NHL Rumor Mill – May 30, 2014

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Has Thomas Vanek played his final game for the Habs?

Has Thomas Vanek played his final game for the Habs?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance suggests some off-season moves for the Montreal Canadiens. He believes it’s not unreasonable to re-sign 25-year-old P.K. Subban to an eight-year deal north of $8 million per season. He also recommends letting Thomas Vanek depart via free agency but re-signing captain Brian Gionta and long-time Habs blueliner Andrei Markov “for the right price” while leaving cap space to add more defensive help. Custance also suggests shopping playoff hero Rene Bourque while his trade value is high.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Custance. Subban’s critics believe “he ain’t worth $8 million” but they are talking out of their collective butts. He won the Norris Trophy last season and was arguably the Canadiens best player in this year’s postseason. When you consider Kris Letang last year inked an eight-year deal worth $7.25 million annually, and he’s not in the same class as Subban, it’s obvious the Habs star will get top dollar. Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets $8.5 million per season, though the contract could be structured in such a way that he’ll earn most of that in the first or second half of the deal.

If they can re-sign Gionta and Markov to reasonable short-term deals (no more than three years for Markov, two for Gionta), then do it. As for Vanek, unless he was nursing an injury, they should cut him loose as he was a big disappointment as the playoffs went on. His asking price will likely be too expensive to make him worth retaining. It would certainly be worthwhile exploring Bourque’s trade value, as that could shed some salary to shore up depth elsewhere. He has a modified no-trade clause, which could limit potential destinations.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Dejan Kovacevic has some suggestions for whoever becomes the Pittsburgh Penguins new general manager. Among them: Trade Kris Letang and James Neal, re-sign Matt Niskanen and let Jussi Jokinen and Brooks Orpik depart via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neal lacks a no-trade clause for next season and would certainly attract considerable interest (and a decent return) on the trade market. If cap space can be found to re-sign Niskanen, it could be worthwhile doing so, though he stands to cash in big time via free agency. They might part ways with Orpik, as he’s an ageing asset who could price himself out of the Penguins market. It might be worthwhile re-signing Jokinen, who’s been a terrific asset for the Penguins.

As for trading Letang, easier said than done. He’s got a lengthy list of injuries (including a history of concussions plus a heart condition) which will dampen his trade value, and his new contract kicks in on July 1 worth $7.25 million annually over eight years. The Penguins could be forced to pick up a good chunk of that deal to improve his value, or take back a toxic contract in return. I doubt they can find a sucker willing to take on that contract in its entirety without having to take back a bad contract in the deal. 

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio recently reported the Flyers’ limited cap space ($6.55 million if the cap rises to $71.1 million) will make it difficult to re-sign key players (like Brayden Schenn) while leaving room for a promising young player like Scott Laughton to make the club next season. “If Hextall could package both Luke ($3.6 million) and Brayden Schenn for one player –- a defenseman or left wing that complements Sean Couturier and Matt Read — that would make a lot of sense, especially on the financial end”, writes Panaccio. Schenn’s agent recently told Panaccio he’s yet to have contract talks with new Flyers GM Ron Hextall. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Flyers limited cap space I expect Hextall will have to make a move or two to shed salary while trying to address his needs elsewhere, like bolstering his defense or adding another scoring winger. Schenn could become a trade candidate if his asking price proves too expensive for the Flyers to absorb.


  1. I still don’t understand why the Pens should trade Neal. He is 27 and is a goal scorer. Seriously?

    • Cap space, The Pens have about 15 million to sign or re-sign 12-13 players. IF the cap hits 71 million. Which most are now saying it will not.

    • i TOTALLY agree with you Micki ! Im pretty sure they can figure out something else! instead of trading him. get rid of MAF! he needs a change “Big TIme” sign couple not so big contract guys and call up some young guys and save Cap space! they dont need a BIG name signing!

    • Trading Neal and Letang is exactly what I want the Pens to do. Neal is too dirty/cheap and unwilling to go to the net. Neal is a one trick pony. He’s just a wrist shot. At 5M, you should be a little more dynamic. Letang is just too expensive for them at this time, especially since he wasn’t even one of their top defensemen. Trading Letang MAY come back to haunt them, but keeping that contract WILL haunt them. I’m not really seeing why many think he’ll be hard to move. There are ALWAYS takers. Always.

