NHL Rumors – August 12, 2012.

Updates on Brenden Morrow, Petr Sykora, Mike Mottau and Tim Thomas.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika recently conducted a player profile of Stars captain Brenden Morrow, speculating over Morrow’s future with the club. Heika guessed Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk won’t shop Morrow, but would entertain offers for him. Morrow also carries a full “no-trade” clause, so he’d have control over his future.

Is this Morrow’s last season in Dallas?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Morrow also has one season remaining on his current contract. If the Stars fall out of playoff contention by the trade deadline, and if Morrow is healthy and playing well, I expect Nieuwendyk will then actively shop him under those circumstances.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti recently reported Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is still interested in re-signing UFA forward Petr Sykora, but there’s nothing new to report.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont also reported there’s nothing new regarding the status of Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, who has put his career on hold. If there are teams still in need of reaching the salary cap floor in the next CBA, it’s thought one of them might be willing to acquire Thomas’ $5 million salary for this season, even if he doesn’t play, to become cap compliant.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That means a potential Thomas trade won’t occur until after the new CBA is implemented, whenever that may be.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty recently reported UFA defenseman Mike Mottau is among several free agents who aren’t likely to get serious interest from NHL clubs until a new CBA is implemented.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Usually the trade and free agent rumor mill starts to pick up by the end of August, as the start of training camp is usually only two weeks away, and teams with roster needs still to be addressed start making moves. Free agent activity has slowed to a crawl since mid-July, and trades have been non-existent. This trend is expected to continue throughout the remainder of this month.

If business starts to pick up by the end of this month or early-September, it’ll be a clear indicator a new CBA could be close to getting done. Otherwise, we can expect things to get quieter.

In which case, on September 15th, you’ll be seeing CBA rumors in this section, and very little player rumors, except perhaps for those involving speculation over which European teams the locked out NHL players could sign with. 


  1. Morrow should be dealt now so the Stars owner can sign his buddy Doan…as far a Thomas what a nut job ,trade him to the Oilers that should be punishment enough.There will be a lock out that is certain but why if the NHL is in such bad shape why do they fight to keep hockey in the dessert where they cant draw flies. Bettman is a joke that little troll dont have a clue…move some teams to Canada and your problems will be solved and the cap would hit 80 mil in afew years. Players would be happy and the same with the owners why all this BS already. If that doesnt work for you fold the weak then expand in a few Canadian markets in the future its not that tuff …its hard to side with the owners when they sign deals like they did this summer and that offer sheet front loaded are you kidding me.If i was bargaining at those meetings i would say how can you complain when its the Gm’s that are killing the league …

    • I’d hardly call the Oilers a punishment. Schultz picked Edmonton over every other team in the league.They can only improve from here on in & anyone getting on this roster has a chance to play with a really fast paced team full of talented young superstars.The stadium is always full and extremely loud. The city loves their players and team support is thru the roof.Kind of hypocritical to bash the Oilers organization & call for more canadian teams in the same thread.

  2. Leafs just plainly will suck again…

    Go Flames Go!!!

  3. No its a fact ,its a grave yard for players no one good wants to play there thats the truth live with it …its not about the city its about that clown Kevin lowe and how shitty the team is and will be run in the future ,remember pronger and that begging vídeo for Heatly wow was that sad…and by the way tell that monkey lookin owner to keep his ginger kids away on draft day that cant help the cause…

  4. …sigh…

    I remember the good ol’ days when guys would be lining up to bash Snipes and his non-sensical postings. I know it’s summer and all, but where’s the fighting spirit?

    it’s just, the jays are sooo injured right now it’s painful to watch, so i come here for some cheap thrills and nobody wants to throw down. too hot, i guess…

  5. Hey macgruff im new on here ,but dont let that stop you…dont tell me ur a ginge.

  6. Snipes, the only “shitty” thing here is your apparent lack of knowledge regarding current NHL events.

    You really think the Oilers are a “graveyard?” You honestly don’t think that they are in a vastly superior position than any of the time periods of your examples? Seriously? No one is claiming that they’re going to win a Stanley Cup next year but if you truly can’t see the difference between then and now… you’re either a hockey idiot or a brilliant troll who is most likely a very lonely person.

    Maybe you should try commenting on something closer to your thought levels. Ringette perhaps? Tic-Tac-Toe? Either way, get back under your rock and leave the thinking to the big kids, okay? Good boy.