NHL Rumor Mill Roundup – January 14, 2013.

Updates on Roberto Luongo, Jarome Iginla, P.K Subban, Jamie Benn, Petr Sykora, and more.

VANCOUVER SUN: Elliott Pap reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis admitted he’s had lots of discussions with rival GMs regarding Roberto Luongo but isn’t in any hurry to move the goalie. It’s believed he seeks at least a roster player and a quality prospect in return. Pap believes Gillis will have to find a replacement goalie via trade or free agency if Luongo is traded.

Could Halak be a trade option for Maple Leafs?

Could Halak be a trade option for Maple Leafs?

SPORTSNET.CA: Dan Murphy believes the Toronto Maple Leafs have other goalie options to pursue besides Roberto Luongo, listing Jaroslav Halak of the St. Louis Blue and Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings as possibilities if GM Dave Nonis believes he needs to upgrade his goaltending.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues won’t consider moving Halak unless he’s out-played this season by Brian Elliott, while the Kings aren’t in any rush to move Bernier,  who was reportedly rejected by former Leafs GM Brian Burke when the Kings supposedly offered him up last summer.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis doesn’t anticipate making a number of deals, if at all.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nonis isn’t going to tip his hand as to his trade plans.

CANOE.CA: Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin said he has no intention of trading defenseman P.K. Subban. The two sides continue to talk contract for Subban, a restricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergevin would be nuts to trade Subban, the Canadiens best defenseman.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Stars forward Jamie Benn has yet to join his teammates as his agent and GM Joe Nieuwendyk continued to negotiate a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored the Stars have offered up a multi-year deal worth between $5.5-$6 million per season.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards reports unsigned defenseman Dmitry Kulikov has yet to report to Florida Panthers training camp. GM Dale Tallon claimed he’s been speaking with Kulikov’s agent on a daily basis.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports Flames captain Jarome Iginla and Flames management have agreed not to discuss the status of his contract talks with the media. Iginla is due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has no plans “at this point” to sign UFA forward Petr Sykora.

AZCENTRAL.COM: Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney is shopping around for a scorer and has depth in defensemen to use as trade bait.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect Keith Yandle to be available.


  1. For a team like pheonix looking for scoring depth, toronto should be looking to move out a couple of maccarthur, connelly, lombardi. They need to make room for younger players the must play this year to finally see what they have.

  2. So if Nonis doesn’t expext to make many deals IF at all, why was Burke fired at this time? Makes no sense to not make changes on the ice immediately as apparently they think Burke has not built this team properly.

    • Burke didn’t get fired because they thought Nonis could do better player wise. Burke got fired because of his demeanor and the fact that the board did not like it. Nonis can do alot of what Burke does he’s just less in your face.

  3. Gillis is saying what any GM must say when trying to unload an expensive contract.
    I like Nonis not giving up a lot of young guys and he proved that while in Vancouver when he did not bite on Richards.
    I am not a nucks fan but from what i have read i am wondering what exactle Gillis has done worthwhile since being GM.
    From what i see the main base of players are still Burke/Nonis guys and yet many nuck fans still rag on them as bad GMs.

    Leafs could use an experienced goalie but really would be bad to overpay for one since they are not contenders.
    Now more than ever patience will be a good thing as soon teams will be scrambling to fix holes and eventually lower cap.
    this year teams will take on last year contracts to fill holes and they have plenty of them that could help in a short season and then come off those teams books.
    they will not get top prospects but could get lesser ones or maybe some extra mid rd picks.

    I see lots of teams with good shots this year that getting 1 or 2 extra players for the quick run would make a difference and being a seller this year may be an advantage.
    Playing 3-4 games a week all year there will be lots of injuries and under performers and adding depth will be very important.

    • I agree. But I think the Leafs DO have to overpay for a goalie. James Reimer starting this season, IMO, is a huge mishandling of another great rookie. I personally believe Reimer is the real deal–but we all saw what happened to Ron Wilson before he was fired. It’s unrealistic to give a 23 year old the reigns to the biggest yet most unsuccessful market in the NHL. It’s a recipe for disaster, and if the team doesn’t make the playoffs, Reimer will be held responsible. It’s unfair to him, and its unfair to the fans. Find a goalie, even one that isnt a bonafide starter, and give Reimer some support between the pies. There will be ups and downs, the problem is that there is no cushion for Reimer when the downs come.