      • He will be difficult to move for his contract alone. And if his contract doesn’t scare most Gm’s away, his heart condition that has yet to be dealt with will.

        • Letang will never live up to his contract which WAY overpays him for his talent level and health concerns.
          Pen’s shouldn’t trade Neal, dirty or not he scores goals.
          Not sure what they do with MAF, personally I’d keep him, what goalies out there would be an upgrade? Miller, Niemi, Ward, Reimer, Hiller, Bryz?
          No way Orpik gets long term deal, 2 years would be safe, but he’ll probably get 4Y at 3 MP.
          Niskanen will certainly get overpaid, that’s the way it works if you have 1 good season right before becoming a UFA.
          Bye Bye Vanek from Montreal

      • If the Pens do decide to move him, it won’t be as difficult as people believe. His contract is rough, but it isn’t too bad. Until now, Kris Letangs don’t just fall out of the sky.

    • Pens seriously handcuffed themselves with that Letang deal. No one would take him unless it was a sweatheart of a deal for the other team. Neal, they could easily trade i think.

      • This is nonsense. Letang’s contract is at worst only a slight overpayment at most for a Norris Candidate defenseman. People, including the person who runs this web site, seem to be living in the past when cap evading contracts allowed stars to be signed on the cheap. Even a half way decent top 4 defenseman reaching free agency is going to cost $5-6 million in the next year.

        As far as his heart condition is concerned, when I hear an actual physician say that it could be a problem in the future, then I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s nothing but ignorant speculation to think that it could recur.

        • JohnJohn, please provide examples where I’m living in the past when cap-evading contracts allowed stars to be signed on the cheap? If you’re talking about Letang’s contract. he got exactly what I predicted last spring that he would get. I estimated between $7-$7.5 million per. I also accurately predicted what Phaneuf would sign for. Just those two examples alone blows your silly theory about me out of the water.

          As for Letang’s heart condition, it very well may never become an issue again for him. And I sincerely hope it doesn’t. But the fact he missed a month because of it, along with his concussion history, doesn’t help his market value at all. You might not like to hear that, but it’s the truth, especially for a player starting an eight-year deal worth as much as Letang’s contract is. It’s also naive to suggest that his condition might not recur.

        • @JohnJohn,
          To date Letang has had nothing done to repair the hole in his heart. But I gotta ask, how many people have you ever known to have a heart condition miraculously disappear over night, or over any length of time? These kind of thing are usually dealt with for the rest of your life. Not saying he is in a life or death situation, but it isn’t exactly the flu either. It just doesn’t get better with time. It’s pretty strange that you would only feel his condition to be validated if you heard it from a Physician. People talk about players with concussion history like every time they step on the ice it may be their last, but I see a lot of people talking about a stroke/heart condition like its less serious than a common cold.

    • IMO it makes no sense for the Pens to trade Neil unless he wants to be traded. He’s a top six winger capable of scoring 40 goals at a reasonable price (5mil. cap hit).

      • Trade Crosby.

        • LOL!

      • i agree you cant trade a point a game player that scores 40 goals and only makes 5mil that is as good a contract there is in the nhl.

  2. Is there really a person on earth that does not believe PK isn’t worth 8 per?
    As I said yesterday, I think the Flyers are stuck with what they have. I can’t see any team trading for Hartnell, or Vinny, No, not even a “cap floor team”. If the Flyers truly want to create cap space, they are going to have to part with a player that they’d probably rather not part with.
    Niskanen I see getting a deal in free agency that he won’t live up to, don’t think the Pens will be able to match some ridiculous deal someone will throw his way. Trading Letang, I cannot see happening. Way too risky for WAY too long.

    • I think even the possibility of Letang moving this summer is below 0%. I think he’d have to prove himself next season by showing he can stay healthy next season and maybe get dealt next summer.

    • He isn’t worth 8 million. When you look around the league at what other top D men are getting!

      He will get over 8 mil from the Mtl

      • That’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it. Reality is that he is worth that much, and will continue to prove so in the coming years.

