NHL Rumors – August 22, 2012.

Sabres believed behind big offer to Shane Doane, Sergei Samsonov attempting an NHL return, and figuring out where Mark Fistric fits on the Dallas Stars blueline.

Sabres made expensive offer for Doan.

ESPN.COM’s John Buccigross reported via Twitter claiming “Was told tonight that Buffalo”s four year, 30 million dollar offer to Shane Doan is legit. Coyotes only want to go two years for now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been rumored for weeks it was the Sabres which were the mysterious Eastern Conference team which made that crazy, huge contract offer to Doan. The Sabres currently have just over $61.542 million invested in 23 players, but also must re-sign RFA forward Tyler Ennis. If they succeeded in signing Doan to a $7.5 million per season contract, it wouldn’t leave much cap space to re-sign Ennis and leave enough space for other moves during the season. If the new CBA results in a lowering of the salary cap ceiling without a significant rollback of salaries, it could force the Sabres to dump salary.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika examines where defenseman Mark Fistric fits onto the Stars blueline this season, suggesting if Fistric were to be dealt, he might fetch a second and a third round pick.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Igor Larionov, the agent for former NHL winger Sergei Samsonov, said his client would get a tryout contract with the San Jose Sharks.

CSNNE.COM’s Joe Haggarty reported via Twitter: “Just heard from Sergei Samsonov’s agent Neil Abbott. Theres been no deal w/Sharks as of yet. Theyre speaking w/several teams about Samsonov”.


  1. So 7.5 for Doan and 4.5 Leino? How is that smart? If this is true Doan should go after that 30M.

    Maybe Sabres are willing to trade Leopold or even Sekera for a pick or a prospect to the Flyers.

  2. I would imagine that a successful Sabres bid for Doan would result in them moving a salary out, such as the aforementioned Leopold, in order to fit Ennis and his new contract into the cap structure. The Sabres also have to re-sign Cody Hodgson who is entering the last year of his entry-level deal. They would have Regehr and Leopold coming off the books around the same time though, and that would clear just over $7M of space under the cap for next summer.

    If I were the Flyers and could get Leopold for less than a 2nd rounder, I’d do that. He’s a solid defender. Not flashy, but he does a lot of little things right, has good coverage in his own end and usually makes a good first pass out of the zone.

    Another name being thrown about the rumour mill is Yannick Weber. Philly should be kicking the tires on him too. Right handed shooter with a cannon and some offensive touch. Might need to polish his defensive game a little, but should be fairly affordable as a trade candidate.

    • I thought the offer was made by the Sabres and the reason being is because they were looking for leadership, grit and a mentor for their youngsters. You really can’t put a price on those Drureyisk type of assets. But, I think there is still a player that can bring those tangibles to the Sabres at a reasonable price – Arnott. But than again, I could see the Doan deal freeing up Stafford to be traded. I can’t see us doing a deal with Philly, but it might make sense to trade Philly Leopold and we take back Read in exchange.

      I guess the bottom line is that the Sabres made the offer, it probably won’t happen and it really doesn’t matter either way. The great thing is that we can even make an offer like that – and that is a big step in the right direction. We have some really good assets that Darcy can work with to get us what we need.

  3. If the Sabres signed Doan for that amount, it would be a big hit on their salary cap, even if they move out other salarly. Four years for a player of his age is ludicrous.

    Their getting a big money owner has not helped them one iota in the standings.

  4. If they really only want a 2nd for Fistric, the Pens should definitely do that. They have a hole since they lost Z. However, this years draft is supposed to be very good.

    • Read the article again Jose, the writer believes Fistric could fetch a 2nd round pick AND a 3rd round pick. I think that might be a little rich for Fistric, but desperate teams call for desperate measures sometimes.

      • Sorry, I thought it said a 2nd or a 3rd, my bad. I think someone like the Flyers would do that, they pretty much offered up 4 1sts for Weber. Pens don’t usually trade their draft picks, so I doubt that they would. That is the right thing to do, hold on to draft picks. I’ve always thought of Fistric and Grossman as 2 very similar players, in both skill and playing style. Is that a fair assessment?

        • Of course the Pens hold onto their draft picks- picking 1st or 2nd overall every year for half a decade makes that a worthwhile course of action. But most teams would trade four Angelo Espositos for Shea Weber.

          • I was talking about the Shero era. After a full season under him, we have not picked above the 20th pick (not including the pick in the Staal deal). That was Craig Patrick’s picks. We gave up on Espesito too quickly, he had some mad skills. Oh well, we got Dupuis for him, so it all worked out. Pens will always pick below 20, unless they make a trade, but Shero keeps them anyway.

    • Mark Fistric, in my humble opinion, doesn’t fetch a second rounder period. I think a third round pick is more than enough unless a team is desperate.
      Writer Heika thinks he doesn’t fit, and I believe it is a talent issue.
      I must be missing something though: Just who in their system or in their signings is filling the defense is they subtract another?
      NHL teams like to have 8 -10 players who can someway fill as substitutes if need be. I guess they expect Brenden Dillon, or the raw Jamie Oleksiak to make a seamless transition to the fastest league in the world?
      Just saying…

      • if not ” is ”
        … if they subtract another?

