NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – Friday, September 9, 2011.

Rumors linking Washington’s Alexander Semin to Buffalo, LA or Detroit, as well as of one supposedly involving a major swap between the Avalanche and Predators. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claims he’s heard the Buffalo Sabres have strong interest in Alexander Semin, while the Red Wings and Kings have “Semin contingency plans”…Somehow, the Wild play into a rumored deal between Montreal and Winnipeg, though the Jets may be backing away from something major.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres are currently above the salary cap ceiling by $3 million. They would need to shed at least $7 million in salary to comfortably absorb Semin’s $6.7 million salary for this season, so I doubt they make this move. Since the Kings will likely need to keep considerable cap space free to re-sign Drew Doughty, they won’t have enough to invest in Semin without making a separate move to clear more cap space. The Red Wings appear set with their lineup heading into this season….The Jets signing last night of Kyle Wellwood probably takes them out of the trade market for the time being for a center. 

Steven Ellis of The Hockey House last night “tweeted” he’d heard the Predators and Avalanche were close to a deal, which would see Paul Stastny shipped to Nashville in exchange for Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I acknowledge anything’s possible, I don’t see the cost-conscious Predators taking on Stastny’s $6.6 million per season contract, especially when they have to figure out if they can afford to retain Shea Weber, and would still need to find the money to re-sign Pekka Rinne.



  1. Lyle,

    Keep up the good work but please get rid of the blogs section.

    This blogs section is filled with items that will never happen.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Again, if you don’t like the blogosphere rumors, then stick to the MSM ones I post up and don’t bother reading these.

  3. I like the blogosphere rumors, they are always good for a laugh. The best part: Lyle dismantles them piece by piece.

  4. I’m with you Fra, the rumours are fun to read. Keep ’em coming!

  5. As the blogosphere insanity arise with 2 weeks left to the start of training camps, i think it is fare to say that it is enticing to envision probable trades and signings but only to the extent that the trade deadline and free agency are set within a regular scope , during spring and on july 1st. I would like to see mainstream media dig a little more into the core of the game, the strategies, the why of left wing lock and the art of pinching in …

    The game of hockey has been more and more mediatised towards the statistics, the several fantasy leagues but it still remain a game of strategy that a lot of these blogosphere icons dont know much about.

    I would hope that we forget a bit about the CBA and focus more on understanding the reasons why the Barry Trotz of this league have success year in and year out…Why the Habs are never gonna get an enforcer under Martin’s regime and figure out how great coaches get great results and which strategies brings them where they actually are.

    That was my friday 2 cents…

  6. Spector,

    I was tooling around late last night and found this.


    The Los Angeles Times actually cited a certain ‘blogosphere’ site as their source. It would be a short leap for TSN to then cite the LA Times.

    You were right. Eventually those other crazy rumors end up circulating in the mainstream.

  7. As for Semin to the Kings, I don’t see it happening. I sat in a Meet The GM meeting with Dean Lombardi a few years ago when Heatley was on the block. Lombardi and Hextall both specifically said that they pay a lot of attention to character issues. Given what Semin’s former teammates said about him, I can’t see the Kings being interested at all.

  8. Eklown is a fraud. A joke. I like this website, but anyone who cites Eklown is a little hard to take seriously… why did you star citing him, Spector?

  9. Has anyone actually explained to Eklund how a salary cap works and why 2/3 of his rumours are unlikely? I imagine the rumour mill will fire up in full force as training camps open and injuries start.

  10. JDBGiGC: That’s a perfect example of what I was talking about.

    sercote: I refer you to my earlier comment to delvecchio.

  11. I enjoy all the rumours, regardless of how crazy they are.

  12. Keep it coming Lyle, Rumors are fun to argue about. The puritans ought to watch what thay are clicking on.

  13. You guys all need to take a deep and relax when it comes to your negative opinions about citing blog rumours. This section of the site is a hockey rumour section, and regardless of the quality of the source, they are rumours and we all enjoy debating their credibility. At least Lyle has gone so far as to seperate the blog rumours from what he feels are legit mainstream rumours.

