NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – December 14, 2011.

The latest on Alexander Semin and Shea Weber, plus speculation of the Canadiens and Flyers talking trade. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: On December 7th, listed seven possible trade partners for the Washington Capitals involving Alexander Semin, including the LA Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs, NY Rangers, Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets, Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings lack the cap space, Semin isn’t a Brian Burke type player, the Avalanche and Jets aren’t going to pursue expensive players, while the Panthers, Rangers and Red Wings have no need for Semin.

BLEACHER REPORT: Followed up the Semin meme by listing what the Red Wings would need to offer to land Semin, suggesting Jiri Hudler, Jonathan Ericsson, their first rounder in 2012 and third rounder in 2013 for Semin and Dmitry Orlov, though the key would be convincing Ericsson to waive his “no-movement” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Actually, Ericsson has a modified NTC, not a movement clause, and I doubt he waives it, since he was keen to re-sign with the Wings last season, and GM Ken Holland wanted to keep him. Besides, if Ericsson is so crappy, why would the Capitals want to take him on for another two years, when they can be rid of Semin for nothing this summer and not have to take on anyone else’s toxic contracts?

BLEACHER REPORT: Wondered if the Flyers, with Chris Pronger sidelined indefinitely, might try to pry Shea Weber out of Nashville.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No chance. The Preds aren’t shopping Weber, and the Flyers would have to give up a lot of cap space to afford his salary.

BLEACHER REPORT: Are the Flyers talking trade with the Canadiens? Perhaps for Hal Gill or Chris Campoli?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers will make do for the time being as they’re in no hurry to make any trades at this time. If they were talking trade with Montreal for a defenseman, I doubt Gill would be available as the Habs value his defensive skills and leadership. Campoli might be available, but not right away, as the Canadiens are still waiting for the dust to settle in the wake of their acquisition of Tomas Kaberle. 


  1. Oh Bleacher Report. Is there anything you can’t make up?

  2. can see habs doing a trade around the xmas deadline or early january(bearing injuries). dont see philly as a trade partner though.

  3. Habs better trade a D soon I don’t want Emelin sitting out and not continuing to develop. He’s our only physical D and sitting him out for Campoli when you have subban and kaberle makes no sense. I say trade Campoli and at the deadline, unless we’re much much better I would say trade Gill to a contender for a late first rounder or at least a second. Gill could be a good addition to a contender perhaps like Chicago.

  4. When was the last time the Wings gave up a !st for anybody? And for Semin? No way.

  5. That bleacher report doesn’t indicate any sources… Strange. But I think a D man will be moved and it’s likely to be Campoli or Weber and it should be for a larger gritty forward with some skill for the 3rd line.

  6. A 1st rd pick for Hal Gill????/
    And Hab fans say Leaf fans are dreamers,lol.

  7. @ Top Right Corner…LOL, I spit my coffee out, too.
    Better chance of being visited by the Easter Bunny!!

  8. I can’t see Semin going to the Kings. He’s not a Lombardi (character) guy. In addition, it’s not as if the Kings need more scorers, they have plenty. The Kings have plenty of scorers, they just need to figure out how to do it.

    On a side note, I would like to apologize to all Caps fans for wrecking their team. I have a fantasy sports jinx that follows me everywhere. Any time I draft a player, bad things happen to that player. Note that I drafted Jamal Charles in the first round in my football pool. Last year I took Ovechkin, and I took him again this year. Sorry.

  9. If Philly REALLY wants Hal “the Pylon” Gill, then let them give up their 1st rounder for the next 3 years to come. I am sure the Habs fan will think that is a good compensation not for the Pylon but the loss of their 1st rounder in D. Fisher. Are the Laffs fan really that bored to think Gill is worth a 1st? Maybe Burky will make another trade a la Courtnall for Kordic. Bring you all back to reality.

  10. I would think moving a defenceman out of Montreal would be a mistake. They have 8 not including Markov, but that’s the depth you need if you expect to make/compete in the playoffs. Injuries always happen. The likes of Emelin, Diaz and Weber are still young and shouldn’t be relyed upon to completely hold the fort down. Question, what happens if Gill and/or Subban go down? Outside of Georges and Kaberle, the Habs would be extremely thin on NHL experienced D men. I would rotate defensemen, and when injuries happen (they always do) reap the benefits of having depth. Just my two cents.

  11. @DurtMCHurt … don’t speak sense when it comes to hockey thats not what this is about. But btw, I agree!

  12. if/when montreal gets everybody back healthy, moving a dman and maybe somebody/something else for some offense wouldnt be a bad idea. with the habs hovering around the .500 mark and price letting in around 2 goals a game, its pretty obvious this team needs more offense. or maybe the coaching style would just find a way to score 2-3 goals a game and sit on it as usual…..

  13. Kings dont need Semin HE SUCKS ! Russian’s Suck thats why they have the KHL for them they cant play in the NHL thier like NBA players they just want money no passion for the game expect for just one (Alex Ovechkin) !!!

  14. hey idiot kingsfan, pretty sure datsyuk is one of if not the best player in the league, wheres he from? Russia.. Hmmm i’m pretty sure Bure Fedorov Mogilny Zubov were all big time russian players. Khabibulin one of the main reasons TB won the cup. Zhamnov another great russian player. Ovechkin is great, Malkin is great, Burmistrov is up and coming great player. This years draft, 3 of the top 6 players are russian, Yakupov being the #1. Volchenkov the top shot blocker in the league. But you right no good Russian players ever.

  15. @ Kingsfan: There’s this guy Datsuyk…….Vishnovsky,….the Red Army that re-invented the game at least as much as Gretz and Orr……maybe you’ve seen Kovalchuk…..actually, Gretzky’s grandfather was Russian…..