  5. Stevie, you must be out of your freaking mind. Leopold for Matt Read? Is this real freagging life?

    • I kind of have to agree with nitro on this one. One year of Jordan Leopold doesn’t equal Matt Read. A B-level prospect or pick should suffice with the plethora of young defenseman vying for ice time with the Sabres.

      • I saw Leopold when he was on the Pens a few years ago. He was terrible. He was on our bottom pair and was a consistent scratch. Then again, we did have a better D corpse then (Gonchar, Orpik, Letang, Goligoski, Eaton and McKee were our top-6, and Leopold and Skoula were our 7th and 8th appropriately). He is worth maybe a 3rd liner. Maybe.

        • He’s got 10 goals in each of his lady two seasons you said it well that you guys had a very deep d pool he’s a solid dman who plays well in his own end and can add a bit of offense as well

    • he is a typical Sabres homer … always wants to trade trash for teasure …

  6. Leopold for read is a reach what about Leo Adam and a third/second for briere would flyers fans make that deal?

    • Philly need help on their D – Leopold would be a good addition – but in all seriousness – I don’t see Bflo doing a deal with Philly. As much as I would like to have Danny back, I think that ship has sailed. If anything, I see the Sabres doing something with a Western team – Wasn’t there a rumor a little bit ago about Gagner and Paajarvi for Leopold and someone else. I think it would be a great deal – you could include Stafford in the deal.

  7. Wait a minute. Evgeny Malkin…the reigning Hart, Ross and Lindsay trophy winner, and a former Conn Smythe winner…makes an average of $8.7 million a year on his current contract. He just turned 26. Buffalo is considering paying a guy who’s going to be 36 this October and who has never won…anything of note in the NHL…$7.5 million a year for 4 years?!?!?!? Are they absolutely delirious?!?!?!? Doan’s career high in goals is 31 (he’s only broken 30 TWICE), his career high in points is 78, his best year in the last 3 was a 60 point (20G, 40A) effort 3 years ago, and in 14 NHL seasons, he’s played more than 7 games in any one playoff year a grand total of once. Heck…his teams have only made the playoffs in half of the seasons that he’s played…which makes me wonder how you evaluate his leadership when it actually matters. Given all of this…why are Sabres fans not completely horrified at the possibility of paying him that much for that long? And lastly…not that I feel that the players are paragons of fiscal responsibility…but how is anyone supposed to be anything but absolutely aghast at how the owners have comported themselves since the last CBA? They got the cap…they got the salary rollback…and then they’ve turned around and lost their collective minds. Unreal.

  8. It wont matter at all for Buffalo when Ville Leino is in the AHL.

    Thomas Vanek ($7.143m) / Cody Hodgson ($1.667m) / Jason Pominville ($5.300m)
    Tyler Ennis ($3.000m) / Mikhail Grigorenko ($1.775m) / Shane Doan ($7.500m)
    Drew Stafford ($4.000m) / Steve Ott ($2.950m) / Nathan Gerbe ($1.450m)
    Kevin Porter ($0.538m) / Cody McCormick ($1.200m) / Patrick Kaleta ($1.250m)
    John Scott ($0.600m) /
    Robyn Regehr ($4.020m) / Tyler Myers ($5.500m)
    Jordan Leopold ($3.000m) / Christian Ehrhoff ($4.000m)
    Andrej Sekera ($2.750m) / Adam Pardy ($2.000m)
    Alexander Sulzer ($0.725m) /
    Ryan Miller ($6.250m)
    Jhonas Enroth ($0.675m)
    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $70,200,000; CAP PAYROLL: $67,292,023; BONUSES: $1,700,000
    CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $2,907,977

  9. Briere has custody of two kids. He is divorced. He has full NTC and NMC. He is going nowhere.

  10. @Stormcrow

    I like the set up, except for a few little details.

    Starting on the D. I think Ehrhoff will pair with Sulzer. They have had great chemistry. Does that make Leopold expendable?

    The forwards seem to be a little off. I can see a big trade or lopsided trade with Anaheim. They move Leopold, Gerbe, Leino(dump), a pick and a minor league guy all for Ryan. The minor league guy and Leopold being the focus of the trade. That being said, I also see Foligno up for the entire year. Ennis moves to the middle between Doan and Ryan and they become the first line. OR Cody gets the nod on the first line with Ennis between Pommer and Vanek.
    Mikhail Grigorenko becomes the third line centre with Ott back on the wing where he belongs.
    I can also see in particularly tough games, Ott drops to the Fourth line with Kaleta to stir it up against everyone. Kickin A$$ and taken names.

    To me that gives us 3 dangerous lines and a punch em in the throat line. Much nicer than in years past and if they can’t get it done with this…its time to shuffle the coaching staff.

    How does that sound??

    • @The Man_Oss I am not a Sabres fan but what you stated would make sense. I am not sure if Anaheim would go for that trade, I think that the minor league guy going back would have to be Gurgensons(sp?). Either way, the Sabres should be in better shape this year than last even if they don’t get Doan.

      • You are probably right, but I don’t see Gurgle going anywhere.

  11. Sabres would trade stafford if they signed doan. Wouldn’t be hard to trade him and he would be very expendable if they got Shane Doan because they are both Right Wingers. There is no way Stafford wouldn’t get top 2 line time as they would already have Pommer and Doan and there is no way they wouldn’t want to get Ennis signed. Also no way they are moving any of there high payed D-men, not that there wouldn’t be a market but just the fact they need them.