NHL Rumor Mill – June 17, 2014

Latest on Cam Ward, Paul Stastny, P.A. Parenteau and Ryan Callahan, plus updates on the Blues, Kings, Red Wings and Sharks. 

Will Cam Ward waive his no-trade clause?

Will Cam Ward waive his no-trade clause?

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported the following via Twitter: Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward could waive his NTC under the right circumstances…The Avalanche sent Paul Stastny a multi-year offer a couple of weeks ago. Talks are expected to continue soon. They’re also believed shopping winger P.A. Parenteau, who has two years at $4 million annually left on his contract…Lightning and Ryan Callahan are still talking contract but no one will be surprised if he hits the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ward won’t waive that clause for just anyone. I suspect it’ll be to go to a conteder…Stastny’s agent recently suggested talks would start up on June 20th. Parenteau lacks a no-trade clause and the Avs could try shopping him to teams which need to reach the salary cap minimum next season…If Callahan still wants six years and $39 million, I doubt the Lightning re-sign him.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon reports the Blues won’t lack for options to bolster their depth at center. Ottawa’s Jason Spezza, Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler and Philadelphia’s Vincent Lecavalier are reportedly available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Blues will push hard for Spezza and Kesler. Lecavalier is “buyer-beware”, though the Flyers could be willing to pick up part of his salary to move him. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lisa Dillman reports re-signing Marian Gaborik is the Kings’ top priority, though they can’t afford to re-sign him for his current salary of $7.5 million. GM Dean Lombardi must also decide if he’ll buy out Mike Richards, though Dillman notes Lombardi is fiercely loyal to his players and could try to retain everyone if possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gaborik might be willing to accept a pay cut (maybe somewhere around $5.5 million annually) to remain with the Kings. It’s possible Lombardi could re-sign all his free agents without having to ditch Richards’ contract, but with six years at $5.75 million annually remaining on his contract, that’s too much for too long if Richards has become a spent force.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings are trying to trade Jordin Tootoo, who has one year at $2 million left on his contract. Failing that, they’ll used their remaining compliance buyout on him. They’re also still awaiting word on Daniel Alfredsson’s plans for next season.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: David Pollak reports the Sharks could announce new contracts for Alex Stalock and Mike Broown by today. They also intend to re-sign RFA forward James Sheppard. There’s a good chance Martin Havlat could receive a compliance buyout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to G.J. Berg. 


  1. Phoenix would like Parenteau’s scoring touch but I doubt Co trades so close to home. Maybe Fla will take him.? Opinion?

    • Fla isn’t a bad option; I could see them going for it. I actually think the Coyotes aren’t out of the realm of possibility: Parenteau’s good but not elite, so for a good offer I can see Colorado trading him in the division.

      Nashville always needs offense, so I’d think they’re in the mix. And my personal guess? Minnesota. It looks like they’ll lose Moulson and I don’t think they’ll spend the money on Vanek. But a couple more years of Parenteau’s contract to fill in on the top lines makes sense to me. He’s not a game-breaker like the others, but could be a solid, affordable piece.

    • Parenteau is a pretty good player… offensively. He’s very affordable for a second line winger. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem trading for him if they’re struggling…

    • i think the habs trade something to the avalanche for parenteau….and they sign matt moulson on july 1st

  2. I just read the whole wings article and I want to puke. “Holland met with Cleary” to see what they can work out. It better be a freaking desk job or scouting position somewhere because if that geriatric comes back I might lose my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a positive note in about 10 days there should be some fierce trading and movement going on!

  3. Anaheim will make a big push for Kesler leading up to the draft, IMO Spezza is a last resort, especially if the Blues sign Spezza. Kesler would obviously tip the balance of power in the competitive western conference. Perrault, Etem, and the tenth for Kesler.

