NHL Rumor Mill Post-Trade Deadline Roundup – April 4, 2013.

Find out which moves fell through, why some players weren’t dealt, and what could be ahead for some clubs and players when this season is over.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Capitals received offers for Mike Ribeiro but continue to talk contract with him and could get a four-year extension worked out…Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle’s name was “floated to the Flyers” early on deadline day but he didn’t move. Blueliner Derek Morris submitted his list of 8 teams to which he’d accept a trade but didn’t move…Before the Blue Jackets landed Marian Gaborik, they pursued Tomas Fleischmann but the Panthers weren’t interested…The Sabres tried to move Drew Stafford, with the Devils, Canucks, Jets and Blue Jackets apparently having some interest…The Jets tried to move young forward Alexander Burmistov. The Sabres had some interest…The Flyers were interested in Ben Bishop but the Senators may have asked for Sean Couturier. Bishop was dealt to Tampa Bay for Cory Conacher and a pick…The Canucks tried and failed to land Raffi Torres…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ribeiro reportedly rejected a three-year offer from the Capitals in search of a five-year deal…Probably the reason Yandle wasn’t moved was the rumored asking price started with two top forwards. Morris’ agent claimed his client submitted his list at the start of the season as per the terms of his contract…No surprise the Panthers kept Fleischmann, as he’s been their most consistent forward this season…I expect the Sabres will shop Stafford in the off-season, as could the Jets with Burmistrov. Maybe there’s a swap with the Sabres there?…The Flyer weren’t willing to part with Couturier for Ben Bishop, but what about for Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan this summer? Anticipation is the Ducks could move Ryan this summer to free up cap space and the Flyers would be keen to get him. We’ll see what transpires.

Is there a market for Luongo this summer?

Is there a market for Luongo this summer?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports sources claiming the Canucks, in the final minutes leading up to the trade deadline,  were willing to ship Roberto Luongo to Toronto for Ben Scrivens and a couple of second round draft picks but the Maple Leafs said no, believing no other club was interested in Luongo and the Canucks should be giving him away.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was thought the Canucks believe they can get a better return for Luongo in the off-season. It’s going to be interesting to see if that happens, because if they were willing to part with Luongo for Scrivens and a couple of picks, their asking price is dropping and could fall even more this summer.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports Curtis Glencross was on Flames GM Jay Feaster’s short list of untouchable. “We were not and are not trading Curtis Glencross”, said Feaster. Other untouchables include Mark Giordano, T.J. Brodie and Sven Baertschi.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli wonders if the Flyers acquisition of Steve Mason from Columbus spells the beginning of the end of Ilya Bryzgalov’s tenure as the Flyers starting goalie.  Seravalli believes Bryzgalov could become an amnesty buyout candidate this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe the Flyers will buy out Bryzgalov, but if they’re counting on Steve Mason being their starter next season, it perpetuates the maddening blind spot the Flyers front office has for goaltenders.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Sabres trade yesterday of Jason Pominville to Minnesota could be the first of other significant moves involving key Sabres players (Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek) in the off-season. GM Darcy Regier claimed “it will continue in the off-season”, adding“To what extent has yet to be determined.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, expect Miller and Vanek to be prominently featured in the off-season rumor mill. Drew Stafford is another who could be moved.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports there was believed to be interest in Ryan Whitney, Ales Hemsky and Nikolai Khabibulin from rival clubs leading up to the deadline. The Oilers were also interested in Ben Bishop before he was dealt to Tampa Bay.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Red Wings made an offer for Jaromir Jagr and had interest in Jason Pominville, but lost out in the bidding. They also considered Raffi Torres but passed. They had made a pitch for Jay Bouwmeester before he was dealt to the Blues and for the Panthers’ Dmitri Kulikov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wonder if the Wings might revisit their interest in Kulikov this summer? 


  1. That the Wings didn’t get anyone is no surprise … Ken Holland should change his first name to Pat … for Stand Pat … pathetic GM with no balls …

    • Pathetic GM….wow buds watch a few games will ya before you do spouting off!

