NHL Rumor Mill – June 19, 2014

Latest on Dan Boyle, Marian Gaborik,  Jason Spezza, Dion Phaneuf, Brian Campbell and more. 

Dan Boyle's rights on the trade block again.

Dan Boyle’s rights on the trade block again.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the New York Islanders are now shopping Dan Boyle’s rights after failing to sign him. The Isles recently acquired his rights from the San Jose Sharks. The Islanders are also parting ways with backup Evgeni Nabokov after failing to agree to a new contract…The LA Kings have reached out to Marian Gaborik’s agent to keep the pending UFA in the fold…Andrei Markov’s agent said there’s nothing regarding contract talks with the Montreal Canadiens…Contract talks continue between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ryan Callahan’s agent.

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Johnston cited a report claiming the St. Louis Blues are Jason Spezza’s preferred destination.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Where Spezza goes depends on the best deal the Senators can get for him. Still, it’s interesting to note that he has a preference, which could tilt trade talks squarely in favor of the Blues. 

SPORTSNET.CA: Calgary Flames president Brian Burke diffused recently speculation his club might try to acquire Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This one started up because of Burke’s former ties with the Leafs and his role in bringing Phaneuf to Toronto. Plenty of overactive imaginations among the “Trade Phaneuf” camp.  Good thing there isn’t an NHL franchise in Atlantic Canada or there would be lots of speculation about how he wants to be close to his offseason home on Prince Edward Island. 

CBS SPORTS: Brian Stubits noted a recent rumor claiming Panthers defenseman Brian Campbell wants out of Florida, which was subsequently denied by Panthers GM Dale Tallon.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Rory Boylen lists seven NHL centers (Jason Spezza, Joe Thornton, Ryan Kesler, Paul Stastny, Sam Gagner, Mike Richards and Brad Richards) who could be on the move this summer.


  1. Jeesh Kessel for a hand full of magic beans, and Phaneuf for a couple Lobster and a case of Gahan Blueberry ale… kind of rough on a lot of Leaf fans the past couple days Lyle. lol

    • At any rate by the way things are looking with all these teams seemingly having some interest in Phaneuf, Fla Edm Cal Wash Philly (if the rumors are true) I doubt he is back next year.

      • Lyle FYI, Phaneuf is also disliked in Summerside P.E.I … He is a braggart and cocky and rub the good folks the wrong way!

        • A guy who helps a tonne with the special olympics and other childrens charities, who has won humanitarian awards and is in a hall of fame there for his work with the charity, is disliked by the residents of his community for being a braggart and rubs “good folk” the wrong way…. Have you heard of the term piling on?

          • That’s just his PR (handler) people instructing him to do that. What can I say .. Shoes, Suits, Bentley, Porsche Cayenne etc.

          • Oh so you are saying he should be touring around in a horse and buggy waring plaid and overalls and people might be a little less jealious?

          • He does alot off the ice, sure, but it is what he does on the ice that gets me. It’s almost like he thinks he is 5′ 10″ because those are the only type of players he will get physically involved with on the ice.

          • just because phaneuf is part of the special olympics doesn’t mean hes that great. He may be handicap but He still has a slight advantage over them

          • Looser of the day award goes to Hugh.

          • If phaneuf wasnt an nhl player he would maybe be a walmart greeter im from red deer and went to school with him his red deer rebels teammates didnt like him either he was cocky as hell . Watched him walk over to a couple of women at the country club in red deer while he was a member of the flames and ask them hey would you like dion phanuef to buy you ladies a couple drink to which there reply was who is dion phaneuf absoultly priceless

        • nonsense! how on earth, would you know such a thing? did you poll the entire population of summerside? highly unlikely. meaningless generalizations.

      • Have to agree with you- he is good as gone..and when he becomes the next Larry Murphy…attention will turn to the next victim…For all the talk of guys wanting to come home there hasnt been many who have waitied out there UFA years and signed here…we have one and we want to deal him.? Is he a number 1 YES (as in top 30) is he elite…NO- but there arent many..hope the return is good either way..

        • Next victim is Kadri then Bernier, followed up by Rielly. Gee wonder why UFAs avoid Toronto?

          • When did UFA’s start avoiding Toronto? Lol..: You guys always open up the wallet in the summer.

