NHL Rumors – December 13, 2011.

The Canadiens  have congestion on the blueline, the Islanders aren’t shopping a goalie, Leafs prospect Nazem Kadri being scouted, and Senators assign Nikita Filatov to the KHL.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault reports the Canadiens  have eight defenseman on their roster, thanks to the addition of Tomas Kaberle via trade and Chris Campoli’s return from injury. Campoli is currently used as a seventh defenseman while Yannick Weber is being used as a fourth line forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring further injury, and if Andrei Markov returns before the February trade deadline, the Canadiens could shop a blueliner or two, possibly Campoli or Weber, for more depth at forward.

NEWSDAY: Steven Marcus reports Islanders GM Garth Snow says with at least one of his three goalies sidelined throughout this season by injury, he’s not looking to move one of them. Evgeni Nabokov is set to return from a groin injury but Rick DiPietro has a similar problem.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Snow could change his mind later in the season, but for now it’s the right call to retain them because of the recent injury history, and the best move would be to keep playing Al Montoya, who’s been their best goalie this season.

Kadri a trade chip for Maple Leafs?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports he gets the sense Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri is being “scouted hard”, leading to the conclusion he could be GM Brian Burke’s trade chip.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was a recent report in the Ottawa Sun claiming Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson recently scouted the Toronto Marlies. If so, perhaps he was watching Kadri?  Maybe a Kadri for Derick Brassard swap? Whaddya think, Leafs fans? 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators have assigned forward Nikita Filatov to the KHL for the remainder of the season. They’ll retain his rights while he’s playing there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for Filatov’s second chance to prove himself an NHL player.



  1. Kadri for Brassard is a terrible trade. Some Leaf fans and pretty much all haters seem to think Kadri is a flop…well he isn’t. He’s only 21 and just earned player of the month in the A. Brassard (although is still young and has potential) has been a bit of a let down. After a promising first two seasons, he’s seemed to plateau. I would still take him in a trade for say Lombardi and a mid/low prospect. But trading Kadri would be ludacris. Plus to top it of, adding Brassard would put us over the cap if we didn’t send salary back.

    Lyle, loved your tweet this morning “the stupid! It burns!” I litterally laughed out loud! Good stuff.

    Hate to say I told you so, but I said in the off season Montoya was a beast. I knew by the end of the year he would be the clear cut número uno. Not that I’m physcic, but being right feels good. And letting people know you were right kinda feels even better lol!

  2. I agree with Durt.
    There would have to be more involved because of cap issues but that may mean Kadri/Lombardi for Brassad and no way i do that.
    Fans dump on Kadri because he did not step in out of junior and become a superstar when he never really was.
    Expecting him to be another Taylor Hall was unrealistic.
    He is showing good talent on the Marlies and is NHL caliber while Brassard seems to have maybe gone towards the i got my money and coast.
    Brass might come around with a move but at over 3 million that is pretty risky when Kadri may end the better player.
    I have heard there have been up to 8 scouts at marlie games so i have no doubt Kadri is the guy being looked over so it does not restrict things to Brassard.

  3. How about Lombardi and D’Amigo for Brassard and a pick or prospect. Clb gains 1 mil in salary, but he’s off the books next year. He’d be a good #2 behind Carter.

    On another note, Dumba and Zach Phillips got cut from the WJ team. WTF? Are we THAT deep?

  4. Kadri is at a point a game in the AHL, won player of the month and the coaches there have all been saying that he is finally starting to buy into playing in all 3 zones. I would not move him for Brassard. Kadri will likely be included in any asking price when Burke is looking to get his top 6 forward, so it does not surprise me that multiple teams are scouting not only him, but the rest of the Marlies who are doing very well.

