NHL Rumor News – December 6, 2011.

A look at the trade value of Alexander Semin, addressing rumors of management changes in New Jersey and Carolina, possible moves by the Hurricanes, and more.


What trade value does Semin have?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently examined the trade value of Washington Capitals winger Alexander Semin, who’s been a frequent subject of speculation.  While Semin could be the most likely candidate to be dealt if the Capitals continue to struggle, his $6.7 million salary means they likely won’t get much back in return, certainly not enough to make them Cup contenders. Custance also touched on the possibilities of the Capitals trading Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, but considers them virtually untouchable, and believes the jury’s still out on a possible move of puck-moving defenseman Mike Green.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Semin may be a high-end scorer, but he’s shown very little of that this season, and he has a reputation for fading in the post-season clutch. While it’s possible Semin could be moved at the trade deadline, I’ll be surprised if the Capitals could find any takers, and if they do, as Custance noted, they won’t get much back.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman recently reported New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello and Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford have no plans to leave their jobs anytime soon. Rutherford meanwhile plans to make some moves, and Friedman suggests pending UFA forward Tuomo Ruutu and defenseman Tomas Kaberle could be trade candidates. Rutherford is confident he can move Kaberle later in the season if his performance should improve…Forget about the Anaheim Ducks trading Teemu Selanne at the trade deadline. Ducks GM Bob Murray told Friedman Selanne will retire a Duck…Friedman wondered what the Bruins, Blackhawks and Red Wings might do as the trade deadline approaches. All three have the cap space to make moves to bolster their lineups for the playoffs. The Blackhawks are believed seeking a “Brian Campbell-type” defenseman…Friedman also wondered if the Calgary Flames would consider moving goalie Miikka Kiprusoff, though he points out he’s only wondering and not trying to start rumors…The Florida Panthers were among the teams interested in Phoenix’s Kyle Turris, but Friedman wonders if they would risk upsetting team chemistry.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kaberle will have to significantly improve if the Hurricanes are to find any takers for his $4.25 million per season contract, which has two more seasons remaining after this one. Ruutu, on the other hand, should attract considerable interest, and one pundit has suggested he might be a good fit with the Red Wings…The Selanne trade speculation was based on wishful thinking he’d want to return to Winnipeg and finish his NHL career where it began…The Blackhawks could also be in the market for a second line center after moving Patrick Kane back to the wing…If the Flames aren’t moving Jarome Iginla, they definitely aren’t moving Kiprusoff unless he demands a trade. Without Kiprusoff, the Flames would be jockeying with the Columbus Blue Jackets for dead last in the West…I don’t believe the Panthers have any reason to make a move for Turris or anyone else at this time. They’re a budget team, meaning they’d have to dump salary to take on another player. Given how well they’re playing so far, GM Dale Tallon is probably reluctant to tinker. Of course, if the Panthers go into free fall by mid-season, that could change, but not while they’re playing well.


  1. Re: Selanne
    I would think that Murray would let Selanne make that decision. I know in the past that he has stated that he wants to finish as a Duck but he also said that he came back for a shot at the cup. Who knows what he will feel like in February when the Ducks are 20+ points out of a playoff spot and he sees team mates being traded to contenders, he just may reconsider. I for one would like to see him get another cup ring.
    Hopefully this means WHEN he enters the NHL hall of fame it will be as a Duck.

  2. @alforducks

    I think of Selanne as the Ducks Robitaille. The last thing you want to see is Selanne’s last game in the NHL being played in another team’s uniform. I remember Robitaille’s last game against the Sharks. Several of the Sharks players lined p at center ice to shake Robitaille’s hand. That’s a piece of team history that I wouldn’t trade for a draft pick.

    Now if Selanne announces that he’s coming back next year that’s a completely different story.

  3. Sounds like you are signing the ducks off for the season… That a way to have hope we get him that last ring he deserves!!!

  4. selanne wont move, has a ntc. could you see iginla in a caps uniform?