      • Too much to ask for…

    • Do you ever post something original? You recycle more then a homeless guy with a shopping cart full of beer cans….

      • You don’t do a deal, just because you haven’t done one yet

  2. that supposed “pathetic” gm with no balls has put together one of the most consistently competitive teams in the nhl during his tenure. any of the other 29 teams would love to have holland running the show. Its not easy to replace a player of lidstrom’s talent level, but if anybody can it will be holland. detroit is one of the best drafting teams in recent history IMO. So again how is it that he is pathetic? have you even followed Detroit or are you just another armchair GM with more air than brain filling your cranial cavity?

    • now for a pathetic GM i’d look at Feaster in Calgary! Poor Flames fans they deserve better than that clown

      • Could not agree more…fire him immediately!

      • Agree and check out the ownership there. Flames fans deserve better.

    • It has been YEARS since Holland has done anything meaningful for the core. A 1st rounder for Quincy? 7 million between Qunicy & big E. No plan for life after Nick. He isn’t pathetic, in my opinion. He is just average now. We need an above average manager to re-tool the team. Nothing in 4 years is unacceptable.

      • You’re spoiled…frustrating to watch an in between team I know but rebuilds take time can’t expect Kenny pull a rabbit out of a hat every year or two especially in today’s NHL where every team mimics success so well…gone are the days of Detroit being the only team with the big front offices, high paid management and scouts scouring every league in europe its pretty much the norm now but that’s all because of Kenny an innovator of how to run a great franchise…Dont sell him short he will get you there again that’s the thing about guys like that (in any walk of life generally) the special ones will always find some way to succeed.

      • Boo hoo, with Darren DeKeyser and Damien Brunner walking to your team for free outside of a draft.

        Holland is not the only slumping GM out there. Lou’s having problems trying to replace Parise. Tallon’s struggling this year. Poile’s struggling this year. In the end, these teams are going to recover, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It was a junk trading deadline, and Holland probably knew, as these other savvy gms, that the cost weighed more than what they were buying.

        The good news is that because Holland and these other guys didn’t do anything real stupid (Poile did brilliant by acquiring Forsberg), they’ll still have significant teams in the years to come.

        • Oh and let me knew when Holland has to deal with significant free agency walks… 😛 his name alone is probably what keeps the players signing there.


    Bob Murray has a a horshoe up his behind Iam not sure how he continues to do it ,he always comes out smelling like Roses Murray does ….good on him … what a stupid trade for Yzerman …gave up youth – goal scoring and a draft pick for something he all ready has in the organization.
    Ben Bishop will not be any better than garon or Lindback throughout his career ……Good job by Ottawa!!!

    Blue Jackets

    Congratulations !!!! This management has show a true desire to change the culture and outlook instantly !!
    I give Kudos to Davidson and company ….they are on the right path …in a rebuild and went out and got a legit player that scores and will reinvent himself in a push to the playoffs .Gaborik is far from washed up the constant abuse from Torts makes the game not fun to play for some people …..he will pay off in CBJ


    This team as Ive always said over the past two weks will be a sleeping GIANT ……an bang here we go !!!
    They did what a TRUE veteran GM does trade a significant piece that hey feel is no longer in the plans but has great value and has moved forward in bringing in a multiplayer deal that will help in the future and now !
    All GOOD veteran GMs know that they have to make a quality move at the dead line if you are in a position to make a run ….and they did just that ….good veteran moves by Sather ….Gaborik was the sacrificial Lamb to help move forward to make the playofs and go deep! WATCH OUT for the Rangers !!!

    WOW! ……Feasters marching orders are to make the playoffs !!! THIS IS HILARIOUS ….is this organization high on oil fumes or something??? They need to get a grip here ….if the Flames make the playoffs with all this new brilliant talent they traded for ( cough cough ) they are living in a dream world ….Id say I have chance to make the team if thats the case !!!