        • I don’t think he is worth 8 mil, but when it comes to commenting on players salaries I am stingy. I didnt think Phanuef was worth what the leafs paid him either. Subban was great offensively, but defensively he was taken advantage of on quite a few bad decisions. And where was he is the NY series? Granted, many of Montreals players disappeared, so saying he was the Habs best player in the post season is valid.

          I think the main point is can Montreal afford to not pay him 8 mil? cuz he WILL get that on an open market. or even an offer sheet. Markov is done. he was a liability all playoffs with his decreased mobility. They have to pay Subban, because they cannot get anything like him on the open market. I am sure he will clean up his defensive game, or one would hope. And it appears his days as a locker room cancer are over. But his on ice antics and embellishment have to go. If he is going to earn 8 mil plus a season, he needs to start acting like a professional in every aspect of his game.

        • You’re only saying that Lyle, cause you cheer for the Habs. No way Subban is worth 8 million. As for him winning the Norris, he only did that in a 48 game season, cause he had the most points by a D-Man. He didn’t win it cause of his skills of shutting down anyone

          • My being a Habs fan has nothing to do with why I believe Subban will earn over $8 million. Indeed, as a Habs fan, I’d be thrilled if they could get him under contract for under $7 million per season. But that’s just not going to happen. Look at what Letang and Phaneuf got in the past year. They’re not in the same class as Subban, and they both got $7 million or more. Subban’s won a Norris trophy last season, was the Habs, he was their leading scorer in the postseason and second-leading regular season scorer this year and last. He’s getting over $8 million per season.

            As for his Norris, you cite he only won that in a 48-game schedule. Well, guess Ovechkin’s Hart Trophy and Toews’ Selke trophies are bogus too, because, after all, they only won them in a 48-game season. It’s not like they did it in a full season.

            Regardless, you can be as dismissive of Subban as you wish. It doesn’t change the reality of the situation. You don’t believe he’s worth that much, or that he’s a top defenseman, hey, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Doesn’t change what’s going to happen, based on his his performance and market value. And trust me, right now, his value is sky high.

      • Let’s not forget this is a business, and players aren’t just rewarded for their play on the ice. Jersey sales = $$$ for the team, and PK will continue to sell a LOT of jerseys (and tickets!). That alone has to bump up his salary by a cool couple million.

        No shred of doubt he’s worth $8M, particularly when you include those factors.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t pay Subban 8M/season.

      Here’s a list of d I’d pay that kind of money for:
      Shea Weber.

      Right now, I think Emelin is more integral to Montreal’s d-corps than Subban is.

      If I’d be giving Subban a long term deal, it would be a 6.5/y over 8 years. Bottom line is that he still makes too many mistakes. I’d actually just give him a 35M/5 year deal.

      And if that meant trading him… I’d loot someone’s team and get a really good player for him.

      • Wow nonsense….Subban is atleast 8 mill and only if its long term on a short term deal it will be more after that bridge deal. Bringing up mistakes is stupid when arguing his value, seen some mistakes from Doughty Keith Pietroangelo over this past post season, they over priced too?

  3. I would bet a lot of $ that B Schenn is moved. They have too many centres, he’s a UFA, they have CAP issues, and he would be a player other teams would covet. How about both Schenn’s to Wpg for Zach Bogosian?

    • Should of said Schenn is a RFA.

    • I doubt Bogosian is on the block. But it would be a good trade for both teams.

      • Personally I am both a flyer and jet fan. I don’t think Bogasian is necessarily on the block-but Wpg has to do something to shake their team up and get into the playoffs. The honeymoon is over and fans are getting impatient.

  4. Congrats NYR4LIFE, you’re going to the ship!!

    Going to any games?

    • Thanks Jes. Unfortunately not. I don’t live in NY anymore. The commute would be brutal. LOL

      • Man I keep thinking to myself that Callahan must be kicking himself right now lol.

        • Not to mention the Boston Bruins

        • Yeah, it sucks. Callahan was a huge part of this team for years. However, I think if that deal wasn’t made (and I still think the lightning got the better deal long term) they wouldn’t have made it this far.