  5. I think that kadri doesn’t fit this “Burke type player” mold and hasn’t been shown any confidence from the Leafs. They are struggling for second line scoring and don’t have this kid up entering season three of AHL time? Thats a sign of no confidence from management. I’m betting they trade him and Liles before the deadline. If they are out of the playoff race by then (if, don’t flame me up) then there will be more trades. Point per game, or close to it, in the AHL means you can play NHL hockey if your gritty and physically large. Otherwise, it just means your a good minor leaguer. There’s a few guys who are excellent AHL players thr can’t do it at the NHL level. I think the TO media put too much pressure on Kadri to walk in and be a seguin type player when he isn’t and the teams from the past two years have stunk. That’s not the kids fault, that’s managements. If not for Kessel and Lupul scoring at will then the Leafs may be lower in the standings due to the same problems: defence and penalty killing. Once they get better defence they can ease up on trying to rush forwards in development.

  6. I would not be surprised if Kadri is the chip Burke will use to try and pry Bobby Ryan out of Anaheim.

  7. Logan Couture played a season and a half in the AHL, and then he was praised upon his arrival. Give Kadri a chance, Leaf fans. I wouldnt trade a player who has that much offensive upseide, a mean streak, and the grit to play a dirtier game. His progression in every league he has played in has always been slow at first and then he explodes once he learns how to be effective. I’d love for the Ducks to have that kind of a prospect in their system. He has ore upside than a Grabovsky did at the same point in their careers.

  8. Kadri and Kulemin to Pitt for Staal. TO get a PK guy and Pittsburg gets Malkin an old friend and Kadri who has unlimited potential.

  9. Could be a different deal all together that’s being looked at. but I get the ipression Burke would move Kadri if satisfied with the return. I, myself, don’t think Kadri was given the time to prove his worth.

  10. Kadri is still developing, trading him now would be such a stupid move, as his trade value is bound to grow over the course of the season, especially if he continues to progress. Derrick Brassard isnt worth more than a 2nd round pick to me, as any team can live without him, and its Columbus whose the team thats pressured to make a move in this situation. Why would we trade a prospect for a worse prospect? If they want Kadri, we want the big boy coming back the other way–Rick Nash. That way they can get a blue chipper and a pick or two to help kickstart their rebuild for selling us their old tires.

  11. I’ve been patiently waiting for the Kadri for Nash suggestion. lol

  12. ENOUGH already Leaf fans, wow Lyle threw it out there and you guys bit hard. Kadri is not going to get you Staal or Nash, Kadri has very little trade value right now. For players of that calibre he would be a throw in just to get the other gm’s to answer the phone.

  13. Everyone is assuming that the scouts were or are watching Kadri. No doubt he holds interest for some teams but more teams are looking for defensive help more than anything else.
    I agree the leafs should just leave Kadri alone and let him develop. The biggest concern is his defensive awareness, which by all accounts is vastly improved with the Marlies. If need be leave him in the minors all year and maybe next, he is only 21 for crying out loud dont give up on him yet.
    Kadri not Burkes type of player, cmon, he is more of a Burke type player than Brassard will ever be. And to give up on Damigo also would be a big mistake. Some players take a little longer to “make it” so give it a rest. Some leafs fans just dont get it, they have had the same mentality as management has over the years. Impatience has been the downfall of the leafs for several years. This new management team wants to build a winner and have taken several steps to move in that direction. To start trading off all their young talent for the present will just push them back into the same old habits. Granted some trades are worth it, but to give up assets of the future for Brassard would be ludicrous.