    WOW! this management is on another planet !!

    All Iam going to say is that Nonis made a HUGE mistake doing nothinbg at the deadloine …..HUGE mistake !Last deadline Leafs did nothing and they went on a terrible decline ….they have major issues on that team and the lipstick on that pig is Kadri …..the Leafs will get exposed for staying still at this deadline ….and the BACK TO BACK series to the Rangers will be the beginning of there fall from grace and eventual collapse to missing the playoffs this year as they also play the Sens and Capitals in the final games of the season ……they needed to do make that siginficant trade as diod the Rangers to make a push and now they will pay the price for not doing so ….

    When again will the leafs enter a playoffs with …………

    1 ) Sydney Crosby terribly hurt and Penguiness truggling !
    2) Philly and Rangers on the outs ….looking in
    3) Hurricanes and Jets just good enough to make it in
    4) Boston playing hurt and sub par goaltending going into the playoffs

    Out of all the years and especially this year the leafs needed to make an impact trade moving into this playoffs to say HELLO were HERE and were coming for you !!!!

    They didn’t ……………..they got scared ……………and now thay will pay the price for that indecision!!
    They really needed to make a BOLD statement and they failed …..NOW IAM NOT SAYING GIVE UP THE FUTURE OR # 1 DRAFT PICKS …….but they had a few pieces that they could have parled into a move that would say were goping for it ……and the way the confrence sits right now ……they could have made an impact ……..but hey …..its same old same old in Leaf land dont bring a knife to a gun fight !!!!

    • Ya losing 2 bad games in a row after winning 15 is struggling… I seem to remember the Blackhawks did the same an they are fine. The pens might have a few growing pains with the new additions but I’m not too worried.

      • ICE BEAR

        Please : No offence but a 6-1 beating from a team that just aquired 4 new guys in a system and loosing to the Buffalo AHL team without Sydney Crosby for the rest of the season is struggling ….Fleury is not the same he was…..Please know I am a HUGE Penguines fan …..iam not saying this to just blow hot air!!

        • You make no sence make a bold move and say we are coming for you but don’t deal picks or prospects…Hmmm , hello we are coming for you and we left our second highest point guy behind? We are coming for you and sent half the team that got us here away on deadline day? The only bold move to be made would have been to send Kessel away and the only thing that it would have been more than bold would be stupid…yes the Rangers looked good in 1 game since the deadline but it won’t be long before Torts is being an ass to his players again and despite what you may think chemistry dose count for something…

          • The leafs have a plethra of young D men who will never play on the team that are in high demand right now…….. all of them are puck movers and take body second ….all are under 22 years of age !!

            And yes we had a few pieces that they could have moved to get back something much BOLDER to say here we ….GO!
            and yes it may have taken a Kessel or Gardiner to do it but the return on that would have been siginificant !!

            For what Gaborik and Pominville got in return Kessel should have been able to generate as his numbers and youth are better and Gardiner should have been able to bruing back a top 2 D man or a top big body on the top 6 which we need desperately …..thats just the way it is !!!

            Leafs play trhe Rangers back to back home & home and I dare say this will tell the tale and could be the demise of the season and if the Leafs could have should would have done something to say we are going for it and pulled off a trade such as the Rangers Blue Jackets Sabres we would be in a better position in the stretch and going foirth for many years to come in only two transactions for players that are not producing now or longer term!!

            Thats the truth and the way it is and undeniable ….

            ***********When ever will the Leafs go through a season where they dont have to play ANY BIG TEAMS IN THE WEST in a regular season to get points and when ever will they be in the playoffs without where they may not have to go through the stacked ..Flyers…. Hurricanes and Rangers to get to the second round…..what are the chances Syd will be hurt through the playoffs….what ar ethe chances they play Boston not at the top of there game …….Please they missed the boat ….and Iam a Leaf fan but this is reality !!

