m not sure how people know what team(s) are on his list — it’s only assumptions..

      I would think Detroit would be a place he would end up.

  5. This whole thing with Richard and re-signing Gaborik is bugging me.

    The Kings have a projected $9M in cap space based on Capgeek using $71M as the ceiling.

    They have four players that they need to re-sign from the current team:
    1. F Gaborik
    2. F King
    3. D Mitchell
    4. D Greene

    So let’s assume that they sign Gaborik to a 3 year $6M per season deal. That leaves $3M left on the board.

    King had a really good season and may likely price himself out of the Kings’ range. So he may be gone anyway. The Kings have plenty of forwards to replace him.

    They really only need to re-sign one defenseman as they already have five under contract. Mitchell is 37 years old and if the Kings win another cup (very likely), he may decide to end his career on a high note. Greene has allegedly been in Sutter’s doghouse, so he may not be re-signed.

    Regardless, the Kings have $3M to spend on a stay-at-home defenseman. They should easily be able to do that and have money left over to re-sign a guy like Schultz.

    I just don’t see where the Kings will have a problem re-signing Gaborik if they want to and he’s reasonable in his salary demands.

    • Do you really think Gaborik stays at this level. Yes, great playoff performance this year but taking into account injury history and at times disinterest why 6M for three years. If not lower than that let him walk. I could see Gaborik going through the motions for the next three years. Someone is going to pay him extremely well and regret it by next summer.

      • @Chirs

        I was actually trying to high-ball the contract. I actually think if they sign Gaborik it will be for less. I was trying to illustrate that even at $6M, they could still re-sign Gaborik.

    • The cap ceiling of 71 million isn’t set in stone. Most people are now saying the actual number will be 69-70 next year. And as I’ve been saying the last few days, A Richards buyout has little to nothing to do with next year. It has to do with the years 5 years beyond next season. They have to make financial decisions this year for 2016-17-18. Because if they don’t cut ties now, they are stuck with nearly 34 million to 6 players in 2017. Three of which (Brown, Carter and Richards) will more than likely regressed even more.

    • Look after next year on capgeek then put Gaborik in at 6 mill. Its the last year for compliance buy out, thats why, not that it matters much as I said someone will get hosed for Carter.

      • Sorry meant Richards…

        • 48 mill with 9 guys signed say in 2 years cap sits at 75-76 its 12 13 guys to sign with 26-27 mill , including Tifolli Pearson Clifford Muzzin Jones, thats probably going to be pretty close to if not over 15 mill there alone so 63 mill with 13 or 14 guys signed leaves around 12 mill for 7 or 8 guys including replacing a D or 2….. not saying Richards has to be bought out but not sure you want 5.7 mill on your 4th line after next year.

          • I’m also not sure where this 4th line stuff is coming from. I believe Richards is only playing 4th line in the playoffs to spread the talent around, and so far it’s worked pretty well. I would imagine that Richards will be back to line 2 during the regular season.

          • Spread the talent around??? He has 3 goals 7 assists in 25 games and is a minus 5 playing other teams 4th lines. No points in the last 5 games. On some teams with no center depth around the League he may be a 2…maybe. If he continues with this kind of “talent”, he will be a third or 4th line center making 5.7 mill inthe very near future. I still think some GM will be a bonehead and probably trade for him but doesnt mean it makes it a good contract, I can totaly see why there is speculation of Richards being bought out, with a compliance.

          • Let’s get some perspective on this:
            Richards is considered to be on the 4th line….why?
            Kopitar is one of the best in the NHL
            Carter is a beast and moved back to centre to make this team complete.
            Stoll is one of the best face-off guys in the league.
            Those are the guys he is playing behind. He gets some shifts on the wing with Carter for Toffolli or Pearson.

            If Gaborik signs with the Kings, it will be for a cap friendly hit. Lombardi is not going to upset the rest of his group that has been there for years by giving him more per year than Carter or Brown. If Gaborik wants to keep playing on this TEAM and not have to be the offensive saviour, he will sign for under $6M per year.

            Lombardi always has his eyes on the future when it comes to the cap. He would not have traded for a guy like Richards if he thought he would have to move him within a few years. He has always preached a CULTURE in LA and Richards is a big part of that.

            He will find a way to make this work with Richards as part of the core. It will allow the Kings to continue to be in the upper echelon of the western conference and a Cup contender year in and year out.

          • Some perspective might involve looking at what he has done as a 4th line center playing other 4th lines….its not very good.