            Also people are smoking something special if they think anyone’s going to take on Phaneuf and his severely bloated contract.

          • Really Jes? In the past 10 years name a big name big money ufa that has signed in Toronto (besides Clarkson) As far as guy leaving town here is a list of them
            Steen Schenn Beauchemin Versteeg Stralman Stalberg Stajan Coliacivo Stempniak Grabo MacArthur Ian white Frattin Scrivens Tulusty Gill Mayers Toskala Raycroft Rask Bell Fraser..not to say they were all great players or part of bad trades just that players leaving far out weighs guys who want to play there which is part of the problem of getting decent UFAs to sign here in the first place. The Leafs have no issue with getting rid of guys when things are sour, so why would you willingly come to this team knowing that at any point the media or management and the fans may turn on you and send you away to start house hunting all over again.

          • Why are we excluding names? Kessell was gonna be a big name free agent he chose to stay. Phaneuf was going to be big name free agent he chose to stay. Your whole theory of big name free agents not wanting to come to Toronto is totally flawed. Exclude Clarkson? Lol why? He was one of the premiere free agents last season.

            The only standouts on that little list of yours are Rask, Beauchemin, Schenn and Steen. All the others are here and there type of players.

            What about the players you got back in those trades? Have a list for them? Didn’t you guys give up Rask to get Raycroft? Lol…. What about Phaneuf, Lupul, JVR, Kessel, Franson and Bernier?

        • Jes totally missing a point yet again, name a big mame UFA that signed to come to Toronto…not guys that signed extensions…”Leafs open their wallets every the summer…” Phaneuf snd Kessel signed extensions in the winter therefore are not UFAs, I also said that it wasnt judging players one way or another to be good or bad but I can list probably 20-25 guys who have been dealt or let walk away over the past few years (which is really high regardless of what you think of their talent) and all you have for coming back as a UFA is Clarkson. Players are people Jes they see what other guys go thru hear about others experiences with teams and management. The point is Toronto gets rid of guys at the drop of a hat why would anyone come here to put down roots in a community, when chances are they could be dealt and have to start the process all over again.

      • With Philly resigning Timonnen, they are not looking to add anymore dmen.

        Kimmo was signed as stop gap for a year for the kids to get a year in the AHL.

        Dion’s salary and style of play is not what Philly needs.

        They’ll move Lacavalier, sign Schenn, and maybe pick up a depth forward.

        • Not saying it would be the Flyers, just that I think there is about a 60/40 chance he wont be a Leaf, kinda reminds me of the year Schenn got ran out of town or Lary Murphy as was mentioned before. I think Phaneuf is a goner, replaced with Boyle….not that that makes much sense as an improvement cant see Boyle taking that many mins and playing a #1 role effectively either.

          • Schenn did not get “run out of town”, he played his way out. Keep in mind that Toronto fleeced the Flyers out of JVR in that deal, so i’d say they moving Schenn was one of there better moves recently.

        • ahmen…no dion….dont be surprised if u see philly make a run at #1 pick, they will prob fall short but since they are the draft host they at least must try…how about vinny and the #17 to nashville for #11 and they take his salary? any other ideas for philly rumors heading into draft weekend

          • Antoni so that whole region hates Phaneuf because he owns a Porsche? What would you do if you a $7 mill coming in a year? Still drive the ford pinto?

        • Gary-Flyers have the quantity of D men-but not the quality. D is stll a weakness. Plus the prospects are more than a year away from making a contribution, I don’t think (and hope its not going to happen) Dion is worth the CAP hit-but his name been rumored to Philly the past few seasons.

          • Philly got owned in the JVR for Schenn deal so i doubt they’ll be real keen on making a deal for another Leafs D.

          • JVR was a minus player for the Leafs this year (-9), Scheen was a plus player for the Flyers this year. Not a bad trade from the Flyers point of view although Leafs fans think they “stole” something. Leafs fans got a $5m a year minus players, congrats.

          • 4.5 mill for a guy who scored 30 and a – 5 on a team that had the worst D in the league Ill take a top line winger over the 4 or 5 d man 7 days a week…seriously using +/- over 1 year to say who won a trade? That the best you can come up with?

