NHL Rumor Roundup – March 4, 2014.

Updates on Mike Cammalleri, David Legwand, Stephane Robidas and more.

Mike Cammalleri is expected to be dealt before the trade deadline.

Mike Cammalleri is expected to be dealt before the trade deadline.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames winger Mike Cammalleri has submitted a list of seven clubs to which he won’t accept a trade. Francis hopes the Flames can get no less than a second round pick and a young prospect.

THE TENNESSEAN: John Glennon reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile says he has no plans to trade pending UFA center David Legwand. If he’s re-signed it won’t happen until the off-season.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty cites a source saying Dallas Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas would be a “perfect fit” with the Boston Bruins, who are seeking a defenseman. Robidas is currently recovering from a broken leg suffered earlier in the season. Prospective suitors would have to wait a week or two for his return to action.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock believes it’s time to blow up the Hurricanes roster. Noting the difficulty in moving players with bloated contracts (Alex Semin) and no-trade clauses (Tuomo Ruutu), he suggests management should see what they can get for Jeff Skinner, Cam Ward, Ron Hainsey and Jiri Tlusty. He also calls upon them to see if there is a market for Semin and Ruutu.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been five years since they last made the playoffs. Barring a major run down the stretch they won’t make it this season. Time for a major shakeup, and maybe a management change.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports injuries to key players won’t alter the Red Wings trade strategy. GM Ken Holland isn’t interested in acquiring rental players.

WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: the Jets could become buyers at the trade deadline, but they could also stand pat.


  1. Re: the Canes. Or a goaltending change!

    Ward’s been considered a clutch performer for a long time, but his regular season stats have been below league average for almost 5 years. He’s not helping them get to the playoffs, or anywhere for him to be clutch.

    His supporters say he’s behind a bad team. I think the team has also been bad because Ward is not the elite goalie most people consider him. (Khudobin is 13-8 behind the same defence, for comparison’s sake)

    • As usual Decock has put his foot in his mouth! Ward’s play has been less than stellar, and key injuries have been a problem…but IMO the biggest problem has been eratic coaching by Muller and Co.!! Ruutu’s salary has been criticized but his recovery from hip surgeries has been more concern than his cost! As of late Ruutu’s play has been pretty good! Semin’s play (when not injured) has been very good too!
      Since the Olympics team play has been inconsistent, good for a while, then letdowns causing bad goals etc! hard to put a finger on why, but don’t think it’s a simple case of a bad player/ two, or “overpaid players”…that’s just a cop-out/ excuse!

  2. Thoughts on this.

    Islanders trade Vanek and a second to the Canucks for Luongo and a decent prospect. The Canucks get out from under the LOO cloud/contract. They get Vanek who may or may not decide to stay.(but who they can now afford if without Lu’s contract and if they trade Kessler away)

    The Islanders get a decent goalie (finally) who still has some miles left. Also, his contract helps them get to the floor and helps renew fan interest moving into the new building in a couple years.

    and the islanders pick up another ridiculous long term contract which they love paying

    • It would be interesting to see, but talk about things coming full circle for Luongo

    • That’s an interesting possibility. I wonder if they will think of it.

    • So decent prospect meaning Horvat or Shinkurak?

      • The Canucks only have three decent prospects in Hunter Bo and the dane, so I don’t suspect you start your rebuild by sending them for Vanek.

    • The Canucks only got a #9 pick for Schneider who had more value than Lou last year. The Isles are looking for a first plus plus for Vanek. I would love to see the Isles get Lou but suspect it would take a lot more than that to get Vanek. Perhaps if the Nucks offered to pay part of Lous contract and included picks and another prospect

      Course it is mute now that Lou is gone to Flordia

  3. The League would go nuts if Skinner hit the market.

    • Ya doubt he’s on the market. Just people talking and making up stuff along the way.

  4. Several reports confirm Philadelphia has made at least one offer for Ryan Kesler and possibly another that involves Kesler and Alex Edler. Oh boy, here we go…

    • Got a link to this “report”?

      • philly.com

  5. Kesler and Edler going to Philly would work for me. The Schenn brothers, Samuel Morin, Scott Laughton and a first round pick. The Flyers will now be able to keep up with the Penguins, and have two relatively cheap
    contracts for a couple of years (no rentals). Imagine Giroux and Kesler on the same line! that would be sick. Both of them are hard chargers.

    • Kesler is a center so he’d take Schenn’s spot on the 2nd line. Why can’t Schenn be a comparable player to Kesler in the (near) future? I wouldn’t do this deal.

      Now Edler, that makes sense. He could take Timonen’s spot next year (assuming Kimmo retires). He is a proven puck mover who can play on the PP. What would it cots to land him?

  6. The Bruins are looking for a right handed shooting defense man.They are rare,there are lots of lefties playing the off side if you will,but not righties..They play there whole career on the right side .Robidas,Gilbert or Justin Shultz fit the bill there.Also Meszaros of the Flyers if he is available.

    • Robidas just got traded to the Ducks for a 4th

  7. Dark G
    Why on earth would the Islanders want Luongo’s long term joke of a contract. Been there with a goalie already. Bought that one out. The Nucks havent done so as of yet but then again with all the winning the Nucks have done through the years, the contracts on their team are brilliant. Oh wait, they never won anything.

    • Well Florida just took the joke of a contract on.

      Done deal.

      To FLA
      Retained Salary

      To VAN

      Is what I’m hearing

      • Bahahaha!!!! Fire Gillis already! Retained salary.

      • source?
        a bad deal depends on the amount and length of the retained salary.

  8. confirmed!!!
    Luongo and s dman prospect (Steven Anthony, NCAA) for Markstome and Mathias.

    • edit:
      Steven Anthony played for the Kalamazoo Wings.
      Canucks retained 15% salary (~0.8-1mill/season based on caphit)

  9. Kyper (not sure I belive him but…) saying the Leafs could be seeing if anyone is interested in Bolland *fingers crossed* cap room….

  10. Andy MacDonald on the third pairing with Andrej Meszaros. I think it’s time to scratch Luke Schenn. Thoughts?

  11. Shticky
    How do you like your boy Nonis now? MacDonald went for a bag of pucks and Nonis was powerless to out bid the Flyers because this summer he couldn’t see a few months ahead to realize he would be cap crippled come deadline day. Brutal.

    • Why because no MacDonald? Would have been a good pick up yes but, Im not so sure he was the missing piece or anything. If Dave can shed a bit of salary or at least not be stupid with giving Bolland Clarkson type money Im ok with the job he has done, that being said Im not sure why your calling him my boy Ive said all along theres mistakes Ive been complaing about keeping Carlyle, Im not a big fan of Clarkson, I think he should deal more of the vets and get younger. I have said the things that are mistakes imo,
      I dont mind Kessel or Phaneuf I think Bozak is proving to be worth his contract, I like the Bernier deal…ect I point out things I like aswell.
      I dont think Nonis (and Burke who set most this up) have done a bad job, mistakes have been made sure but not as bad imo as Feaster Snow Gillis Homer Nieuendyke and others and alot better than other GMs the Leafs have had in the past so. Just because I dont hate Nonis doesnt mean he is “my boy”.

      • Ok buddy just having a little fun with you.

  12. Vancouver radio tweet says

    To Anahiem : Kesler
    To Vacouver : Etem and Vatanen

    I’d rather see the Ducks give up a pick than see Vatanen go.

    • Do that deal if you are Anaheim! I think Kesler is worth far more.