NHL Rumor Mill – September 5, 2014

Latest on the Bruins, plus updates on  Martin Brodeur, Ray Whitney, Dustin Penner, Raphael Diaz, Jacob Markstrom and Shane O’Brien. 

Could the Bruins invite Dustin Penner to training camp?

Could the Bruins invite Dustin Penner to training camp?

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty, responding to a reader’s question, doesn’t expect the Bruins will invite winger Dustin Penner to training camp…Haggerty also expects defenseman Johnny Boychuk could be the likely trade candidate to free up cap space to re-sign Torey Krug and Reilly Smith…He doesn’t rule out the Bruins pursuing Winnipeg’s Evander Kane but it could be difficult to fit his salary within their limited cap space…Haggerty also reports Chris Kelly hasn’t been approached about waiving his no-trade clause.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Amelie Benjamin speculated on the futures of oft-injured Bruins center Chris Kelly and defenseman Adam McQuaid. She notes Kelly has a modified no-trade clause allowing him to list eight teams to which he would accept a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: How the Bruins free up space to re-sign Krug and Smith will remain a hot topic as training camp approaches. It’s believed the Bruins prefer to retain Boychuk, but he would certainly have better trade value than Kelly or McQuaid. I doubt the Bruins can afford to pursue Kane at this time, nor do I believe the Jets will trade him now. 

TORONTO SUN:  Martin Brodeur said if the Montreal Canadiens made him an offer he’d be willing to listen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens already have Peter Budaj signed as Carey Price’s backup and must decide what to do with Dustin Tokarski. I doubt they’ll make a pitch for Brodeur. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Ray Whitney heads a list of several veteran NHL players still unsigned as training camp nears.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whitney and many of those unsigned UFAs noted by Matheson have reached the end of the line. Age has finally caught up with them. 

HOCKEY CENTRAL: reports via Twitter that Dustin Penner’s agent claims his client has received offers from NHL and European teams.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: The Florida Panthers have invited defenseman Shane O’Brien to camp on a tryout basis.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Canucks third-string goalie Jacob Markstrom isn’t allowing his situation to get him down. Canucks GM Jim Benning admitted during the summer he was exploring a trade for Markstrom. Some teams were interested but no deal materialized.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Benning could explore trade options during training camp and preseason in hopes a deal could turn up for Markstrom.

NLZ beat writer Nicola Berger reports via Twitter that three NHL teams have offered training-camp tryouts to defenseman Raphael Diaz. He’ll take the weekend to decide where he’ll go.


  1. i still think markstrom has trade value. while he hasnt developed the way people expected the guy can still spot start if need be.

  2. I think it would be great if the nucks traded Markstrom to another team where his career could take off. It’s funny to see that the nucks had 2 starting goalies and now “lack” a good goalie. That team is in trouble…

    • Markstroms career will never take off in the NHL, maybe the KHL or minors, good luck with that. Maybe Dubnyk will give him some pointers.

      • LOL, except a GM or two must think Dubnyk has some worth as he is still in the NHL.

        • Sorry Drew but Dubnyk is not in the NHL, he’s in the AHL, working his way to being the full time water/gatorade boy.

          • I need to correct my mistake, he did sign with the Coyotes, not sure if he will be in their farm system or be a backup. If Smith gets hurt and Dub plays, its game over, JMO.

      • I find people can not evaluate a player on their own and require the mainstream media to tell them who is good and who is not. I don’t claim to be some prodigy and make up claims out of thin air and I do listen to what the experts report and watch the games and the players from the minors right up throught their NHL careers and feel I can make my on conclusions.

        Saying Vancouver lacks a good tender is something I must disagree with. I thought hey should of traded Luongo for whatever they could get and go with Schneider and Lack. I personally think Lack has he potential to be a starter, He is pretty solid and still has things to learn but I would not be concern about hi and would certainly allow him to develope. Miller is a proving starter. Therefore Vancouver doesn’t ‘lack’ for goaltending. They are fortunate enough that the screwed up the whole Luongo mess and still have to solid tenders in net.

        I also really like Diaz. I saw him live when he was playing for the Habs I. A preseason game in Ottawa, yes it was preseason and much of the talent of the teams were not dressed but he showed me the skill he possess and I would sign hi pm as a solid depth defence men. He will earn a roster spot for sure with who ever he tries out with.