  14. MR BURKE ….DO NOT TRADE Kadri for Brassard only, you have the worst Penalty kill in the league bring up Kadri and make him skate it out on the penalty kill like Doug Gilmour did in St Louis until he learns the game from that angle …hes got great hands and will get you the odd shorthanded goal guarenteed ….this would be a great insert and help him develope some confidence ..and learn the other side of the puck as well ……………..he deserves to be in the leafs locker room and with the club developing….stop listening to Ron Wilson… Mr . Burke

  15. I agree with SmielmaN.

    I think when the Leafs took Kadri, they took the best player available, not the best player for their team. I think he is very talented, but every time he comes up to the Leafs he gets bounced around like a rag doll. He does not posess the grit or nastiness required of an individual player in the era of the declining role of the enforcer. At some point he will have to assert himself, and I do not see that time coming. As an example Kessel does not really check, but he can take a hit to make a play. Kadri does not seem to be able to give or take NHL level hits very well. I have said for a long time that Kadri is probably part of some blockbuster move by Burke, but he is probably waiting for the right time and the right pieces. There are lots of promising forwards in the pipeline with skill, size and grit that fit the Burke type of player that will be ready when the time comes. D’Amigo, Devane, McKegg, Biggs, Broll….I hope Nazem does well but I do not think it will be with the Leafs.

    @ MOTOCITY, I would love to see Staal to Toronto, but not sure if Kadri and Kulemin would do it. I love Kulemin, but I do not know what is going on with him this year. He is too young in his career to be needing a change of scenery. I think if Pittsburgh want to trade Staal to Toronto ( very remote) they would want a D and a Forward and then some.

  16. I’d take Rick Nash for Kadri in a second..but I doubt that trade would ever take place and certainly not 1for 1 either. The cap hit would be large at $7.8 million plus he’s got a full NMC so Nash would dictate whether he would choose the Leafs. As for the players involved, Kadri’s likely a given; but it really comes down to how much junk Burke can convincingly unload on Howson before he wakes up and realizes he’s getting fleeced and nixes the deal.

  17. The other thing to remember is that with Crosby out and his future up in the air, Pittsburgh is not likely to move Staal for anything until they know what the future holds.

  18. wow Toronto. You guys really are stupid arent you. Staal? Nash? First of all get it in your head. No one wants to play in Toronto. and your not getting any players with Kadri. going to Fargo eh? Go Bruins!

  19. Kadri should not be moved. Leafs need to keep their young ‘uns and hope they turn out – they have a poor draft record and rarely have a prospect pan out. So giving up on Kadri would just show Leaf fans again they cant pick ’em right.

    If the Leafs were to make a trade I dont think Columbus is the team, I would go after Ryan in Anaheim. But than you already have two top wingers tearing it up, what the Leafs really need is a talented centre, and they are not going to find that this early.

    Its too bad that players like Tavares and Nash sign with horrible teams for prolonged periods… I get why they do it but as a Leaf fan it stinks because I really would like to see them get a first rate star on this team… Kessel is good but he is hard to like.

  20. I think a change of scenery for Brassard would be a good thing for him,maybe Columbus can test the trade waves with Minnesota.Brassard played junior hockey with latendresse and could be a good addition for playoff run.

    For sure a few habs defensemen will not be with the team between now and the deadline. I think Gauthier should dangle Cammellari and Kostystyn, to test the waters. The exercise would be to check the temperature of the chemistry in the dressing room. If these two guys are well liked and there teammates get behind them and their rspective games get back on track, then you know the team’s chemistry is good, if there no too much progression in the team’s play, then you know you have a problem. One it shows the players that the GM is not snoozing at the helm and wants to make the team better and the message is coming from someone other than the coach that hear on regular basis. A trick Scotty Bowman would use to send a message to his teams, that he wasn’t happy with there play.I remember him dangling Steve Yzerman’s name around, and knew that his captain would get wind of it and with help from his teammates would get out his slump and the team would come to play better and that was the end it. Yes, it can come have the reverse effect, but most times, the players usually band together and detest the coach before seeing a player go.

  21. @chris. First off, dont lump all leafs fans into the same pile. Granted, some of them are complete idiots but for the most part are just loyal fans who love their team and want to watch their team win a cup or two. You can be all high and mighty because your team are reigning cup champs but to suggest no one wants to play here is just as idiotic as those fans you deplore. Enjoy the cup while it lasts because you wont win another for many years. Your bruins got amaingly lucky last year and that kind of luck does not stick around for long.

