NHL Rumors – August 7, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, the Blackhawks, and Bobby Butler.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio noted a recent report in the NY Post claiming Shane Doan was believed to have narrowed his choices to the Rangers, Canucks and Penguins.

Doan holding up other NHL moves?

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW’s Josh Yohe reported via Twitter he would be “surprised if Doan signs with Pens. No way their offer is highest. But he hasn’t scratched them off his list. Interest is mutual.” Yohe also claimed “Many around NHL have told me that Doan situation is holding up a number of other deals. Is Shane Doan really that important? Guess he is.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding that NY Post report, the key word is “believed”. The columnist (Larry Brooks) cited no sources – not even an unnamed one – in his report, leaving me with the impression it was merely speculation. Doan and his agent also haven’t confirmed this. That being said, those three clubs appear the best options for Doan if he decides to part ways with the Coyotes. The Flyers need a top defenseman, not another scoring forward.

As for holding up other deals, other than perhaps a Bobby Ryan trade, I can’t foresee any other significant moves involving forwards between now and the start of training camp (whenever that might be). There certainly isn’t much left in free agency, and Ryan is the only significant forward whose name has appeared in the rumor mill, though there’s been nothing out of Anaheim in weeks to suggest he’s available.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Chris Boden reports he believes Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman could still make a move or two down the road, as he has the pieces to make a trade, but “the combination of the quiet, less-urgent landscape and his (correct) insistence not to make some move just for the sake of making one that won’t benefit the club is part of the gridlock, like it or not.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s the “quiet, less-urgent landscape”, rather than Doan taking his time deciding where to sign,  which I believe has more to do with not just how quiet the Blackhawks have been in recent weeks, but other clubs too. Again, there’s not much talent remaining in the UFA market, and teams aren’t falling over themselves to make trades at this time of year. Once training camp begins (whenever that happens), I believe that’s when we’ll see teams  (like the Blackhawks) more willing to make moves.

METROWEST DAILY NEWS: Dan Cagen recently reported the father of former Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Butler claimed four Eastern Conference teams, as well as teams from Switzerland, Sweden and Russia, have interest in his son. Butler was recently bought out of the final season of his contract by the Senators. Butler would like a one-way deal but would settle for a two-way contract.


  1. If there are any other deals being held up by doan that may be why we haven’t heard anything because there is no sense in the gms talking until their “plan a” falls through. One other player I can see doan affecting forsure is arnott. A team that would settle for less offense and more leadership could turn to him.
    I don’t see why a team wouldn’t take a chance on bulter if he’s willing to accept a two way deal. While his short stint in ottawa he supposedly had upside. Maybe got pushed down the depth chart becuase of his slow profression

    • Why wouldn’t you lay the ground work for plan B? Thats just terrible planning, I’m sure GM’s have plan C and D’s planned.

      And I can’t see Doan holding up a Arnott deal, he’s a 3rd line center, alot cheaper then Doan, and would be a depth signing + leadership.

      Doan is a top 6 signing for more dollars, he brings same leadership ++ skills as Arnott but produces alot more.

      • I’m sure they have a plan x, y and z, but all I’m saying if plan a hasn’t falling through yet there might not be back and forth conversation just a call me if you do anything and so no insiders have been able to hack someones cell phone to hear about a possibly deal.
        Good note below on philly. I know montreal has said they’d match any offer sheet which I’d expect them to but would a young forward such as schen, coutuirer or simmonds be a reason for them to think about moving pk

    • I believe the Coyotes are waiting on Doan. They may be more willing to trade Yandle if Doan doesn’t re-sign with them. And if he does re-sign, they may look into replacing Langkow with a center to be paired with Korpikoski (Toronto?).

  2. If he is still wanting $30M/4 I SERIOUSLY hope that the Pens do not get him. Horrible cap hit for too long for too little in return.

  3. Butler?

  4. On a side note Andrej Meszaros is out indefinitely. Philly needs to make a move to bolster their D. They have lost 3 of there top 4 Dmen and traded/signed Bruno Gervais and Luke Schenn.

    They have some huge holes to fill on D.