    • I really think it will be palmeiri, Perreault and a first for kesler (if kesler is who they really want. Which I hope he is)

    • I think the Canucks and Ducks would be better served if they got,
      1) Devante Smith-Pelly
      2) The 10th pick (use it to draft Perlini, Ritchie, or Virtanen)
      3) The 24th pick (use it to draft Tuch)
      The Canucks could then use there own pick at 6th to draft Nylander, Del colle, or Draisaitl if availible. It would set the tone for a new direction (BIGGER) for the team and add lots of depth to the organization.The Canucks need to realize that their sun has set and its time to restock. For the Ducks, it gets them an insane 1-2 puch down the middle with Getzlaf and Kesler, and lets them keep more of their own prospects that they have already developed. Its`s important to develop your talent in your own system and then bring it up when its ready. The Ducks time is now, so they need these players more than picks.

      • Don’t know why people think Ducks time is now, as in getting older by the minute.
        Just the opposite, getting younger by the minute and loaded with prospects down on the farm. They should not panic, play the season and in February evaluate as to what is needed. No need to make a trade now.

  4. what do you guys think of this move?

    to Chi
    Jason Spezza(50% retained salary) and Jared Cowan

    To Ott.
    TT, Leddy, Bickell and this years 1st.

    Leddy and Cowan are washes, ott wants a player a pick and a prospect for Spezza that is what is offered. Chi gets salary cap relief to resign Toews and Kane, top 6 for chi now is
    Toews Hossa and Sharp
    Saad, Spezza, Kane

    • would rather see odyua moved than leddy. 3.375 million for odyua

      • id like to see hawks get boyle from the rangers for our fourth line. bolling doesn’t cut it. horrible contract

    • That trade is awful. Chicago will never do it. Spezza has one year left and you are giving them Bickell and a top end prospect. Wow. People have been drinking this morning

    • I don’t think Ottawa would go for it just based on the salary retention.. I’m not even looking at the players.. Eugene is a cheap cheap owner and I don’t think he’d go for it with spezza as there will be deals out there where they wouldn’t have to hold anything..

      • I agree with Aki here, I’m not even looking at the players involved. Cheap owner aside, Why would Ottawa hold any of his salary? It looks like a trade suggestion that is made so Chicago could squeeze it under the cap. If and when Spezza is traded, I can’t see Ottawa retaining a dime, and I believe there will be plenty of teams willing to gamble on his one year hit in hopes of re-signing him without any salary retention.

    • I think Ottawa gets killed in that trade. Ottawa has no need for another borderline 2nd pairing defenseman or third liner making 4 million a year. Weircoch is s capable as Leddy. Bickell is as frustrating as Greening and overpaid even more.

      Ottawa needs a player that can step into the top six forwards or top 3 defensively. Hjalmarsson, and Saad for Spezza.

  5. I love how these players wont waive their NTC unless they go to a contender. Also how these UFAs only want to sign with a contender yet expect a 6 million/year salary. What contender has 6+ million to pay one of these guys? Chances are they have their core players locked up at big salaries because they are contenders. The same with Ward? What contender is in desperate need of a 6 million dollar goalie? Probably not much of a contender.

    • Exactly, Kurt! In a sport where so much rides on the goalie being good, it’d be very rare to have a contender that needs a starting goalie at all. And if they do? It’s because they have a few insanely good – and expensive! – skaters ahead of them!

      Think: San Jose, who might want a goalie, but are also paying huge bucks to Thornton, Marleau, Couture

      Also, Ward might not have noticed, but his team is trying to trade him because he *isn’t* elite anymore. Not sure what contending team would want that!

      [To be fair to Ward, he hasn’t said where he would or wouldn’t go. It’s only hypothesized.]

    • You raise a great point regarding top players only wanting to move to cup contending teams but the Pittsburgh Penguins are the answer to your Cam Ward question. The Pens are a cup contending team that desperately needs a #1 goalie to get them back on track.

      • Honestly I’d take Fleury over Cam Ward. Ward was putrid this year, Ranking at the bottom of nearly every statistical category. He is not a #1 guy.

      • Cam Ward is not the answer for the Penguins. He is not better than Fleury, has a higher cap hit and is signed for 2 years. Fleury is in his last season so the won’t buy him out or trade him as suggested by some!

  6. i really hope Jordin Tootoo goes to Pittsburgh. he has the speed and toughness they need.

    • Tootoo is washed up. 2 mil for a four liner.. Good thing your not the GM

  7. The salary isn’t that bad. Spezza is a cap hit of 7.5 but a cash payment of 4. So 50% of the 4. I don’t think the Sens are ready to give up on Cowen.

