NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – December 30, 2011.

Danny Briere for Keith Yandle or Shea Weber? Reasons for Jarome Iginla and Ilya Bryzgalov to be dealt, and a lengthy list of possible trade candidates. Enjoy!

THE BLEACHER REPORT: Could the Flyers Pry Keith Yandle out of Phoenix? Could Danny Briere be used as trade bait to land Yandle or Shea Weber? Five reasons the Calgary Flames should trade Jarome Iginla, which include the Flames “owing” Iginla a shot at a Stanley Cup, and his trade value won’t be any higher. Five reasons why the Flyers should trade Ilya Bryzgalov now, which include his inconsistency, his padded stats by a great defense in Phoenix, and they should move him before things get worse, and seven teams which should pursue Colorado’s Paul Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes won’t part with Yandle. Period. And the Predators won’t trade Weber while they’re in playoff contention. The Flames don’t “owe” Iginla anything, except finding him the playmaking center he’s lacked his entire career. His trade value will remain high, be it this season or next. With the Flames currently surging in the standings, they won’t move Iginla. Those reasons to move Bryzgalov were ridiculous, especially the claim his stats were padded by a better defense in Phoenix. Have you looked at the Flyers defense corps? They’re not chopped liver, with or without Chris Pronger. Bryzgalov is struggling, no question about it, but I think that has more to do with adjusting to heightened expectations in a hockey-mad city. Stastny’s name has popped up in trade rumors, but the Avs seem reluctant to move him, and his $6.6 million per season salary isn’t easy to move. If they do trade him, I think it would happen in the off-season, when big salaried players are easier to move.

HOCKEYBUZZ: “Eklund” recently posted a lengthy list of players he’s tracking for his trade rumor chart, with Eric Staal, Zach Parise, Dustin Penner, Daniel Alfredsson, Teemu Selanne, Kris Versteeg, Ryan Suter, Josh Gorges, and Tuuka Rask, along with  “Koivu”, “Whitney”, “Mason”, and “Jokinen”. He also claims the Jarome Iginla for Alexander Semin “talk” has intensified.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve singled out those names in full because I don’t believe they’re going to be dealt, while the other four are puzzling. Mikko or Saku? Ryan or Ray? Chris or Steve? Olli or Jussi? As for the “Iginla for Semin” talk, let’s just say I have serious doubts that “talk” is between the respective GMs of their teams.


  1. Lmfao! Iginla for Semin! Whata hack.

  2. “Eklund” and Hockeybuzz are like a train wreck, as bad as it is you still have to have a look. The sad part is this guy makes money duping young kids and rumor mongers into paying for parts of his “service”. The stupidest thing I ever saw was when they had him on Sportsnets trade deadline day a few years ago.
    Keep up the great work Lyle, you are a good read and we appreciate your opinions and comments.

  3. Bleacher Report is just awful…Even baseball articles they post are just ridiculous.
    I read that Semin for Iggy trade today and had a good chuckle…If the Flames are to trade Iginla, they could net themselves three good prospects from the team who acquires him. He’ll be a stud playing on a contending team with a solid centre between them. I know a lot of people have their doubts that Iginla gets traded but IMO it’s the best thing for Calgary to do moving forward.

  4. @ Scotty B +1
    Hockeybuzz is just awful, but you’re right…you can’t help but read it.
    The best was right before Turris got traded, he named a couple teams that were involved, not including the senators…then he wrote I dont think a trade happens this year then bam next day he gets traded next day!

  5. word of the day…awful

  6. lol spec youre a character.

  7. (B)

  8. “… padded stats by a great defense in Phoenix”

    I lol’d.

    Didn’t the Flames and Iginla get to the SCF in 04, only to be robbed by a non-review?

    So is every Eklund article the same? Drop a big name, send him to Toronto for some combination of a bag of pucks, some broken sticks and an overused skate sharpener. Oh the giggles. I has them.

  9. No Phoenix D isn’t better as far as players but as a Flyers fan our D is overated. Phoenix’s system protects the goalie better guess that is why Mike Smith has done well. Bryz’s problem I think is he can’t deal with a hockey mad city with all the media coverage. I also wonder if it bothers him that there is a good young goalie behind him that wants his job. Wasn’t that Price’s problem or part of it when Halak was there? I don’t follow the habs but remember reding something about that. By watching 24/7 Bryz is a strange guy with some weird views so who knows what is bothering him. I just don’t think he does to well with pressure. To be honest not to sure how much he loves playing the game either. Of course part of that can be from his odd way of saying things like saying “I don’t want to be a goalie no more” when talking about getting hit when his chest protecter broke. I hope he gets his game back soon. If not i hope the Flyers have the guts to go with BOB. That should be answered a in a small way if they start BOB for the classic.