      Not to mention, the team has been preaching that they need to build from the net out. So, instead of overpaying for guys like Connolly and Komisarek–we should be overpaying to shore up the most important position in the game. And then work from there–NHL teams have won championships without world class firepower–but not a single team has won without a world-class goaltender, or at least a goaltender who is playing at a world class level.

      • There is no such thing as a “cheap” good goalie in the NHL. Any netminder with even a modicum of success demands a high price in either salary or players involved in a trade.
        I believe if Reimer is to have a chance to prove himself as not only a number one goalie but especially a number one goalie under the microscope of the passionate fans and the critical media in Toronto he needs a proven and world class vet to mentor him.
        If in fact Luongo were to be traded to Toronto I believe that he would be a great mentor for Reimer. He took Schneider under his wing when Cory first came to Vancouver and helped him perfect his craft. Reimer is young and could well benefit from someone who has seen it and pretty much been through it all. A couple of years with a Luongo/Reimer tandem would not only put the Leafs in the playoffs but develop Reimer to the point where he could be the number one and then, just as Vancouver is rumoured to be doing now, move Luongo on to another team.

        • ya because its going to be so easy to move out luongo in a few years when hes 37, sucks, and is signed until hes 43… the canucks can barely move him now… what makes you think were just gonna be able to get rid of him

          • because his contract will be 1 million a season… teams are paying more now! for 40 year old goalies

          • While he is 33 years old he is a world class goalie and in ten years his $5.3 million cap hit will be much more affordable. As far as not being able to move him now, he could easily be traded if the Canucks were willing to take other teams cast offs but Gillis is instead holding firm on getting a certain type of player(s) in return.
            Also, goalies, unlike other positions are can play until the are a lot older and as long as they take care of themselves and do not get any career threatening injuries are able to play up to and into their forties. Besides, when and if he is still playing at that age he will be a useful back-up rather than a number one guy.
            Another train of thought is that in a few years his cap hit will allow certain teams to reach their cap floor and still provide a them with a useful player.

          • Sending Luongo to a cap floor team when the payment is $1 but the book value is $5 is going to be an easy thing to do. That is good math for a team looking to pay less, but make the cap floor.

      • Well said, I agree!!

  4. While the team that Gillis inherited was basically put together by the Burke/Nonis combo what he has been able to do is resign players like the Sedin’s, Bieksa, Burrows and Kessler for example. He also not only got them to forego testing their worth as free agents but also each of them gave the Canucks a “home town discount.” While that may not seem like much to many it has kept the nucleus of the Canucks together and happy while fostering an atmosphere of team camraderie and dressing room harmony. His legacy as the Canucks GM may yet to be decided and could hinge on if and when he moves Roberto Luongo and what players he get back in return.
    Mike Gillis has brought with him a settling effect on the Canucks as a team and the Vancouver hockey media as a whole. He is accessible and appears friendly according to the hockey media folks and seems to be well
    liked by his peers, albeit with the exception of one recently fired GM.
    There is a lot to be said for GM’s who keep integral pieces of their hockey team in place, comfortable and happy as teammates and operating in a atmosphere conducive to winning.

    • Well said, sir.

    • Halak would be a nice pick up although I don’t see it happening. There is a better chance of the Leafs getting Bryz if Philly buys him out this summer. My thinking is to ride it out with Reimer and Scrivens if he can’t get Lu on the cheap and next summer he has a boat load of cash to pick up a bunch of UFA’s or guys bought out on amnesty deals. There should be a nice crop and Nonis will have tons of cash.

    • he sounds like a decent guy and did some decent things but all that adds up to is keeping the core built by others and adding nothing to get them over the top.
      for all the grief burke got for inheriting a solid ducks team he managed to add the extra pieces to hoist the cup.
      the canuck window is closing and so i would have to think he has not contributed much.

      As a Leaf fan i do not want luongo unless it is very cheap.
      he may be a good mentor for reimer but how much does reimer play the next 3 years if luongo comes?
      i would prefer a golaie with experience that will accept the back up role and still be there for reimer like guiggy was.
      picking up luo’s brutal contract anything more than bozak/mid level prospect and maybe a 3rd pd pick is too much.
      no chance at all for gardner and i would even balk at kadri.

