NHL Rumor Roundup – July 13, 2012.

Latest on Alexander Semin, Shea Weber, Shane Doan, and Jonathan Bernier, plus an updates on the Senators.

SI.COM: Stu Hackel examines why Alexander Semin remains unsigned despite his offensive skills.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been considerable “pushback” on the blogosphere in defense of Semin, but the opinion he’s a lazy, selfish player persists among NHL GMs, and theirs is the one that matters, regardless of what fans or pundits believe. If Semin wants to play in the NHL this season, he’ll have to accept a short term deal (one or two years) for less than he earned with the Capitals, and try to silence his critics.

Offer sheet for Weber unlikely.

SLAM! SPORTS: The Nashville Predators are likely to match any offer sheet for captain Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Weber were to receive an offer sheet, I suspect it would’ve happened by now. It’s still possible a rival team could send him one, but given how rarely this tactic is used, its lack of success, and the uncertainty over what will be contained in the next CBA, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting it.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports the Coyotes are content to wait for captain Shane Doan, but it has somewhat paused their other plans. They would like to add one or two more proven forwards to bolster their offense.

OTTAWA SUN: LA Kings backup goalie Jonathan Bernier told TVA Sports he expects the club to meet his trade demands before the start of training camp.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma suggests a Bernier trade would put the Kings in the market for a backup, potentially taking away an option from the Canucks, who could look toward the already thin free agency for a backup for Cory Schneider once Roberto Luongo is dealt.

LA KINGS INSIDER: Rich Hammond reports Bernier’s opinion and expectation doesn’t jibe with reality. Hammond feels the Kings would move Bernier if they can get a good return, otherwise they’ll bring him back this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The automatic assumption is the Toronto Maple Leafs might be interested, but if we go by GM Brian Burke’s statement he doesn’t want to bring in an unproven goalie, then Bernier won’t be coming to Toronto.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports the Senators are in the market for a replacement for departed tough guy Zenon Kenopka, possibly via trade given the lack of depth in the UFA market.



    Burke flat out said NO that he wasn’t interested in getting Bernier at all.

    To me the most logical destinations or clubs that should be pushing hardest for Bernier are New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils. Nabakov/Broduer can run split seasons with him and become great mentors to the kid. Giving him 35-40 games per season and transitioning him into that starters role. I believe the Islanders as the best fit being they maybe able to give a draft pick and a top 6 forward to bring him in.


    He’ll sign soon. I know we defend him and the GM’s don’t listen but someone will. I get the feeling it is more that Semin is trying to land with a cup contender, but I get the feeling that someone else will take a flyer on him in the near future. I still think Carolina & Ottawa would be great fits for Semin.


    I think it is getting safer and safer to say that Doan is coming back home. I think the ‘Yotes should continue to try and pursue some scoring even while waiting. They could try and whooo PA Parenteau who would be a good size able scoring guy. At the same time I believe Phoenix might wait until training camp.

    Rundblad, Gormley, & Murphy are chomping at the bits to make the team and that is three young star potential blueliners, all who are top 20 draft picks!!! Plus you add Ekman-Larsson, Yandle, & Stone into the mix and you have all the tools to make a trade for a big time forward in the desert!

    Also I wonder if there is a chance of MacClean (providing he is better/healthy) finally breaking into the fold and making the roster as he would provide a great offensive boost.

    • PA Parenteau signed with the Avs – I think he would have been a welcome addition to many teams. You know Semin does have something to prove and as I stated the other day – if he wants to continue to play in the NHL he is going to have to sign one of those “show me” contracts. You know what could also be holding back teams from signing him is the fact they may not want to risk upsetting the chemistry of a team.

    • NJ signed Hedberg for 2 more years. Bernier’s not going there.

    • Since when does Burke ever actually say what he means? Im not saying toronto will get him I just don’t think its impossible… Plus i read that toronto was one of the teams that tried to acquire him at the deadline

      • Bernier is not a proven # 1 goalie and why would Burke have two # 2 goalies BB only option is Luongo and everyone knows it. The only question is:
        does Luongo want to go to the Leafs and when will BB give in to Gillis’s demands.
        If Luongo is ok with going to the Leafs – its just a matter of time when BB call Gillis with a serious offer. Otherwewise BB will be fired.

