NHL Rumor Mill – June 13, 2014

Latest on Jason Spezza, Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Marchand, Brian Boyle, Ville Leino and Ryan Johansen.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren lists the St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks as the favorites to land Jason Spezza, with the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars considered dark horse. Warren expects the return for the Senators will be young players, continuing the club’s theme of rebuilding. He speculates the Senators could have interest in Andrew Cogliano or Nick Bonino of the Ducks, or Patrik Berglund, Kevin Shattenkirk or Ian Cole of the Blues.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin includes the Toronto Maple Leafs among the list of possible destinations for Spezza, though he notes the Senators would prefer to send the center to a team they won’t face very often.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Spezza wants out of Ottawa because he’s unhappy with the pressure he faces from the fans and media there, he definitely won’t approve of being dealt to the Leafs. The Senators won’t send him to their arch-rival. I believe the Ducks and Blues are the front runners, as they possess the depth in young players, prospects and draft picks to tempt the Senators. I doubt the Blues part with Shattenkirk. 

Could Patrick Marleau be swapped for Brad Marchand?

Could Patrick Marleau be swapped for Brad Marchand?

TVA SPORTS: Several NHL sources claim there’s talk of the Boston Bruins shipping winger Brad Marchand to the San Jose Sharks for Patrick Marleau.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marleau’s recently signed a three-year contract extension worth $6.66 million annually with a full no-movement clause. He’ll have to agree to be dealt. Second, the cap-strapped Bruins can’t afford to take him on unless the Sharks agree to pick up part of his salary. Third, he’ll be turning 35 this fall, and the Bruins appear to be focusing on their younger players. Sorry, I don’t see this one happening. 

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio lists Nashville, Ottawa, Florida, Dallas and Calgary as possible trade destinations for Vincent Lecavalier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers could make it easier to move Lecavalier by picking up half his contract. Still, I don’t think there’s much of a market for an aging (34) center whose best seasons are behind him, especially one who has four more years left on his contract. The Senators and Flames are rebuilding with youth so I don’t see Lecavalier as a fit with those clubs. He won’t address the Predators offensive needs. He might be a fit with the Panthers and Stars, provided he’s willing to accept being dealt to either club. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports there hasn’t been much discussion between the Sabres and the agent for Ville Leino, who remains the NHL’s most likely buyout candidate.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher believes the Canucks should pursue NY Rangers forward Brian Boyle via unrestricted free agency, even if they have to overpay to get him.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the Blue Jackets intend to match any offer sheet sent to RFA Ryan Johansen.


  1. Its almost like offer sheets are a thing of the past. Unless a team is right up to the cap and probably not even then they will never work…nonsense really.

    • Any chance Calgary tries again with ROR? I would prefer to see him in blue and white but as we all know nothing like that will happen. Would Lupul and gardiner + be a possibility for E.Kane? Would they even want Kane?

      • Pretty sure the Jets would want better than that anyway so moot point.

      • That’s just giving the Leafs Kane. Doubt anyone wants Lupul. Should have bought him out over Grabovski. He’s good WHEN he plays but his injuries seem to be a constant theme these days. Probably have to throw Kadri in and possibly a swap of first rounders along with Gardiner.

        • Should have bought out Lupul??..ok then

          • There was a rumor earlier this year that the Habs and Jets were discussing a swap of Pacioretty for Kane. If that was the starting point with the Jets, then Leafs fans need to look at Kessel for Kane since Kessel is the closest comparable in goals with Pacioretty. All of the sudden, Kane doesn’t seem like a very appealing commodity, does he?

          • If you look past this year Pacioretti is not comparible to Kessel. Kessel 5 30 goal seasons with over 50 points, one saeson of not scoring 20 (rookie year 19) 4 seasons over 60 points 2 seasons over 80 points including this year. Pacioretty doesnot have those type numbers and altho they were close in goals Kessel had 20 more points than Max this year. I agree Kane would be costly but to suggest that Kane would cost Kessel is not even close.

          • I like how you guys think Kane is a valuble player for the Jets. They play better with him out of the lineup than with him in it. I agree there’s huge potential with him but reality is he hasn’t lived up to the hype so far. He’ll never reach his full potential with the Jets either because he doesn’t want to be in the ‘Peg. Bottom line is he won’t be in Winnipeg past his current contract so moving him seems logical. I’d rather see Kane for Kadri as a center piece of the deal with tweaks that work for both teams. Maybe throw Reimer the Jets way and a pick swap somewhere in the deal.