          • Yup I doubt you guys would’ve got to the ECF without St. Louis

  5. If Jussi Jokinen hit’s the UFA market Ducks should take a look, putting him next to Getzlaf & Perry might work out. No more than two years, no more than 3 mil a year.

  6. PK is going to cash in this summer for sure. I just hope that sometime soon ( like tomorrow ) the habs announce that they have resigned him to a long term deal. The last thing the habs need after such a good season is to get IMO a controversy regarding subban and another team trying to get him. Philly already tried to steal webber. They will absolutely try with PK if they get the chance.

    • Philly’s cap situation would make it difficult to impossible to send a sheet Subbans way. But if they did somehow clear the space, I’m sure Montreal would match.

      • 10% over the cap before the season starts. If the flyers start clearing space that should be a heads up to all.

        • Clearing the space will be their main problem. I don’t see too many teams rushing in line to get a crack at Vinny , Hartnell or Streit. with less than 6 million in cap space and 6-7 players to sign or re-sign, an offer sheet looks unlikely imo.

          • While I agree about the offer sheet, I don’t think it would be impossible to trade either Hartnell or Lecavalier.

            Both scored over 20 goals this year, and that is with both being shuffled around the lineup.

            Hartnell was bounced off and back on the top line, so his 20 goals weren’t even made by Giroux. His cap hit is high, but he is a power forward, who put up 52 points, not playing top line minutes..in fact he averaged under 17 minutes of ice time a game…and his cap hit is under $5 million..I don’t think it is as bad as it is being made out, and he is also quite durable. He broke his foot last year, but next to that has only missed 7 games over the last 7 years.

            Lecavalier is just a bad fit for the Flyers. He should have never been signed, and was .He has 4 years and his hit is $4.5 per. He also scored 20 goals while also being shuffled non stop around the lineup…as he didn’t fit anywhere. He started out great, but faded after a back injury. He averaged just above 15 minutes a game.I can see the Flyers getting a new home for Vinnie. Maybe a bad contract back, just a lower hit, or shorter hit, or even just a better team fit. Hextall has talked a lot about getting pieces that fit and work as a team, and not just having a player because of his name.

            Both contracts will be hard to move, but I don’t think it is undoable.

            Hartnell would be a good fit and veteran presence in Columbus. I could see Lecavalier going to a place like Phoenix…

            If you look back, there have been far worse contracts moved…..Luongo jumps to mind right away.

            Also…we all know the Gomez for McDonagh trade. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Rangers could move Richards in the summer.

            Streit started slow, and I thought it was too much when he signed, but he was actually pretty good during the season, and he meshed well with Giroux and Voracek on the rush. With Timonen probably retiring, Streit is the aged vet on the blueline. I am ok with him being here right now. I would not think he is on the trading block at all. I can see the Flyers trading Coburn and Grossmann, as Coburn would be a player easy to move with an ok return …even if it was a couple of picks…rumour has it Edmonton offered 3 2nd rounders last year at the draft table. Grossmann is a reliable #4-5 dman, who can play big minutes, and can be nasty.He only makes 3.5 per. We have Lauredson in the minors, who plays the same kind of role, only for 2.5 less.

            Anyhow…we are not stuck by the cap. We just need to make some room if need be.

          • I don’t really see the Luongo deal as a bad contract. In length, hell YES. But considering his cap hit is only 4.5 for that caliber of a goal tender it isn’t too hard to swallow….today, 4-5 years it will probably be brutal. The Gomez deal, If I live to be 1,000 I’ll never understand it. Neither will Montreal, or any rational human. All that being said, I don’t think it would be impossible to move either but it would be difficult. And if they could lose both it would be a miracle. Hextall would automatically be GM of the year imo. But if they start having to take bad contracts in return, I think they’d be better off just keeping what they have.

          • The only thing potentially holding back a Hartnell trade is the NMC. Otherwise there should be a lineup of teams trying to get him.

            Lecavalier will be harder to move though for sure.

  7. I don’t see the Canadians being cheap resigning Subban – he demonstrated this year his maturity, leadership, durability and skill and the Canadians would be crazy to ditz around with him.

