NHL Rumors – August 28, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, no significant trade plans for the Penguins, musing over a possible Thornton-Samsonov reunion, and the Red Wings contract offer to Carlo Colaiacovo gets mixed reviews from Wings fans.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports the Canucks remain in the running for Shane Doan, whose agent recently said his client would sign a contract before the current CBA expires on September 15. The Canucks have made Doan an offer and Kuzma suggests it isn’t a stretch to assume the cap hit of $6.1 million for Daniel and Henrik Sedin is the bar. Kuzma mused over the potential roster flexibility signing Doan could bring the Canucks, as well as determine the type of return the Canucks would seek for Roberto Luongo.

Could Doan re-sign with the Coyotes?

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Josh Yohe reports the Penguins have also made an offer for Doan, but GM Ray Shero claims the winger has made it clear his intention is to remain with the Phoenix Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Doan were only interested in getting the best offer, he’d have signed with another club by now. It’s obvious he wants to re-sign with the Coyotes, whose arena deal between the league and the city of Glendale was extended another 30 days to allow prospective buyer Greg Jamison to purchase the club. There’s been rumors the sale is nearly complete and could be announced by mid-September, which would tie in nicely with the stated intent of the Doan camp to sign a new contract before September 15.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Dave Molinari reports Penguins GM Ray Shero’s wish of landing a top six forward and an elite defenseman have been hampered by the lack of availability of such players as well as the ongoing CBA talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect any significant trades to take place for the Penguins – or any other NHL team – until there’s a new CBA in place.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz wondered if San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton might be reunited with his former Bruins teammate Sergei Samsonov, who is attempting an NHL comeback.  His agent said he’s spoken with several teams, and Kurz writes the Sharks could be one of those teams. GM Doug Wilson declined to comment.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage reports news of the Red Wings offering a two-year contract to UFA defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo has been met with mixed results from Red Wings fans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word if Colaiacovo is close to signing with the Wings.


  1. Well im no so quick to judge this move, i wasnt sure of white last year and that turned out to be very good. I actually like Carlo. Our depth at D is weak at best and we are not going to make it stronger with a rookie we need some experience becuase of losing Stuart and Lidstrom. So i dont hate the idea. But who cares there isnt going to be hockey any way

  2. Today news Doan tommorrows news Doan. Once he has signed then it will be news.

  3. pens should trade for setoguchi and sign a shut down defender or trade martin and a prospect/pick for setoguchi and stoner…..thoughts??????

    • which free agent shut down defender do you want the Pens to sign? oh, that’s right, there are none available …

    • Crap

  4. I think I might have a better shot of making the Sharks roster than Samsonov!

  5. what a joke this dude doan is..just stay in phoenix and sign already. another primadonna.

    • Are you just trying for a reaction with that comment? There’s so much ignorance in that one little line.

      You realize Doan is a free agent, right? He can choose when, where and how he signs a contract. Every team in the league is aware of the situation, and you can bet he has a second choice lined up if the sale of the Coyotes to a local owner falls through.

      Perhaps you should brush up on the definitions of “joke” and “prima donna.” It’s questionable whether you know the meaning of these terms.

    • I agree, the team isn’t going to move this season (if there is hockey) so just sign a one year deal.

      The problem is with every year that passes his value decreases so he is trying to find something in that 3 – 4 year range. And with this Jamison guy having a hard time buying this team for whatever reason he wont sign that 4 year deal there just to be moved to Quebec City or any other town the team relocates to.

      • another issue is that this IS Doan’s year. he is the remaining big fish. not only does he want a 3-4 year deal because each passing year will lower his payday due to his age and declining performance but also because he’s able to take advantage of desperate teams. no way he gets a 7.5 million deal any other year no matter his age.

        i just don’t see him signing a one year deal.

