NHL Rumors – August 19, 2012.

An opinion on Roberto Luongo’s status, and concern over another lockout is affecting the UFA and trade market.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports Roberto Luongo wants to play in Florida whenever NHL play resumes and the Canucks are still asking for more than the Panthers are willing to pay. Simmons expects Luongo will be traded but it remains to be seen if he goes to Florida or Toronto.

Will Luongo be dealt this summer?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of late, I’ve read some exhortations from some fans and bloggers for the Canucks to move Luongo now. Quite frankly, there’s no reason to trade Luongo “now”, especially if another lockout is on the horizon. There’s no games being played, and thus no potential awkwardness to disrupt their dressing room. As Simmons noted, at some point the Canucks will move him, and my guess is it could be to Florida if the Canucks are willing to ease up on their asking price.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan observed what little movement there’s been in both the trade and free agent markets, suggesting labor strife could make it more difficult for UFAs like Carlo Colaiacovo, Jason Arnott, Chris Campoli, Dominic Moore, Jaroslav Spacek and Kristian Huselius to land contracts. Koshan also believes it could affect possible trades of Roberto Luongo, Bobby Ryan and Jay Bouwmeester.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: August is usually a quiet month in the NHL. The best of the free agents have been signed, most significant trades have been made and the arbitration hearings are over. This year, however, the threat of another lockout is definitely having an effect upon trades and free agency. I’ve definitely noticed a decline in rumors from the mainstream media in recent weeks. If this gets resolved at the last minute, expect a rash of quick signings and possible trades.


  1. I don’t see the leafs getting luongo. If florida actually wants him, which I don’t understand why they do, they will get him. He will veto any other place if he knows there is a chance for florida. Nothing is going to happen for trades until the cba is done, a gm won’t gamble without knowing what the salaries are going to do and what the cap is

  2. I really don’t see the point of Florida trading for Luongo, they have an excellent young goalie in Markstrom. Any tradeable assets they have should be used to get anything but a goalie!

  3. If Luongo has made it clear he only really wants to go to Florida then what GM in the right mind would want him knowing he really doesn’ want to be there. Even Burke wouldn’t take him. I think the canucks are hooped on this one, especially if the panthers say no we don’t want him, which is what they should do. They have pretty good goalies now and exceptional prospects.
    Roberto, you knew the nature of the game all along, and trades are a big part of it. Yes it’s nice to play close to home or where your wife is from but your making more money per year than 99.9% of the rest of us so suck it, grow up, and go where ever the hell you get traded. If not, put your tail between your legs and retire.

    • Apparently Mike Gillis has publicly stated that Roberto has never indicated where he wants to go. Everyone is assuming with his wife being in Florida, he wants to go there.
      I think the bunch of us are being presumptuous.

  4. So know we will here Luongo could he or could he not. What a baby got pulled because he couldn’t stop the puck. I would do the same if I was the coach. Do anything to win

    • Can you try saying that again in English so that the rest of us can understand it?

  5. With a lockout a likely scenario, I’m doubtful few, if any teams, will be trading for players like Luongo until the new CBA is created

  6. If Toronto trades for Luongo they will throw away what little they manage to build up roster wise. Yet another quick fix that, i feel, has a low rate of success considering how “leaf nation” turn every future/current starting goalie to insecure wrecks…

    • Cujo, Belfour? Lou is what T.O needs a Vet.

      • Cujo was 11 years ago if you don’t count 08/09 when he attended 21 games. Belfour was 6 years ago and he did well two seasons out of three, problem is he was due retirement.

        Lets look at the rest: Raask, thrown away for Raycroft. Raycroft did well but bombed under pressure and scrutiny, his career died and hes in Italy now. Pogge was pegged as the next Crosby of goalies and bombed under pressure and scrutiny, his career died as well and he is also in Italy now. Toskala, who was a started did well too was also chased out of town. Gustavsson tried his best struggling with injuries, luckily he got out in the last second. Now Reimer is on the clock, i am guessing hes done by the end of this season. Expectations are way above his talent and he is quite frankly doomed in “leaf nation”. It doesn’t matter if Toronto trades for Luongo, he will never live up to expectations and there will be a constant flow of anger since he is already overpaid.