    Vanek – don’t even bother – you know he was given the opportunity to step up in Buffalo – he didn’t take advantage of that. He was given the captaincy of the Austrian team at the Olympics and failed miserably at that and lastly he was given the opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup and I don’t even think he broke a sweat. What the world saw with Vanek this year is what Buffalo Fans have seen throughout his career. For someone so talented – what a waste. IMO Vanek disappeared from the Semi’s – seemed that he was more interested in just getting by and looking towards next year. Wonder if it will hurt his UFA value.

    The Montreal Ranger series was a good one. NY made some really good additions at the trade deadline which changed the culture of the team. In my mind the team came together as a collective unit versus Nash, Richards and St. Louis – in fact…..to me St.Louis brought them all together and the team transitioned with the youngsters stepping up. Montreal’s last minute addition on paper looked like a good one, but it just never jelled.

    • Vanek may not have been scoring, but he was busting his butt to get back on the defensive end of the ice for sure. Something you don’t see from him too often….Can’t say the effort wasn’t there….but man that guy disappears offensively for stretches….ugh.

      • Vanek was a -4, not really busting his butt too hard…

        • There are 5 guys on the ice per team at one time…

    • I personally think it’ll come out that Vanek was hurt (pretty good article from the Score’s Justin Bourne about how he wasn’t at all the same after PK’s accidental hip-check to him, vs Boston).

      That said, I still think it’ll kill his UFA value. I think Minny, the clear favourites to sign him, already were probably on the fence on whether to spend so much money on him; this could push them over. I think Montreal would only re-sign him for the right price (which Vanek won’t do).

      That opens up the floodgates to anyone else willing to risk overpaying him. To me, that’s any team desperate to sell tickets, to get a big name, and in dire need of offence. As for Vanek, based on his sins (not showing up for long stretches), I doubt he’d choose a big hockey market that will tear him apart when those stretches happen.

      Based on all that, I’m picking Nashville to get him.

      • As far as the Vanek saga goes, some of the landing spots could be the Lightning, Panthers, Nashville, maybe the Wild or Detroit.

        The Panthers are in the best position to overpay but I don’t think he would want to play there.

        • Add Florida to that list.

          • Florida is already on that list…

    • Subban is arguably the most electrifying player in the game today, and he wants to win and get better. If there’s a player worth $9MM per season in the game it is him.

  8. So you’re saying PK is worth 8.25 when Keith makes 5.5 long term? Ryan McDonagh makes 4.7 for the best years of his career?

    PK is will get over 8 million but comapred to these two and others he’s not worth it.

    • Keith signed his deal several years ago. He’s definitely worth $8.25 million per season now. McDonagh was coming off an entry level deal and was lucky to get paid as much as he did by the Rangers. He’s also worth close to Subban’s new salary, though he’s yet to win a Norris trophy. Remember, Subban’s coming off a bargain-basement bridge contract. Had the Habs had more cap space coming out of last year’s lockout, they could’ve locked up Subban for $5 million per easily.

      • Keiths deal is also considered cap circumventing under this CBA cant compare deals that are like his to what guys sign for now…gaaah tiring to hear comparisons based on 10 plus years to deals that widdle their way down to a million or 2 dollars to the way contracts must be structured today. Subban is worth 8 mill plus and Keith would be aswell if signed a deal now today.

      • Keith signed his contract prior to the last lockout and it is one of those cap circumventing deals.

        I think Chicago did a lot of those cap circumventing deals to keep their core together while trying to minimize the cap hit.

        Keith made 8M in the first 3 years of his deal.

        Keith is one of the better D in the NHL.

        • The 7th Dman on Team Canada deserves to be of the highest paid? With PK you get Great or you get Terrible and both happen on a regular night.

  9. Letang not same class as subban? Because his recent ailiments being hurt and medical problems. Oh ok they Are not anywhere close to the same players. Wasn’t letang more PPG than subban the year subban won the Norris? Sidelined from injury letang could of had a bigger season and won over pk. So yeah I agree he’s got serious injury issues but if anyone watched the playoffs while subban had moments and put up points he made some major mistakes. His defensive game is terrible and his peewee dangling gets him in more trouble than his 1/10 success rate when he skates around people. Pk is not as great as everyone thinks. Not to mention his immaturity and blatant comments to the media. Should mind some of the things he says. He’s a great player but don’t put letang in the gutter over subban. Don’t fault letang over his health when he’s been right up there in his career with subban and karlsson.