  6. I like what Doan is doing and the loyalty he is showing the Phoenix Coyotes. He wants to stay with Phoenix, he has made that eminently clear, but only if the Coyotes can stay in Phoenix, if not he will sign with another club. He made a tour of a number of cities, always telling the prospective clubs that his first priority was Phoenix. He even set a date for the new owner to get all his ducks in a row to purchase the club and if the deal fell through then he would sign elsewhere, most likely with one of the clubs he met with.
    If it was only about the money he would probably be signed with Buffalo (guessing they were the ones to make the huge offer) and that would be that but as a loyal teammate as well as a stand up guy he is sticking to his word and waiting until September 15th to make his decision.
    If by chance Doan doesn’t sign with Phoenix I personally would like to see him in a Canucks jersey. He would bring and add something to the team that hasn’t been there since Trevor Lyndon and Stan Smyl were there and that is class, leadership and guts.
    Now about that Luongo guy………..

  7. I have to be honest, I am a bit surprised at the intensity of the interest in Doan. I too applaud his character in wishing to stay in Phoneix, though I think it is much less about loyalty to a franchise than to his family and his ranch. Some of the offers being thrown around, are honestly some of the worst deals offered this summer, and I thought it would be tough to beat Wideman.

    I understand Doan has a reputation as a good guy and a good leader, but given his age and future stats, I defer to the Great Ones quote about players who were great in the dressing room…….”who cares, what can they do on the ice”

  8. I don’t think that Shane Doan would be someone the Great One would think that couldn’t also help out on the ice as well as in the room. He has averaged over 20 goals and 30 assists since he has been in Phoenix, including his last three years. Last year he didn’t show many signs of aging while notching 20 goals and playing in 79 of the teams 82 games.
    Some 35 year old hockey pros play like they are going on 50 while others play like they are just turning 30 and I put Doan in the later category.
    Any team out there’s could use a 20 goal man no matter what his age, but add character and leadership to the mix and that ups the ante.
    I would expect his family and why he enjoys the Phoenix area to cause him to want to remain a Coyote but come the end of the day he will do, as we all would, what is in his and his family’s best interests.

  9. I’m a Sharks fan and don’t put a lot of stock in what Kevin Kurz’s musings contain. He’s the junior reporter covering the Sharks and we often see some rather pointed, somewhat disdainful reactions from the more experienced members of the local press after he has posted his “speculation du jour”. Doug Wilson doesn’t even bother to respond. Comcast pushed him really hard last season as the “new Sharks insider” who was going to get the stories that others couldn’t, that must have rankled the more experienced members of the press that actually have inside sources. Must be a hard place to be….

    • Their is one of those guys in every city. Trying to make a name for himself with baseless speculation and putting his opinion out there as if someone else cares. Terrible thing is they’re making a living doing it.

  10. Agree with Captain Ahab,

    A lot of players can put up 20 goals, but few have all the other characteristics that Doan has, and brings to the team on and off the ice. While I am tiring of all the drama, speculation, and criticism of him signing or not signing, the reality is, whatever team he ends up with will be much better for it, and you cannot say that about every player..

  11. so many people (Like myself) hat e what doan is doing. STOP READING AND COMMENTING

  12. Why are fans so dumb? You don’t like reading about a man that has made something of himself and wants what everyone wants in stable and secure job and place to end his career in as well as do what’s best for his family… Dona and other hockey p,ayers are people first and players second, some of you fans need to take your heads outta your asses and stop looking at players like they only exist in NHL12 or whatever distorted view you my have.

  13. I agree with Popeye. I don’t like the new way they did the broadcast last year. Both Kevin Kurz and Brodie Brazil are Ryan Seacrest imitators aiming to lure in young fans. For us old farts just wanting to hear good hockey, they are a waste of time….sort of like some of those clowns over at NBC/ESPN. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some Hockey Night in Canada coverage…..

  14. Well said RonMoore.
    People get all butthurt about a player like Doan taking the time to make the right decision for himself and his family. Why on earth shouldn’t he? Any of us would do the same in his position. And to suggest his situation is some kind of unendurable drama is ridiculous. He has been completely open about his intentions the whole time. The only “drama” is the one created by the media to fill an unusually slow off-season.