          • And yes the pens lost 2 and maybe the best player in the world is hurt but they have an other guy who maybe the best player in the world still playing and have just acquired a few other guys that are pretty good players to add to their already strong team it will take them time to jell even with good players this takes time to develop in to a team, which also points to the idiocy of your comment about making a bold move…tough to say that anybody made more bold moves then the pens and we’ll you just pointed out they got hammered by Philly….

          • What top 2 Dman are the leafs getting for Gardner? Who is doing that deal here take one of our best veteran defenceman for your unproven (talented but playing in the AHL or sitting some nights) young D? Ya that is one savy GM…and you make it sound as if there were deals to be had everywhere it was one of the most boring deadline days for a reason…no sellers evidence teams like the Flyers and Rangers (out of the playoffs) acquiring people in stead of selling them off as they did back in the day…sah don’t sell of projects and next breath say they have a plethora of d under the age of 22? You my friend post here to pretend to be a journalist you are delusional.

        • Yes you are blowing hot air. The pens are fine they just ran into a more desperate team in NYR.

          • Huummm, I’m kind of wondering about the moves the Pens made. I can understand adding Murray and Morrow, but adding Iginla and Jokenin is puzzling in a way because in my mind I would think those last two additions would effect morale. To me, it would be a statement to those who played the whole season that we just weren’t good enough. Sid being injured does take some pressure off, but who sits in play of Iginla and Jokenin or does everyone get a cut with their minutes. I understand doing a trade deal and improving a team – but there is also the risk of affecting the chemistry of a team.

        • What ever happened to the almost sure-fire guarantee that Kipper was going to the Flyers?

    • More proof that most would find it wise to overlook this dribble.

      • Ron ………..post a BLOG comment for petes sake …………what do you have to say ?????

        Say something constructive !!!

        You troll and bash …Say something !!! …..SAY SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • LYLE

          I have to make suggesstion for the absolute benefit of your site and the REAL people who want to have a good time and talk hockey here with real people who have common decency to DISCUSS !!!!

          As a successful business person may I suggest an annual fee that you charge to be a member of Spectors Hockey ……….this way it will cost people money to come on your site and be a person whoi actually has something constructive to say to one another on your valuable site. This will I HOPE deter TROLLERS who come on your site and deface your clientele and make this site not a fun place to come on a daily basis ………maybe you can add a form or referendum upon entry and logging out with the question to your fellow readership and fellow bloggers that they will be a unified partner and obide by some rules and regularions as to have CONVERSATION with each other as opposed to belittlement and consequences …and that would be no re entry and no refunds .

          It mught make you money and give your site some respect amongst the other blogger sites ……theres a difference in fine dining and McDonalds and maybe you should think twice about your subscribers interactions!

          • LYLE

            WHY do you want a person like RoN Moore coming on your site to do nothing but be a problem ….I mean really …..this is to the absolute detrement of the quality of your site!!

            Really it is !!

          • Sorry Lile I have to agree with Backchecking on this one. Ron Moore needs to be blocked. He rarely ever posts a blog about a trade or talks hockey. If you go back through his comments they are usually just a one liner bashing someones trade proposal and it usually includes a negative personal shot at the poster. Backchecking may make some wild trade proposals and statements but it only comes from a passion for his team. Ron Moore not only doesn’t add anything to the site but he actually retracts from it and usually ends up causing a fight . Nothing worng with disagreeing with a post but when you never post yourself and only take one line shots at someone it eventually leads to an all out personal attack.

            Just an FYI… At least put him in the penalty box for a while. lol

          • @ Beergoggles thanks for the support on Ron Moore ….no benefits!!!!

            But just to talk about my inacurate trade scenarios there for a second buddy ……..LMAO …..its just me trying to get people going talk hockey and see where people are at ……I am a firm believer that no NORMAL scenario is that far fetched ………..Look at Brian Murray in Ottawa he wanted Sean Courtourier foir Ben Bishop …….if anyone posted that here you would get ……………….Ron Mooored ….LMAO ….BUT IT HAPPENED!!

