NHL Rumors – Friday, May 20, 2011.

Updates on Zach Parise, Shea Weber and Matt Gilroy.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports Zach Parise is still awaiting contact from New Jersey Devils management to open talks on a new contract. Gulitti suggest the longer this situation goes, the more it looks like the Devils will use that deadline for team-elected arbitration as a leverage point in negotiations. He points out the one positive to the Devils filing for arbitration is it would prevent Parise from receiving an offer sheet from a rival club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise wants to re-sign to a long-term deal, and despite the inactivity in his contract talks thus far I believe Devils GM Lou Lamoriello wants the same thing. The issue of course will be hammering out an agreement on the salary. If Lamoriello files for arbitration however one shouldn’t automatically assume this situation will end up going before an arbiter. I still maintain a new deal will be worked out without the two sides needing arbitration to settle the issue.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen recently reported he believes Shea Weber will re-sign with the Nashville Predators. The only issue will be to work out the salary numbers. Allen suggested a starting point as Zdeno Chara’s contract extension of seven years and $45.5 million, which would break down as $6.5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: $6.5 million would be a bargain for Weber, as others believe his true worth is around $7.5 million per season, especially if he wins the Norris Trophy this year. Regardless, I also believe Weber will be re-signed long-term by the Predators.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Jesse Spector reports the NY Rangers have seen enough of young defenseman Matt Gilroy to want to keep him but his restricted free agent status could make it difficult, as it would cost around $2.1 million to qualify his rights. Given the Rangers need to address other areas of their roster, that amount of money could be too much to commit to Gilroy. Spector suggested the Rangers should explore a trade with a team whose defense situation and cap scenario are somewhat looser.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gilroy could potentially be the odd man out of the Rangers roster if his salary issues potentially restrict their ability to bring in more depth.


  1. I honestly believe Lamoriello is waiting for next years cap number to come out before he begins negotiating.

  2. If I were Parise I’d be upset they kept me hanging on like this. Take the 1 year arbiter’s award and walk Zach!

  3. My hope is that Lamoriello really ticks off Parise and Zach asks to be traded (to the Preds of course, LOL!). But I too think that Lou will get Parise signed long term, Lou always seems to find a way to get a deal done.

    As to a previous thread where someone questioned my assertion that Richards and Carter from the Flyers weren’t in the same elite catagory that Parise is (I should check the comment section more frequently!), I wasn’t stating that Richards and Carter aren’t good players, they obviously are, my point is that if the Preds were going to part with top prospects like Ryan Ellis and Colin Wilson in a trade for an elite scorer, neither Richards or Carter would be worth giving up that package of players. Parise has shown he can put up big numbers in a tight defensive system like they use in New Jersey, which is closer to what the Preds play, than the more aggressive offensive system that Richards and Carter play in with the Flyers. IMO, Richards and Carter would be 25 goal guys in Nashville’s type of system where as Parise would still put up the big numbers. That’s the point I was making.

  4. I don’t think Lou is playing head games with Parise. I think maybe either he’s on the fritz as a GM, or he’s awaiting next year’s cap. Or it could be some reason nobody suspected. When there’s nothing, it could be anything.

  5. If I was Zach Parise I’d contact the Rangers and get a deal done… He’d be a perfect fit for them. His style of playing and how hard he works both on and off the ice would be embraced by the NY fans.. They have a large appreciation for these types of players.. Then again who doesn’t. But NY would be a perfect fit for him. AND more then anything.. The Rangers really could use his offense!