NHL Rumors – December 9, 2011.

Could the struggling LA Kings make a trade soon? Did the Columbus Blue Jackets get an offer for Derick Brassard? Could Roberto Luongo be dealt? 

ESPN.COM:Scott Burnside reported on the current struggles of the LA Kings, who’ve look anything like Stanley Cup contenders this season, especially in the offensive department. Burnside noted that has fans calling on GM Dean Lombardi to make some sort of move, either via trade or firing the coach, but his comments suggest that’s not going to happen. “There’s a mental growth that has to take place,” Lombardi told Burnside.  “There may be a cap on talent, but there’s no cap on mental toughness. You have to be able to find that. That said, I’ve got a terrific group of people down there. I certainly believe in the players in that room. They’re a good bunch of kids that want the right thing.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One shouldn’t rule out Lombardi making a move or two later in the season if things don’t improve, but for now, it appears he’s willing to be patient and allow this team more time to sort itself out.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell recently reported the Carolina Hurricanes last month offered up defenseman Tomas Kaberle and a second round pick to the Blue Jackets for center Derick Brassard, but the Jackets declined.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t necessarily mean the Jackets won’t move Brassard later this season, but it does mean they’re not willing take on someone else’s mistake, which is what the Hurricanes signing Kaberle to a three-year, $4.25 million per season contract certainly was.

Canucks GM dismisses Luongo trade rumor.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Jason Brough reported Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis recently dismissed a rumor which appeared in last Sunday’s Ottawa Sun by Bruce Garrioch, who claimed Gillis was shopping goalie Roberto Luongo.“All you have to do is look at the source of that story and you’ll know there’s zero credibility,” said Gillis. “We’re really happy with our goaltending. We have an opportunity to win every night with Cory [Schneider] and with Roberto. “

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect Garrioch’s reply in his Sunday rumor column. 


  1. Garrioch strikes again! At least Gillis has the gonads to call him out on his nonsense. Garrioch can reply Sunday all he wants, but let’s face it, it will lack credibility.

  2. So Garrioch isn’t credible? Ok, got it! …I’ve been reading Gaarioch for a dozen years and its only because it either him or Don Brennan for Sens articles with the Sun. Brennan is really good. Then there’s Garrioch. He’s an irresponsible rumour mongerer who fabricates most of his ‘insider info’ always claiming he heard it from the infamous unnamed, but highly reliable, ‘source’ high up in NHL circles…He should really be writing for the Enquirer. Better yet, he should stop writing altogether.

  3. Is Garrioch Eklund?

  4. I live in Vancouver, do you think Gillis is credible, he has buildt the most disliked team in the league that will never win anything. Last year almost no teams in their division made the playoffs, it was like a 82 game vacation. You dont think he would unload Luogo in a heartbeat if he could, what is he signed for 150 years or till doomsday what ever comes first.
    The coach for Vancouver is a real stand up guy, they are lucky to have him, Gillis is a typical agent/lawyer/bad GM. Most of the older players he signs come here because their wives want to be here, because they dont want to shovel snow, yet still live in Canada. Put Gillis in Winterpeg and see how many quality guys he signs.

  5. Hey, farley bear, loved your description of Garrioch the Hut!

    And Garrioch and Eklund have much in common.

    Too bad the BJs turned down the Kaberle for Brassard trade, but they would have picked up about $1 million in additional salary in return for the 2nd round pick.

    I don’t hear too many Toronto fans defendings Kabs anymore. ‘Bout time.

  6. Nothing wrong with Lombardi standing pat. LA has a very young, talented team. Being patient is the right move.
    Kaberle and a second rounder for Brassard got rejected by Columbus? Ouch. I can’t turn on Kabby now that he’s/we’ve moved on. So it pains me (slightly) how his stock has dipped so low. I truely wish him well, and hope he regains his form.

  7. The Kings have a lot of great young talent and should not push the envelope or derail their outh movement to try to win it right now. Stay the course…

    Look what happens when you make a deal to acquire Penner…. It doenst matter if you traded a bag of pucks and a tray of cookies for him… at this point the pucks are more valuable in practice and Doughty would’ve rather had the cookies.

    Don’t Panic, Kings.

    Kaberle was a +/-50pt defenceman for several years… one of the top scoring d-men in the league during that time… he may have lost a step, but everyone does eventually. It wouldnt suprise me if he moves to a team like Detroit where his skillset can be better utilized (i.e. passing/moving the puck to skilled forwards). Carolina only has Skinner producing right now… As a Ducks fan.. I’d love to have Kaberle at this point- our team is huritng with Visnovsky out.