  10. I think Nashville is down to two choices. I keep thinking to myself that if the Preds are in playoff contention why would they not want to move either Weber or Suter? I know why move one of two of the best defenseman in the league … and I simply say that the Preds can’t score their way out of a paper bag. This team needs a great top 3 forward. Young rookie Craig Smith has been a pleasant surprise, but their ‘top’ forwards like Fisher, Hornquvist have been invisible and at almost the halfway mark have just one player that has scored 10 goals.

    So what do you do? Deadline rolls around and you either try and shop Suter or Weber to bring in some serious offensive help knowing that you have a deep blueline and crease that keeps you honest. Or is the team and ownership finally willing to spend and use some of that free cap space for a pick/prospect package to try and bring in some offense from a seller … and if so who is selling and what can you get?

    Can they make a play for Bobby Ryan out of Anaheim using something like Ellis/Blum, Lindback and some picks or prospects? Do you make a low risk play and offer a 2nd or 3rd for someone like Hemsky and see if he pans out? Do you take a chance on one of the Habs smurfs? If you decide to go that route are you looking for a rental or a long term guy that shows Suter/Weber your willing to spend and compete? The Preds need scoring bad and I don’t think a lot of big named offensive guys are going to be around this deadline … so how do they do it? How do they finally get that superstar scorer they need to get them over the hump and to the Finals. Nash, Taveres, Staal, Iginla aren’t going to be going anywhere so those non-playoff guys are really non-starters.

  11. I also find myself wondering. If the ‘Aves were shopping Statsny, more so if they fell out of the race. Do you think Jets management would be willing to spend to bring him in? Wheeler – Statsny – Kane could be a pretty sick 1st line. Jets fans everywhere could be happy with Statsny, Wheeler, Kane, Wellwood, Little, Antropov, Ladd, Burmistrov on offense, with Buff, Bog, Enny on the blueline and Pavalec/Mason in net! For this year, thats a solid playoff team.

  12. Why is Kris Versteeg going to be traded again??? Because he’s having a breakout year on a team with a GM who loves him and a whole bunch of players he played with in Chicago…..yeah that’s not a good fit, get rid of him.

  13. I would think that the Canucks make a play for weber, gillis has been said to looking for that top tier defenseman . They have the assets to package a deal together, albeit they may have to make a three way deal to get it done as Schneider would be the target of many teams and goal tending Nashville has. With the realignment next year Vancouver and Nashville are not in the same conference anymore. Nashville has an internal salary cap so trading away weber and his salary and getting back fair value will be tough. With the signing of renne and the eventual singing of suter Nashville will have trouble keeping all three . Nashville needs scoring and for that scoring to come at a low cost long term. Gillis may have to trade Schneider and a salary dump for a young foward to flip to nashville for the prize that is weber.

  14. Jarome Iginla had his shot at the cup and his time lost to the Cans! Sure is would be nice to see him win the cup, but when did it become that teams owe a player the right to play for the cup by trading him to a better team? Last i check it’s a privilege to just play in the NHL… teams only owe the FANS and not the players….And what ever happen to players wanting to win it for there owner…I remember when the Angels players wanted so bad to win it for Gene Autry 80s…

  15. Dave, pretty difficult to read that paragraph…you might wanna think about proofreading your posts before making them.

    1cnkgm, I would be pretty surprised to see Weber land in Vancouver. First off, no way Nash trades him without getting a huge package in return that includes at least 1 NHL ready player, and as you stated Schneider doesn’t do anything for them. So they would have to part with a Burrouws type and or Raymond/Hodgson and a 1st rounder….just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Iginla won’t be traded unless HE wants to be and he’s too classy to ask. Ain’t happening, and if it does it will be in the offseason.

  16. @ Dave. Umm, Iginla and the Flames lost to The Lightning. Edmonton lost to the Hurricanes!