  22. Chris,

    Staal or Nash are not going to Boston either. Not for anything.

    This a site that allows speculation, fantasy and reality. If you cannot separate the three, you should probably not come out to play anymore.. instead of just posting to insult people.

  23. @Chris

    it is really funny how a Bruins fan can be so brash about the Leafs when they took 40 years to finally get their cup.
    there are bad fans in every city and you are a bad bruins fan mouthing off and making good bruin fans look bad.
    only fans that are foolish like yourself spell dynasty o-n-e.

    the Stahl/Nash stuff is not going to happen but i am sure many more names will start popping up in January when teams figure out they are done and the salaries are cheaper.
    by February i can see lots of deals all over the place as teams try to set up for the new bargaining restructure.

  24. If Toronto wants to acquire a Ryan, Nash, or Staal type player it will be based around a bigger name than Kadri. Maybe something like Grabovski or Lupul along with Kadri, and a 1st round pick. Think about it, if Kadri was worthy of any of these players on his own, why isn’t he playing in the NHL? And why would Leafs fans want to trade him so bad.

    If the Leafs are smart they won’t make any blockbuster deals this year. Let your players develop for once, build your team from within like most great teams have (Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh).

  25. Spec – You gotta give us an early Christmas present and let us vote on the worst/insanest/whackiest trade rumor for this season…

  26. —Kadri who has unlimited potential
    —-Kadri is the chip Burke will use to try and pry Bobby Ryan out of Anaheim.
    —-Kadri for Nash
    You guys are on crack. Actually, you think it is crack, but it is Borax. God. Watch another team sometime. Is anyone else on here trying to peddle their minor leaguers for a top-liner? Kadri’s biggest problem is that he is 21 and cannot make the big club. Perhaps he will turn out to “make” the bigs (I ain’t saying “thrive in”), but he value is certainly a fraction of what you guys rate him at (actually, apply that statement to all your players). Meanwhile, you have an actual high-end prospect in Frattin. Do any of you recognize a future NHLer when you see one? Look at Frattin. There is a reason he blew Kadri off the depth chart.
    Just wow. OMFG.

  27. Like, you guys respect Lyle’s opinion right? He’s telling you that Brassard (ie damaged goods) is a plausible trade. Guy’s even got NHL points. Get it?

  28. It seems to me its always everyone’s junk for Toronto’s top prospects or Toronto’s top prospect for the other teams top player, its never balanced, GM’s today want balanced trading with attention to the salary cap, it has to be roster player(s) prospect(s)draft picks for the other teams same type of players prospects and picks unless its a player thats gonna be a UFA for junk plus a pick. Its basically how it works in the NHL these days. The Gilmour blockbusters dont happen too often anymore(I know burke pulled one off with Calgary for Phaneuf)but it is a rarity for sure.

  29. The only players on Columbus that the Leafs would trade Kadri for are Rick Nash or John Moore. I don’t see those trades happening any time soon. Most likely a lesser deal, maybe involving Mikus or Holzer who don’t have a clear path to the NHL, or a guy like D’Amigo. The people who think Kadri will be a failure at the ripe old age of 21 are the same ones who said that Bobby Ryan was a bust because he went back and forth between the AHL and NHL for a few years. Lets give him some time shall we? You don’t trade skilled, young players under club control unless you get something very good in return.

  30. TuxedoTshirt,

    Are you a Duck fan? what if Burke pulled off another Lupul type trade with Anaheim and it is Ryan going the other way, would you rant and rave on how the Leafs could manage to pull it off? Everyone basically said that Lupul was a throw in and nobody thought Lupul would do anything but suck in Toronto, well it didnt work out that way, Lupul has come back and the Ducks were schooled by Burke, who says Murray gets fleeced again, him and burke are good trading partners afterall.