            Also If anyone posted here that You would get what Buffalo did for Pominville you get Ron Moored too !!!!

            SO just to save face ……I do back up pmy reasons for scenarios I dont post without reason ……I post with cuase and effect !!

            As Burkie says GMs throw anchors …..I bet more trade scenarios here are better than what the GMs propose !!!!

            That I know to be fact !…….Look at the Luongo fiasco ….case closed !!

            Thats just three from this year ……..my posts arent as bad those trade scenarios !!

          • @Back
            Never said they were inacurate proposals buddy I said they were “wild” in the sense that most people wouldn’t make them but it in no way means they couldn’t workout that they become acurate assessments. Hockey is a fickle game so I could never say inacurate UNLESS it has something to do with cap space because numbers are numbers and financial side of the game can’t be made to work when the numbers don’t jive with the cap.
            Keep posting buddy!
            BTW don’t worry about Ron I figure he’s a cynical, 80 yr old man that hasn’t got much to ad. lol

      • +1

        • I think Back should get a 10 minute misconduct for his stupid trade ideas. At least try posting a not so stupid trade idea

    • The GM’s name in Ottawa is BRYAN Murray.

      That return for Pominville was insane and a huge overpayment. That’s a return for a superstar. Don’t get me wrong.. but Pominville is a good player but for 2 young very good rookies should have been enough.. but a 1st round pick + a 2nd I believe.. is insane. What was Minny thinking.

      • There goes Darcy again, pulling a fast one a la Kassian, Roy and Gaustad. Oh, he does make his mistakes, but lately his trades have beenpretty one sided.

      • Fletcher is inadequate and the Wild will pay for it… just not yet.

  4. Whats in the water out west?? gillis and feaster both should not bet gms anymore…. I dont really half to explain on feaster as we all know, but gillis c’mon. This luongo distraction has gone on long enough. The guy has tried to act like a professional (luongo) through the whole season and you dont pull the trigger. The whole league knows Toronto is the only team SERIOUSLY interested in lu, and now with Bishop going to tampa gillis cant even try to play that card anymore. If the leafs offered you ben scrivens and tim conolly you should have taken it. or even scrivens straight up. Get rid of luongos contract and caphit, and get a decent back up for under a mil

    • Gillis still thinks he’s an agent and not GM is what I think the problem is…

      • That would make sense on the contract luongo got. Maybe he was negotiating against himslef, and still lost.

  5. Lyle,

    I have to disagree with you on your note concerning Bobby Ryan being shopped over the summer because of cap concerns. In the future years, they do clearly have the money to not only sign him, but also keep him for a long time- though it won’t be Perry/Getz money. The only way Bobby Ryan is shopped is if a team comes out a proposal they can’t refuse- true elite #2C, first round pick, and top prospect. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother writing any more on this matter- Bobby is here to stay a Duck for a long, long time.

    • As a Kings fan I would love to see Bobby traded, but I have to agree with you on this one. They can trade Hiller and his $4.5 mill if they need more cap space next year.

    • The Ducks are not a rich team. The cap hit won’t be the problem, but their salary budget will be. I think they should trade Ryan and strengthen their middle by getting Couturier.

      And if you remember, Ryan and Ducks management were at odds at some point. The guy will be ready to bolt in a couple of years. I say trade him before he leaves as a UFA. Believe me, he will leave as a UFA and get way overpaid.

      • I know Miller wants to head west – where and who does he go to? Hillen and ? for Miller, Bernier and ? for Miller or Niemi and ? for Miller. Miller is considered an “elite” goaltender and any of those 3 teams would love to get their hands on him. There will be movement this summer with Miller and most likely Vanek. I can also see Stafford being traded out – thing is, I actually like his play over the past few games – he’s playing hard, physical and like a “leader should”. He’s got a reasonable contract, so maybe he is worth keeping. But, Buffalo has a lot of assets, both youngster or core in Miller, Stafford, Leino, Adam, Weber, Tropp, Gerbe, and Vanek and we also have draft picks – make a mighty fine package.

