NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – January 5, 2012.

The latest on Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Miller, Mark Streit, Sam Gagner, Alexander Semin and more. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: Suggesting an offer from the Pittsburgh Penguins of defenseman Ben Lovejoy, minor league goalie Brad Thiessen and a mid-range draft pick to New Jersey for Zach Parise “might actually work”, while another countered with the Red Wings offering winger Jiri Hudler, a first in 2012 and a third in 2013. Beyond the world of one-sided fantasy trades, Parise finishes this season with the Devils…Possible trade deadline moves for the Anaheim Ducks? How about Lubomir Visnovky to Calgary for Olli Jokinen or Mark Giordano and draft picks? No? How about the Flyers, with concerns on their blueline, shipping either Andrej Meszaros or Braydon Coburn and draft picks for Teemu Selanne? Ryan Getzlaf to Pittsburgh for Jordan Staal AND Kris Letang, plus draft picks? The mind reels at the possibilities!...Can Chicago’s Stan Bowman trade for Ryan Miller? No, he can’t, unless Miller demands a trade, which he hasn’t. Bowman’s stated needs are a second line center and a sixth defenseman. He’s gone with unheralded goaltending before and won a Stanley Cup…Mark Streit would be a perfect fit for the New Jersey Devils, and every other NHL team, including the one he’s currently playing for. Unless he demands a trade, he’s staying on the Island. Is Ryan Getzlaf the answer the Maple Leafs need at center? Sure, but landing him is another matter, and the Ducks want a comparable talent in return, not Tyler Bozak or Mikhail Grabovski or Joe Colborne, or for that matter Nazim Kadri, or Nikolai Kulemin.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” wonders if the “Alexander Semin to Detroit” rumors are merely a plant to force Edmonton’s hand and land Ales Hemsky. Is he talking about forcing the Oilers to trade Hemsky to Detroit? or Washington?…He cites a source suggesting the Maple Leafs have an eye on Jeff Carter…Iginla to Philly? Washington? Pittsburgh? My money’s on “Calgary”…Kings want Parise or Nash. Don’t hold your breath…Ryan Malone back to Pittsburgh? Sure, if Marc-Andre Fleury’s heading the other way…Josh Harding and Jonathan Bernier have been mentioned regarding the Maple Leafs search for a goalie. Bernier’s not moving, and with Niklas Backstrom struggling of late, Harding might not be available.

DAILY CHICAGO SPORTS TAB: Tab Bamford recently wondered about the possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks landing Sam Gagner from the Edmonton Oilers. Gagner might be a good fit for the ‘Hawks second line, but I’m not so sure the Oilers intend to move him now.


  1. Is Bleacher Report really considered a legit blog source for rumours? They make Eklund look like he knows something.

  2. Where’s the tragically beautiful one about the coach who shall remain nameless going to the team who shall remain nameless because of his language skills that will remain nameless despite his currently being under contract elsewhere? That one gave me the giggles for about 20 minutes.

  3. C’mon Lyle, do you enjoy popping balloons of fans! Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were core players. Richards was the Flyers Captain.

    Don’t the leafs have the assets to land getzlaf. Can Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan take over as the core. It’s only one full contract year left for Getzlaf. The year is worth 5.4 million with intangibles such as character, leadership an championship experience.

    So Kadri @1.8 mil 1.5 seasons left, Grabovski @2.9 UFA, and Gunnarrsson@1.3 1.5 seasons left = less than Geztlaf’s salary in renewed young assets of good quality and begins restocking the second line for next season. It’s more than fair value in dollars and Anaheim gets three for the price of one.

    If Burke over pays, it’s by adding a depth player or 2nd line AHL prospect (D’amigo).

    Pop that bubble, bring a stronger pin, cuz this one is industrial strength. Otherwise provide your own possibility. For us to entertain.

