NHL Rumor News – September 23, 2011.

Predators aren’t done adding players…Blue Jackets could be in the market for a backup goalie…An explanation of why Drew Doughty and Kyle Turris are staging their holdouts.

FOXSPORTS TENNESSEE: John Manasso reports Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz claimed GM David Poile isn’t done seeking players who could make their club stronger, but they have to be the right players, suggesting Poile was on the lookout for another player like Mike Fisher, a solid two-way performer whom the club acquired at last season’s trade deadline. Manasso pointed out the Predators have nearly $14.2 million of cap space they could spend, and noted the Buffalo Sabres need to shed over $3.6 million to become cap compliant prior to the start of the season, while the Philadelphia Flyers have around $175K in available cap space. Manasso noted the Flyers and Predators have a trade history, and suggested Flyers like Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds or Max Talbot would be good fits with the Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, they would be good fits with the Predators, but they’re not going anywhere. Hartnell has a “no-trade” clause and is considered a valuable part of the Flyers roster, while Simmonds and Talbot are recent additions to the Flyers. As for that cap space, it’s a bit misleading, as Ian Laperriere will be placed on LTIR, meaning the Flyers can go over the salary cap by $1 million without being penalized. If the Predators are seeking another Mike Fisher, they’ll have to look elsewhere, because they won’t get him from the Flyers. Finally, just because the Predators are under the cap by $14 million doesn’t mean they’ll spend it all. I’ll be surprised if they spend half that.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports Blue Jackets backup goalie Mark Dekanich will miss a month due to a recent high-ankle sprain. For the time being, Curtis Sanford moves up the depth chart. GM Scott Howson said he’s not considering the free agent market to add another goalie, but wouldn’t rule out the possibility.Marty Turco, Ray Emery (in Chicago on a tryout basis) and Manny Legace (in Vancouver on a tryout) are the best available UFA options, and Arace considers Emery the best of the trio.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the time being, the Blue Jackets will evaluate Sanford as their backup.

PROICEHOCKEY: Jamie Fitzpatrick offers up the explanation of “How a 21-year-old Holds an NHL Team for Ransom”, referring to the holdouts of Drew Doughty and Kyle Turris, with a detailed breakdown of the CBA rules governing restricted free agents.


  1. Mackenzie tweeted that there is no movement on a Doughty contract, and that Doughty’s agent will probably start to try and drum up interest in an offer sheet.

    Incarcerated bob started a Spezza to Leafs rumour again….sigh….

    I’m LOVING the video explanation of the Jody Shelley hit! I really think the NHL has turned a corner on this. Welcome to the new age of professional hockey.

  2. Oh and did anybody hear about the f#cking moron who threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds after a game (in London I think) ? Some people are so salty and ignorant it makes me sick.

  3. my friend doesn’t like the jody shelly thing cause it took away pre-season games that don’t count he satys. I def don’t agree i think the suspension fits the crime, i’m very ok with it. The dude who threw a banana peel is the biggest idiot ever. I was just saying this to my coworkers what is this 1950? isn’t racism odone in 2011? PEople are ignorant for sure. Doughty to the wings sounds good to me!

  4. Durt – agreed on the Shanahan bent to the NHL’s new discipline strategy. From what I hear he’ll be releasing statements not only on incidents that result in supplemental discipline, but also those that do not. That in itself is a move in the right direction, but I can only hope that the increased penalties that have been handed out to date hold true when it’s not repeat offenders/marginal players are the ones that are committing the infractions.

    As far as the Flyers/Wings incident – I can only hope that the throwing the banana was a joke to make him slip, and bore no relation to the player that was skating down the ice. If it did, well… that’s beyond shameful.

  5. Durt- Agree 100% with you on the video explanations of the suspensions. Does this finally mean that the NHL is doing something modern and ahead of the other major sport leagues? My guess is that soon they wil all go this direction. Cudos to Shanny for making this process accountable and transparent. Also, top marks for the severity of the suspensions. If you want those kinds of things out of the game, you need to penalize them harshly.

    Who would have ever thought the Sabres would be above the cap? Spec, what are the rules for cap compliancy? Do they have to be under by the first day of the season?

    Spezza is not going to the Leafs, or anywhere. Why would Ottwa trade him to a divisional rival? Why woudl Ottawa trade their only real player? (Alfredsson obviously is their best, but is a year/two away from retirement)

    Whoever threw that banana is a jerk-off and shouldbe banned from hockey for life, Pete rose style. He shouldn’t even be allowed to buy hockey cards. By no means is Simmonds a star player, but he deserves more respect than that.

  6. These stories of the Kings’ season hanging in the balance are really starting to get annoying. How are the Kings in “crisis” over Doughty and how does it threaten to “cut down a promising season”? These people writing these articles act like it’s some req league team and Doughty is the ringer.

