NHL Rumors From The Blogosphere – August 27, 2014.

It’s been quiet of late for NHL rumors from the mainstream media, so here’s a look at what’s been kicking around the hockey blogosphere of late. Enjoy!

Ignore rumors of the Canadiens pursuing Patrick Marleau.

No basis to rumors of the Canadiens pursuing Patrick Marleau.

The Montreal Canadiens and San Jose Sharks are in talks regarding a trade which would ship Patrick Marleau to Montreal for a return in which goalie Dustin Tokarski would be part of the package. Marleau would waive his no-trade clause to go to Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lemme guess, Marleau would waive it because he’s got a francophone last name, right? Except, of course, he was born and raised in Saskatchewan and spent his entire NHL career in San Jose. Marleau stated this summer he doesn’t want to leave San Jose. Depending on the Sharks performance and his role with the club this season he might change his mind, but if so that won’t happen until later in the season, if at all. The only way Marleau is going to Montreal is if the Sharks play a road game there this season. 

The Detroit Red Wings are close to finalizing a one-year contract with Daniel Alfredsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Wings GM Ken Holland stated he’d welcome Alfredsson back,  it’s been repeatedly reported in the Detroit media the veteran winger won’t make any decision on a return until September. They’ll talk contract then.

Ville Leino could get a tryout contract with the Chicago Blackhawks or San Jose Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks are deep up front and are currently over the salary cap by $2.2 million. They need to shed salary, not add it. The only reason I could see the Sharks inviting Leino to camp is because Raffi Torres (knee surgery) is expected to miss the first half of the season. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs could invite former Leaf Tomas Kaberle to training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless it’s an invitation to just sit in the stands and watch the club practice, they’re not interested in inviting Kaberle to camp. It was recently reported Kaberle could have a training camp invitation on the table but he said it’s not with an Ontario-based team. 

The Philadelphia Flyers could invited Dustin Penner to training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know why, they’re already deep at left wing.


  1. I could see the Hawks inviting Leino to camp, if he makes a push for the team and can actually crack that roster then they can actually trade a higher paid player for depth or prospects/picks. It really doesn’t cost anything to invite a player to camp and it’s win win just like signing guys to cheap one year contracts. If Leino and/or Penner are invited to a team and actually earn a contract, it’ll be a cheap one year deal. If guys on cheap one year deals play like crap, they can be benched or demoted. If they play well the GM looks like a jenius!

    • Paul, I completely agree on Lieno. I was thinking the same thing. Get him signed cheap and then move somebody expensive.

      • Would that not hamper trade options. As the Hawks could deal someone for draft picks/prospects and a cheap player in return. If they make this move they will likely not be able to take any player in return.

      • Ville is a huge waste of time. Even if he happens to beat out a higher paid vet it will only be a matter of time before he refuses to shoot the puck again.
        Let him play over seas if they want him. I’ve yet to hear of anyone even considering it.

        Sabres fans had enough of him for every other team in the league.

        • It’s not like they’d be offering him a huge contract or even a long term contract. If he signed (IF) than it would be close to (if not) league minimum for one year and they could always just waive him if he all of sudden plays bad.

          Any team inviting any player to camp isn’t a bad thing as it gives options and creates more competition.

  2. The Flyers have brought aboard quite a few FA forwards to both The Flyers and Phantoms. I wonder of Hextall is stockpiling for the defenseman he says he isn’t shopping for….

  3. The Flyers aren’t deep on wing. i’m not surprised that they’d be interested in Penner. i thought they should have been interested after Penner won a Cup with the Kings 2 years ago. He was a solid playoff player, has good size, and can skate reasonably well for a big dude.

    the only position where the Flyers have depth is down the middle.

    • Penny is a big guy yes. Skate reasonably well..No. He is slow, slow slow. Its a fast game, since the removal of the red line. Penner is aging, always been slow and i suspect that is the reason he hasn’t gotten a contract as of yet.

      • Actually the book on Penner is he DOES skate well for his size. His issue has had more to do with will he show up to camp in shape. Many fans who do not attend games in person assume bigger guys can’t skate which is obviously not always the case.

        Besides his mindless play on the ice, part of the reason the Flyers dumped Hartnell was he was never ever in shape.

        I would think they would only look at Penner if they thought he his act together and conditioning was up to speed.

        To say Penner is slow is a tad ignorant, however.

        • I seen him play live and he always seemed slow to get to the puck in the corners and slow to skate out of trouble. His size is the only thing that enabled him to keep the play going.

          • He was slow when he played on edmonton, he hasn’t changed and the fact you claim his conditioning sucks only bolsters my claim of his slowness as one playing at a physical level less than his peers is not going to be at top speed. Trying to claim I am ignorant and disregarding my comments as such is down right rude and ignorant in itself as you don’t know where my knowledge is drawn from. Once again I do not care what some so called book you do not link the source of but claim to quote says. I am speaking from my own observations and my own ability and feel I am able to evaluate players to an extend from what I view as a fan. I am of the opinion Penner is slow. Always has been.

          • Jeff I don’t think Penner is as slow as you make him out to be, think it’s a lack of drive and passion to play the game the way he can. He always does well in the playoffs, it just the regular season he struggles through.

          • Possibly however I only make him out to be as slow as the slower NHL players. And yes slow players can produce in the playoffs as the league allows the clutch and grab game to return and that benefits slow players. Playoff hockey is still geared towards the bigger players its one reason L.A. performs so well, in the playoffs, and why for they seem to have struggles during the season. That and they are good. However not all is black and white. Montreal used their speed and skill well against a good tough strong, Boston team, barely.

    • They are not deep at left wing. They are more than fine at right wing, however.

    • So Giroux is overrated, and you would try a guy like Penner?

      A guy who threw his back out passing a plate of pancakes.

      He is known for a lazy attitude, and that is why he was left unsigned by LA.

      He is not worth a tryout.

      Agree the Flyers are week at wing.

  4. Since every team plays in every arena, Marleau will definitely go to Montreal once.

    • It is going to be interesting to see what the Sharks do this season and next summer in regards to player movement. All this talk of Thornton and Marleau arises every year and nothing happens. I suspect nothing will happen again.

  5. The UFAs the Sharks have signed this summer: Haley, Scott, Fedun

    I find it highly unlikely they’ll have UFAs invited to camp unless they want to give the kids more competition for the NHL roster.

    (At least with ~$6m in cap space, if they end up having to demote a couple of guys, they won’t be counting pennies.)

  6. Definitely a slow news day.Yawn.Kaberle,Penner,Marleau and Leino?Jeopardy answers as in Who was????