          • Flyers also have 4 great prospects in the minors…they are not going to want another long term high dollar contract.

            Stop gaps like Kimmos is the extent of it.

          • @jbird444:

            You know nothing.

            Let it sink in.

            JVR on the Flyers was a glass man…he would play 5 games, get injured, miss 5 games, and then play some games and get injured again.

            He was looking like a bust for the #2 overall pick his draft year.

            The Flyers needed a young stay at home dman. They have puck movers, but needed a steady dman. One with youth is a bonus.

            Schenn was struggling under unfair expectations set on him by Burke. The Leafs needed a forward…they took a chance on JVR.

            It is way to early to see who won what.

            JVR has remained healthy since the trade, and has actually developed. Something he wasn’t doing in Philly.

            Schenn played well in the shortened season, and started slow last year, but rounded into form and was a good player for his contract.

            JVR was considered overpaid in Philly, and was being paid on potential, not for performance.

            Come talk to me in 5 years…and we’ll see where this is at.

            The Flyers also have a different GM now, and he intends to build through the draft.

            A trade for Phaneuf to Philly will not happen. We don’t need the salary, the player, or the headache.

            I’d like to see the Flyers dump 2 of our dmen and let one of our 24+ younger dmen have a go of things.

            We have Morin, Hagg, Alt and Ghost….the future is very bright on defense.

            I’d go as far to say there is not a player on the Leafs I would want on the Flyers.

            No offense Shticky, but it is true.

            @ Scott…we don’t need a Gardner..where would he fit?

            We have the same 6 guys that was our starting 6 last year, and we have lots of parts in the minors.

            Can’t see the Flyers giving up anything for a dman. They might sign a guy like Fayne from NJD, but I can’t see them trading for a puck mover with so much depth coming in the next few years.

          • That was supposed to say 24+year old dmen in the minors, not that we have 24+ dmen in the minors.

            @Scott..we were also rumored to be getting Nash, Bourque, Bure, and Buffy the pancake slayer in Winnipeg.

            We have not traded for any of them, and I will put Phaneuf’s name there too.

      • Amen

        • yes in hind sight the JVR deal was somewhat of a steal. But at the time there was some risk as JVR had some concussion issues. But I don’t think the deal will eliminate future swap between the two. I don’t see Dion going to Philly because of the CAP issues. But I do see Jake Gardner being a good fit.

          • I don’t see Dion going there because of what he brings to the ice..both good and bad. He is not needed.

            Hextall has preached patience, and not trading young guys. He talked in length about finding pieces that fit, not just pieces that have a name.

            The cap is just the icing on the cake.

          • I agree with ya about Dion in Philly Gary it doesnt seem at all to be a fit, was just mentioning some of the many rumors floating about. To me there are not many fits trade wise between the Flyers and the Leafs both have PMDs and good young prospects on D, Flyers have some good young centers but have no interest in trading a way a no 1 type, not sure that the Leafs have any interest in moving top line forwards….there just isnt anything to give one another in a deal that makes sense between them with style of play and personnel differences. I take no offense

  2. First of all, Nabokov, Vanek, Boyle…..when are the Islanders gonna learn? Second, why does everyone blame Phaneuf for the Leaf’s woes? If Phaneuf was traded for Weber do the Leafs win the Cup? Make the playoffs and win a round or 2? Too much focus and effort looking for this guys mistakes. You can look at a lot of Players in the league….good players and make mistakes a lot. I think Keith in Chicago had a bunch of brain farts this year….Chicago not wanting him turfed.

    • Hey I agree with ya for once DChamp.

      • @Shticky haha, well sometimes I am wrong, and sometimes I’m not always right.

      • Who ever agrees with you Shticky anyways?

    • He’s the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs and should carry the team on his back..

      I don’t care one iota if they decide to keep him as long as he steps down from his Captaincy.

      A leader should walk the walk – talk the talk and LEAD..

      • give Dion some time. don’t be so hard on him. the captaincy is an evolution. he is a good d-man and can evolve into a better captain. he’s not going anywhere

    • Phaneuf is not in Keith’s level as a player.

      Keith’s play with and without the puck makes him more valuable.

      Not nick picking or anything, but the two shouldn’t be compared at all.