        “Leaf nation” get the team they deserve.

        • whats the one thing all those goalies have in common. No exp and very young for a starting goalie. Even younger to be a starter in T.O!

  7. The Canucks have the cap space (if the season begins on time) to go with both Schneider and Luongo and wait until a few teams start struggling then trade him. That could also give the Canucks time to see how Schneider plays as the #1 goalie with Luongo being the back-up. If by chance Cory struggles they still have Luongo to step in and everything returns back to normal, except what Vancouver could have gotten in return for Schneider in a trade has gone into the Dumpster.
    If (as I believe the owners wanted all along) a lock-out happens then everything gets put on hold, except that starting the season without Kessler becomes moot.
    The main problem that the Canucks needed to address in the off-season has still not been addressed and that is scoring. It wasn’t so much keeping the puck out of the net but rather putting it into the other teams cage.

  8. Luongo sucks lets face it , his contract is brutal and that limits teams …If they can get him off the books just do it already that opens up options .If he couldnt get it done in Van. why would that change else where??? Oh I forgot he was the team captain ,what a leader… Just give him the “C” in florida because no one will notice.

  9. Lyle is right, there is no impetus for the Canucks to move Luongo right now….other than to move past the whole situation. Everything I have read has indicated that Van and Luongo have created a situation where they will not got any where near market value. In my opinion the Canucks should be grateful to take any deal where they dont have to take significant contract in return. No matter how “tough” a line Gillis takes, he is holding absolutely no cards. I agree with many here wondering how serious Florida is interested in Luongo, why they would want him makes no logical or fiscal sense to me. Toronto? well Toronto is Toronto and who knows what the hell they will do….

    As for player movement, why in the world would any team agree to take on any more contracts until this situation is resolved. Despite the players hail mary proposal the reality is that things are going to change, drastically, and no matter how insignificant, every contract will affect the team moving forward after the CBA is signed.

  10. Nobody wants that contract.If he is not bought out somehow,he will be a Canuck forever.They signed the deal live with it.

  11. The Canucks suck and Luongo is stuck,but it looks like no hockey this year anyway so College football and the NFL will make more in roads into those ” on the fence” hockey fans.NASCAR,NBA,PGA,PBA,and anything else the media can throw at us oh yeah a presidential election here in Amerika oh boy! More debates!

  12. i don’t know why people are so stuck on the idea that Luongo is untradeable, he’s only a couple of years removed from leading the Canucks to within one game of winning the Cup and the 3 wins they got in the finals (in 2 of those he shutout the Bruins) were directly because of him. there were a lot of reasons why they didn’t win but the lack of goal support, injuries and inconsistent officiating were chief among them.
    as for horrendous contracts how about Scott Gomez’s? he makes $7.3 million and not only did Glen Sather convivce Bob Gainey to take him but he gave the Rangers his best defensive prospect at the time Ryan McDonagh, think the Canadiens made a mistake there? of course they did but they were desperate enough for a top centerman that they were willing to take a chance.
    all it will take for the price teams are willing to pay for Luongo to go up is an offseason injury to a top goalie or a team to get off to a bad start and the GM to start feeling the heat to make a deal. make no mistake a goalie with Luongo’s pedigree as the goalie for the last Olympic Gold Medal team, and as a strong contender for the Vezina several times in the last 5 years doesn’t come along very often and there’s no other goalie with even close to his achievments available.
    the poker game between Gillis, Burke and Tallon would change dramatically should one or two other GM’s decide they need to upgrade their goaltending and express an interest in Luongo, at that point it’ll change from a waiting game to a bidding contest.

