NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – December 17, 2011.

With the NHL’s Christmas “trade freeze” fast approaching, here’s a collection of the latest from the rumor bloggers. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: listed Rick Nash, Ales Hemsky and Alexander Semin on the trade block, wondered if the Ottawa Senators should consider trade Jason Spezza, or if the Philadelphia Flyers could target Mark Streit of the NY Islanders,  listed Bobby Ryan,  Zach Parise, Alexander Semin, Jarome Iginla, Jeff Carter, Evander Kane, Joe Thornton, Eric Staal, Ales Hemsky and Scott Gomez among “ten big-time players” the Nashville Predators should consider, and Staal, Michael Ryder, Iginla, Semin and Ryan as five forwards that could replace Claude Giroux.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” continues banging the drum for Alexander Semin trade rumors, claiming he’s linked to the Flames, Red Wings, Kings, and Sharks, claimed the Habs might not be done dealing for a defenseman, that a “certain Jet, former ‘Hawk” possibly returning to Chicago, that there’s more talk of Staal being shopped than at any time in recent memory, pushed the Staal trade rumors more despite Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford denying Staal or Cam Ward are available, believes the Flyers could make a strong push for Nashville’s Shea Weber, and claims the Devils, Canadiens and Sabres are talking to the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash, Iginla, Spezza, Streit, Parise, Carter, Kane, Thornton, Staal, Ward,Gomez, Ryder and Weber aren’t going anywhere, for various reasons I’ve explained endlessly before. Ryan might be available later in the season, but if the Ducks were to shop him, I believe it happens in the off-season when his value is higher and more teams would have the cap space and willingness to deal. Hemsky could be shopped if the Oilers fail to turn things around in the near future. Semin’s poor play and big contract makes him very tough to move, and quite frankly, I don’t see where he’s a fit with the Red Wings, Predators, Kings or Sharks. Dustin Byfuglien and Andrew Ladd are the two current Jets/former Blackhawks I can think of that Eklund’s referring to, but no matter, they’re not available. The Canadiens already have eight defensemen on their roster, and if Andrei Markov returns later this season, they’ll have nine, so unless they get decimated by injuries to their blueline, they’ve no need to acquire another defenseman. If anything, I could see them shopping a blueliner (Yannick Weber or Chris Campoli) for a forward near the trade deadline. As for the Flyers, I don’t doubt at some point GM Paul Holmgren goes shopping for an experienced defenseman, but with his team playing well, he’s in no hurry to make a deal. If/when he does, I suspect it’ll be for an affordable depth defenseman, not a big name like Weber, or a very good one playing for a bad team, like Streit.


  1. Nashville can consider all they want. Just because you desire a certain player doesnt mean you will have a chance in hell to get them. I like trade rumours but all the ridiculous speculation is really getting tiresome. I wont mention any names but everyone knows who they are, you know the ones with all the so called reliable contacts, just make up stories to make themselves relevant. Why do we even give them the attention they desire? Everyone complains about the crap they throw around yet they always tune in to see what they have to say. How do you handle it Lyle? How do you manage saying the same thing day in and day out without pulling your hair out. At least you try to add some logic to your analysis, which is appreciated. Those guys fill a niche I guess, but dont they realize just how daft they look?

  2. Has this Eklund ever been right about anything?? I would’nt even bother posting anything this person has to say. He’s a joke.

  3. They’re entitled to their opinions, as are we.

  4. Iceman!

    He has been right, he called the Jokinen to Calgary deal… except that deal was in the works for 3 seasons, and he only called it on the last year it happened.

    I can’t take what these guys take seriously though. These crazy off the wall deals that have you scratching your head… saying: “In what world?”

  5. Gomez a “big-time player”??? LMFAO! maybe once but that was years and teams ago.

  6. To Follow Garrioch and Eklund! Gauthier might be fired if the coaching change does not work out. If Phoenix does not have a potential buyer buy the trade deadline, they are sure to be moved. If Pronger is forced into retirement, every Elite D-Man might may be on the move to Philly regardless of price and term as Philly has the cap space to do it. Selanne would consider a trade to Wiinipeg if Anaheim is out of the play-off pictuere. ETC. ETC!!!

  7. Eklund, like Spector make there money via hits on there websites, they filter what they hear from various people and then report on it. Both must be taken with a grain of salt because some of the sources could be hearing disinformation. Spector, unlike Eklund won’t report WILD rumors just to generate hits and the vast majority of the the hits on hockeybuzz.com don’t even revolve around hockey after the first couple of pages. Most of it is mindless dribble from angry children. I do comment on both pages when pertains to the Lightning or common sense.

  8. eklund maybe the leafs should make him the new gm,him and burke would make a great team lol

  9. Lol- Definately wouldn’t surprise me if Eklund is a Leafs fan. They both think the same way as it relates to trades and reality for the most part.

  10. The Oilers seemed to have too many forwards and clearly some of the foprwards are playing like they are un-happy. Its time the Oilers showed the fans that losing in not OK because this is the 3rd year now that management seems OK with losing. Maybe the fans should start getting discounts on their tickets and gear until the team is decent. There are 3 or 4 teams that can put together a 3 for 1 deal and the Oilers are one of those teams. Even the farm team has too many high end forwards, makes you wonder if there is actualy a plan because it sure looks like Tambo is not helping this team.

  11. I honestly believe that Eklund is one of those sits in his basement with underwear on in their mothers house that Jay Feaster was alluding to

  12. Got News for a couple of ya. If getting hits is how ya make money. Then all these sites are leaf FANS. Its the biggest Fan base and most interested in its team. We all read eklund because its entertaining, We come here when we want hard cold reality. Spector knows it because he’s one of the smartest guys out there. Thats why he comments on stuff from eklund and the bleacher report. Spector is smart enough to know we are all “CLOSETED” readers. For all of you that love spector’s Quaility of HONESTY. How about being Honest with yourselfs and admit to reading anything Hockey. Come on now admit it .We are all sick. We are all hockey JUNKIE”S. We all got a problem! LOL!

  13. @ spector Since we are on the fanasty blogs here. A couple of questions. If and I say “IF” ecic staal became available. What do you think it would take for the LEAFS (lol) to pry him away from the canes? And is he what the leafs need at this point in there development into a contender? Would you make this move? Or wait and make a simular move later down the line giving them more time to develop?Yes I’m a Leaf fan but I already admitted to being sick in the previous post. lol thanks

  14. Since I don’t see Staal being available, I have no idea what it would take for the Leafs to land him. The Hurricanes are seeking depth at forward (scoring forwards), so that would be the best place to start.

  15. Eklunds a philly fan, go to hockeybuzzhogwash.com for info on him. haha quite funny.

  16. I am an Ottawa fan and very surprised at how well they are doing…they were predicted to be at the bottom of the league but right now are play off contenders.
    I have seen a couple rumours floating around stating Ottawa is looking at Semin which would be amazing but I know its gonna cost us a solid player plus a 1 st round draft pick.
    We have the salary room. Kuba, Lee are having decent years and Filiatov has failed to produce but does have potential in the right line.
    Do you think a trade to get Semin is possible? If so who do you think we would be willing to give up.
    Ottawa has always said Spezza/Alfie/Karlson are untouchable….I also believe Zighinabad won’t be touched because like Karlson Alfie picked him out