          • Ok. I just went back to the last two rounds. He has been on for 2 even strength goals against vs Rangers. One was against the 4th line in game 2 the other was last night vs St. Louis’s line (not 4th line)

            In the Chicago series, he was on for 5 even strength goals against. Primarily vs the Kane/Shaw/Saad line (not a fourth line)

            But, there is only one player that can truly shut down a whole line and that is the goalie. I am not going to look at the tape for all of these goals, but you would be hard pressed to say that it was Richards fault that the other team scored.

            The Kings have not been playing the traditional (we will put out our 4th line when the other team does) They run things differently. It is all dependant on the situation. Kopitar’s line will get an extra shift after a tv timeout. If there is a big faceoff in their own end, they send Stoll’s line out there. Even when the Kings shorten the bench a bit, Richards is still seeing extra time out there with Carter’s line. He is also on the second team power play.

            That is my perspective.

  6. A team that needs to get to the cap floor and needs a 2nd line center should be looking at Richards. NYI behind Tavares could use Richards same for the Panthers. Guy will soon have two cups and no doubt has played better when it matters most. Those kinds of teams should be call the Kings up ASAP.

    • If I’m a cap floor team, I’m waiting to see if LA buys him out so I can try and sign him at a lesser cost. And if they don’t buy him out but need the cap room at some point, then I’m going to get him at a lesser cost in trade value.

  7. I like the idea of having Spezza on the Ducks…. but at what cost? His cap hit is at $7 mil for this season and then he is a UFA. If the cost of the trade is Perreault and a first… I can see the ducks doing that. But I would hope the senators retain some salary. But that would probably cost a prospect. So if thats the case, they wont retain any salary. I still think the best fit at 2nd line center for the ducks would be Kesler. But thats going to be an even heaftier price to pay due to him being in the same division. So Perreault, prospect and a first would probably get him. But who would that prospect be?

    I think the Ducks are going to buyout Souray… But since that is a 35+ contract, will that still effect the Cap or will it be just like any other buy out? Lyle, can you help with that answer?

    • Disagree
      Don’t want to touch Spezza with a ten foot pole. The whole reason of trading Ryan was that Ducks did not want to have ANOTHER big contract for 5-7 years. Well guess what, that what you will have to do with Spezza. Also Spezza is a #1 center, the Ducks have one in Getzlaf. One will crowd the other out for top line & power play minutes.
      No need to trade for anyone right now, see how the season goes and if need be make a deal at the trade deadline when (A) You have a better idea of where the needs are on your team (B) a lot of teams who look like they will miss the playoffs will be willing to deal, meaning more options available (C) Play the kid,s you will have a better feel as to who to keep and who to trade. Do you really want to trade Smith-Pelly for Spezza and he turns into a star and Spezza walks away in a year for more money ?

      • Just Getzlafe is their number 1 center doesn’t mean Spezza wouldn’t be a fit. Ryan in a winger and Spezza is a center, and everyone knows finding skilled centermen are much tougher to do….look at Pittsburgh; they have Crosby and Malkin…both play together on the powerplay…they could do likewise…and I think Ottawa will likely want Bonino rather than perrault in that package.

      • I dont agree at all. I hoped you watched the playoffs and our glaring need was at the center position. We got killied in the circle nearly every game, Especially on the PP. Adding Spezza to the top PP line allows Getzlaf to be on the point and also adds another weapon. But just my opinion.

        • last comment directed to Al

        • Maybe so but
          1) Bonino is getting better each year, don’t think Spezza is
          2) Spezza will want 6-7 million a year whereas Bonino is what around
          3 million ( too lazy to check)
          3) If you want to go on idea of need a second line center would rather have
          Kessler because, cheaper to acquire, signed for 2 years not one,
          smaller salary, more of a second like center than Spezza, Kessler would
          be better at heavy / hard hitting play, which what you will need to take out
          the Kings. When I see Spezza – I see Danny Heatley all over again.

        • Spezza is really good on faceoffs and is gifted offensively.

          His defensive game is lacking but with good wingers that can be covered.

          Spezza probably wants to play outside of Canada where he is not in the limelight.

          It could be an interesting option for him to play in the sunny south with a contender.

      • i agree buyer beware 29 other teams lookout

      • The Ducks are losing Selanne and probably Koivu. Who replaces them?

    • If you actually think Melnyk would retain salary — your absolutely wrong on that.. He’s cheap and broke.

      If Perreault & a first round pick is what is coming back, then he stays in Ottawa for now.

      Not sure Vancouver would trade one of their key players to a divisional opponent.

      • There is no way that Kesler will be cheaper or get. Thats the sad thing. I would much rather have Kesler than Spezza from a defensive stand point. If this was fantasy, I would love to have thornton before all of them…. But that will NEVER happen!