  31. Nash is a very expensive player to acquire, it would take a ton of salary to go to Columbus to get him plus Nash does have a NTC so its a very difficult move to make it you’re running the Leafs.

  32. Lupul is having a great season, but I don’t expect him to keep it up. And because he has only done it for a little over a quarter of the season, I wouldn’t exactly say Burke “schooled Anaheim.” Also, I don’t know if I am reading your comment correctly, but are you saying there could be a Lupul for Ryan deal? I hope not because that’s insane. Even Lupul and Kadri for Ryan would be crazy. Maybe Lupul, Kadri, and a 1st round pick, but to be honest I’d still rather have Ryan.

  33. They could be scouting anyone.

    Hockey and chemistry is talked about on these sites but I do not believe it is fully understood. School or work has the same dynamic, you have someone who is a good person, maybe someone that excels beyond most other in their position. Then that person ends up competing with their coworkers/classmates or get into a power struggle with their direct supervisor/teacher. The people above recognize the talent of the individual but can not have that individual upseting the balance of the rest of the team.

    Back to hockey. There are hold outs and distractions to teams, most of the time these are on struggling teams, sometimes they are on good teams and can make them struggle. I do not believe that this is the case here, nor am I privy to Nazem’s or Leafs Management’s thoughts. I do believe however that the media has once again caused a stir that should not exist here, by over valuing the kid and making him too big for his britches. He was drafted high (but so were many 3 and 4th line players) but he has been moderate in the NHL. The media has made him out to be a star. It is not his fault that he exudes confidence but it can piss off older teammates.

    Nazem may remain a Leaf, he may go on to do great things, but he has to rememeber that he hasn’t done it yet and that he must tread humbly.

    If Columbus was trading Nash, they’d probably be looking for Kadri, Colbourne, maybe Lombardi or a young defenseman and taking Komisarek as a cap equalizer

  34. Kadri for Brassard, probably won’t happen straight up at this point. But near there anyways.
    Kadri for Brassard + Second or Third; would most likely be the deal.

    One thing I love about Leaf fans, is the up and down value of Kadri in their books. Like, when he gets sent down, he’s a scrub that will at best be a third liner or AHL player… but all of a sudden when teams are looking at him, he’s worth literally any player on that other team.
    Kadri for Carter, Nash and 2 firsts… Seems legit? Or wait, did he get promoted and demoted recently? If so Kadri for your 6th round pick.

  35. Lesson of the day, talk about Toronto and earn mad hits :)

    Kadri+Kule for Staal is a trade that makes sense is Kuli gets his game back.

  36. Actually, I like the Ducks, but they’re not my team. But I have actually watched them enough to know that Ryan for Kessel is more likely to happen. Me and the rest of the intelligent hockey people know Ryan is an elite player that hasn’t totally matured yet. This year the whole team is struggling. I knew Lupul would be good in Toronto, but Anaheim needed D and to save money (they are on a budget). Beauchemin is twice the player in familiar Anaheim that he was in Toronto. But if the Leafs did “win the trade” (and by the way, GMs don’t think of it that way), why does that make it MORE likely to happen again? Ryan was drafted just after Crosby. The asking price when he was on the block was incredibly high (like what you want for Kadri) and that’s why he stayed put…..plus the rumor was an attempt to motivate him.

    @ Durt…..being named AHL player of the month is a great step towards getting your career back on track. That is, BACK on track, cause his development is sputtering, like Brassard (who might have benefitted from the AHL treatment that Kadri is getting). From what I have seen of Kadri, it looks like Burke, Wilson, and LeafsNation have done a number on his confidence. He looked stronger this pre-season, and in the right environment can probably become a 2nd line scorer/play-maker, if he can stay healthy and gain confidence. I don’t have a crystal ball. But I do know that guys like that are not very rare. And just look at the guys who have emerged from obscurity as legitimate NHLers; Josefson, Read, Henrique…..they are not highly touted, but they can actually play. I get that you have seen a lot of Kadri, and believe in him, but the trade value just isn’t anywhere near what your brethren think (and believe me, I have a lot of sympathy for a guy who’s fellow fans are fools).