  5. I think the Ducks are out of it for this season and would be best advised to start their rebuild in earnest at the trade deadline. Trade Selanne to Detroit for picks and he gets a legitimate shot at another cup. It will not be happening in Anaheim. Anaheim has a lot of older and mostly unproductive players. They have a great core of Perry, Ryan and Getzlaf but the only one of those older guys I would welcome back is Selanne,. How many more seasons is he willing or able to play until they build the team up to a contender again?

  6. Re: Selanne
    All good points, pro & con, but
    If Messier and Gretzky can be traded then so can Selanne.
    In all due respect Murray’s job should be re-building Ducks not doing PR work.
    Let Selanne make the decision but Murray should be offering options that may keep
    him close to home ( San Jose, Los Angeles, Vancouver), give a shot at a cup, and
    get the Ducks some kind of return INCASE HE CHANGES HIS MIND IN FEBRUARY.
    Anyone who thinks the Ducks will make the playoffs this year is not dealing with reality,
    this is not the Eastern Conference where the 8th slot will be easier to get into then the
    West where several really good teams may miss the playoffs. The balance in the league
    is clearly more good teams in the West, that does not mean that the BEST teams are
    in the west it just means there are more good teams. Lastly, once you fall behind it is
    extremely difficult to catch up due to the INSANE 3 point games that are played in NHL.
    For the long term better to just trade off the older players who won’t be here in a year or two,
    get draft picks, call up the kids, go thru the pain and rebuild.

  7. Don’t count the ducks out yet. There are still 55+ games left to play and as I recall they went form out-of-the-playoffs to 4th last year in the final month.

    Selanne is not getting traded. Period.


  9. Kingsfan 1980
    Does this mean you are a Kings Fan since 1980 or that you were born in 1980 ?

  10. Maybe he is # 1980. ( Kings Fans may be a limited edition)

  11. @ Kingsfan 1980

    Sorry I could not help myself. I am running on adrenaline. No disrespect intended, just a funny (or not) I blurted out of deliriousness.

  12. Murph
    Sometimes Kings fans are a limited addition as in Limited amount of time you can watch them.
    I watched them IN PERSON from day one in 1967 until 90’s when Ducks came to town. Those were dreadful years for the most part. Like Cubs fans you have to enjoy pain and suffering to be a long term Kings fan. Hopefully they can come up smelling like a Rose this time around but somehow I just know that they will screw it up again and break the Kings fans heart once again ( Just like the Cubbies do)

  13. 1) I hate L.A., such a bunch lead-foot 200 lb lumps with the least creative offense in the league.
    2) Lyle, Calgary is already jockeying with Columbus. The trade I want to see is a 3-way:
    To Dallas: Iginla
    To Calgary: Craig Smith and Colin Wilson
    To Nashville: 6-8 of the no-name prospects that Trotz thrives on turning into valuable contributors.

  14. which camera am I talking to. Iggy is not going anywhere. That is why he is staying in Cowtown

  15. The Selanne trade is certainly wishful thinking on the part of Winnipeg Jets fans.

    … But then again, they said it was “wishful thinking” when Winnipeg said they would get an NHL team back! So sometimes wishes do come true :)

  16. Iginla might say he doesn’t want to be traded publicly but in his heart he knows he’ll be approached to waive his NTC for “the good of the organization”. Calgary is going nowhere and Sutter’s reign of error has decimated the Flames minor system. Feaster knows he has to start trading veterans to get draft picks and prospects to rebuild the team and a quality player like Iginla will bring the best return. the Flames will likely be sellers at the deadline and if Iginla isn’t dealt by then he’ll go at the draft.

  17. Bourque and Iginla are starting to score multiple point games, now that November has gone. I hope Feaster doesn’t get dillusions of grandur and think “hey, we might have a chance at the playoffs, i’ll mortgage the future for that chance”,if these guys get going even more…I say let the right players get going on the score sheets and see what kinda offers you get at the deadline when GMs are paying a premium….because if the oilers can get Teubert and a 1st rounder for Penner….well, u know what i’m getting at…seriously, It`s time to fix this team…the right way!!! Smart trades, prospects and high picks…GFG