  8. If Hextall can move Vinny’s contract it opens up a lot of options to improve on the wing and D. It would also open up a roster spot for Laughton.

    • It opens a roster spot but Im not sure Laughton playing 4 c is exactly a fit either. Seems like a waste, he is suited better as a 2 c.

      • If the truly believe Laughton is ready-they deal Schenn (something I floated 3 months ago). For some D or speed on the wing. Flyers are not that far off from being a contender in the East.

        • Maybe a contender in the East, but not a contender for the Cup.

          • Have to get to the finals in order to win the cup. So contenders in the East isn’t a bad place to be.

  9. I always feel, that when a player makes the first move by a request to be traded, that the no-trade clause should no longer be in effect. If the team makes the first move to improve their team by approaching the player, by all means the player should be consulted as to whether he would lift the no-trade clause.

    We can all remember the harsh feelings that Oiler fans had (still have?) toward Dany Heatley after his “I want to get away from Ottawa by any means but I’m not going there” attitude. It’s unfortunate that this particular scenario was not addressed in the current CBA.

    • Do you really think for one minute that the Players association is going to agree to a one sided ntc/nmc that only benefits the team and not the player? Why would it be okay for a team to feel it’s time for another direction, but not the player? If I’m headed to the end of my career and playing in Buffalo, Florida, Edmonton and cannot see a true contending team before the end of my career, I’m asking for out! If Gm’s don’t like the fact that a player with a NTC/NMC may want out at some point during the contract, perhaps they should think twice about handing them out like candy. Nobody puts a gun to their head and makes them hand out these kind of deals. They choose to do it, and they choose to do it knowing that it may be a possibility down the road. The NHLPA will NEVER agree to a one sided deal like you are suggesting.

      • The way the NMC/NTC is structured today is totally one-sided…in the players favour. They can extract a promise from the team not to move them, but yet demand a trade that forces the team into a situation in which they must accept diminished value for the player in order to accommodate, or keep the player against his wishes. Neither is particularly palatable. Granted the teams create their own problems here, but you are seeing more limited NTC/NMC’s lately for that very reason.

        • Additionally, what you may see is teams including a section in the NMC/NTC which voids the No Movement clause in the event of a trade demand. This is contractual between the team and player. The NHLPA would have no voice in that decision.

          • Like I said, these headaches are easily avoided…..don’t give out NTC/NMC’s at all if you don’t like the idea. And really when you think about it, it doesn’t favor the player at all. Keep him, let him be miserable and lower his trade demands/ team list he will accept. If you think the NHLPA have nothing to do with a contract a player signs with or without ntc/nmc’s you are kidding yourself. Don’t forget who basically runs the NHLPA….the Players! This is exactly why the Executive committee is made up of players. So deals like you are talking about don’t happen.

        • And entry level contract are even more heavily waited towards management….its pretty ballanced out imo.

      • As to the comment of ” If I’m headed to the end of my career and playing in Buffalo, Florida, Edmonton and cannot see a true contending team before the end of my career, I’m asking for out!”, I agree, however, that player who wants out, should he get traded because he no longer wants to play for his current team, for whatever reason, should accept a trade to ANY team. After all, it is the PLAYER, in this case who wants out. When it is the team who wants to move the player, that is another story in itself where the team, in case after case after case, must give the player everything that he wants or the player will justifiably refuse to be moved.

        It is difficult to see the above scenario being one-sided in the team’s favour but I do agree that the NHLPA would fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo because the way that it works is if the team wants to trade a player after he signs a no-trade contract, the player, with reason, calls the shots while if a player wants to trade teams, the player still calls the shots by refusing a trade that he doesn’t like even though he is the one who chose to begin the scenario to be moved.

        • So if a player is at the end of their career and wants out of Buffalo to go to a contender, they could end up in Edmonton? LOL….why even bother asking?

    • The difference between the Heatley and Spezza trade is that Spezza can be dealing with 19 teams. Heatley would only allow the Sens to deal with 1 team..

      DIfferent circumstances and different players..

  10. On Garrison…

    Garrison + 6th overall for the first overall is laughable IMO. Gonna take a lot more then that.

    Also if Garrison loved Florida so much why did he leave?

    • He left because the Canucks rewarded him for having one great year with a big contract. However, it was still a good pick up based on what van city needed at the time.

  11. If M Richards has 5 more years at 5.7M thats a steal. I know he has had a few bad years, but the potential is there. If you consider some of the players that are making over 5M already (and shouldn’t be), Richards contract seems a lot more reasonable. Also needs to be taken into account that his avg time ice was lower as he bounced between 3 lines essentially (16:58 this season). Offering up a 3rd round pick and a prospect isn’t unreasonable, and with the right linemates (Bozak/Kessel/Lupul/JVR/Kadri… hint hint) he could help round out the top six on a team that may be missing a few pieces.