    Last time I checked, the Kings were a pretty good team even without Doughty. I’m sure Doughty’s absence is a distraction now, but I suspect as we get closer to the season they’ll move on. Now if the Kings stumble out the gate and then that will be a completely different situation.

  7. @ Durt
    I completely agree as well. The Shanahan’s video explanations seemed crisp and professional. He cites the rule and shows the evidence. The whole thing is pretty straight forward and I like it.

    Also, I believe the proper term in Philly is “f#cking douche bag”. Don’t people realize that when they do things like this it impugns the entire sport of hockey from top to bottom?

  8. Was it not in London where some moronic person threw friend chicken on the ice when Ray Emery was playing as well?

  9. Nikk,
    Teams have to be cap compliant when they turn in their active player roaster on Oct 5th at 5pm eastern time. If a team has a player on LTIR, they have to had made an application with the league,which gives them permission to be over the cap on Oct 5th.

  10. One could argue that we are being just as racist for assuming the banana was thrown because he was black. Our first thoughts went to that thought so what does that say about us and how we still think.

  11. I’ve got the solution. Send Simmonds back to LA. I think I can speak for most all Kings’ fans when I say we loved the guy.

  12. Sabres can get under the cap by moving Kotalik and Morrisonn to Rochester – they are $3.6MM over and they will move $5MM this way. I know Morrisonn has asked to be traded, but it doesn’t look like there has been much movement on that front. Anyway, that is what I figure will happen – unless they find a trade partner to take Hecht or Boyes

  13. Innovator good point. Although throwing a banana peel is a pretty stupid way to imply clumbsyness. So why else would he throw one?
    I was applauding Shanny on the way he gave the suspension. As far as the suspension itself…a little harsh compared to Cambell, but really it’s still pre season, so it’s not 10 games like Steve (the turd) Simmonds tweeted. It’s 5 games and a handfull of games that don’t matter really, so that’s actually pretty fair. I think it was a good statement to the players. Just loving the explanation though. Saves a whole lot of over-analysis from Toronto media IMO. Now we can debate whether it was fair, and not have to spend hours arguing semantics over WHY the suspension was made.

  14. 1) Yup, I’m pretty sure Philly signed Talbot to a 5 year deal so that they can bounce him to Nashville.

    2) Let me be the first to blame Lombardi for the Doughty situation. This guy has a history of petty chiseling. Just pay the man…..don’t fight the market. (but then again, if you have to hamstring a great team that is a threat to teams I cheer, I guess I can live with it).

    3) I too am pleased with Shanahan’s approach; I just want to see consistency. My biggest problem with last year was that, for example, it was two games for Wisniewski to make Avery an offer, and none when Ference’s finger slipped. I just hope Shanahan refers to precedents.

  15. I thought the Spezza rumour came in a ‘tweet’ from Dave Hodge.. stating Spezza’s family members said Spezza will be a Leaf.

    Slow news day.. he needed to make up that story?

    Don’t agree with what Doughty’s agent is doing. He was offered a very good contract by LA.. and it was not enough? The KID is coming out of this ELC. This is where the problem with the salaries start. Too many of these kids asked for too large a contract after only 3 yrs in the league. There should be a percentage increase cap put on how much they can earn coming out of the ELC’s. The next CBA has to fix this.
    I realize he is a great player… but he has his whole career ahead of him — at least 10+ yrs..

    As for the idiot in London with the banana peel… I assume a lot of people saw him throw it.. It’s time they spoke up.. that is not needed in our society.

  16. Tux! You’re back! Good to see you posting again son!

  17. @ tux

    I partly agree. The market is set for Doughty, but it’s not at $7M per season. I think it’s closer to $5M. Also, we don’t have firm numbers on what was offered and asked for yet so I’m somewhat reserving judgment. I just don’t think Doughty has proven that he’s the best defenseman in the league. Suggesting otherwise is basing on “should” and “will be”, not “is”.

  18. Talbot could be a candidate for trade, but at deadline time. He’s a longtime underperformer in the regular season and if the Flyers start to get second thoughts on that contract, he may be attractive to another playoff forecasted team.

    I struck me that Nashville might find Erik Christensen useful if NY dumps him.

  19. Salty??!!

  20. thx Durt. Lyle put me in the penalty box. I’m gonna cool it this year on insults and sweeping statements.

  21. Lyle is correct in his analysis of the Preds situation. It’s always nice for the GM to insinuate that he may be looking to do something, but the time to do that was a few months ago when there were players available. Talk is cheap as they say. It’s the same schpliel we get from Poile every September.

  22. I was under the impression that that stalemate with Doughty was the term of the contract, not the amount. Doughty is SET on a 5-year contract that’ll take him to UFA as fast as possible while Lombardi is trying for 7-9 years or 3-4 years.