  4. ive been a bees fan for 35 years, we are strong in goal but probably cant afford to pay both after this year, devs need a goalie, how bout tuuka and another player for parise?? would be a good deal for both teams

  5. I think the Wings can do almost anything. Kenny Holland has them set up very nicely for this upoming deadline. I think they have the ability to target the BEST player that is being moved this year. Parise, Nash, Iginla, Getzlaf, or any other name out their. I also think Nabokov will be a Wing.


  6. How’s this for a trade Getzlaf 5.325 mil and Selanne 4 mil to the Jets for Burmistrov 1.5 mil,
    Antropov 4 mil and Randy Jones 1.150 mil.

  7. @kc

    Not a chance. Anaheim would want a lot more in return for getz and selanne. Try burmistrov, bagosian

  8. stupid text box. I meant burmistrov, bogosian, wheeler, and a 1st.

    the price for those two guys would be absurd

  9. If history repeats itself none of these player’s will end up in the leaf’s orginazation I dont beleve that Burke will put up the assets needed to nail any of these star player’s ,any moves the leafs make will be minor moves in a bigger more long term picture. Burke is not willing to dismantle the team he spent the last three years building for one star that might not be the right fit for the toronto market. His first goal should be to make the playoffs by the means of tweeking with minor deals , then bring out the big guns to produce a stanly cup contending team. Draft,Draft,Draft and put them in a bag and save em for later. I beleve that over the next three years there will be at least 3 to 4 teams going into a re building stage looking to unload the high priced players for young draft picks. On the other hand don’t be surprised if Burke tries to make a move for Boby Ryan.

  10. Flyers could be big players at the trade deadline if they want to with plenty of young talent already in the NHL. Their main issues are 1) they will have cap issues when taking on any big name player and 2) they are atually winning with said young talent so if they improve as they age they will continue to win so why move these kids?

    Holmgren’s big decision is does he take on huge shot at the cup this year and jeopardize they next few years of success or does he just see how far the kids can take them?

  11. Ducks
    The biggest factor in the Ducks making a deal is “BOB MURRAY” and he has shown that he just cannot make a big time deal. It’s not in him. He does not know how to build a team. Last summer everyone knew he had to build a third line with grit, what did he do, signed a bunch of AHL’s for 1/2 a million each
    (JF Jacques / Andrew Gordon etc). He could have spent 3 million and signed for a million each Kyle Wellwood, Zenon Konopka, Ben Eager, Brad Winchester ” THESE TYPES” but no he takes the cheapy way out and now has a crises on his hands.

  12. @alforducks

    Bob murray had to save money for Selanne with the “internal” cap. But he did trade for Winchester at the deadline and it was a bust move. Winchester didnt fit with the team and was a healthy scratch towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. I would have like the ducks to have gotten Konopka though. I like him when he was originally here. He is a good faceoff guy and could have relieved Parros in a few scraps.

  13. @Sean can’t get carried away with Selanne’s value he’s 41, yes he still puts up numbers, however he is also a pending UFA, that hints at retirement every year. Getzlaf had 6 goals in 38 games and is a minus 19, yeah he might be having a off year but maybe not. Burmistrov, Bogosian, Wheeler and a 1st that would have to be for Perry, Selanne and someone else. Burmistrov is 21 with insane skill, Bogosian is 21 and has been the Jets best defenceman this year and looks as though he will be a perennial all star, and Wheeler is 25 can skate like the wind and is huge oh and he leads the Jets in scoring AND a 1st round pick the someone else better be Luca Sbisa!

  14. I have posted ad nauseum yesterday about why a player for player trade does not solve Anaheim’s problem. Add to that why another team would trade a star player for another star player? Sorry, even defenseman for centre, it still makes no sense to me ( at least for the teams who would be able to do it because they have those star players to trade). Most teams do not have 3 healthy ( 4 if you count Selanne) superstars like Anaheim does. Maybe they have two, but more likeley one.