        Whitney is simply getting to old along with Penner, my knock on Penner is I always thought he was slow, compared to his peers. So I’m thinking the two may be done, however someone out there are likely to give them a chance.

        I will admit I have little personal education on Marksteom but he has always been praised so you’d think at least some trade value could be had.

        Border situation is simple. Is there a Roster spot for him. He isn’t bad by any means but he is aging and the starters in the league are better. Also teams want to develope younger goalies even if at this point Brodeur is better he may not be able to push out someone until the team proves to struggle or an injury happens.

    • Ryan Miller IS a good goalie.

  3. Still hoping that the Oilers can put something together from Boychuk.

    • I do believe Boychuk would help the oilers, but I also believe that oilers fans would expect way to much out of him. He fit well into the bruins system but I’m not so sure he would be quite as effective in the oilers system as it stands right now.

    • They won’t get Boychuk if McTavish is constantly seeking to trade a canoe for a battelship. They could have had goalie Ben Bishop from Ottawa but their offer was a pending UFA! (Jones I think). So Murray dealt him to Tampa.

      • they probably would have to offer guys with talent but low salary. so who can the Oilers trade that meets that?? Yakupov?i think talent wise Purcell or Perron would match but they make too much money. and i’d rather not move Yakupov for Boychuk. maybe they can overpay for him as a free agent it could be scary like 5 years at $5.75 M. per season.

        • I heard Ottawa wanted Yakupov and that would of made the deal but Edmonton was only offering a 2nd round pick, Ottawa wanted the NHL ready body and made the trade with Tampa for Conacher. Ottawa knew hey were not getting proper value but they took the best of the two offers,

  4. I’m definitely not a habs fan so anything that makes them worse off is okay with me. However, I will say that they should trade Budaj if possible and bring in Tokarski as backup. His stint in net when Price went down should have proven to management that this kid is ready for the bigs.

  5. Boston needs Boychuk this year if they want to win another cup.
    Many other options to move salary. Caron,Bartkowski,Kelly,Champbell,Paille,Maquaid,
    Could all be moved and not hurt as much as Boychuk would.
    They will keep him this year and more than likely let him go as they will have no money to resign him with Krejci’s new deal.

    • I think time has passed the Bruins by. Each year their ability to win The Cup declines. Right now they’d be hard pressed to get into the Conference Finals.

      • Not sure why the Bruins are looked at that way. In a season that just ended 3 months ago, they had the best overall record, second best goals against, third best goals for, the Vezina winner, and the Selke winner. They also had Seidenberg, Erikson, Kelly and McQuaid injured for a good part of the year. Most of their core players are just entering their prime, and they have too many NHL caliber defensemen. I was actually disappointed in how Iginla fit in with the Bruins last year, so I’m not sad to see him go. They have done a great job with bringing in the new and out with the old each year and keeping a good balance. The biggest concern is the cap issue and hopefully it gets resolved before training camp ends.

  6. The Bruins have apparently invited Ville Leino to camp,maybe they are close to moving one of their excess defenseman.Caron will be waived if he does not make the team outright.Kelly,Campbell and Paille have got to have their Realtors on speed dial.

    • I cannot see the Bruins keeping Leino – this might just be a look-see, to see if he has anything left that could be useful on the fourth line. He is not a Bruins-type player, at best he would come cheap since he has already taken Pegula’s money courtesy of Dorky Darcy.

  7. Just curious…but what is Boychuk’s skating like? Is he sound laterally and have good foot speed? I ask b/c didn’t the Avs need a hard nosed hitting D-man? If he can skate he can keep up with the Avs style but would provide the MUCH needed grit to their line up over who they already have. Plus a veteran presence. Thoughts?

    • Being a bruins fan and watching every game for many years.
      Boychuk is the close to the best defenseman in Boston.
      Chara looked real slow in the playoffs and hasn’t throw a hit in years.
      Siedenberg is very solid but just went through major surgery.
      Krug can skate and has offensive skill but not the best in his own end.
      Miller looked better than Bartkowski.
      Now Hamilton could be real good he’s coming along nicely.
      Just saying I would keep Boychuk before many others.

    • He was actually a product of the Avs system at one point