      • I wasn’t comparing them…I was saying if Keith can make mistakes at a #1 Defence level, then why can’t Phaneuf make mistakes as as a #2 -#3 level?

    • They wouldn’t win the cup with just the addition of Weber. But the subtraction of Phaneuf coupled with the addition of Shea Weber makes them a much much better team.

      • Who would you want?

        Weber at 7.8 million?

        or Phaneuf at 7 million.

        Overpaid is what comes to mind.

        • When was Weber signed? What was the % of his hit agsinst the cap? How much is his contract in total? How much is his actual salary? How long does it go on for?
          Lets not compare Apples to Oranges Webers contract is for 110 million dollars, Phaneufs is for 49 mill. Weber will be paid 42 mill over the next 3 years which is just a little under what Dion mskes over the entire length of his 7 year deal. Weber is guaranteed over twice the money of Phaneuf in a cap circumventing deal. Weber is the better D man but comparing cap hits like that is a joke

  3. We in Atlantic Canada wouldn’t touch Phaneuf’s contract with a crane. Those rumours would be started in Ontario to try to get rid of that contract. And no, we don’t want Brad Richards’ contract either. We wouldn’t say no to Sidney Crosby’s and Nathan McKinnon’s contract!

    I hope Spezza gets traded to a team that’s not on his list but isn’t a cup contender. That would be awesome.

    Ryan O’Reilly is more likely to move than Paul Stastny.

    Sam Gagner isn’t going anywhere in Edmonton, and he also isn’t going anywhere else. That organization’s become a worse prison than the one in Shawhank Redemption, and MacT is its current warden. He did get rid of Horcoff (and then Horcoff had an overachieving year in Dallas… tells you a lot about Edmonton). No matter who gets traded out of Edmonton at this point is going to flourish. Hemsky, 17 points in 20 games for the Sens.

    • Andrew Cogliano…

      • Doug Weight

    • How can you say that Horcoff overachieved in Dallas. He got 20 pts in 77 games last year? the previous years in Edmonton 12 points in 31 games, 34 points 81 games, 27 points in 47 games! 36 points in 77 games. At 5.5 mil a year that is anything but overachieving.

      Also who ever over pays for Hemksy is going to regret it mid season. IMO.

    • Also Magnus Paajarvi had less points in more games last year in St. Louis then he did the year previous in Edmonton, not to mention a worse +/- in St Lious as well.

      • Paajarvi played 10 minutes a game in St. Louis, which meant he was playing with their fourth line, maybe third line some nights. Of course he was awful in St. Louis. He played 14-15 minutes a game in Edmonton. I’m not saying he’s great… I really thought he was going to be good, but the Oilers screwed up his development.

        • So less minutes on a fourth line playing against the lower lines of other teams and still put a worst +/-. So much for that flourishing comment of yours. It is way to easy to put the blame on a team for not developing a player. He was being developed at the same speed as Eberle playing in an European league playing against adults instead of CHL and was putting up the points.

          • Okay:
            1) So less minutes on a fourth line playing against the lower lines of other teams and still put a worst +/-. <– you're also playing with worse linemates… proves nothing
            2) It is way to easy to put the blame on a team for not developing a player. <– yes it is, they're not developing any all stars… they're developing players that have extreme difficulty with two-way play and who are underachieving. When a system is clearly failing, yes, it's easy.
            3) He was a good player… so what happened? Was it the European league? Was it Edmonton? Was it OKCity? What do YOU blame?

            I guess my flourishing comments still stand! Oh look at that. Nice try.

          • Additionally! On TOP of all of this, Paajarvi is a skill player and NHL 3rd/4th lines are mostly crash players, so it changes your competition. If you’re not a grinder, you’re going to look like absolute crap. The bottom six game will BURY skill players because they can’t grind.

    • Well, you most likely WOULDN’T be taking Brad Richards’ current contract, as he’ll most likely be bought out in the next couple of days. If Paul Statsny hits the market, the Rangers should make a push for him. We desperately need an impact center.

      • But if Statsny wants 6 million a year over 3-4-5 years doesn’t that put NYR right back against the cap ceiling and unable to sign all the players they have to sign now ?