  8. I agree with the comments re Mike Gillis. Pretty sure he invented the game. Love Alain Vigneault, though; he makes Gillis look good. Kaberle was once one of the best first-pass defencemen in the league but he seems to have zero confidence right now. He and Eric Staal need to get it going, and soon. As an aside, great game in Montreal last night but what is it with Carey Price in shootouts?

  9. The Kings scoring problems are two decades old. The last Kings’ player to score 40 or more goals in a season was Luc Robitaille…. IN THE 1993-1994 SEASON. Palffy came close, Robitaille came close in the late 90s, but it’s been almost 20 years since the Kings had a 40 goal scorer.

    Now granted there were years where the Kings scored a reasonable amount of goals, they just spread the scoring out. But in general, the Kings system and culture seems to be defense and goaltending. So when I read comments like Burnside, I think to myself, “What’s new?”

    As for this seasons’ Kings, they have the talent to win. Up until a few days ago I would have suggested (did suggest) that the Kings swap Penner and Bernier for a top 6 forward, but now Penner is scoring and hitting.

    I would imagine that Lombardi will wait for Richards to get back, which should be any day now, and then see how things go. I would like to see the Kings play a little more physical and chippy. Playing physical is a good way to turn games around when needed. Other than that, I’m not too concerned at this point.

  10. @ vanlee…..I guess that’s why the canucks were so good before Gillis got there (you know, winning President’s trophy, going to the finals)
    Yeah, anytime I see a dominant team I just think, man I’ve sure got a beef with that GM.
    On a side note, Terry Murray is the problem in L.A.

  11. Spacek for Kaberle….done

  12. Why doesn’t the Ottawa Citizen just fire Garrioch? I don’t understand how these news outlets keep journalists that are not only unprofessional in some cases, but have zero credibility in whatever they think and say.

  13. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=382331

    Yep, done and done. Interesting move by the Habs… 2 more years on that deal. You’d think they’d be tired of longer deals with tons of money in it.

  14. Yeah, done, and I share Spector’s point of view: “it does mean they’re not willing take on someone else’s mistake, which is what the Hurricanes signing Kaberle to a three-year, $4.25 million per season contract certainly was.”

  15. Dam you guys are quick. I still will like Kaberle, even if he plays for the smurfs.

  16. The kings have a lot of young scoring talent I think it’s just the system that Terry Murray is running doesn’t allow them to showcase that talent, Especially Kopiter, But I’m not pointing fingers or blaming the coach but something needs to change in the system, The Kings do need a REAL Goal scorer someone like J. Carter, R.Nash, or even R. Bourque, Look who the Kings go after players like T. Hunter, E. Moreau , J. Stoll, J. Williams, C. Fraser even Penner these guys are not Real goal scorers and that’s what’s Lacking ….Kings are also deep in Defense they have players like Hickey, Forbert etc in the minors and some good goaltending…I think they should package a deal around J. Bernier ,J. Johnson, and Williams and get two solid scorers
    Kings should trade
    J. Williams, J. Bernier & J. Johnson To Columbus for R. Nash & D. Brassard
    Or Bernier & Williams for J. Carter
    Even trade Stoll for Bourque
    What do u Kings fans think let me know ?
    GO KINGS ! !

  17. @Kingsfan

    I think the Kings are the only LA team I actually like. They have the right units on their team, but for some reason it’s really not clicking.
    The additional issue of “not clicking” is they have 5 LONG term contracts, as well as players that are making well above their pay grade.

    Your first trade is not do-able due to the cap.
    Your second trade is do-able… but unlikely. Plus we’d see the reunion of the party people… this time in LA?! It didn’t work in Philly… where there is so much less to do.
    Your third trade. Feaster would be automatically fired. Bourque’s a 30 goal scorer, Stoll’s a 40 point guy.
    You would only see that last deal happen in Feb. around deadline if the Flames were far out of a playoff position… and it would cost your Kings a draft pick from one of either round 2 or 3.

    Bernier could really fetch A LOT. The issue is, they’re sitting 300 grand below the cap and his contract is sooooo cap friendly… You could really only get draft picks and prospects in return, unless you do a larger package (like you suggested) where you get rid of the Johnson’s or Williams’ of your team.

  18. I have said it before, and will say it again.I believe Kaberle still has good hockey in him and can get back to playing like he was in Toronto. Boston and Carolina where not good fits for him and could not play his style. I think in Montreal he will be allowed to do so. as far as being so so in he’s end, Ladouceur will work on that with him.