  37. I sometimes wonder if these leaf fans watch any hockey other then toronto games. Kadri for Nash, kadri for stall. Come on, how stupid can you be? When leaf fans say shit like that, it shows how much they lack any hockey sense. The leafs have not made the playoffs in six years, soon to be seven. That should tell you that nobody on that team is worth anything, nevermind some of the best players in the world

  38. Tux, I agree that Kadri doesn’t have the trade value most think he does. But, his developement isn’t “sputtering”. There are lots of players from the 2009 draft that haven’t made the big leagues yet. Glennie, Kassian, Ellis all come to mind. If my team aquired any of those players in a trade (hypathetically of course) I wouldn’t think we got an over rated piece of $hit because he hasn’t made the NHL yet, I would think we got a nice prospect. Same goes with Kadri. I mean, I’ve seen hundreds of people here stroke Brayden Schenns ego here, he finnaly made the bigs this year, why was he so touted? Look how long it took him to make it. The truth lies between the two extremes, Kadri’s not a flop, and he’s not landing an elite player on his own. He’s going to take a few years to establish himself as a full time player. Not because of a lack of skill, but because of his style of play. He’s a finness player who needs to develope a better sense on the attack, meaning he needs more experience in iddentifying whether to stick handle or dump it when skating through the nuetral zone. He’s gaining that experience now, in the NHL he would have his confidence handed to him by the media microscope and have him second guessing his every move. He will develope in the A, and probably be a solid second liner in the future. That doesn’t make him
    So to recap, I agree with you on his potential, and that some of my bretheran overvalue his TRADE value. I disagree the being in the A is hurting his confidence, and that his career is sputtering.

  39. Parise has to be traded at the deadline.
    Just saying New Jersey would be crazy to let him walk for nothing.
    Like Dallas let Richards go. They couldv’e got a nice package last year.

  40. Oh and whoever said Burke didn’t school Anahiem in the Lupul trade is on crack cocaine. Burke is the trade master, that was just ONE of his master strokes. And not only because Loops may have slightly inflated point totals because he plays on a top line with Kessel, or because Gardiner is looking great but still unproven, but because Beauch had zero trade value before the deal. Nobody wanted him, not even us, that’s why it was lop sided, Beauch was having a terrible season and not adjusting well, Burke got a very nice prospect and a top 6 winger…why do I have to defend that???

  41. To ALL people who think Kadri is a bust, I guess then you could make a case for Glennie, Kassian, Ellis, LeBlanc, Caron, Palmieri, Carter Ashton and Calvin DeHaan all being Tremendous dissapointments. I guess they are all “throw ins” on any deal. Get a clue people, players develope…that’s hockey.

  42. As usual Durt is right on the money and another Tux posting is … well … just throwing around a lot of hot air trying to lump a few misinformed Leaf fans in with all the other educated Leaf fans.

    Hey Tux how about Bozak for Nash or better yet Bozak for Ryan since you are so high on Boz. Come on it’s a top line guy for a top line guy!!! It’s your dream trade to have him playing for the Ducks…

  43. I went through the entire blog and couldn’t find one post that says to trade Kadri straight up for Nash or Ryan or who ever, from a Leafs fan. Every post says “could be part of a deal” or “in a blockbuster” other then Mickey that said “if Kadri is the chip Burke will use to try and pry Bobby Ryan out of Anaheim.” but I take that as one of a few chips otherwise I believe he would have said a straight up deal one for one. I don’t think any Leaf fan suggested or would think Kadri would yield a top line NHL player. So calm the @#$% down…