    • Ducks management believes they can go into next season comfortably carrying Ryan’s salary along with the hefty new ones for Getzlaf and Perry. Here’s the problem: They currently have $53.9 million invested in 16 players. With the salary cap dropping to $64.3 million next season, that leaves just over $10 million to re-sign or replace Selanne, Koivu, Lombardi, Steckel, Lydman, Lovejoy, Palmieri, and Belesky. Good luck with that. Now you know why I’m skeptical. If Bob Murray can pull that off, I’ll be impressed.

      • I dont see Selanne resigning nor Koivu Steckle is a $1.5 milion gu….y Lombardi is done….. Palmierei is worth $2.75 for 3 years!

        Bobby Ryan can be traded for a top 2 defender and a 1A propect and daft pick if Pominville can be traded for what Buffalo got in return for him …..

        By trading Bobby Ryan you can fill multiple holes with multiple players and probably sign 2 of 3 of them for the same as what Ryan is making !!

        • That s part f the reason Pominville was dealt now, I see Ryan being dealt at the draft. If buffalo waited them an Anaheim would have ontrolled it because Ryan would then set a bidding price which would affect buffalos gain.

          In the offseason buffalo would still set the price on LW and G. Miller s more likely to get traded. Vanek they want to keep and sign to an extension…unless they get blown away with an offer. Vanek likely traded later in the summer after some negotiation.

  6. For those of you calling for Ron Moore to be banned, I say, “Pot, meet Kettle”. Before you get offended, understand that I’ve seen in recent months complaints about some of your posts and calls for your censure from other posters. I’ve ignored them, because you’re entitled to your opinions as long as you’re respectful. I’ve only had to dump a couple of Ron Moore’s comments for being disrespectful, just as I’ve occasionally done with some of yours for the same thing. You might not like Ron Moore, but he’s as entitled to his opinion as you are. So far, he’s committed no serious infractions which would merit banning him from making comments on this site.

    As for going to a pay site, there’s a reason why there are ads here. I’d prefer not to make this a pay site, asking that all of you just click an ad (you don’t have to buy anything! I get paid if you simply click an ad) in order that it remain ‘free’. I’m certainly not going to go that route simply to eliminate “trolls”. Quite frankly, it won’t be a deterrent.

    • Hey Lyle

      Only you can control the quality of your site ….one liners to bash someone on a daily basis is not hockey talk …………..sorry !!

      I can go up and down everyones post and crtique with one liners to just offend ….what purpose would that pose?? Is that what you want on your site ??

      Sure everyone is entitled to opinion if you make one yourself about a comment but talk about something for petes sake as opposed trashing someone disrespectfuly on a daily basis !

      For the record Ive never attacked anyone only defended myslef from verbal issues !!

      • Here’s a suggestion, just ignore him and don’t let it get to you. Simple, don’t you think?

    • I would also like to add that you (not lyle) should take the same advice you give others who don’t want to read about toronto trade proposals everyday: if you see the name of a poster you don’t want to read what they go on about discussing, don’t read it.

    • Lile I got to be honest with you, I’m not feeling the love. lol

      • Hey I get pretty worked up too sometime I say thanks for the understanding :-)

      • WOW!!!!!!!

        And just who the hell are you?

        You go off on rants about all your “knowledge”, but really…it is made up crap.

        You think you can trade Gardner for at least a top 2 dman?
        You think Kessel is in the same league as Gaborik and Pomminville?

        You clearly overrate your team.

        Noone in their right mind would give one 1st for Kessel…let alone warm bodies.

        Also…what a slap inthe face of Lyle and all the hard work he does…..
        “It mught make you money and give your site some respect amongst the other blogger sites”

        might give the site some respect?…WOW!!!!!

        Most fans I talk to respect Lyle’s opinion…he doesn’t need to charge money for this.