          • Agreed Goon, Kadri and Riemer for Kane sounds close maybe some picks or other prospects/pieces going back and forth. Lupul’s age and cap hit is what I think would be the issue for the first deal involving Lupul and Gardiner.

      • that would just get dave nonis laughed off the phone teams could easliy offer more for evander kane gardiner is as ovverated as they come and lupul are you serious?
        start with jvr and you’ll have the jets listening

        • Why would you start with JVR? JVR is the better player, I wouldnt do JVR for Kane straight up,
          1 JVR has the better contract by a million less
          2. JVR point total s and gosls continue to increase while Kanes continue decline
          3. They virtually have the same total points
          4.There are not near as many questions about the attitude of JVR
          5. Jvr has out produced E kane the past two seasons.
          JVR >>> E Kane

          Must be the full moon.

          • Have to agree. JVR is an excellent value on his current deal. Kane has some potential, but like a lot of whose nastiness and physicality give them very appealing potential, it tends to also be the reason they are overrated and causes some future problems. I would JVR over Kane in a heartbeat. Better hands, great team guy, kills penalties, and right now there is nothing to suggest that Kane is got much more of a ceiling. JVR has a nearly identical skill set to Kane (better playmaker than Kane though), but just doesn’t have that natural edge to his game.

    • the good thing about offer sheets is the team tendering the sheet does not have to worry about their competition acquiring the player.

      for instance, the flyer tendered a sheet for weber. worst case scenario they lose him and nashville breaks their bank to keep him. best case they get him. either way they do not have to worry about the pens or another rival trading for him which was a major concern at the time that no one talked about.

      lock your players up early and you do not have to worry about offer sheets..

  2. I think the sens will get to a point where they are forced to take the highest bid. Knowing Murray’s rep as gm, he will wait it out hoping for a better deal until it’s deadline day and spezzas return value has dropped

    • Tend to agree with you. It’s stinks of vanek getting moved out of NY. Murray should do better than snow but I don’t see Hume getting the young NHLer, prospect, and 1st rounder he was reportedly asking for.

    • I think he’s dealt this summer. No way he waits until deadline day. He himself said he knows he won’t get the deal he wants so he will be traded this offseason.

    • It’s easier to get a better return before the season starts I would think since teams have the cap space to take Spezza on. If he waits till the deadline, he’ll get a Luongo type trade.

  3. Toronto was bound to creep into the Spezza rumours because (aside from the fact that Toronto creeps into every rumour) there’s always been whispers that Spezza secretly pined for the day that he could return home to play for the team he grew up loving. At least one of those rumours was attributed to Spezza’s brother, who even attached a timeframe for his return.

    However, I think you have to agree with Spector and say the chances the Sens trade their captain to their biggest rival are pretty slim, and the chances Spezza wants to move from the frying pan in Ottawa to the fire in Toronto are equally unlikely.

    • Never in a million years would the Sens trade him to the Leafs.

    • Never going to happen. With the facts out there about Spezza wanting out of Canada I doubt any of the Canadian teams have a chance at landing him.

      • Spezzas has a list of 10 teams he will not be trade to

        1 – Toronto
        2 – Toronto Maple Leafs
        3 – Toronto Leafs
        4 – The blue and white
        5 – The other Ontario team
        6 – The team that plays out of the ACC
        7 – That team in our division who sucks
        8 – The team who won the cup in 1967
        9 – The team whos fans hate my boy Danny
        10 – The team with Harold Ballards ghost still running the show !

  4. It’s a tad moot at this point. Just more local Ottawa media trying to generate buzz where there isn’t any. Whoopy, he might get traded.

    meanwhile, the real rumors are the persistent ones that fences are being mended with the REAL captain. With the missus in town looking at homes. I don’t know if Allfy will play for them again, but he’s back.

    • Where are you getting this info about mending fences and house hunting? I’m not doubting, just curious.

    • I don’t know what would shock me less –

      Alfie retires and moves back to Ottawa – where his brother lives, where his kids grew up, and where he will always have the status of living legend.

      – or –

      Alfie mends fences with Eugene Melnyk. Which would probably involve the equally unlikely scenario of Melnyk prying open his wallet.

      If I had to place a bet, my money would be on the former before the latter – though I think fans would welcome Alfie’s return if it were to happen.