  19. My thoughts on the Kings scoring woes… First, I don’t believe Murray is the right coach for these young players to sort themselves out. And his constant line tinkering does nothing to help build chemistry and help with the offense. Second, as was pointed out, scoring has been a problem for years and years and you know who I blame? The ice. The puck skips and sticks. Bad hops. Strange caroms. Skaters tripping on nothing at all. Whether it’s Staples Center or the old Forum there’s just too much activity and too much good weather for good ice and there’s really nothing that can be done about it, especially now that the nba is back in business.

  20. I think defense and goaltending has been a mainstay of the Kings since the end of the Gretzky era. It’s sort of like in baseball, the Dodgers are always a pitching first team. I think it’s engrained in their team DNA now that they will always be conservative and focus on defense. I think a big part of that is Lombardi. Lombardi openly admits that he’s a defensive guy.

    I personally don’t think that Murray is a problem. I honestly like the defense and goaltending approach. I would actually like to see them play with a little more of an edge. They need to be able to turn up the physicality at time, drop the gloves periodically, and they need to have moments where they are allowed to freelance a little. Take off the defensive mandates and let some of the forwards take chances.

  21. Looks to me that D-men are hard to find and if you have a few ( see Nashville ) you better hold on to them. Nashville better sign Suter and Weber or for sure get plenty in return. Guess all you young parents make your sons play D.

  22. ^ lol, he’s right. D men, and developement their puck moving and offensive capabilities and your kids are golden. At least 5 Mil as season.

    I was super surprised by MON’s move, they’ve already got Gomez’s horrible contract.

  23. Personally I would love to see them improve, how about sending Dustin Brown to Phoenix for Turris….heh heh heh heh heh….maybe they could both reenergize.

    Kings are 2 goals a game in scoring at best and their opponents usually more. Sounds like the Defensive system has holes. The bigger mistake was losing Tip when they had him…..Imagine what he could do with that talent! See what’s he’s done in Phx with a whole lot less!

  24. Thanks for the voice of reason TuxedoTshirt- not sure what team Vanlee is watching.

    Gillis has been nothing but good for the Nucks. Innovative and intelligent decisions, able to identify a need and not over pay. I don’t doubt most GM’s would have given a similiar contract to Luongo, and it;s easy to bitch with the play of Schneider these days.

    Give you head a shake Vanlee, and just be glad you don’t have Bryan Murray running your show.

  25. Miokid
    Thanks for the feed back ! Will see what hapeneds

  26. micki, I’m sure the Citizen would if they could but unfortunately he works for the Sun! lol

  27. If the they offered kaberle and a 2nd for Brassard, why did Montreal accept Kaberle for Spacek who fitt nicely in Montreal for a guy with extra years and may not fit in???? They should have squeezed a pick out of Carolina. The more I think about it, Gauthier has not shown an ability to get maximum return on his trades.

  28. @ Bickleton
    the word you want is CAREEN, not CAROM.
    It is misused, and has really caught on. It is also mispronounced, leading to your spelling.

  29. @tuxedoTshirt,

    I don’t think so,
    car·om   [kar-uhm] noun
    2. any strike and rebound, as a ball striking a wall and glancing off.

    …or when a lofted pass hits the ice and bounces in an unexpected way. but what do i know maybe i am wrong.

  30. Lol,

    Garrioch is a member at the same golf course as me, and ive seen him there with some pretty respectible nhl ppl(yzerman, boston gm peter C) , so i mean he must have some connections, but he has said some pretty dumb things

    Myself, i assumed gillis would be looking to unload RL, maybe not activley shopping but atleast let them know he is available, he wouldnt be doing his job if he wasnt trying to improve his team

  31. Hold the phones!! Garrioch was at a golf course with Stevie Y and Chiarelli….gee you think press credentials have anything to do with that? AND do you really think either of those GM’s are dumb enough to let Brucey in on anything??? Guess that’s why he’s right all the time (tongue firmly placed in cheek) Garrioch offers little in the way of legitimate journalism. He’s a hack, that makes so many trade predictions that rarely ever happen. We’re talking an accuracy rating somewhere in the vicinity of .002%. Obviously his “sources” have no idea what their talking about or he’s making it up. I’ll go with option #2….”golfing buddies”…sheeesh! No I’ve heard it all.

  32. I find it funny that people still find ways to hate on the Canucks. Gillis is a bad GM? HUH….. He has got Kesler, the Twins and Bieksa (to just name a few) to take less money to play on a contender. I agree that the Northwest was weak last year but then how does the “82 game Vacation” lead the Canucks to Game 7 of the STC? Please, typical envious people hating on a team that is a legitimate contender. I love reading blogs where people say the Canucks are divers and whiners. Maybe your from Calgary or Toronto and your just not used to seeing teams battle every night like every game means something? If your going to bash the Canucks (and we know you will) maybe start on the stupid Orca mascot, because EVERYONE knows that hockey team is just fine…..