    If, “giant if” here, Getlaf is moved, more than one player is coming back, and given the season he is having and the desperation that seems to exist in Anaheim today, the trade partner with the Ducks is not giving up a player on par with Getzlaf and then some. They might get a top 3 and a top 6. Maybe two top 6 plus something else, or even three top 6. More than likely, they do nothing.

    @ Carter,
    If a big name centre is available ( no matter who or what team) , I think Burke will go for that over any winger. Wingers ( compared to top line centres) are easier to get, and / or develop.

    No way Boston gives up Rask. He is still young and I am sure the B’s have assured him he will have a long ride once Timmy hangs them up. The only thing that changes that is them picking up someone as good as him as a backup via Trade, Draft or prospect this year.

  15. @ Ducksfan93
    Your right but I said “Types” there are always many of these types out there to choose from in July.
    What ticks me off about Murray is that First he wanted Zenon Konopka from the Islanders but they wanted a 2nd round pick, he then became a FA and Ottawa signs him for $ 700K ? If he liked him so much why not offer 900K ? He trades for Winchester for a 3rd rounder ( this year) which will maybe be 62 or 63 pick in the draft which is very close to being a 2nd round pick. A season or two back he trades Steven Kampfer to Boston for a 4th round pick and trades that pick for Aaron Ward who after a month retires. I’d sure rather have Kampfer than Ward be a TV commentator. How about Wisniewski, Murray gets a 3rd rounder for him, Islanders use him 1/2 a season and get a 2nd round pick. Now we all know that Wiz was toast for long term because of the money he wanted, but why dump him in August, why not wait and later in year you could have gotten more value ? How about the Cogliano trade, a second round pick for someone not even signed, so what does cogs agent do, he sticks a gun to Murray head and basicly says you just overpaid with a 2nd round pick for a marginal player, now we want 2 million a year for 3 years or screw you. Why not let Oilers sign him and then see how much you have to pay this guy first. Typical Murray, doesn’t think long term, READY, FIRE, AIM

  16. Why do you cover these? They’re all just fanboy dreams.

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a swap between the Preds and Ducks with Getz going one way and Suter the other along with some mix of picks prospects thrown together.

  18. I think you will see the Sabres actively pursueing any center who can improve them up the middle. They have enough young stud defensemen (Weber, Gragiani, Sekera or Brennan….at this point i think McNabb is going to be untouchable unless the offer is one they couldn’t refuse) plus some young forwards (Kassian, Ennis) to put a deal together with a team looking to the future (Ducks, Flames)……just saying….maybe even ship Miller but i doubt it…..he would have to go to the West Coast (Ducks) to be close to his wife…..but maybe Miller for Hiller if it was part of a Getzlaf deal….

  19. oh, and i might mention, Roy would probably be available too…..

  20. “Can Chicago’s Stan Bowman trade for Ryan Miller? No, he can’t, unless Miller demands a trade, which he hasn’t.”

    A NTC does not stop another team from making an offer for a player, it just means his current team cannot make the deal without his consent. Bowman and Reghr could work out the framework for a deal and then Reghr ask Miller if he would accept the trade. It would obviously complicate Miller’s relationship with the Sabres, but necessarily destroy it. Reghr could also approach Miller and advise him which teams are calling and ask if he would consider accepting a trade to any of them.

  21. Do you think the devils will move anyone now, since they’re shaping up to be a legitimate contender this season? Why would they rebuild at this point? I think Parise would be great in Pittsburgh though. Same with Iginla, but if getting Getzlaf meant trading Staal, and Letang, I don’t think it is worth it.

    • Dave, I don’t see the Devils shipping out any of their valuable players now.

  22. Yea that’s what I figured. Who do you think the Penguins will acquire to ensure their playoff appearance?

  23. The Pittsburgh rumors…

    I do not understand how Lovejoy, Thiessen and a pick for UFA rental Parise is a “one-sided fantasy trade” while Getzlaf for Staal, Letang and picks is apparently even…?

    Malone for Fleury,.. seriously?