    @JDB – I agree with you on Simmonds, I’d love to still have him in LA

  23. with all the offers Doughty has had put to him and still hasnt agreed terms, dont you think that the Kings front office might figure it out that he doesn’t want to be there ? dont know of a solution, Bogosian was the same in Wini, hes signed a 2 year deal then hell be off to pastures new. This I believe is the view being taken by Doughty.

  24. if you look at Tyler Myers first 2 seasons compared to Drew Doughty’s, DD only has 1 more point, Tyler Myers won the calder, Drew was nominated for the Norris. Why didn’t Tyler Myers then ask for $7 million because he could have said that he was just like DD, Tyler Myers is a team player and took a very good contract, DD is being a very greedy selfish player., $6.8 million coming out of his ELC is more than enough for a player whose had 1 great season. LA’s season will not be wasted or in jeopardy at all, with Voynov and Hickey we will be just fine, when DD went down with the concussion last year, none of us panicked and we played just fine, this is a distraction that needs to get solved or go away. LA will still take the Pacific regardless. How great would it be if DD held out and LA went on to win the Cup.

  25. Well just because players want to sign to the deadline doesn’t mean they want to walk away for free. It means they want to see where their team is headed before committing their prime years to a team that’ll never win the cup. A lot of players fear that.

    I wouldn’t want to sign Doughty right til free agency, but I’d give him a one year leeway as in one year before or one year after his FA availability.

  26. @ BigMan81 Because he dominated the Olympic tourney and because all other teams would be very happy to sign him to a 7.5mil/year deal for 5 years or, for that matter, a 8.5mil/year for 7-8 or 9 years.

    It’s every GM’s job to lowball his players, especially when they are under EL or restricted regime, but if the player knows its worth, he may or may not sell himself short just because he is still under such a regime. Doughty is a “no miss” that knows it and asks for a “no miss” treatment.

    People should stop being pissed about a player refusing to be intimidated or otherwise emotionnaly coerced into taking less money than assumed market value. If a player does take a home town discount, praise him, as is his due. If someone does, just pay him already and don’t make him feel bad for it. Only DL and DD know right now if there is any bad blood accumulated. And only they know wether or not this as gone too far.

    I wish we could pry him away. I would gladly pay the 4 first round picks as (an offer-sheet compensation) price. I would confidently offer terms that the kings would hate to match (NMC, 4 year term, High amount), confident in the fact that the kid is such a “no miss”. Hopefully that would entice him to sign beyond that. But if not, it would still be worth it. If the cap rises at the same proportion, which it should, it should not even hamstring my team (la Sainte Flanelle) going forward.

  27. @Nicolas You could offer him the 4 year term for 10 Mil/yr….he ONLY wants 5 yrs…no more, no less. That is the big problem. Kings have reportedly offered $7m for 9 yrs or 7 yrs and $6.8 for 3 yrs…..Doughty wants at least $7m for 5 years and ONLY 5 years.

    It’s understandable that a player wants to see the direction a team is heading, but the Kings are FINALLY going in the right direction and have done so by building through the draft with young, talented players. I’d hate to see them break the bank on Doughty and then not be able to keep the group together.

  28. @Crazy DD has 4 years left as an rfa. So 4 is actually the optimal term for DD. He would not say no to 4 year @ higher than 6.8mil!

    When you say “don’t break the bank”, you misevaluate DD’s worth. Dude!, Break the bank!! Right now! He is a no miss all star player! If you don’t see that you deserve to lose him. If i was him i’d say 2 year, @ 5.5 mil/year (setting up arbitration after this 2 years term which enable the player to elect tfor a wo-year arbitration terms, thus bringing him to UFA status) or 4-5 year @ 7.5 mil/y, or 7-8-9 years @ higher than 8-9 mil/year. Cap rose 9% last year and will rise proportionnaly even more with the NBA strike and another canadioan club this year. Cap increase rate will keep up so there is NO problem with giving him Crosby money.

    All the pressure to sell himself short is a bit inesthetical IMO. #1 D is your QB. You pay your QB, you shuit the f?&* up, and you hope for the best. Simple.

  29. @ Nicolas

    I had misunderstood the requirements for UFA status…

    per the CBA: ” beginning in 2008-09 and for the duration of the agreement, a player age 27 with four accrued seasons or with seven accrued seasons will be an unrestricted free agent.”

    You are correct that he’ll be UFA in 4 years. All the reports I’ve read say DD is insisting on 5 yr deal taking him past his 27th b-day. The “or” makes it unnecessary.

    I do love him as a player (one of my favorites to watch) but not worth Crosby money….yet. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like 7 yr- $52 million (7.43 cap hit):
    2011-12 5.5 million
    2012-13 6
    13-14 6.5
    14-15 7
    15-16 7.5
    16-17 8
    17-18 8.5

    The cap rising is not a certainty and the new CBA allows for a lot of speculation.