NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – August 27, 2012.

Given the lack of NHL trade rumors from the mainstream media today, here’s a look at what’s being bandied about in the blogosphere. Enjoy!


Could the Jets trade Kane?

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claims sources have told him the Chicago Blackhawks have interest in Shane Doan and Evander Kane, and are putting together “a huge offer” for the latter. He acknowledged reports claiming Kane hasn’t asked for a trade, but suggests it appears the door is a bit open for that possibility….Sources on two coasts claim the Maple Leafs are talking to the Canucks about Roberto Luongo again. One source tied Luongo to Doan, suggesting if Doan signs with them it could speed up the necessity to move Luongo…The Flyers might not be done addressing their defense depth and “offer sheets are just one scenario”…The Bruins could be close to a signing, though he wouldn’t say who it would be, though it “should be relatively obvious”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Give the CBA negotiations and the effect it’s had upon the free agent and trade markets, I don’t see any teams putting together “a huge offer” for anyone right now.  I doubt the Blackhawks have plans to add another young forward when they’ve already got several in their system (Marcus Kruger, Andrew Shaw, Jimmy Hayes) they wish to evaluate this season.

I don’t believe the Jets will move Kane. Remember, this time last year, it was Zach Bogosian who was still unsigned, prompting lots of trade rumors – including a silly one tying him to Scott Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens – yet Bogosian was re-signed just before training camp opened…I agree that if Doan signs with the Canucks, it could pressure them to shed Luongo’s salary. The Canucks currently have just over $2.4 million in available cap space…The Flyers could continue to address its blueline depth, but having gone the offer sheet route and failed with Shea Weber, they won’t waste their time trying it again…It’s been rumored the Bruins could be close to a contract extension with Tyler Seguin. 

BLEACHER REPORT: JB Webber explains how the Toronto Maple Leafs could use Nazem Kadri as trade bait, suggesting Calgary, Carolina or Winnipeg could have interest. He suggested packaging Kadri with Matthew Lombardi or Tim Connolly for Carolina’s Jeff Skinner, or bundling him in a multi-player bid for Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes aren’t trading Skinner, whom they re-signed to a multi-year deal, and the Flames aren’t moving Kiprusoff. I agree Kadri could potentially because a trade chip, but forget about him landing players of the caliber of those two.


  1. That Kadri/Connolly/Lombardi for Skinner is absolutely laughable. That made my morning Spec, thanks for sharing!

    • I am with you on that. I do not know what was more fun Kadri/Connolly/Lombardi for Skinner or news about Pussy Riot.

    • Even most TO fans are hanging their heads on that one.

    • I was going to say just about the same thing. NO way that little gets you Skinner. Besides he is not going anywhere.

    • The Leafs don’t have anything, let alone Kadri/Connolley/Lombardi to offer for a player like Skinner … I wouldn’t even take kessel for him …

  2. The Bleacher Report is the new “Eklund Lite”

  3. Just a bunch of blah blah must be slow putting Eklund rumors in. All rookie camps are cancelled this is saying a lot

  4. That guy actually wrote that trade in an article? Wow, looked like something that came from a delusinal fan, even I know that’s rediculous.

  5. I wonder what Shane Doan is doing?

    • Laughing at that Skinner trade proposal.

  6. I think Kadri is more valuable to the Leafs than as trade bait. If he can’t fetch a young player with star potential, then keep him–I mean, HE is a young player with star potential… In fact, he has comparable NHL games and points to Brayden Schenn, drafted two spots behind him the same year, and it’s funny that Schenn was a trade chip in landing a guy like Mike Richards and widely regarded as a future star.. yet, Kadri isn’t valuable enough to land a geizer in Kiprusoff.

  7. Kadri is on the verge on being a 1st round bust, yet Webber believes that packaging him for an overpriced frequently hurt Connolly/Lombardi will be enough to pry away Skinner who’s on the upside of a very promising career? Is Weber a member of Kadri’s family in disguise? LOL

  8. the bleacher report just made hockeybuzz sound like TSN or something reputable.

  9. Why do people take ANY stock from “Hockeybuzz” and “Eklund” The guy is a fool, a liar and his “Sources” are as reliable as my grand mother that doesn’t listen to hockey….

    Eklund = Fail.

    • Eklund is a self-promoter and complete idiot.

      But there are some bloggers on the site who are serious, informed, and have challenging viewpoints.
      Try Travis Yost.
      Also Kamal Panusar (S?) for the Habs

  10. Can we legally make HockeyBuzz or Bleacher Report take and use the domain name “justmakingthingsup.com”? It would make things so much easier. I almost spewed coffee across my computer screen when I saw the “Skinner” trade proposal.

  11. Kadri couldn’t carry Brayden Schenn’s stickbag.

  12. The Leafs have to give Kadri a shot. If he is put in the Toronto lineup.. put him with the players where he can best succeed.

    Don’t bench him when he makes a mistake.. that’s what Wilson did to both Schenn & Kadri.

    Young players make mistakes… it’s the developing process… it’s how they learn.

  13. Doan should go to the khl so we can stop talking about the guy..and Kadri is a bust and you couldnt get jack for him…much less Skinner who writes this crap…

  14. Bill Placzek says:

    The Bleacher Report is the new “Eklund Lite”

    I think BR is more on the money than Eklund any day of the week!

  15. Personally I like to see what names Eklund throws at the wall and trys to make stick, but he has zeo countability and love when you and others bring up what daydreams he is having ust to smash them with the rest of us. If Eklund was right half the time I still believe 70 of the NHL players would have been traded to 3 different teams over the last two years. As for Bench Report, all that is are mostly fans writing articals focused on their view and beliefs, some are really good and thought out and others see Eklund as a hero and model and write as such. I tend to skip over the Leaf thoughs on there because the over value of their prospects. It’s true there are good fans for that team like most of the nhl teams (Philly being the only team that I have never seen a good fan that knows what respect means) but there are way to many that feel they would be a better GM then Burke. Yes, I agree that they need new GM more current to todays NHL but fans can’t do a better job then the GM. Most are to attached to team and players and maybe 5% have the possibility to maybe do the job but will never get the shot.

  16. Maybe Burke could move Kessel for Seguin,Hamilton and Knight.
    Sorry had to do it.
    How is he still employed.

  17. if Vancouver were able to sign Doan there would be no immediate pressure to move Luongo as Kesler won’t be ready for the start of the season giving the Canucks more Cap room due to LTIR. Gillis has said he’d be willing to start the season with Luongo if need be but nobody wants that. right now there’s a poker game going on between Gillis, Burke, and Tallon where everybody is bluffing to get the price they want for Luongo, make no mistake if either Burke or Tallon thought the price was right they’d make the deal. once the CBA is settled then GM’s will know what they have to work with and you’ll see some players getting signed or traded. as Philadelphia has found out the hard way one or two key injuries have a way of refocusing a teams priorities and who’s to say that a dark horse won’t emerge having decided goaltending is an area they can improve upon with an offer that makes sense to Vancouver.

  18. anyone who trades for Tim Connolly is foolish…this guy is hit away from retirement. He hasnt put toghether a full season in a few yrs. Remember many yrs ago he had the longest active consecutive games played streak in the NHL. At best a 5-6rd draft pick. The remainder of his career will be 1yr contracts

  19. I think Kadri needs to get a real chance in role he could actually flourish in. Wilson was an Arse, ruined him and few others along the line. Burke is to arrogant to admit it;s not working, he;d rather shove it down your throat than admit he’s beat.

    Kadri had a bad rap from the start, The TO media was not impressed Burke couldn;lt trade up for some one like Tavares…… wonder why that didn;t work out.