        • It does put them back in cap trouble, But I think if the Rangers shoot for Stastny Rick Nash will be on his way out of town. The Rangers have a history of losing a big contract only to pick another up another….Gomez traded, sign Gaborik,…. Drury gone, sign Richards, Trade for Nash, Trade away Gaborik….Buy out Richards..Buy a new shiny object..LOL

    • Lol Horcoff overachieved? Hahaha thanks for the laughs….

    • Take a look at Horcoff’s +/- stat instead of his points. Yeah, he had an okay season in the lockout shortened season, but before that, he was absolutely terrible for two of the previous season.

      He was so bad 2 years ago that he was the second worse player I rated in my spreadsheets in the entire NHL. If he ends up an “even” score, he overachieved.

      • So out of the last 6 years he had two bad years at -23 and a -29, after that he has had a 7, 8, -1, and 1. I highly doubt that 20 pts in 77 games with a +1 is overachieving when you are getting paid 5.5 million.

        • Contract says nothing. Dion never merited 7M/season but he gets it, starting next season. I wouldn’t call it “underachieving” every year… I’d call it “the morons up above paid him too much money”. It’s what you’re expected to do, (which is not pragmatically defined with your contract, which voids your statement) vs what you did do.

        • He’s additionally playing 3rd line minutes (a whole 13 minutes a game… 20 points is an accomplishment for a player who some years played like the second worse player in the league) AND he had 6 points and was a +5 in the playoffs playing these minutes.


        • Oh, and he was paid 4 million, for the record. 5.5 was his cap hit…

          not that it matters, you know 😛

  4. That’s upsetting news regarding Nabokov. Hopefully he gets a backup role on a cup contender. He did a goodjob considering the Isles defense has been a circus in front of him – a hat tip to Nabby and best of luck.

    I don’t understand why Garth offered up a draft pick for Boyle without a high certainty of him signing. Why would anyone trade for his rights with July 1 around the corner? It’s starting to become a joke, we really need to get a stable, intelligent GM.

    • Garth Snow is probably the worst GM in the league…and has been for some time. Perhaps he was tutored by Milbury.

      • Haha, no doubt! Two of the worst GMs ever!

    • It was a 5th rounder. How many 5th rounders make it to the NHL? they have a 1st, two 2nd and 2 3rd round picks this year. Is losing a 5th that big a deal for a shot at a quality D man before he hits the open market. I say it was a good gamble, and could still get a pick back for him, just like the Erhoff trade. Got Halak here the same way, was that a joke of a trade?

  5. I read a report this morning that the Flyers are going to go all in and do whatever they can to get the #1 overall pick for eckblad. They are hosting the draft and want to make a big splash and need a d-man lke Eckblad. I didn’t start this rumor just sharing

    • i hear too…what do u think?

    • Do u have a link to this? Or just making it up as you go?

        • Another rumor page is as good as reading it here. People keep talking about the host city always making a splash at the draft, NJ, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, LA the last 4 hosts, and none of them did anything of the sort that I can remember.

          • NJ traded for Snyder last year-that’s a splash. Pitt made the Staal trade, another splash.

    • I have been saying this for months. Finally someone has come to the same conclusion! They want Ekblad badly. And I think they see him as the next Pronger.

      • I too believe they will take a run at #1. But what makes sense giving up. Does Coburn (or braden schenn), Laughton (or Sam Morin) and #1..even get a call back. Current player + prospect +#1?

    • Just lost respect for Thornton…

      Rangers do nothing that commands respect, yet they get it anyway.

      • “Rangers do nothing that commands respect, yet they get it anyway.”

        Why is that? Why do people want to roll over anything they accomplish or completely dismiss it all together….I think only 2-3 teams in the NHL have won more playoff series in the last few years then NY……Yet people treat them as if they just luck / fluke out or like they are Edmonton bottom feeders….Usually I laugh at these kind of comments. Being a fan of any NY teams you kind of get used to it after hearing it all the time. They did just reached the finals, and I know , I know…insert “ifs” here. But while you start inserting them…. insert “what if they didn’t blow 2-0 leads twice against LA.”, “what if Nash and company (top 6) showed up and the series didn’t fall on Lundqvist, Mcdonaghs, and Girardi’s shoulders”….

        • ooops… than and reach….not then and reached…I’m drunk already!