    Let’s not all hate on Hal Gill here guys. He’s one of the main reasons the Habs have an awesome PK which is one of the main reasons they’re still afloat.

  16. @buff – agree 100%!! Some excellent Russians you missed: Larionov, Fetisov, Konstantinov, Kovalev (love him or hate him, he is a talented player), Kovalchuk (see Kovalev comment, add “overpaid”), etc., etc. Kingsfan had better stop letting Don Cherry spoon feed him his hockey opinions and grow the $^&@ up.

  17. @Kingsfan: “the Habs have an awesome PK which is one of the main reasons they’re still afloat”

    PK Subban?

  18. I think Semin will be traded sooner or later. Right now the risk of acquiring him is quite low. His cap hit is high, but his salary is soon to reach 50% paid off by Washington. His trade value is low. Semin is on the last year of his contract.

    I think LA should look into this. They are the lowest scoring team in the league. It is possible to see Penner for Semin as part of a trade between Washington and LA. The Caps get a huge forward that can be of better use on the PP for screens. The Kings take a chance with a scorer who can net 40.

    There is no lose situation with these two teams.

    Dallas may give it a shot with the new owner coming in.

    Bottom line is that McPhee made the right decision followed by a poor one. He fired Bruce, but then hired a junior league coach. With a group of vets making up a team that can win a Cup, McPhee should have brought in a more experienced coach.

    He can’t fire Dale Hunter, obviously. But, he has to do something. Caps are seven points behind the Panthers with no signs of improvements. McPhee has no option but to make a move. Or else, Leonsis will be forced to make THE move.

  19. I agree with KingsFan, Russian forwards (d men are different) for the most part are not character guys but instead prima donnas who decide only to play when they want to and not team players (me me me me).They are great for about 2-3 seasons until they get comfortable and get fat on their contracts. Playing hockey for most of these is definitly not for tge Stanley Cup and they grew up really just thinking of getting out of Rissia while getting fame and cash. Of course there are exceptions like Datz and Alex O but lets go ask Brian Burke his thoughts on Russian players, it’s well known he feels the same. Conclusion is to just stick with N American players and Swedes with some Finns they are team players and you’ll be ok

  20. I’d give up a low first rounder for Gill he was great in last years playoffs vs Boston.
    I was hoping Boston would sign him. He and Chara next to each other would be scary.
    He doesn’t put up points but he sure shuts down top lines.
    Probably more a second rouder though.

  21. Hal Gill is not worth a first or 2 round pick no team would make that deal

  22. Dear Lyle.

    This year, what I’m asking for Christmas is you rightfully overlook The Bleacher Report and Eklund’s Hockeybuzz from now on….. and a pony.

    Kidding, I enjoy reading this stuff too, it stimulates all kinds of rumours and talk among fans of different teams, and gets a lot of regional input.

    Additionally, if someone even mentioned a first round pick for Semin; McPhee would: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLnWf1sQkjY . You can get the dude for ~3.5 million to ~4.5 million for nothing during the summer (If he doesn’t zoom over to Mother Russia), and when has he ever proven he can help a team in the playoffs? If you’re about to make a run, add depth, not a guy suppose to be a top line scorer >.> First line rental players have worked out so well in the past.

  23. @Kingsfan1980.

    Come on man, can’t be like that. Russians are the same as every other player in the league. There are a ton of NA players that fall of the radar when they get paydays as well as Swedes and Fins.

    Also, offensive coming from the guy whose team had this amazing soiree!

  24. habs at trade deadline will move hal gill if they are out of the race and will not get a high draft pick maybe a 5 round pick or a propect phila would be a perfect place for hal gill to go to but hopefully pronger plays again this season if not I see gill in phila

  25. haha i love the crappy trade made up regarding semin with detroit. Regardless of who is traded for him nobody is going to trade a 1st round pick for a player on a 1 year deal

  26. Habs will trade with islanders to get Moulson and they will give up a roster player and a maybe 3rd or 4th pick… Watch it happen soon!

  27. Hal Gill has been a great asset in Montreal as well as in Pittsburg before. He is not a great skater but as long as he stays within his limits he is a good defenceman, but more importantly he has help out the young defencemen on the habs roster. Gorges, PK, Weber, Diaz. These young guys listen to him and he has done great things with their development. However, he was signed to a one year contract in order to do just that help the young D in Montreal develop. He has done his job well and I can see the Habs giving him the opportunity to win another cup if it looks like they will miss the playoff, however, if they get their act together then they will keep him around until the end of the year for another playoff run. I doubt they could get much more than a 3rd or 4th round pick for him at the trading deadline, Montreal makes a habit of getting good late round picks to make up for the poor early round picks they make. That is how I see it anyway.

  28. Habs won’t be trading Gill. They can wait for a while before do ing a trade and when they do it will be Campoli or Weber. Maybe Diaz depending of what player they get in return or draft pick. But i would keep Gill because we have too many offensive defense with Suban, Kaberle, Campoli, Diaz , Weber. SO trade a offensive defense or 2 and bring back St-Denis. On the trade get a prospect and a big 3 rd line player who can hit and protect the other guys.
    but Mtl Don’t need draft picks as Timmins wouldn’t know who to pick anyway.

  29. I Garuntee Holmgren is calling about Shea Weber, and why wouldn’t he? Weber is a top 5 D-man in the NHL and any team would love him but as a Philly fan I would love to see Shea in a Flyers jersey. He is everything we love about hockey, and exactly the type of player Holmgren loves! My prediction, the Flyers will pursue him, land him, and put the C on him before the start of next season(sending Carle + Read/Schenn and picks the other way)but if Pronger does have to shut it down I say it happens sooner rather than later. Calling it!