        That will cost him members/ page hits.

        Nice to see how highly you value your opinion.


          ARE YOU OK ?????

          25 years old consitant 30 goal scorer …..Pominville only had one 30 goal season NOW I know hes a better all around player but Kessel has always been ahead of himn in ths standings each and evey year !!!!

          Kessel and Gardiner are both wortth the value that I have suggested as that is what other teams are getting for the same calibre players …..its right there in plain sight buddy !!!

          • Well, if Gardner is such a great dman, why would you trade him?

            Kessel is one dimensional…that hurts his trade value. Period.

            I don’t live in the Leafs blue color glasses…I see players more for what they are worth, than what I want them to be worth.

            Kessel is not anywhere near in the same league as Gaborik.

            I am fine, thanks for asking, but really would prefer not being yelled at. On most teams, Kessel is a compliment player on the second line.

            Gardner is not worth a true top 2 dman. Really feel he is worth a Suter or Weber…HA…good luck with that.

    • Lyle, I believe the time has come to give your Leaf posters their own special area where they can post away on the team they love so much. This would save the rest of us from having to read, or attempt to skip over, the endless (and often ridiculous) trade proposals that keep being posted on a daily basis. I suspect that would eliminate some of the frustration(s).

      • LOL only leaf supporters post ridiculous proposals? And some of us leaf fans are bigger hockey fans then just leaf fans…what is segregation going to solve?

        • You think bc won’t post here too? Or you think if he is posting on a Leaf forum people aren’t going to call him a nut for his ridiculous proposals and finishing every sentence with !!! (cause I know I will) or that he won’t whine and complain on both that people are calling him nuts?… No all it will do is make more work for Lyle (who in my opinion keep a pretty nice Site) while making absolutely no difference in these posts….

        • Shticky in one word, yes. Some of you may be ”bigger hockey fan’s than just leaf fans…” however it appears to me that most of you are not. Don’t think of it as segregation, think of it as your on sandbox where you never get interrupted by others who want to discuss those other lesser important teams. As for bc, he would likely be totally pumped to be able to post his wise observations to members of Leaf nation rather than waste them on the rest of us sorry lot. One final thing, if a Leaf area was created I for one will promise to never read it or post on it. I certainly can’t speak for anyone else but I’d like to believe that ‘Ron Moore’ and others might adhere to the same creed. How about it Lyle, it seems like a win/win for everyone! Give Leaf fan’s their own sandbox…

          • Won’t work….sorry your stuck with us

      • Plus we tried to make Canadian corner a suedo Leafs area since barely anyone ever posts on it but as soon as BC and I started posting there guys like Ron just switched over to that area and started bashing anyways so whats the point. I figure I might as well just stay over here and annoy/school people with tons of Leaf talk.
        Hey how do you add that smiliely face and is there a scarcastic one too?

        • LOL I’m not really sure about the sarcastic on but try : – ) all together

    • lol, my mom used to say that to me too.

  7. My comments won’t go through. This is a test.

  8. I hope Bobby Ryan gets traded just as long as its not the flyers. I don’t think I could handle that as a Pens fan lol

  9. Maybe it’s about time you add a place to this site where we can choose our favourite team to see who we’re representing. I’ve been called a fan of about eight different teams by now.

  10. Speaking on the Sabres, Darcy Regier was able to trade away defensemen T.J. Brennan, Jordan Leopold and Robyn Regehr, forward Jason Pominville and a draft pick for forward Johan Larsson, goaltender Matt Hackett and seven draft picks. I think that is a good start going forward.

    The Sabres will need to bring in bodies in the offseason. Forward Thomas Vanek and goaltender Ryan Miller are the two best players the Sabres should not part with right away. Inconsistent players like forward Drew Stafford will be shopped around. The Sabres should not be afraid to bring in marquee players who will help produce wins immediately.

  11. @backchecking

    I thought you were finishedon this site. . Almost the end of the school year, of to junior high next year. You must be excited, good luck.