        • You’re right, when you get the pick of the litter in free agency and everyone wants to be traded to your team despite winning your last cup 20 years ago and constantly signing players to bad contracts that drive up standard market values, that all just commands respect.

          Most of that organizations success this year predicates on a good head coach and a good goaltender. Take Lundqvist away, and who do you got left?

          Respect them all you want, I don’t and I have very concrete reasons why. Instead of becoming a good team through good management moves like, say, the Boston Bruins, they become a good team by getting a lion’s share of the free agents and through their ridiculous (and unmerited) amount of prestige. I respect teams like the Bruins, enjoy respecting your Rangers.

          • LMAO…. Yeah because NY is the ONLY team to drive up the market….forget about the Clarkson, Kovalachuk , Giroux, Pronger, etc deals that were clearly over paying and or cap circumvention deals…. LMFAO….. these kind of comments just get old.

    • It’s so predictable players only want to be traded to New York, I could have reported that news.

    • up more for Nash going to SJ still than old Joe to broadway.
      Pavelski for Nash…

    • He only wants to go to NY because he will get lost among the other big name failures in the long history of NY’s never ending chase of all things shiny! LOL…..On a serious note, I have no doubt he wants to play there. My argument is he isn’t a good fit. JT Miller, Stepan, Kreider, Zuccarello, Hagelin, Jesper Fast, etc…all fast to very fast…On the bright side he would bring some much needed size to NY. I personally am hoping they snag Cammalleri and he can switch to center for St. Louis and Zuccs…..It will be forever known as the oompa loompa line!

      • that would be hilarious NYR, I just thought it was funny after I suggested it yesterday that Doug Maclean(who I think is a complete idiot by the way) said that about him. I agree with everything your saying about the Rangers, I still feel that Thornton would help more then hurt them

        • My main concern would be his cap hit. They would be basically buying out Richards to add 100k+ to their cap. A complete wash of what they are trying to accomplish. The only way it work is trading Nash , which I’m all for…. but it takes away the Thornton/Nash combo. While I think Thornton / Kreider / St. Louis looks good on paper, it defeats the purpose of trying to bring him and Nash together.

          • The Rangers could find a way to sweeten a Thornton trade so that San Jose retains a little of Thornton’s salary.

  6. In the twitterverse Murray is leaving Spezza out of the conversations untill he has a deal finnshed 2 teams are very interested (probably Ducks Blues) then will go to Spezza to for his approval.

    • Maybe not. Spezza has one year left on his contract. Quite sure that whom ever trades for him will want to have a chance to speak to him or his agent first and at least get a general idea on if he will resign with them and about how much and how long. No way will anyone pony up a lot of picks / prospects / players and then a year later he walks.

      • I disagree, it’s tampering if they do this prior to a trade.
        The only thing that can be done is to add conditions on the trade (extra picks if he re-signs) etc

        • It’s not tampering if Sens give the receiving team PERMISSION to talk to the player or agent. It’s tampering if you do NOT get permission.

  7. It is a wonder players are not flocking to Toronto… Fans want Kessel play more physical and be out half the season?

    No talk of Brad Richards destinations..why not Toronto? He will probably only being fetching 2 million a season…

    • I think Richards has yet to be bought out because Sather is hoping for his next Gomez deal…Can lightning strike that cigar twice in a decade?

      • Doesn’t NY get hit with a recapture penalty if he retires early?

        • @Liddy. I do not believe they do , I think you have to have signed a player at 35+ years old to get the hit….but I could be wrong.

      • Quick question for u NYR. Does Sather actually smoke up in that Booth of his or does he just have that cigar unlit in his mouth? I’ve always wondered about this. Never see smoke or anything lol.

        • In NY you cannot smoke anywhere indoors. He just chews on it at MSG.

        • Nah, He just mouths it unlit. Has been doing it for decades.

  8. Toronto needs to rebuild properly. Just my opinion but they are a mess. No great prospects, a decent lower end team. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. The team will be terrible next year again. Why not move players out to get picks/prospects.

    • I’d call Morgan Reilly a great prospect, and so would every GM in the NHL.

      • Yes, but you’re a Leaf.
        Every actual GM would say MR is an above average prospect.

        As in shy of great.