  44. Some pretty solid suggestions being made here, I guess we’ll see if they come to fruition….

  45. @leaf gm
    I like your call on how to use Kadri. He has similar size and better skills than Dougie had at the same point in their careers. No I don’t think Kulemin and Kadri would be enough to land Staal but it was a trade idea thet always interested me. The only players on the Marlies I would value greater would be Colbourne and Finger

  46. Tux is the reverse of some dreamer leaf fans,he is the anti leaf dreamer with reverse rose coloured lenses.
    Tux you say Ryan is still maturing,so does that mean Kadri is not,and yet still younger.
    lets not forget ryan needed time in the minors to find his game.
    Frattin looks good but also remember he is more mature mentally and physically due to college years.
    Ryan for Kessel? what would that accomplish?
    BTW,Ryan’s talent is not the big issue when the Ducks poke around for a trade,he apparently is a bit of a head case which by coincedence is the knock on Kadri.
    But i understand knocking the leaf nation every chance you get,being out west it is in your blood.
    i have relatives in calgary and they still will not admit Burkie stole them blind and that the Flames are still a good team,lol.

  47. Good points TopRight!!!

    I have to wonder what it would take to pry Stall out of Carolina? I would think Rutherford is looking for youth which we have plenty of…

  48. Okay okay okay…..one at time.

    @ TopRight – Western bias. Yes and yes, confirmed (and yes it bothers me that you all talk shite about stuff that goes on past your bedtime, lol – half-kidding). Oh and yeah, I know a lot of Calgary fans that had a pretty good feeling about this year…..I was speechless, other than “mmhmm”. I don’t hate the Leafs. And I know every fan over-rates their own players…it is forgivable. Suffice to say that I’m still not over hearing “Kadri and Aulie for Ryan” last week. I don’t knock the Leafs every chance I get….I’m sure someone can vouch that I am fair and cheer for them.

    @FireWilson – Lumping you all together. Yes. Admitted. Basically, since I read someone say “Ryan, he’s basically a Kulemin”….I just see red when I read anything that touches on Leaf players. As for Ryan being a headcase and immature in the same way as Kadri….279GP (that’s NHL), 115 G, 103 A…..end of story. Already a real NHLer, and STILL immature….as in, still has elite years in front of him, not “servicable 2nd liner” years, elite. So yes, everyone who offered less than Kessel is out to lunch.

    @ Durt – Durt, Durt, Durt…….where to begin. Your Kadri crusade is using me as straw-target the same as I use FireWilson in regards to Bozak. I’m not down on him like you think I am….it’s just that the other guys you named have had actual successful call-ups, whereas he has struggled. You’re right that I can’t really say he is sputtering, cause each player is different. Some of the good rookies I mentioned are 25. I think your estimation of him is balanced, but I think his trade value has suffered to the point that he is more project than blue chip.
    As for the Lupul trade, yes of course it worked out really well for the Leafs and you don’t have to defend it. My point is that the Ducks knew exactly what they were doing. They dumped a big contract for a streaky guy with a long rehab in front of him and got a Dman that they knew would return to form. Gardiner was redundant with the offensive D prospects in the system. They are on a really tight budget. It didn’t work amazingly well, but I don’t think they’re crying about it. I really don’t think GMs look at trades a year or two later and go, “whoa, we sure won or lost that one”. A great example is Grabner…..I am certain that he only could have thrived on the island, after being waived for poor conditioning and getting a wake-up call.
    Probably missed a few key responses, but you can all flame me later.

    Anyway, you guys are a hoot. You should name off a few more franchise players that can be had for a bag of spare parts and unwanted guys and then write up the new depth chart and call it sick. C’mon, I know these are your fan-brethren, but you should be able to laugh at some of this.

    TopRight- for the last time……Bozak came off the free pile, just appreciate it; your attitude would be justfied if you had paid through the nose or something. His speed is a big factor in the line’s success, and I’ll stand by that.
    Night all.