      Leafs must keep and add all young guys because they have to know they have a ways to go and save every dollar to try and add good ufa’s that are deep this off season.
      probably a good player of two will be there in trade due to contracts as well.
      forget this year,next year is the time they can make it or break it for the swing upward.
      plus a possible top 3 pick would only be another plus.

      • ah men top right

      • While some find it hard to put a value on stability and getting players to take home town discounts I personally believe that part of Gillis’s tenure with the Canucks should not be taken lightly nor should it be overlooked as he has been able to keep the team core together when many thought they would be broken up by free agency and trades.
        Some of Gillis’s moves have been somewhat controversial like trading Cody Hodgson for Zach Kassian and Marc-Andre Gargnani, and I would give him a fail for spending way too much money for a washed up Matt’s Sundin. Some other moves he has made, such as dumping Patrick White and Daniel Rahimi (who?) on San Jose and getting Brad Lukowich and Christian Ehrhoff in return was nothing short of brilliant. I personally liked him getting Max Lapierre who possibly more than any other has defined what a fourth line player should be like. Some other players Gillis acquired are Manny Malhotra who is one of the premier face off men in the NHL at least was until his eye injury. Kyle Wellwood, Raffi Torres, Mikael Samuelsson, Tanner Glass and Chris Higgins have all been players that Gillis has brought into the Canucks organization and have allowed the Canucks to become a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.
        Both Burke and Gillis have had positive input into shaping the Canucks but I believe it has been Gillis more than anyone who has given the team the personnel to take the next step.

        • Well Ahab you know more than i when it comes to the canucks so i guess he has done okay by canuck fans.
          But as an outsider who just watches them in the playoffs i see a team repeating the past shark teams in that they were a player or 2 short and it was not addressed and they are now past their peak and starting to go down.
          As possibly the only canadian team that will make the playoffs i think the cup will not be coming home.

          Leafs and Habs have a lot of work to do,oilers need time although i thought that 10 years ago and am still waiting,Flames got old and have stayed old and need a reboot and the Sens i think played over their heads last year and will step backwards this year.

          I am kind of hoping for an underdog team from the states to cheer for in the playoffs so i can watch with some interest.
          maybe carolina this year as they are underdogs with good managment and no loud mouth fans like the bigger clubs and may have a decent shot.

          • Oh,forgive me forgot the Jets.
            They are in with the Leafs/habs in that they have pieces but have work to do.

  5. If the Flyers are willing to bring back water boy Boucher into the fold the asking price for any goalie of reasonable quality must be steep. I can’t see the Bruins parting with Tim Thomas for nothing. Dom Hassek anyone?

  6. How does Calgary resign Iggy? They are over next years cap by slightly more then what Iggy is making this year. He is going to want at least what Shane Doan is making this year.

  7. Let me start by saying I’m one of the biggest Flames fans out there….BUT I hope the Flames trade Iggy this year at the deadline. They are more then one or two pieces away from competing for a playoff spot let alone a cup. This team needs to rebuild not “re-tool” and if Iggy can bring back some key pieces in a trade then its an avenue you have to at least consider. At the deadline I hope the Flames prove me wrong and are first in the west or dead last and can think about trading Kipper, Iggy, possibly JayBow (wings maybe) and anyone else who isn’t a rookie or prospect. If the leafs don’t get 7uongo, I’d love to pry some prospects/picks from them for Kipper. These moves should have been done a few years ago, 9th in the west is the worst spot to be in year after year after year after year…..

    • I would like nothing better than to see Iggy get his name on the cup. He has been a true warrior and his dedication to the Calgary organization warrants nothing less than the, moving him to a team with a real shot.
      Also the Flames are a great organization and deserve to get back to being a top caliber team.

      • Agree Ahab,
        This is the year Calgary should be moving Iggy and Iginla and any other older guy and restocking the team.
        If they can add what they should with what youth they have they can be back in around 3 years or so.
        Kind of interesting in that if all the canadian teams do the right things this year all of them should be moving up nicely in a couple of years except the canucks who should be on their last legs by then and looking at a rebuild.