        • Rielly has all star potential… depends what you call “great”… no prospect is assured all star status unless they’re first overall (and that’s only 3 out of every 5 years)

      • Agreed.

        • You are forgetting playing in Toronto will probably ruin Reilly so he will turn into a below average prospect after this year. lol

          • I’m trying to remember the last highly touted prospect that was drafted by the Leafs in the first round that has turned out. Was it Wendel Clark? lol

          • Morgan Rielly will be the longest serving defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs and will be the change (culture) of developing Draft picks moving forward with the organization.

            I predict that will be one of the most important player in Leafs history.

          • Frankly the future looks promising with the some of the players in the minors , like Leivo, Grannberg, Gauthier, Holland, Ashton, D’Amigo, Broll, Biggs, Brown etc. etc….

            We need the best coaches, trainers, psychologist for these guys to succeed!

            The Team needs to develop from within to fill their roster needs and play them in the position that will give them the best opportunity to flourish.

            For example: Leivo top 6, Holland top 6 etc.. These two guys will succeed in those spots and not bottom as they have tried from prior!

            They need to think outside the box… I would even bring Tomas Kaberle to coach/adviser

          • @Antoni
            Agreed. If shanahan plays his cards right. Yes shanahan not nonis. Then the next month could put a huge change in how the leafs handle their young players. I would say take this year as a right off. If you make the play offs great if not who cares. The reason I say this is play the young guys and don’t give Carlyle a choice by not having Orr and McLaren available. If you can move players like lupul phanuef Franson or gunnerson for young building blocks do it.

  9. If Nonis can unload Phaneuf for a bag of pucks and not retain salary then he will be a magician IMO and I will be the happiest guy on this site.

    • Thanks for being a good representative of your fan base; you made perfect sense. Nonis would be a magician if he unloaded that contract with little bite-back.

    • all nonsense. just watch. all rumors. dion will be back.

      • MJR is right Leafs24/7 is the stereotype of a Leafs fan…only watches Leafs games and listens to Heally Hughson and Cherry and takes their view points as the gospel, thinks the only way to improve is a one sided deal for Shae Weber. Never really heard of analytics, Corsi or Fenwick but thinks they are probably guys that play for the Coyotes.

        • All you ever do is quote analytics until it does support your argument then all you say is you can’t rely on analytics. You are a waste of space on this site.

  10. Tampa just needs to put a reasonable offer on the table and tell Callahan take it or leave it. They are building something great in Tampa right now. Callahan may price himself out of any contending team with his ridiculous demands. He is going to price himself into a rebuilding team. No contending team is going to take a 6 year chance on him imo.

  11. Phaneuf is apparently such a terrible defencemen that 5 other NHL teams are after him despite his large salary. But of course Leaf fans know so much more than the GMs of those teams.

    So sad…..

    • I can’t really tell if your making fun of leafs fans or you are a leaf fan…

      • Not to mention the fact it’s probably a bunch of bull that there are 5 GM’s interested in taking Phaneuf’s entire salary. Time will shed the real light on this situation. My bet is any trade will include retaining part of his salary which just goes to show you Phaneuf is over paid and once again Nonis is terrible at cap management. We shall see by how much hopefully very soon

        • Another great post “the FACT is its PROBABLY a bunch of bull….” fact according to who? what if the reason the Leafs dont deal Dion because they dont like the offers? Why they just give him away? Maybe if they did deal him and held salary it was because the offer was better than an offer that they didnt have to hold salary. There will be no “light shed” onanything when or if Phaneuf is moved because you are not going to know the details of any other offers than the one the Leafs accept. You think Nonis is going to hold a press conference for what he could have got from other teams? Maybe just maybe the Leafs decide to keep him because he averages out to be a 40 point a season D man over his career that plays 25 mins + a night, who is a league leader in hits and blocked shots monkey.

          • Blah blah blah. Nothing you say can be taken into account. Everything you have ever agreed with that Leaf management on has been shown to be completely flawed or disastrous

  12. is it a possiblity somebody offers p k subban a huge deal with an offer sheet.i really have not heard much about his contract talks or what the habs are offering him.

    • Habs would match any offer for PK.

      They have the cap space and the money in the organization. Noone would be able to outbid them for PK.

      He will remain a Hab.