    • Are you suggesting Letang is a better defense man in his own end or overall than PK? Letang looks terrible at times….a lot of times in his own end. You cannot say “don’t fault him for health issues” , You just really can’t say that. Thats like buying a smashed up car and the salesman saying ” yeah, don’t worry that the front end is hanging off the car, it will be alright” Seriously? Any, fan, gm, coach, player that thinks Letangs heart condition is not VERY serious needs to watch the Chereponov video, and if they still don’t get it, watch it again, and again and again.

      • I agree with you NYR4LIFE! PK is the better defenseman overall. But, if Letang can get healthy and find his form he’s one of the best offensive d-man in the game.
        And at the beginning of the play-offs never expected the Rangers to make it to the SC-finals! Enjoy it :-)

    • Subban takes the cake over Letang any day of the week. Letang is purely a offensive defenseman plays a little defense here and there but overall he’s purely offensive. Subban on the other hand plays a complete game.

    • “his defensive game is terrible”.

      Please provide evidence for this statement.

  10. Thanks Juss,
    To be honest, I didn’t see it either. I thought last year or the year before was more probable than this year.

  11. The Flyers will move one of their top players (Schenn?) plus a pick or two to get the nr. 1 draft pick next month. They covet Ekblad, whom they see as the next Pronger.

    • Everyone covets Ekblad. Doesn’t mean there is a deal there.

      Schenn + 2 draft picks isn’t nearly enough for the first overall.

      • I agree Ekblad will be a flyer. Braden schenn, scott Laughton and their #1.

    • Ekblad will be a Panther… he`s head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the class, as good as Reinhart, Bennett, and Draisaitl are…

  12. I just wanted to touch on Letang and his heart condition. It’s called Patent foramen oval which is actually really common in the general population. When you are a baby in the womb there is a hole between the left and right sides of the heart that help with circulation. Once you are born and no longer dependent on the mothers circulatory system this hole begins to close. In Letang’s case, and many others, this hole didn’t fully close. This leads to unoxygenated blood traveling to parts of the body rather than going to the lungs where it is supposed to go. If enough of this blood reaches the Brain it has no oxygen and results in a stroke.

    This probably sounds pretty serious, but roughly 25 percent of the general population has the same heart defect as Letang. They often live their life normally without even knowing they have it and without it causing any issues. Usually they only find out if something bad happens or they stumble upon it looking for something else.

    My first question is for Mr. Richardson:

    How intense of a physical do these NHL players go through when they are drafted?

    Regarding Letang and trying to move him. I think this general lack of knowledge around his condition is really hindering his value. He’s on blood thinners which will reduce the chance of this very rare series of events from happening again. The Penguins’ Doctors are well aware of this.

    If the Penguins are willing to retain salary and do not have high expectations for a return I think moving Letang is very possible.

    Now for the rest of us that enjoy ripping apart trades, and because I am a die hard Red Wings fan here goes a shot in the dark:

    TO DET: Kris Letang (Pitt holds around 1.5-2 million per year for the duration of his contract)

    TO PITT: Johan Franzen. Jakub Kindl and a mid level prospect (Athanasiou, Frk, Ferraro, Callahan or Paterson)

    • I’m fully aware of what Letang’s heart condition is, as well as how rigorous NHL player training is. The bottom line is Letang was sidelined for a month by that condition. While he may have a clean bill of health heart-wise, it stills stacks the deck against him in the eyes of rival GMs, especially considering his concussion history. As for your “shot in the dark” trade suggestion, while Letang’s a right handed shot, I have serious doubts Ken Holland would bite on that deal, even if the Pens picked up part of his salary. Even so, the return doesn’t help the Penguins at all. Getting an ageing scoring winger with his own health issues when their real need is for more physical defensive depth.