  49. hey Tux,you mixed up a few things,like i never mentioned bozak,lol.
    i guess you have brain freeze out there in the deep freeze.
    we get your points,some leaf fans do overdo it.
    could be worse,could be oiler fans that have been telling everyone about the great super youth finish low draft high dynasty soon to come.
    pity they have been saying that for over 10 years.

  50. @Tux

    LoL, why even bother? If you say anything about hockey, in reality, people get very angry and defensive. A lot of watching their own team, and not taking note of actual trade value and league value for their players.

    Ask about Kessel, and probably a good 95% of them will say that’s a Toronto win. I mean, how couldn’t it have not been a Toronto win!?
    Just look how they robbed Boston of Kessle! I mean, they only have a Stanley Cup and a 19 year old that is so far beyond Phil, in skill-set and overall knowledge/feeling of the game! Come on! Kessle was “on pace to put up Gretzky-like numbers”…. ten games into the season! The parade’s still on baby!

    I believe I also started an Ovi for Kadri rumour from my Eklund sources a week or two ago; why has this not been looked into!? Lyle?!

    Kidding guys =o) We all have opinions, and about 100% of us are right… 1% of the time. Enjoy my post as I’ve enjoyed reading all yours!

  51. @TopRight

    =oO how dare you my good sir? Edmonton shall return to the glory days!
    RNH as a much less skilled 99! And Hall as an anorexic Messier, with half the leadership! MPS a splitting image of Jari, except Swedish instead of Finish… and like he lost his hands in a terrible hand-losing accident!
    And dare I say Paul Coffey’s role being reproduced by…. Wait, do the Oil even have any defensemen? I know the one cat likes hitting people in the head, by apart from him?

    Better come off that high Oil, can’t win the NHL anymore without a stud on the Dline.
    P.S. What ever happened to Kent Nilsson’s kid? Wasn’t he suppose to be the rebirth of the Oil… like 4-5 seasons ago?

  52. @ TopRight I mixed you up with FireWilson, who has considered changing his name to LovinBozak, if he ever shows some muscle

  53. once again leaf fans are overrating their players. yet they want to trade them daily. kadri will make it in the nhl. But stop overrating him, thats why people laugh at leaf posts.

  54. @Tux
    I believe I wagered that name change on the Leafs losing both games to Boston last week and Bozak disappearing for both games which I was 100% correct about but as uaual you disappeared after I made the wager. Good thing you did or you would have lost and we wouldn’t have to ever hear from you again. The name stays until the Leafs fire Wilson or Wilson brings home a cup. Hmmm which one do you think will happen first?? My guess is my name becomes reality just not sure how long it will take Burkie to grow some and do the right thing.

  55. you weren’t kidding when you said what do ya think leafs fans… clear to see where most of your viewership comes from, Lyle.

  56. Hall is an anorexic Messier! Lol! Miokid that was awesome!

    Tux, we’re pretty much saying the same thing, and your right I do get a laugh out of some of my fellow Leaf fans. I find it counter-intuitive to rip on them openly, but if it means my posts will have more credibility then maybe I’ll give it a try in extreme cases. Good battle people, on to the next thread!

  57. @ Tux…can you drop the Kadri and Aulie for Ryan thing? Because nobody said that. What was said was Kadri, Aulie and a pick, and the round was not defined. If you disagree, all well and good, but at least get the facts staright.

  58. everyone has to realize that in order for the leafs to get someone like ryan, staal or nash they have to put together a package similiar to what columbus and LA did when they acquired carter and richards respectively.

    philly traded richards and bordson for schenn/simmonds/2nd 2012 and carter for voracek/1st (coutourier)/3rd.

    that equals to approximately kadri/bozak/franson or 1st for either of those guys with a couple tweeks here and there.

    personally i would go with ryan for bozak/kadri/1st and try to pry turris from phoenix for a couple of prospects. that way you get your sniper but you also get turris who can very well be the number one centre and should be fully developed once connolly’s contract expires.