  5. Lecavalier to Ottawa isn’t complete nonsense if the feeling is that there is a need for a veteran presence once Spezza is dealt. Unless a centre comes back in any Spezza deal, the Sens will be relying on Kyle Turris and Mika Zibanejad to pick up a lot of the slack. John Gabriel Pageau and Stephane Da Costa will be looking to crack the lineup as centres as well, but don’t add a veteran presence. While Zack Smith was a favourite of the coach last year, he’s probably not well positioned to help guys like Turris and Zibanejad develop.

    Smith or Pageau may be of interest to the Flyers in a swap for Vinny.

    • Like the idea. Not sure if Sens fans would like the idea.

      • Depends on what the Sens have to give up and whether the Flyers eat part of Lecavalier’s salary, I’d imagine.

        After Alfie departed and the Sens young defence floundered last year a lack of veteran presence to bring the kids along was sometimes cited as a problem for the team – and the team’s current leadership group of Spezza (who’s likely gone), Phillips (who will probably be made captain, but whose play has been declining sharply) and Chris Neil (who likes to fight his teammates at practice) took a lot of heat last season.

        A well known french Canadian player probably doesn’t hurt in the Ottawa market either.

  6. Every site i see that Boston wants to get younger and faster then i always question why the priority is to sign Iggy and trade Marchand. I understand the antics that Marchand is prone to doing but as a Bruins fan i grow sick of us trading our young “stars” ie Seguin or Kessel (understood the salary issue) and then we always here that after these trades Boston is too slow and old.

    Also, have to say first time i’ve posted but been watching this site for years and have to say its great!!!

    • Probably because Iggy is still a beast and he fits in with the style of play. Also it’s pretty hard to replace a guy like Iggy. Who’s had a 30 goals this season and hard to replace all the other great stuff he brings to the table.

  7. I posted this trade scenario for Jason Spezza a couple months ago on this site and I stick to it.

    To Ottawa: Patrik Berglund, Ian Cole, 2nd round pick, low level prospect
    To St.Louis: Jason Spezza

    With Murray limiting his destinations to Western Conference teams, the fact that Spezza has only 1 year remaining on his contract, his injury history, and the fact that he will require in between $6-7 million on his new contact, the Ottawa fans are going to be disappointed when they don’t receive what they consider to be fair value for Spezza.

    • Ottawa has become a joke of a team. Complete disgrace to Canadian hockey. Low budget, skilled, managed team. The team they will ice in October would get beat by most OHL teams if they played each other. Sad time and next few years for this team. Probably will be relocated within 5 years.

      • While we are all entitled to our opinions the one above is completely ignorant and uninformed. There are franchises in Canada in far worse share than Ottawa.

      • This is likely one of the worst comments I’ve read on this forum in over 4 years …

        Senators aren’t gong anywhere, they are one year removed from a playoff appearance and stumbled this year sure. But this organization is brimming with youth looking to get their crack at making an impact and they are officially a rebuilding team who managed to creep into the playoffs two years in a row raising expectations. The Senators are hardly an OHL level team.

        • The owner is cheap and YES, operating at cap floor will ensure an OHL level team.

          • Not sure an OHL team makes the playoffs 2 out of 3 years and 3 out of 5 years. Really it is a pretty dumb comment. Yes the owneris cheap but the rest of the organization is one of the better run teams in the league.

          • yeah, and the 2 reasons they made playoffs (alfredson/Spezza) they letting go. They seem to be working backwards. Hence, poorly run. Playoffs were a little fluky lately.

          • The original post and thought behind it is a great example of how one’s negative feelings/prejudice towards a team truly makes one sound like an idiot. Seriously.

          • Pretty sure it takes more than 2 guys especially Alfie anf Spezza to make the playoffs.

          • DChump- when spewing this venom for Ottawa you must consider the Oilers and Flames as teams behind the Sens, recent history would suggest that anyway. Possibly the Jets also, but I tend to think the Jets take a step forward this year. Trading Spezza is what should be done Turris played well when Spezza was out I believe locked in at a reasonable salary. Spezza is also injury prone. I think the Ducks will offer the Sens a better package than the Blues will.

      • DChamp you clearly don’t know what your talking about. You should really try and refrain yourself from posting such garbage.

