NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – August 18, 2012.

With no new NHL rumors from the mainstream media today, here’s a look at what’s kicking around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: A list of five “possible” trades the New Jersey Devils need to make, including shipping Marek Zidlicky and a draft pick to Nashville for Sergei Kostitsyn, or Zidlicky to Colorado for Steve Downie, or Zidlicky and Travis Zajac and a pick to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan, or Henrik Tallinder and a pick to Edmonton for Ales Hemsky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators aren’t shopping Kostitsyn (they recently re-signed him), the Avs have no interest in moving Downie, the Oilers aren’t shopping Hemsky (maybe later this season – whenever it starts – but not now) and the Devils aren’t moving Zajac.

Could Subban get an offer sheet?

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” recently claimed he’d heard PK Subban’s “group” was closing in on an offer sheet. “There is no way PK goes far into September without a deal. He wants to stay in Montreal, but he also wants to get a pre-new CBA contract.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will come as news to Subban, who earlier this week expressed confidence his agent, Don Meehan, and the Habs would get a deal worked out, and to Meehan, who last month stated there hadn’t been any talks with other teams. Yes, I know, things can change, but Subban’s comments this week suggests he remains uninterested in an offer sheet.


  1. The Ducks just signed Sheldon Souray and Bryan Allen & Jordan Henry in the Off season
    to shore up their D, and they may get Visnovsky back if Islander deal is cancelled, so why would they trade Ryan for Zidlicky ?

    • pretty sure the centre piece of that deal was zajac not zidlicky

  2. Bruins should offer Subban a big offer.
    Force Montreal to match.
    If they don’t Bruins can unite brothers ship Thomas out put Savard on LTIR.
    If Montreal matches it will up their cap.
    So kind of a win win.

  3. Dave,
    Savard has been on LTIR for a long time now. Welcome to 2012.

    I agree… The Ducks are not going to trade Ryan for Zajac and a guy they don’t need.

    Boob Murray is likely to trade Ryan for 2 guys he doesn’t need.


  4. Dave,

    Where have you been ?

  5. as per CAPGEEK and as a Bruin fan Marc Savard has not been placed on LTIR…he is still counting as an active player….still an option for the Bruins to use the LTIR but they have not done so as yet….no doubt they are waiting to see if they can deal Thomas to someone who needs the cap number to reach the cap floor

  6. Scott Hartnell, Zac Rinaldo, Erik Gustaffson to ANA for Ryan, Beauchemin, and Patrick Maroon.

  7. If Zajac doesn’t sign long term, that’s exactly what Jersey should do… though it’s not a fair deal in terms of contracts, since Zajac is one year removed from being a UFA. I just noticed Getzlaf and Perry are both in the same position.

    I’d do Tallinder for Hemsky, though. Not sure the Oil would be drunk enough, but hey, they are run by Tambellini.

  8. Quick question: aren’t there any blogs out there with speculations on potential trades based on logic, needs and knowledge instead of these two who make rumors up and then report them?

    I mean, if Lyle can debunk their stories with no problem there should be some with content interesting to read. Or perhaps they are mainstream media already, for a reason. :)

  9. Savard has to be put on LTIR again for this upcomming season (it is done year to year), but last season that was his status.. otherwise the Bruins would have been significnatly over the cap. Once Chiarelli announced that Savard, “would never play again,” his status was moved to LTIR.

  10. @dave- the bruins can offer whatever they want but subban has to sign to offer sheet. If he doesn’t sign it the canadiens don’t have to match anything

  11. Nikk
    Sorry but you are wrong Boston has never put Savard on the LTIR.
    I’m a die hard B’s fan and follow them daily.
    Where have you guys been.
    Check before you tell me I’m an idiot.
    Thanks BP for having my back.

  12. Tmc no crap
    Obviously he would have to sign an offer sheet.