NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – July 30, 2012.

It’s a slow day for rumors from the mainstream media, so here’s a look at the latest kicking around the NHL blogosphere. Enjoy!

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely believes the Philadelphia Flyers are the front-runners for Anaheim Ducks right wing Bobby Ryan.

RANT SPORTS: Stephanie Lewark suggests Ryan might be a good fit with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Could Bobby Ryan be traded this summer?

BLEACHER REPORT: Kevin Schlittenhardt believes Ryan would be the right player for the New Jersey Devils to replace departed captain Zach Parise, and feels promising blueliner Adam Larsson would be enough to offer up to the Ducks to land him. Failing that, Schlittenhardt also suggest shopping defenseman Henrik Tallinder to the Edmonton Oilers for either Ales Hemsky or Jordan Eberle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers are certainly believed to have, or have had, interest in Ryan, but the asking price was reportedly Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn, whom GM Paul Holmgren won’t move. Ryan would certainly be a good fit with the Penguins, but I doubt they have the depth in rising young talent to entice the Ducks.

It would take more than Larsson, a promising young blueliner who played only five playoff games this spring, to land Ryan, an established young star. Tallinder for Hemsky? Maybe, if the Oilers feel they need help on defense and if Tallinder were available. Tallinder for Eberle? In your dreams!

KUKLA’S KORNER: George Malik offers up a thorough debunking of a Twitter-based rumor claiming the Detroit Red Wings were targeting Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle by offering up a package centered around forward Valtteri Filppula.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll only add that the Coyotes aren’t actively shopping Yandle. They were listening to offers during the entry draft weekend, but have decided to keep him. 

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claims the market for free agent defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo is picking up, claiming he’s heard Detroit, Dallas, Pittsburgh and one other team have “kicked the tires”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Colaiacovo is arguably the best defenseman still available in this summer’s free agent market, so I wouldn’t be surprised if interest in him has picked up. He’d be a worthwhile, affordable, short-term (one to two years) addition for teams seeking blueline depth.


  1. I don’t see how the price for Bobby Ryan could be so high when Rick Nash went for a relatively low price.

    • Because Ryan is younger, doesn’t have a difficult contract, doesn’t have a movement clause and Avery small number of teams he’s willing to go to, and hasn’t explicitly asked for a trade that’s why.

      • No, it’s based on the player’s cap hit of their RFA contract:

        •$1,034,249 annual cap hit or less: No compensation
        •$1,034,249 — $1,567,043: 3rd round pick
        •$1,567,043 — $3,134,088: 2nd round pick
        •$3,134,088 — $4,701,131: 1st & 3rd round pick
        •$4,701,131 — $6,268,175: 1st, 2nd & 3rd round pick
        •$6,268,175 — $7,835,219: Two 1st, a 2nd and 3rd round pick
        •$7,835,219 & higher: Four 1st round picks

        With regards to the Nash trade, even though he wasn’t an RFA, you base the trade closely to if he was an RFA. Obviously you’re not going to get from that of a regular trade, as you would with one that is an RFA. So NYR & CBJ worked it out to as close as they could based on that scenario.

        • What???

  2. @ Geoff

    Me neither bro. Ryan will go for a lot less than they are saying. I think well IMO Ryan price is high because of the fact that he’s still pretty young and still has a hell of a lot of potential. Nash IMO opinion will stay a 60-70 point. Tab IMO has the talents to be a 100 point guy.

    @ Spector

    I’m with you brother. Tallinder for Eberle? Total retarded rumor never happen in a million years. Maybe Larsson and a prospect or pick

  3. Wonder if the Nash trade hurt Luongo’s value at all?
    Ryan will go for a top prospect, 1st rounder and a player to fill out the roster. If I were pittsburgh I’d do anything to get him. They would be amazing with those first 2 lines. But I think philly has the assests to make the deal. Depending on if they go after a defenseman like boumeester or ryan.

  4. Seems to me that Philly is gonna need a d-man to replace Pronger. Ryan would be a good pickup for any Eastern team, the key is that you don’ want to overpay for him. When I look at the Pens and Philly rosters – I really don’t see a need at LW. As much as I would like him in Buffalo, I would rather do a trade for Getzlaf or Pavelski.

  5. @Steve

    I’m with you re: Getzlaf, but I would like them to do something, anything of big value to get a top talent or two in Buffalo.

    • What do you guys think of this?

      To Buffalo: Getzlaf
      To Anaheim: Hodgson, 1st round (2013) and a 3rd (2013)

      Seems like Anaheim gets a solid chunk for a rebuild and a second line center who will get loads of play time while Buffalo gets a 1st line center who they will have to resign for a long term deal. Roy gets bumped to second line with this as well.


      • derek roy is traded all ready to dallas

      • Ryan is a Leftwinger, not a Centerman

      • and Roy is now in DALLAS

        • I guess he missed the bus on that update eh ‘alforducks’.

          • my bad there…forgot about that deal

      • Rather see us trade Stafford (who scores in bunches), Adam (who has potential) and Pardy for Getzlaf or even Kesler. I hate to give up Hodgeson as I think he is gonna do some good things for the club. I would rather trade Stafford or if need be – Vanek. We already got rid of Roy and Boyes – to of our biggest whiners and guys who complained that they were asked to do too much.

        Another thing, SJ needs a top 6 RW, I know they are looking to trade Marleau – maybe Buffalo can trade for him as he does play Center, was a former Captain for the Sharks and he has scored 65+ points for the past few years. He would be a good mentor – even Little Joe would be a good pickup.