  8. what do you think about the leafs trading all crappy players for contracts and bringing their kids up? i was all for a full rebuild years ago, and the quick one they have tried over the past few years has not worked. so why not get as many draft picks as you can in this and next years draft and get as many prospects as we can? now i’m one of those people who think we should move EVERYONE but i can see them just moving who they can for picks. what do u guys think

    • A lot of the young guys aren’t ready and I don’t think Carlyle is the guy to teach them.

      • Well Beer i agree a lot of the younger guys aren’t ready but disagree about Carlyle.
        He did a great job with the young guys in anaheim.

        • see i think he would do wonders for them. in the grand scheme of things we have some players that will thrive under carlyle (biggs for example). but we dont have players ont he current roster that will/can play his style. you think carlyle will convince kessel to play d? not a chance,. i hope they move alot of players ont he leafs

        • I guess I should have clarified that point a bit. Carlyle was great with young guys like Getz, and Perry but those were young super stars and they were backed up by vets like Selanne, Pronger and Niedermayer. The Leafs young guys consist of Kadri Frattin and Colborne backed up by vets like Phaneuf, Komisarek and Lombardi. I think Eakins would be a better fit.

          • I like Eakins a lot and think he just needed some more seasoning with the Marlies.
            Carlyle only got a short contract and unless the leafs improve much more then expected i think eakins takes over in a couple of years when all these young guys either have a year or 2 up or are ready to come up.

            Eakins will be better off with the team in 2 years which should look much different over the present team.

            one interesting thing about the goalie controversies is what happens if one of the top teams lose theirs?
            if boston/rangers/penguins/carolina/buffalo/habs lose their number 1 in a short season they are in trouble.

          • I also like Eakins alot as a coach. However, he only promised to stay around to coach the Marlies for this year. If after this year he is offered a head coach job in the NHL he has the option to accept the position. IMO he should have been offered the Leafs job when Wilson was fired. I have a feeling the leafs may be losing a very good up and coming coach if not given the position next year. He has already stated he is not interested in an assistant coach position.

  9. @Paul: Issue of trading Iggy is that it has to be to a Cup contender, yes they may throw a 1st rounder back at you but that will be high 20’s. As for Kipper, you could trade him to whomever you wanted, like a team in the bottom 6 or7 and get back a 1st rounder which would be a 1-10 pick over all. Send JBO to Detroit for their second round pick and a filler or two. If I was Feaster, I would wait till the maybe the 20 game mark and if it looks like a ship sinking trade Iggy, Kipper, JBO now you have 4-6 solid first round/2nd round picks which includes the ones you have now. Come draft time, you will be defintily be picking top three with your own pick, move up a couple with your other picks (like old Burkie in Vancouver “sedin sisters”) and get McKinnon / Jones / Drouin / Monohan / Barkov / Fucale 2-3 of these guys would definitly help this program. Nothing is impossible. Flames can not finish just on the outside looking in again for another year with this lineup.

    • Totally agree, I would think flames management would finally come to there senses thus year after they come out of the first few weeks slow. If iginla is hurt already wait till he plays 10 games in 14 days. Calgary could get some serious pieces from either Philly or Detroit for bouwmester and as a Toronto fan I would be willing to give up much more for kipper then I would luongo. Iginla would be a great rental for a young team at the trade deadline and would still cost a prospect plus a first.

    • You move Kipper to a bottom 6/7 team then they become a top 20 team. If that is not possible that team will not be trading for an old goalie in the first place unless it does not include their #1 pick

      • you don’t think chicago wouldnt trade their first PLUS for kipper? they would do that in a heartbeat. his contract is up after next season unlike louongo. chicago has a lot of good young talent too. i think chicago goes after both kipper and iggy come deadline day. they have more than enough to do it. their core is young already add on the good young prospects they have. they will be able to give up quite a bit to add those two. then, with he additions they will be able to make a run…win the west at least

  10. Luongo is still a very talented goalie. He still has All-Star talent and goal is the most critical position on a hockey team. Why do so many people think he should be dealt for a bunch of scrubs? It is pretty odd. Good players aren’t just given away. Good on Gillis for holding on to Luongo until a good deal can be made.