      • Is there a deal to be had with Edmonton. Letang for the 3rd overall pick. Straight up. No salary retained. Edmonton gets the D they so badly need who is under contract for a long time. The Oilers can absorb that salary. The Penguins gain a bunch of cap space and a excellent young player they can wait for or flip for something else who can help them right away.

        A healthy Letang is worth much more than a high first round pick but Letang is injury prone (documented) and is about to eat up cap-space the Penguins just don’t have. This would be a cap trade as much as anything.

      • RK, seems like a one sided deal IMO. Franzen is old for starters and “almost at the end of his career. Kindl puts up very few points vs Letang so the Pens don’t get better on D. Offering up Kronwall would make the deal better but not sure why Detroit would even consider doing that.

    • “The hole is present in all children at birth, but usually closes and seals over time. Doctors say it’s possible that the hole is what led to Letang’s stroke. The Penguins announced that Letang would be cleared for practice in mid-March 2014 and would be playing hockey again in 3 weeks”…….Simple actions — coughing, sneezing or weightlifting, for example — can be contributing factors.

      ….May have led to his stroke, Most people at 27 years old don’t have a stroke. You cannot minimize having a stroke or the risk going forward for there to potential problems, complications as he ages. This is not something teams, owners or insurance companies will look at as a minor problem.

      • Well, first off he didn’t have a stroke, he had a TIA (transiet ischemic attack) which is similar to a stroke, but not nearly as severe. There is no permanent damage and symptoms subside within hours. TIA can happen at any age and the risk factors for one affect essentially anyone. Sure another attack could happen, but if the Doctor’s give him the green light and he is on anticoagulant medication the likely hood of that happening is not outrageously higher than anyone else playing in the NHL.

        If I am a rival GM the thought of bringing in an allstar caliber D man for what all accounts is pennies on the dollar really intrigues me.

        I’m fairly certain that any trade requires players to go through a physical anyways.

        • Normally the foramen ovale closes at birth when increased blood pressure on the left side of the heart forces the opening to close. If the defect does not close properly, it is called a patent foramen ovale (PFO). This type of defect generally works like a flap valve, only opening during certain conditions when there is more pressure inside the chest. If the pressure is great enough, blood may travel from the right atrium to the left atrium. If there is a clot or particles in the blood traveling in the right side of the heart, it can travel out of the heart and to the brain (causing a stroke) or into a coronary artery (causing a heart attack).

          Depending on the size of the PFO, patients may have no symptoms. About 40 percent of patients who have a stroke have no known cause (called cryptogenic stroke). Migraine headaches are more common in patients with PFO and Kris Letang has suffered with those chronically.

          Patients who have had a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) may be placed on some type of blood thinner medication, such as aspirin, plavix (clopidogrel), or coumadin (warfarin) to prevent recurrent stroke. So far, this is the treatment of choice for Letang. If, cardiologists decide to close the defect, it doesn’t mean open heart surgery is necessary. It may be done with an occluder during a procedure similar to a cardiac catheterization………………………………Yeah that is no problem at all…..LOL

    • No

  13. I didn`t think the Letang contract was worth that BEFORE his condition. 😀

    Seriously, I want defensemen on my team that are first, and foremost, GOOD AT PLAYING DEFENSE.

    For example, Drew Doughty knows how to play really good defense, so does Duncan Keith, that`s what gives guys like these the edge over Subban, Letang, and yeah, Karlsson. In the playoffs, at any time, you can go on a slump but you`ll never ‘get hot defensively’… if you happen to slump at the wrong time, what good is the 65 points you earned me in the regular season?

  14. I love the Letang to EDM. for the # 3 pick,
    Malki to Van. for Kesler and 1st rounder

    • Malkin for Kessler and 1st? Omfg I would do that deal in a heart beat if I was the nucks gm.

    • If Malkin could be had for Van’s first round pick (#6) and Kessler all teams would offer that kind of package or even a slightly better one to get him.
      Would you really trade Malkin for the #6 pick and an injury prone defensive center? Kessler had 43 points and was -15…..
      If the Pens trade Malkin they’ll get far better offers! Just look at the Rick Nash trade, the Rangers got more for Nash than you would give / accept for Malkin!
      I would trade Letang for the #3 pick because of his health condition, but i doubt the Oilers would!