  6. Schlittenhardt must be covering hockey for two seconds to think Adam Larsson gets traded or is enough for Ryan,or that Henrik Tallinder could even get to Devils Jordan Eberle left testicle. Ales Hemsky is far less to take for top four moderately CAP paid defender like Tallinder, especiallynow when the GMs are overpaying for players….

  7. The Flyers are practically done now, the most they’ll do now, is make some final AHL signings, but that’s about it. As it stands right now, their core is strong, and I’m betting that they believe Bryz had a major setback season and will flourish with a 2nd season under his belt.

    Even thought I would LOVE for Burke to land Ryan, and all of the Arm-chair GM’ing I’ve come up with, Ryan will land somewhere like Vancouver or Pittsburgh. See something like this go down:

    To Vancouver: Ryan
    To Anaheim: Raymond + Ballard


    To Pittsburgh: Ryan
    To Anaheim: Kunitz + 1st Round Draft Pick (2013)

    • Neither of these will happen

      A) Anyone could have had Ballard for peanuts
      but no takers. Raymond is marginal 2nd line player.

      B)Boob Murray traded Kunitz so you think he is going to admit the mistake ?

      • Ballard for Komisarek!

    • If that was offered to Vancouver MG would take it in a second. Pittsburgh would do the same. That 1st round pick will be a 25th or 26th pick in the draft. Ryan is a much better finisher than Kunitz, and bigger.

      • Well it’s widely publicized that Anaheim wants a 2c + Dman + Prospect or Draft Pick (2nd Rounder). This is why Pittsburgh can afford to give up a 1st Rounder, and would be the sealer for Anaheim to take Kunitz, because you can’t deny Kunitz’s production.

    • Flyers are set? How are they set when they lost JVR and jagr and what replaced them with what fedatenko they can use a D man and a top six winger. Then again that why the offered 3 100mill contracts to two D men and a winger. Flyers as they sit are not a better team the the one that got there ass handed to the Vs jersey. They will still try to improve either at wing or on D if the can.

      • Do you NOT follow the Flyers? Am, if you don’t, here is why:

        – Briere
        – Voracek
        – Hartnell
        – Giroux
        – B.Schenn
        – Simmonds
        – Couturier
        – Shelley
        – Read
        – Rinaldo
        – Talbot
        – Fedotenko
        – Timonen
        – L.Schenn
        – Coburn
        – Grossman
        – Pronger [Maybe]
        – Meszaros
        – Gervais

        Sure it may not be at the moment an immediate perception of a Cup winning team, but there is still the trade deadline once next season starts. Which draws to conclusion that they’re likely done during this off season.

  8. @bigboss … Roy was traded weeks ago. Also Darcy said he wouldn’t trade Hodgson, more likely it’d be Ennis in that package. Thanks for playing.

  9. For one…Derek Roy is a Dallas Star so he can’t play 2nd line center for Buffalo.

  10. Wow some serious dreaming going on…Hemsky is brutal and has no value,Larson is going nowhere he is their blue chip and they need him. Ryan will get moved and would be a serious threat on a good team Kunitz enough? No chance.Ryan will be a 35-40 goal man if lands on a solid team.What no Doan talk? Don’t save the coyotes save us from hearing about them…

  11. Wow, that guy must think Tallinder is some kind of hockey player. Eberle, I laughed out loud when I read that. The oilers would probably trade Hall way before they even consider moving Eberle, the kids a hell of a player and will lead the oilers for a long time. Hemsky, injuries aside can be very effective as well but his price tag of 5 mil a season for the next two is a bit prohibitive for most teams. The guy is only 27 this year I believe so he could rebound. The oilers would need more than Tallinder back.
    Saying Ryan would be agood fit on the flyers or pens is a no brainer, he would look good on just about any team in the league.

  12. It appears that the ducks will soon have to go in a total rebuilding mode since Ryan has already showed his displeasure in playing in Anaheim and Burkie, having a total hard on for Getzlaf ever since his days in Anaheim, has probably already told Murray that he will blow the ducks’ offer out of the water to sign Getzlaf. Given Burkie’s authoritative style I’m sure he’s already asked Murray to send Getzlaf his way and get something out of it instead of losing him for nothing. The ducks might even keep Ryan if Getzlaf is to be traded. Remember this is Burke’s last year and he desperately needs to get that big centre who he is always going on about. Why not get that centre in his last year to secure his extension with the leafs?
    Getzlaf to the Leafs …. Yea that’s happening!

  13. These rumors are too funny. How many of you are from the East Coast? The western teams are the ones making all the substantial moves, Minnesota, Edmonton, Dallas etc. While I do believe that Hemsky was signed by the Oilers to be traded, that deal will be difficult to make. There are not a lot of quality d-men available and that is what the Oilers need as well as a goaltender. I’m surprised that there have not been any Luongo to Edmonton rumors on here.

    • Hemsky and 2 second rounders to Van for Lou .. there you go

      • Edmonton does not want Luongo. Dubnyk is worthy of a starting role…..Luongo is a curse to any team. Vancouver deserves to be stuck with him on the bench. Absorbing that contract is something only the Leafs would really consider doing.

  14. Ryan for Larsson? Dream on. I wouldn’t trade Larsson for anyone right now, and Ryan is still enigmatic.

    Tallinder for Hemsky would be an interesting deal.

    Eberle is better than Ryan is; I think the suggestion may have actually been Larsson and Tallinder for Eberle but he made a mistake.