        • BB will not be fired if he fails to land Luongo. There is a tonne of pressure for him to finally turn the leafs around, but he is actually being responsible about the future financial obligations of the club. Many GMs would mortgage the future of their clubs in an effort to avoid losing their jobs, but for all the anti-Burke talk out there, I think he is playing the Luongo situation correctly. I’d love to see him in a leafs jersey, that massive contract is a huge liability. Definitely NOT worth the asking price. Burke is holding some leverage here, and if we do end up with Luongo, it will be on Burke’s terms.

          • wishfull thinking on your part. Wait till the season starts and TO looses 5 games in a row and than tell me who has the levarage. His ccontract is not as bad as the media has made it out to be .

    • There’s absolutely no way that Bernier is headed to the Islanders. No way. Nabokov is signed for next year and DiPietro for the next 47 years. They also have Kevin Poulin, Anders Nilsson, and Mikko Koskinen in the pipeline. Nabokov is merely keeping the seat warm for one of the prospects, most likely Poulin.

  2. Parenteau has already signed with the AVS, 4×4. There’s really not much left in UFA to speak of, other than Doan.

    • I think there are some good finds – Arnott, Moore and Winnik – they may not score a ton of points, but they do work hard and they have some grit and leadership qualities.

  3. Parenteau is an Av

    Toronto makes very little sense and will not happen.
    Depending on what LA wants in return for him will drive where he goes.

    Agree that he will sign soon to play in the NHL even if it is a short-term contract. He will agree to go to Pitt, Detroit or Carolina.

    Any team that actually wants Weber has no chance to acquire him via offer sheet as Nashville will simly match. The best bet is to wait it out and make a trade for him, or his negotiating rights.
    I am already in the camp of people that thinks he is not going back there.

  5. Someone actually reads that guys ridiculously long posts?

    • +1

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        • +3

  6. I think New Jersey is the perfect destination for Bernier too. Brodeur can mentor him for another year or two. You also don’t have to throw Bernier into full time action.

    The problem may be that the Kings want too much in return. Bernier isn’t proven and it still a prospect. I don’t think teams will overpay for Bernier.

    • Kings need to have three things in place / to do before trading Bernier.
      1) They need to make sure that they have a really good up and coming prospect in the system. If Chris Gibson is it or someone else then they can trade him. I realize that Quick is young and signed long term but you still need someone in system who is “goalie of the future” in case Quick goes down with a career ending injury or someone offers a trade package that is too good to pass up. Getting a decent back up is not a issue, there is always a few good back up goalies hanging around.
      2) Not the right time to trade him. Wait until the season starts and goalies go down with injuries or an older goalie suddenly doesn’t have it any more or what happens if Thomas does sit out and Rask is not up to the task, etc. ( PS I am not saying that Rask is a problem but in this world you just never know.
      3)He needs to be show cased. I would split the games between Quick & Bernier first month or two of season and show the NHL what he has. Quick would be much fresher at end of season and Bernier should have a very good GAA when he plays with that tight defense in front of him. As I recall he started Zero games in playoffs and very few near end of season but I could be wrong on that point.

      • alforducks…they have that goalie and his name is Martin Jones, also Gibson and Berube are pretty good options as well. They don’t need Bernier, but I suspect they will keep him and wait till a goalie gets injured and a team becomes a little desperate. I just don’t see them getting the package they want right now.

    • They’ve already signed their backup in hedberg

      • Does he have a no trade clause? I’m pretty sure hedberg could be a back up in la

        • Wouldn’t matter… the reason they like Hedberg is because he’s a dressing room guy. He has a personality that motivates the team. Great back-up goaltender.

  7. Weber

    If I was a rival GM I would send over a one year offer sheet for a large amount. If Weber accepts it Nashville will match it. But it will tie up Nashvilles cash for replacing Suter this year and make Weber a UFA next year.

  8. I imagine any hopes the Sens might have had of finding a UFA tough guy evaporated when the Habs signed Prust to that ridiculous 4 year contract.