    • Wow no!….is that you Nonis????? The guy is slow…like reallly slow. Yes the Kings are deep at center but there are still reasons wy when they are “spreading the talent around” he is on the fourth line not the 3rd. What good is he centering Kessel and JVR who are one of the be one faster lines int he league? He would be 3 zones behind them coming down the ice, bythe time he got to the offensive zone the play would be going backthe other way and he would have to catch up again.

    • Why do people always bring up other bad contracts when trying to make an argument for a players contract? Why consider other bad deals at all? And I do not believe Richards cap hit is bad today, but in 4 years it will be a noose around LA’s neck. And it’s not 5 years he has left on the deal, it’s 6….that isn’t a steal for anyone other than Richards.

  12. I think that anyone playing in Los Angeles is in a unique situation. Individual stats tend to go down when you play for the Kings. On the other hand, they find ways to not only be competitive, but they have a chance to win a second cup in three years.

    As it has been said in interviews during this Cup run, there is not one selfish player in that dressing room. They play for each other and will do whatever it takes to win. If it means sacrificing their own personal stats to get the job done.

    There have been numerous cases of players that have moved from the Kings and their stats flourish because they are in a completely different style of play (just look at Dustin Penner/Matt Moulson/Teddy Purcell etc)

    Lombardi will keep the players that will do whatever it takes to win and will bring up young talent to play along side their core. If a player demands too much for a contract, he will find another team for them or let them go to free agency. It will eventually be a place that players will want to play for a chance to win a Cup.

    • The most valuable person on this team is the coach Sutter.
      It’s his system and the players play it to almost perfection.

      • Super agreed with ya al…dont see what players that leave LA have anything to do with anything and Moulson left a long time ago I dont think Penner being Penner is anykind of example either.

        • By all means, Sutter is the straw that stirs the drink. There has been talk that he may walk away if the Kings finish this off. But, I think a guy like Stevens can keep this going with the same group of guys that have learned from Sutter.

          The reason I brought up guys like Moulson and Penner is that people have been harping on Richards not putting up numbers for the Kings. I think his offensive numbers start going back up if he were to move.

          The other big factor for the Kings if they were to buy him out is that Richards could turn around and sign for a smaller amount to play for a bitter rival. Can you imagine him as a depth guy in Anaheim, San Jose or Chicago? I think he would rather go to one of those teams and keep having a chance to win than sign with the Florida, NY Islanders or Columbus.

          • I don’t think Kings push out Richards until this teams runs it’s winning course, BUT if they did Richards would most likely end up in Anaheim.
            First of all he is good buds with Carter and Anaheim is only 25 miles down the road from LA, second, he would not have to change housing, and third Ducks have lots of young forwards that Richards could really help and fourth, sure LA realize the three previous points and would not want to help the ducks at all.

  13. M Richards’ talents are declining with age. Winning two Cups, how much motivation and desire is left in the tank for him.


  14. Iginla stays on the first line with the B’s,I would like to see Lucic move down to Bergeron’s line and Erickson move up to that slot or Reilly Smith.Marchand stays and moves to the third line with Solderberg who was the best center for the B’s in the playoffs.Paille and Thornton are gone as is Caron who is a RFA.The Bruins must revamp their fourth line and with Florek and Fraser available for promotion as well as Spooner the fourth line with Campbell becomes more explosive and skill laden.With a healthy Siedenberg and McQuaid the Bruins have Chara,Hamilton,Boychuk,Mesaros,Krug Bartkowski,Millar,Potter and Warsofsky and Morrow in Providence on defence,( who could play for any of the bottom feeders now).The Bruins have all their picks save the sixth round pick,Svedberg and Subban in Providence for back up insurance in goal and Chiarelli and Neely pulling the strings.The Bruin’s window of oppurtunity for another cup is 2 years.With that said I am expecting another strong and exciting team next year despite Julien’s propensity for defensive awareness first.They do not have to make any big deal just tweeking will do.They also have the kid Robbins in Providence who is a tremendous fighter.The B’s are tough enough anyways.

  15. As an addendum to the above post Chris Kelly and Soupy cannot stay healthy through a 100 game campaign so their days as Bruins are probably numbered.Plenty of kids in the pipeline as the Bruins have done an admirable job in their scouting department over the last several years.

  16. ‘ Rossi recently reported several teams have contacted James Neal’s agent to express interest in the winger, ”

    I though this was considered player tampering, and therefore illegal while a player is under contract???