        • We will see if you guys are all right. Canadian teams in general are getting worse and worse and worse. NONE of them are improving remotely close to being contenders. Lets see at the start of 2014-15 season if TSN or Sportsnet rate a Canadian team to win any division. Or make the playoffs for that matter. ALL Canadian teams are run like garbage. The proof is in the results. Ottawa will be the worse Canadian team this year. I do think even the Oilers and Flames will pass them in points. I used to live in ottawa and tried to become a fan….but Sen’s brass made me mad year after year. The team is made u of 15-20 point players minus 3-4. NOT enough to go anywhere. You guys are all blind and are drinking the kool-aid of somebody in thinking the Canadian teams are run better then there american ones. The best Canadian players won’t even play here. That say’s it all.

          • Sens were rated the number one Canadian franchise and number 9 for North America in the 2013 espn franchise rankings which looks at 8 categories. Melnyk is cheap and not very many people like him, especially now, which the Spezza and Alfie situations but management under him is very good. Some of the best scouts in the league. The Sens other players are pretty good and have plenty of talent waiting in the wings. Many of the sens players had great individual seasons, the team just didn’t gel until the end of the season. They also just signed a deal with Canadian Tire as their building sponsor. They aren’t going anywhere. Your comment was baseless and just plain ridiculous.

      • they’ll be right there battling toronto for league laughing stocks!

  8. I think Berglund, Paajarvi and the Oilers 2014 2nd round pick will be the core of a package for either Kesler or Spezza. Kesler is a better fit for the Blues than Spezza but they may have to add to the price for Kesler as he is on a better deal and in the same conference. Perhaps the Blues could also take Booth in a pure salary dump. Then the Canucks could use their last compliance buyout on Burrows.

    • Edmonton doesn’t have a 2014 second rounder

      • Right, the Blues have the Oiler’s ’14 2nd round pick. I wasn’t suggesting a three way trade.

  9. I want the Senators to connect with the Ducks because #1 I want our first rounder back and #2 I like the Ducks more … however if Bonino & Cogliano are considered the likely targets, then I’ll pass. They haven’t really had all that impressive careers and don’t bring the size that Ottawa is in need of. I’m hoping the Senators get a deal along these lines from the Ducks

    To Ottawa: F Patrick Maroon, D Shea Theodore, OTT 1st 2014

    I’d prefer to give Maroon a chance to possibly play bigger minutes and bring his size and power to the wing. Theodore is a nice potential top 4 D prospect … odds are we’d get the Ducks 1st back, but I hope for our own.

    • This was maroons first NHL season. So he wasnt going to get big minutes. But in the playoffs, he was playing tons of minutes on the second line.

  10. As a Flyer fan-it gives me hope that Vinny keeps pooping up in articles and rumours. If Hextall gets any kind of CAP maneurving space, I am confident that the Flyers can improve over the next few years.

    • he did score 20 goals last yr being bumped around the lineup without 1st line pp time (unless 5 on 3)

      he also has an under 35 contract. if the flyers eat half his salary which they will, he will get moved. or they can keep him and move schenn and something else for a nice dman.

  11. If the Senators want Cogs or Bonino, I think that halts the deal. There is no way you give those two (or one) for a one year guy wth a cap hit of $7 mil. Bones signed a 3 yr deal worth just under $2 mil per and Cogs signed a 4 yr deal worth $3 mil per I believe. Those are great cap hits for guys who score 20+ goals last year. Why would the Ducks do that?! I still think a deal will center around Perreault/Palmieri and one of their 2 firsts. maybe even one ot the 2 2nd’s they have.

    I love Palmieri though. He has 2 years left on his contract, with a great cap hit and then he is still a RFA after that. I think he can be a 20-25+ goal scorer with mor consitancy and playing time.

  12. Not sure Marleau is much of a upgrade over Marchand.
    Probably a better character leader type player.
    Due to his contract and age would want a pick as well maybe a second rounder.
    Can we throw in Kelly and Maquaid for Thornton.

  13. Bostons gm released a statement today saying Marchand is not being traded and has had talks with no one.

  14. I think Spezza is a last resort deal for Anaheim if they cant pry Kesler out of Vancouver. Spezza while a better offensive player than Kesler, he’s no where near the shut down center Kesler is. IMO, if vancouver trades Kesler it will be for Mathieu Perreault, Emerson Etem or DSP (I prefer Etem), and Anaheims 10th pick. Vancouver can then flip (player of choice) 6th pick, 10th pick to Florida so Vancouver can draft Sam Reinhart. Personally I would offer Tanev plus 6th and 10th. LInden was supposedly still high on Edler and if the rumors are true that Willie Desjardens will become the Canucks new coach, he could possibly get Edlers career back on track mitigating the loss of Tanev. Its a win for all three clubs, Anaheim gets their 2nd line two way center, Vancouver gets their first line center to replace the Sedins (Horvat becomes Keslers replacement) and Florida gets a really good young defenceman, plus two top ten picks.I actually really like these trades….Anaheim wins short term, and has two good centers to deal with the L.A.’s and the Chicagos of the Western conference. Both Vancouver and Florida are up in the air, but looks good longer term.