    • Agree completely. Losing Meszaros for any length of time is a small scale disaster for Philadelphia’s defense corps. That said, it could be easily remedied by taking a couple UFA names off of the market with reasonable 1 or 2 year deals. Rozsival, Spacek, Colin White and/or Hannan jump out as guys that would be affordable to sign on a short-term deal. Cam Barker and Matt Gilroy would be worth a chance on a risk-reward type of contract. The Flyers also have Bourdon and Gustafsson that could be ready for the NHL as a bottom-pair defender at this point. In terms of cap space, they have just over $3.5M remaining right now. Putting Pronger on LTIR would essentially give them another $4.9M of breathing room. Depending on the Meszaros injury, one would think they would use his $4M of space by putting him on the LTIR list as well. That is a fair amount of space to add a defenseman or two, plus leave some wiggle room for mid-season or deadline trades as well.

      Trading assets for a defenseman doesn’t make sense for Philly with half decent blueliners still available on the UFA market.

      • From what im seeing Pronger is close to retiring. Is there any validity to this or just wishful thinking on Philly’s part?

        • Why would Pronger retire, would this not cancel out his contract ? Isn’t his best option is to stay active on IR and collect on his contract ?

          • Pronger’s also on an over-35 contract, so Philly would be stuck with his cap hit if he retired. It’s in both of their best interests if he stays on LTIR.

      • Agreed regarding the trading of assets for a defensemen. The Flyers need impact D-men, and in order to trade for those types of players, you’re obviously going to have to give up high-end talent. If they wouldn’t give up Schenn and Couturier for Weber, I can’t imagine there is any single defenseman in the league they’d give those guys up for.

    • I wonder if this situation with Meszaros had anything to do with the aggressive nature of the Weber signing and the fact the Flyers weren’t worried about having to adjust their roster to fit him in? In other words…How long have they known about the tendon?

      Another way to look at it..
      If the season is lost once again to Owner/NHLPA stupidity he may be healed in time for “next” season…

  5. The flyers look worse on paper this season than last. If some of their younger talent mature quickly it could work out for them.

    Josh Yohe is typically full of crap by the way. He is typically wrong and just rehashes other peoples work. He is a hack.

  6. I think there are a few UFA’s that could be worth taking a look at Arnott, Moore, Brule and Betts. Out of all, Arnott has really good leadership skills, can score and be a great mentor while Moore on the other hand is good on the PK and can win you faceoffs. I also believe he gives a really good effort each time he is on the ice. Same can be said of Betts. I think with Brule, he just might be worth a look at.

    • I remember the days where the draft preview rankings were saying that Brule might be better than Crosby…

  7. Of course it was Brooks. He says things like that as if it’s a foregone conclusion, and the galling bit is half the time it actually happens. He’s such a crappy reporter.

  8. common DOAN sign with a team already.

  9. while i agree that it’s more like the summer will stay quiet than there will be some movement after doan finally signs, if the penguins don’t sign him i could see them being very aggressive leading up to training camp.

    the moves they made at the draft were unexpected for most so it wouldn’t be the first time they surprised the fans, they still have needs and quite a bit of cap space. if they don’t get the FA winger they want i could see them making a trade for one, maybe someone other than ryan.

    • what do you mean by aggressive

  10. This is where a team like Columbus or Winnipeg could sign a player like Butler, who is a solid 3rd liner and a good 2nd liner. Get him cheap, while he still has a lot of potential to be a decent player. One that is hard working on the PK, and a shutdown guy for the oppositions top 2 lines.

  11. Brooks = Ekland in my opinion.

  12. I think it would a little risky on Anaheim’s part to move Ryan until they know whether Getzlaf and Perry will remain with the club.

    I think Flyers will give tryouts to a bunch of middling D-men in hopes of rounding out their top 6. A trade help but there might not be one out there.

    In terms of needs the Schenn for Van Riemsdyk deal is looking like the truest hockey deal I have seen in a few years.

  13. what will the pens do if they miss out on doan?

    • Be the same I would think. They are fairly well set on forwards, Doan would be the icing on the cake, but not needed to be good. Still hope they sign a Hannan, decent player in his own zone, stays healthy, doesn’t take many penalties, comes cheap and can play 20+ minutes per game. Maybe take a chance on Eaton, health is an issue but he knows the team and they know him. Maybe even Spacek to help even more with the young guys coming up. No matter how you slice it, no more than 2 mill for no more than one year.

      • Sorry, meant to add that D was a more pressing area to consider.

  14. Maybe the Flyers have to look at J BO. They have they cap space with Pronger and Mezaros on LTIR, and he best fits the physical profile they seem to look for. Not sure what they would have to give up though.

    was surprised to see Butler dropped like that. Not that i watch Ottawa, but he seemed to be one of their bright lights only a couple of years ago. A young, decent 3rd line winger for most teams I would think?