  8. Statsny seems to be tied with O’reilly. The Avs will choose which one is better for the team at the price point they want. The other will be let go or trade and the space will be used for a d man. They need a top 4 d man which seems to be the thing ever team needs and there aren’t much available

    • I see ROR staying and Statsny departing via free agency.

  9. Ward got beat out by a second year goalie and even the AHL starter outplayed Ward. Ward will only waive his NTC for a contender? I can’t see any contender wanting a piece of him. Guy has a cup and conn Smyth but since then he has proved to be nothing more then DiPietro 2.0.

  10. A month ago I didn’t think it possible, but vinny’s name has popped up enough to make me think he will be dealt.

    • It’ll only happen if the Flyers are taking back a good chunk of Vinny’s contract.

  11. What team wants Vinny for his paycheck?
    Spezza in NYC does make sense… younger upgrade to Richards. Trade Staal for Spezza+ resign Stralman

    • No thank you. The Rangers cannot afford that cap hit.

      • Who is the option for 2nd line center for the Rangers?I am not sold on Brassard there. St Louis needs a pivot to match him.

        • Also I do think Sather smart enough to trade Boyle and Stralman’s rights if possible…

        • Why not Brassard? He put up 6 less points than Richards in 1 less game, averaging 3 minutes per game less than Richards during the regular season?

          • Did you notice Brassard last 2 rounds?

          • Not really, But I think that blame is far too much to put on Brassards back. He had 3 points in the finals, Nash 0, Richards 1, Stepan 1, St. Louis 2, ….so essentially Brassard @ 2.8 per scored as much as the 23+ million dollar “stars” ahead of him. WAY too much blame to go around. You cannot pin it on Brassard.

          • ooops 3.7 per not 2.8

          • good points on Brassard. not blaming him at all. just not sure how much more of a raise he needs to the 3.5 million he has been making.
            Tough spot for Sather this summer . they still need another center

  12. Buffalo’s’ Ville Leino, Vancouver’s David Booth and Dallas’ Aaron Rome all on waivers…. …..anyone surprised here?

    • What do you think? Leino to the KHL? I’m surprised Rome lasted as long as he did. Booth will get a team to bite, IMO.

      • You would think Leino’s time in the NHL was over….but you never know. Booth I agree will draw some interest. Rome, not so much.

        • “Rome, not so much.”

          Rome signs with NYR for 2mil per and is reunited with AV…

          • Somehow, I seriously doubt all that. Diaz, Stralman, Faulk, Moore, …..they have better options from within.

          • Rome becomes a Walmart greeter for $7.35 an hour……

          • That I can see….lol

    • Rome always came across as an AV favourite when they were together in Vancouver…. Choosing at the time to play Rome over Keith Ballard.

      Just a friendly jab,

      • The one thing I have noticed about AV that is a little strange is how he hands out ice time. Everyone keeps talking about NY’s #1, #2, #3 lines……As a fan, I’m not even sure who they are some times…lmao

  13. “Lecavalier is “buyer-beware”, though the Flyers could be willing to pick up part of his salary to move him. ”

    How crazy is it to go out and get this guy, sign him to a 5yr, 4.5mil contract and then want to dump him after 1 season?

    How much salary would the Flyers eat? If they had to eat 1mil per, is 3.5per a reasonable cap hit? Is this why Holmgren is gone and Hextall is the GM?

    • “How crazy is it to go out and get this guy, sign him to a 5yr, 4.5mil contract and then want to dump him after 1 season? ” This has been Homers calling card as GM. Hoping Hextall will change that trend.

  14. So what do you guys think of the canucks sending Kesler to Anaheim for a package of assets (prob a first and young roster player or a top prospect) and the flipping that to get Evander Kane? might have to include Tanev or some one similar to get Kane. So at the end it ends up being Kesler and Tanev out and Evander Kane in?


    • Go directly to Jets, do not pass go, do not collect $ 200, and keep Kessler out of Anaheim.

  15. I think this is a new record not once were the leafs mentioned

    • Until you mentioned them….? I guess you now have to give leaf fans a pass next time?