    • Hmm, this is actually a pretty interesting idea. Pretty fair all around.

    • Patrick,

      I think the package of Perreault + Etem + 10th overall pick for Kesler is what would get the deal done. From there, again I agree, the plan would be to move up and select Reinhart. I just hope that we could move up for ONE of our first round picks 6th or 10th plus a roster player like Tanev or Garrison (NMC for Garri), otherwise we might be better off keeping 6 & 10 and selecting Virtanen or Richie at 6 and Ehlers, Nylander or Fleury at 10th. When you look at who is likely available at 6 and 10 along with a roster player like Tanev or Garrison it’s hard to believe that Reinhart would be of more value than a combination of those assets.

    • Actually Not Bad, but still do not want Spezza. Might, I said might do
      Perreault, Etem ( no way DSP), Ducks #1 ( 24th) and Leafs #2 (38th).
      I’d keep the #10 at all costs and hope that Fluery is there at #10

    • nice trade idea …..this is one you’ll likely see

  15. Marleau for Marchant? That’s ridiculous. Marleau is a Playoffs point-per-game player with size and speed. Marchant is a good player, but Sharks don’t need another 5’7 guy in the Pacific.

  16. Marleau for Phaneuf. Dreaming is always fun

    • Realistically, Sharks and Leafs will swap Danny Boyle for Dion Phaneuf. Marleau may go to Hawks in exchange for Hossa. Marleau played with Toews during the Olympics and was probably the best line at both ends of the ice. Hossa on Thornton’s wing with wunderkind Tomas Hertl is a very formidable second line.

      • Boyle is a ufa who tights are held by the Islanders, and why are the Hawks trading Hossa for Marleau? Man some weird comments here today.

        • Only till end of month.

          • So the Leafs are trading Phaneuf to the Sharks for nothing and then will sign Boyle? It makes no sense.

  17. If Vancouver wants to outbid the Rangers for Boyle, I say have at it!!!! Drive it up Sather. LOL

    • Boyle-I can see him getting crazy market $ after his playoff performance. will be another Prust situation for NYR. Stralman will be the bigger loss.

      • Wait until Vancouver watches him game 1-82, especially when he isn’t up for a contract. For one of the leagues largest players, he sure doesn’t show that size often. Stralman I can see being re-signed before UFA. Especially if Richards is out. NY has enough problems with their top priorities like Stralman, Zuccs, Pouliot, J. Moore, Brassard. As much as I like what Boyle has shown the last few weeks, I can’t see spending 3-4 million on a 4th line center. I’d rather take D. Moore on a short term much lower deal to fill that role.

        • Plus he out hustles Boyle, I’d rather have Moore too.

  18. Timmonen just signed a 1 year deal with the Flyers, $$ not known yet.

    • 1 year deal for $2M base with a chance of additional $2M in bonuses. Very CAP friendly deal for this year.

  19. Philly hasn’t used both there compliance buy outs have they? Be funny to hear vinny mentioned again…

    • No compliance buyouts left. Bryz and Briere were the casualties.

      • He was sig0ned after being bought out, there is no way anyone coulgd use a compliance buyout on Vinny.

        • Waivers then! lol

          • Oh ya I forgot about briere.. Anyway just a funny thought.. Would have been a great holmgren story

  20. Marleau for Marchand,laughable.Marleau is a loser just like Joe.Lots of players have put up huge stats and never won anything,Think Marcel Dionne,Gil Perreault etc.Marchand is not going anywhere.

    • Obviously you’ve never actually played hockey before, so how could you know what truly makes a good player.

    • Agree Boston isn’t moving a equal or better player who is younger and has half the salary. Boston does have a great team and always has trouble with Montreal. Think a few of the 4th liners need to be upgraded with youth.
      Spooner,Koko and Fraser on the fourth line. Kelly traded or bought out. Thornton not resigned. Would keep Paille like his speed.

  21. If she’s house hunting.
    Who do you think is talking?