  9. Common Feaster! Trade kipper to Toronto (so he can hang with his old pal Dion), then get Bernier.

  10. Konopka had staged fights… He is a big tough guy, who is great on faceoffs, but he didn’t win all the fights he was in. He played about 50 NHL games last season.

    Carkner played 29 games.. he was the tough guy. But the Sens were not going to double his salary and sign him for 3 yrs.

    Not every team has a heavy weight fighter — and they seem to do just fine. Most teams with fighters are they guys who can actually play…

    Bernier could be a decent goalie for the Leafs. Sure he is young.. but a bit more experienced than Reimer/Scrivens..

  11. Bernier to Devils and Hedberg to Canucks makes sense to me. (not saying it’ll happen but it makes sense)

    Brodeur mentors young talent (and not a 37-year old, or whatever Hedberg is) and Hedberg provides experience and stability for young Schneider.

    • He’d erg has a NTC. Doubt he wants to move his family immediately after signing a 2-yr deal either.

      • Ergh, damn autocorrect. That was Hedberg.

  12. Rudy, what would the Flames get from the Leafs for Kipper??? They really have nothing that i would want

    • What, you mean you weren’t satisfied for Stajan and Hagman?

  13. Jay

    We will give you Phaneuf. lmao

  14. the Predators can say they’ll match any offer sheet for Weber but the reality is that would be a disaster for Nashville. matching an offer sheet for Weber would me they couldn’t trade him at the deadline and face a very real risk of losing him for nothing like they did with Suter. to get any real return for Weber the Predators will have to trade him by the deadline as that would be when they could get the most. if they wait til after the season they might get a 3rd round pick like they got for Hamhuis. the risk for any team giving up picks for a chance to negotiate exclusively with Weber after the season is there’s no guarantee he’ll sign with whoever has his rights as it would only be a few weeks to UFA status for him anyways. ultimately the options all look bad for Nashville as they lost Suter and didn’t really sign any UFA’s of note basically signaling to Weber no help is coming from outside the organization. when you look at the situation from Weber’s perspective the prospect of staying with an organization entering the new season significantly weaker isn’t an attractive one.

    • Nobody is gonna sign him to a one year offer sheet. It would be a long term contract so if Nashville matched it, he’s there long term anyway.

  15. BB and the leafs have nothing to offer anyone via trade. What would they give Van for Luongo, the next three years first round picks. The cupboard is bare and they need to focus on building a talent pool of prospects and young talent. Not that my habs have done much better, but I belive with our youngsters on the farm are future will get better!!

    • Think the Habs are much better off. Our defence prospects are really deep (Beaulieu, Tinordi, Ellis, St Denis, Nash, Diaz, Emelin, Gorges, and shortly, Subban). We are thin at forward, but this years picks will help that along. The huge difference is plan Bergevin has put in to get the most out of all prospects. Not sure all the guys hired are necessarily the right guys, but the job post are jobs that need to be filled, ie Briseboise as a development coach who will go to coach players across the system on things they need to know to be a pro, not just play for their current coach. what has BB done on his side? Nothing like Bergevin’s work on the infrastructure for his team. And they lost Dudley….

    • And Leafs fans drink too much koolaid…hey kettle have you met black?

    • Kadri may play a roster spot and may play to his potential for the Leafs this year. Only reason I say that is because he’s now working with Gary Roberts, and I wholeheartedly believe that Roberts can bring out the best in any athlete. Teams would be buying high if they could trade for him.

  16. Bernier is no upgrade over Reimer IMO. I watched them both at the worlds a couple of years ago and reimer was better.

    Bernier is asking for a trade because otherwise he will forever be in the shadow of Quick. Just because he wants to be a number One does not mean he will be. But if he is content to stay in LA he will never be a number one, so even being a backup anywhere else gives him better chances of stealing a top job. As someone else posted, Calgary might be the best option. Not to take Kippers job today, but in a few years.Another option is the Oilers. They have prospects and picks to send back if they want.

    • It’s too bad the public had to hear about it. If I were a team, I’d hate the public to know who was available; that’s none of their business.

  17. Does anyone see the Flyers trading for a top pairing dman? If so their d corps isnt looking too great..