  17. Diceman to land a player of webers caliber I would trade hodgson, Ballard and the canucks 1 st rounder. Or jennson/hodgson and the 1 st rounder. Or as I suggested trade Schneider for a top 4 forward and package him with draft picks and a prospect. With weber in the line up the canucks become the team to beat for the cup. I can’t understand why wouldn’t the canucks do it, as they become this for some time as weber is still young. It’s not like they would sell the farm for just this year. Both teams in my opinion get better now and for some time .

  18. The Predators have had a problem scoring goals for some time now. Its about time they had some. Trading Weber and re-signing Suter would be the best move in my opinion. Suter is no slouch at offense but cant replace Weber, however they have a guy named Ellis who could fill in. Weber could be traded straight across for a top flight forward, but I think it would make more sense to get two guys who are 1st/2nd line guys and a prospect. One goal scorer isnt going to help fix the problem, and besides who gives up premium 1st line forwards, it just doesnt happen all that often. Nashville will always contend with the line-up they have now but will never win a cup with limited offense. I think Nashvilles GM and ownership want to make changes but are afraid to “upset the applecart” so to speak because they dont want to make a wrong move.

  19. 1cnkgm, It’s not that Vancouver wouldn’t do that trade, it’s that those offers you proposed wouldn’t be enough IMO…..my first post wasn’t clear, but I meant that I think it takes Burrouws and a good up and comer like Raymond or Hodgson AND a 1st rounder. We’re talking a top 3 d man in the league who does everything, you can’t draft a Shea Weber 9 out of 10 drafts even with the first overall pick….Also, I don’t think it’s gonna be so easy to just trade Schneider for a top 4 forward, or even a top 6 forward. Yes he has potential but it’s not like he’s a top goalie in the league or anything and there won’t be a ton of competition for him as only a handful of teams would even be interested.
    For the type of packages you’re proposing the Canucks give up, I just think Nashville could get much better players from other teams in addition to much higher draft picks from the lower teams in the league.

    If Edmonton could somehow trade for Weber (1st round pick, Hemsky, MPS or something along those lines), it could be the perfect move for them.

    I’d be shocked if any of the top 6 teams in the league are able to acquire Weber. And if any of ’em can it’s probably Detroit.

  20. Agree with 1cnkgm. Weber is one of those franchise type defenders that don’t come around too often and most franchises never get. Pronger, Neidermeyer, Lidstrom, perhaps Keith are comparables. I’m not likening each of these player’s to Weber’s style but more of the impact he has on the team. If you don’t believe Weber is such a type then yes it would be foolish to trade valuable assets for him, but if you do believe he’s a rare type (and most GMs seem to agree) then trading Raymond, Hodgson, and even multiple picks is worth it. The Canucks could offer that now but I doubt it would be enough for Nashville. Hence my agreement that it would likely require a 3 way deal with Schneider being sacrificed.

  21. In order to get Shea Weber, the Canucks would need to dump salary the other way. Edler (no no-trade clause and easier to re-sign after next year) would probably need to be going in the package with Raymond/Hodgson and a 1st round pick. Schneider won’t be dealt till after this years playoff run. The Canucks will need both goalies for a long playoff run and a successful regular season. I think dealing potential star players like Schneider would net the Canucks more of a package at the draft as opposed to the trade deadline. As well the Canucks had better be damn sure they can re-sign Weber either this summer as a R.F.A or next year as a U.F.A. Lawrence Gilman will be earning his pay if this ever happened.

  22. Rask isn’t going anywhere why would his name be on any trade list.
    He has better numbers than Thomas and is the future #1 in a year or two.

  23. Happy New Year all.
    I have to agree that Eklind, Bleather Report , Bruce Garrioch, and most local NHL homer analysts are so way off oh, so many times that they are not worth the strained mental gymnastics they put us through, by never thinking through these speculations.
    I just wanted to say I enjoy Kyle’s temperance and his logical commentary AFTER the actual site quotes.
    And his outward stance on his personal decisions, which are brave in this world of conservative backlash.

    Intead of paying for a draft sider, come visit http://www.Draftsite.com where I have begun profiling the top 250 plus candidates for 2012 NHL Entry Draft selection.

  24. Mr. Richardson, I visit Bleacher Report Daily. It’s a fun website, but the sources and writers are not reliable. It is mainly college students writing their opinions. It’s more of an opinion based site, and I thought I would let you know, don’t believe or take all of those rumors into consideration.

  25. Nashville is 5th in the west in goals scored.