  11. I agree Calgary should trade iggy. Seeing he’s a rental they won’t get a huge return (1st and maybe a prospect) and could still resign with Calgary in the offseason. Pittsburgh should take a run at him for a playoff rental win themselves another cup

  12. you know why luongo is only worth scrubs? He’s getting paid 5.3 million per season until he’s 44 and he lost his job to a guy that was an unknown 3 years ago.This has been a huge blunder by Gillis and the canucks organization, it’s their problem and they want someone to take that albatross of a contract with them. I say nobody should trade for him and make them buy him out and rid the nhl of that rediculous contract. Gillis however would never be approved to buy that out at 2/3,something like over 30 million. What a complete mess, nucks fans should be outraged and calling for gillis’ head.

  13. @ Captain Ahab,

    You know that usually you and i are on the same page about things, and while I am willing to give Gillis some credit, overall I think he landed in a pretty good spot, which any incoming GM would envy.

    Its a lot easier to resign your top players when (1). the same organization drafted them (2). your team has continued to be a playoff contender (3) The cup is somewhat within reach (4) the organization treats them well. (5) you have the sole opportunity to negotiate with them before they hit the UFA market opens and convince them that its in their best interests to stay.

    Some people might call it the Detroit model, complete with a homegrown little Sweden created by the Ilitch family. I think Mickey Mouse could have been the GM of the Canucks and the Sedins would have resigned.

    Yes, Gillis has made some big name signings during his 4 year tenure, which began in 2008.: Erhoff, Malholtra,Tanev, Hamhuis, Ballard, Booth, Garrison.

    But its still the core that everyone concedes is and has been the backbone of the team. The best prospect Gillis has drafted prior to this years Brendan Gaunce , was Cody Hodgson, and he was treated like crap, and will become a solid NHL player with Buffalo for years to come.The jury is still out on Kassian. I know they have had low draft picks because the team has competed and fared well due to the draft picks and signings made by his predecessors Dave Nonis and Brian Burke, but dare to compare.

    Henrik and Daniel Sedin (1st and 2nd overall), Kevin Bieksa (151st overall), Ryan Kesler (23rd overall), Alexander Edler (91st overall), Cory Schneider (26th overall), Jannik Hansen (287th overall), were all drafted By Brian Burke when he was GM.

    The drafting of Michael Grabner (14th overall, later traded by Gillis for keith Ballard), Luc Bourdon (RIP, 10th overall), Mason Raymond (51st overall), the Free Agent signing of Alexandre Burrows, and the trade for Roberto Luongo, were all courtesy of Dave Nonis.

    Burke had 6 years as GM, Nonis had 3, and Gillis will complete 5 years on April 23rd.

    With all due respect, I think Mike Gillis’ contribution pales in comparison to the contributions of Burke or Nonis, but recognize that the team needs a few finishing touches to capture the cup..

    • Wow Murph, “I think Mike Gillis’ contribution pales in comparison”… You may be right. One of the questions asked of Nonis recently was along the lines of “what are you going to do to put your stamp on this team?” Or something to that effect.
      I remember Gillis spouting off about all the moves he was going to make, I believe at the time he said the Sedins were not first line players.
      I think the signing of Burrows should be credited to the Moose as he was a Moose signing first and was hard not to offer an nhl contract.
      Anyway, what I am trying to say is Gillis didn’t blow up the team to put his mark on it. Gillis has shown patience in that respect. I wasn’t happy to see Nonis leave at the time but Gillis has done a pretty good job since.
      AV… I am surprised is still the coach but I guess if you look at his record, he should be here unless you want to blame not having won a cup on him.

      Not to stage a love in or anything but, you and CA keep up the thoughtful posts.

      On Luongo, term is the only thing wrong with that contract. 5.33m cap hit is more than reasonable considering what others are making. Price on Montreal is 6.5, Rinne is 7mil, Fleury is 5mil, Miller is 6.25 None of these guys are going to get any cheaper. And yes Luongo is older but you know what you are getting and would guess he has at least 5 more good seasons and could play until he is 40 unless his body breaks down and then it is ltir.

  14. Think what you want but Bobby Luo is a world class goaltender and does come with an impressive resume. Yes no cup…but no harm in going down in 7 games while losing to an impressive Bruins team. Whether he will be traded or not shortly or during the off season, fact remains, he’s a very good player and good team mate and when added to any roster, will likely instantly improve their chances at success.