    • Officiating gripe holds no water. It’s rediculous to suggest that the Nucks are the only team affected by it. Lou is over rated and over paid.

  13. The Canucks will eventually trade Luongo because he has asked to be traded nearer to his Florida home. The Canucks don’t need to trade him and if the right deal isn’t offered up then they will simply keep him and platoon him with Schneider until it does. The only weakness the Canucks need to address is 2nd line center until Kesler comes back and that can be done as quickly as a phone call and it won’t require a trade of Luongo to get it. Both Tallon and Burke are putting their jobs on the line this season and if they failt o make the playoffs they will be gone. Luongo would put either of the teams into the playoffs, so Mike, sit tight, they will come to you.

  14. The rumour I’m hearing here is that Burke only kept his job because of the sale of Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment to Rogers/Bell.
    The teachers union, who used to own the Leafs, didn’t care about the team, it was all about making money and they made huge money.
    The story I’m hearing is Burke has this year to finish his changes and make the playoffs or he will be shown the door. I figured that meant he would be willing to take on a big contract like Big Lou.

    Big Lou doesn’t suck. He has been on a team that is really good, but unable to close it out. He is a career .919 goalie (average). I can name at least 10 teams who would love to have a goalie that is that consistent.
    Even if you don’t like the guy you have to give him credit for that.
    Maybe the problem with the Canucks is how fragile their forwards are. They don’t play a physical game so they are easy to move off the puck. (playoff hockey)
    In the playoffs he had 700+ shots taken at him in 25 games.
    Now I’m not a Big Lou mark, but give the “he sucks” stuff a rest. He has show to be one of the top goalies his entire career.
    Mind you he is being a bit of a baby by choosing to run away when he gets some competition for his job, but that is all ego IMHO.

  15. @Mark, what do you mean the officiating gripe holds no water? Then what the heck are the Refs therefor then? Either apply the rules the league has set or just get rid of them. The officiating during that series was an absolute joke.

    • Officiating had nothing to do with why the Nucks lost, as suggested. The better team steam rolled them.

  16. Lou is the 10th highest paid goalie in the league, with top 5 stats. Most wins since the Lock out. Has done alot more then 3/4 of the goalies that get paid more then him.

    I have posted the list before but I can’t wait for him to get traded and put up another 35 win season on a weaker team then Nucks. ( and I don’t mean physically weaker because I would say the nucks are at the top of that list.)

  17. Right on Eddie. Good post(s).

  18. All of Tallon’s “plans for the future” will be wasted if he signs Lou and gives in to the Nucks demand for Bjukstead. The kid is the real deal. I’ve seen him play for the gophers. Lou is going downhill and he was never a money player. the Panthers need scorers NOW!. Last year was a fluke,winning their division and their rivals in their division all got stronger over the summer. Keep the current goalie status as is. The Panthers defense is solid, the offense needs help. No legitimate 35 goal scorer on the roster.

    • @Jeff S
      just as an FYI.

      Last year in the playoffs, Lou was pulled and CS came in. CS let in 4 goals in 3 games…and lost two of them. Why?

      Cause they couldn’t put the puck in the net. That is not a goal tending issue!

      Both these goalies have been stealing games for years, Lou longer than CS, but both are quality. CS just needs more time to show it.

  19. I gotta say it again, the Nucks window of opportunity to win a cup now is approx 2 yrs, then the Sedins Contract expires, plus they are 2 yrs older. Put it this way for any deficiencies they may have, they each are 100 pt players right now. If they were to leave who would replace them?…….

    Lou went from captain 2 yrs ago to whipping boy. Sorry I dont buy it. Those trade made @ the deadline weakened the team and put it off balance.

    Trade Schneider (Islanders for Travis Hamonic, Nabokov + some prospects), really solidify the D, and go for it with Lou in net. Schneider is tradeable right now, Lou is not. Go with the flow, dont fight it.