  14. I like the blogosphere pieces, as long as they are set apart from the rest of the rumors. Spector consolidates all the babble in the short clear pieces that i then get a chuckle over or get enraged that someone would even suggest such a stupid rumor. and if i busy or just not in the mood it’s easy enough to skip without feeling like i’m missing something.

    that being said if they started becoming rarer and rarer after the dog-days of hockeyless summers when there is actual hockey tp discuss, i wouldn’t be too disappointed.

  15. Wow, must be a slow news day when Spector addresses (and thus gives credence) Eklund’s BS.

  16. Why are so many of you angry with Spector for posting Eklund’s “rumours”?
    I’ve read all the blogosphere stuff since Spector started and he has categorically dismantled every single one of Eklunds supposedly sourced, inside scoops. It’s hilarious!!!

    Keep up the good work Spec!

  17. “GENIUS or DEVIOUS”?????

    If Lyle continues to post the humorous and far fetched postings of Eklund eventually all of you that still pay homage to Eklund’s site and keep it online wont need to go there to be amused and instead you can visit Lyle’s page and be informed and opt to be amused at the same time. One stop shopping.

  18. hey spec, maybe you should post some sort or reminder to tell folks what this section is all about instead of having to explain it all the time… anyways, keep up the good work (Y)(B)

  19. Newswise, early September is the same as the dog days of summer. ANY hockey news is welcome, regardless of its value. I’m sure Lyle considered this when deciding to incorporate the blogosphere into his site. It is entertaining, if nothing else (and usually is nothing else), so take it for what it’s worth.

  20. I don’t mind the blogosphere rumours, but when I and others go elsewhere and post that we heard a given rumour ‘via spectorshockey.net’ – others click it and find out it’s more than likely just some blogger’s fantasy, it can hurt your brand.

    You’ve become known as someone who reports credible rumours. While the blog rumours may be fun, reporting them has the potential to hurt your credibility. Maybe not with those who are familiar with the site, but certainly with others who are either infrequent or first time visitors.

  21. I enjoy this site because it is real. I originally came here because I knew I could rely on you to only present and comment on those you knew to be credible enough to even bother with. I also really admire the fact that you did not condone or utilize Eklunds completely unethical and reprehensible approach. In fact, your refusal to ever quote him showed that a credible writer like yourself would never stoop to that level. I too am disappointed that you would quote him at all. Your credibility that is well earned through long years now serves to give him credibility that he not only has not earned but has actually taken up dishonest practices to try to immitate. I find him reprehensible and think it is only best that credible people show what they think of this behavior by ignoring him. I wish you had, and will choose to. Your site your rules but I’ll wish it were not so. Perhaps you simply need to make a living and can’t fight the idiotic majority? Still a fan anyway.

  22. Seriously folk what else is there to talk about? This is the slow before the open of training camp. I went to LAKingsInsider the other day and they had a video of how the floor was being painted. To be fair, the video was very interesting. But what would we rather discuss, some whacked out rumor or the appropriate shade of the blue line and the logo to ice ratio.

  23. JD: So it’s come to this: discussing whacked out trade rumors, or watching paint dry? 😉

    Seriously, though, it’s been an unusually quiet off-season, compared to recent ones. Last summer there was so much going on (Kovalchuk contract, Kaberle trade deadline, etc) compared to this one.

  24. R: You can still rely on this site for MSM rumors. If you don’t like blogosphere rumors, just don’t read that section. Simple, n’est-ce pas?

  25. Personally, I rather enjoy Spec’s expanded site. I’ve never visited Ecklund’s site and don’t plan to.Instead of giving this clown credence as some of you claim, in context Spec clearly dismantles Eck’s lunacy. Now instead of just hockey rumors, Lyle presents an invaluable and unique perspective (i.e. Canadian Corner). Keep up the good work sir.

  26. My thanks to everyone for the feedback, positive and negative. Much appreciated, gang, as is your continued support. :)