NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – May 18, 2012.

With the NHL media rumor mill quiet this morning, here’s a look at what’s been kicking around the blogosphere of late. Enjoy!


Lecavalier "guaranteed" to be traded this summer?

BLEACHER REPORT: presents “Top 12 Forwards Guaranteed To Be Dealt This Summer”: Rick Nash, Derek Roy, Sam Gagner, James van Riemsdyk, Jarome Iginla, Mike Ribeiro, P.A. Parenteau, Brandon Dubinsky, Patrick Marleau, Vincent Lecavalier, Mason Raymond, and Ray Whitney.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of this bunch, the only one I’d say is “guaranteed” to be dealt this summer is Nash. Most of the rest would fall into various degrees of trade possibilities, but are by no means “guaranteed” to move. Lecavalier won’t be traded, certainly not to Vancouver for Luongo. The Canucks already have centers for their top two lines in Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler, so where would Lecavalier play? Parenteau and Whitney are UFAs this summer, and while it’s possible their rights could be dealt, that’s not guaranteed.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” recently suggested the Buffalo Sabres are “the most likely to be front and center at the draft” with interest in acquiring Pittsburgh Penguins center Jordan Staal, citing their depth in quality defensemen they could offer up as trade bait. He’s also heard Toronto and Chicago connected to Staal…He also recently claimed (May 10) the Montreal Canadiens had interest in acquiring winger Evander Kane from the Montreal Canadiens. “This is not an instance where an offer sheet is made”, he wrote. “However Montreal could offer sheet a defenseman as well.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the record, Penguins GM Ray Shero recently stated his intent was to open contract extension talks with Staal and Sidney Crosby this summer. If the Sabres, Maple Leafs or Blackhawks were to pursue Staal, they’d better make sure they have what could be over $6 million in cap space to take on his salary, as he’ll likely seek around that much in a new contract. That being said, I doubt the Sabres or Blackhawks have serious interest in Staal, as both clubs already have significant salary tied up in a handful of players. The Maple Leafs might be interested if Staal’s available, and have a good defenseman (Luke Schenn) and some promising prospects upon which to draw for trade bait, but there’s no certainty they could land him.

As for the Canadiens supposed interest in Kane, new GM Marc Bergevin was on the job only a week when this came out, so I doubt he had much time by that point to start targeting specific players from other clubs. Even if he did, Kane isn’t available. Offer sheets have been empty threats in recent years, so I doubt we’ll see them employed by teams this summer. Drew Doughty and Steven Stamkos didn’t even get a sniff last summer, and  it’s increasingly unlikely we’ll see teams pitching offer sheets with the end of the CBA fast approaching. Also, why would the Habs “offer sheet a defenseman” (sounds like a summer camp prank) when their obvious need is size and skill at forward?  That makes no sense.



    Why would anyone want to take on the worst contract in the NHL ????? The GM that aquires him should be fired the next day ….for wasting the owners money for the next 10 years …honestly Vinnie has maybe 2 half assed years left maybe 3 …and the only thing you can hope for with this contract is that he retires and doesnt show up to the rink …in 4 years so you dont have to pay him $40 million dollars after the next 3 years …insane contract !!!
    Not worth it !!!

    Grigerenko has fallen down the dpths chart of the central scouting and is a problem Russion …very much like Gelchenyuk may be as well …..they have a NEW CLAUSE in Russia for Russiion players not to enter the NHL draft as of yesterday …and they are really trying to overpay Russian players toi play in Russia right away and start keeping them at home !!!!
    This will effect this years draft and those players …which means Montreal can not affaord one of these guys …they need a sure thing …and offer sheets may be the way to go for the club , I dont think so but it may have to be discussed ….as they dont have big names for trades …Forsberg may be the draft choice here !!!
    or trade the number one pick out for something more legit !!!

    Ive been saying this for months now …Luke Schenn is a bust !!!!!!
    He would be a throw in on a Stall deal and not even the starting point in the discussion so this is ubsurd a Schenn deal involving Stall it has just as much weight as the JVR trade !!!! or worse !!!
    Schenns stock is a 2nd round pick at best right now ….as I stated he would be terrible at the worlds and he was along with Phaneuf …..both played terrible and were exposed to say whay the Leafs have one of the worst goals against not just bad Goalies …the leafs should move out Phaneuf and Schenn as well as Kessel ….and really start building a playoff team ….because with these guys they are going no where …..NO WHERE!!!

    • Being a little harsh on Lecavalier aren’t you? The last two season he has been battling injuries, but has fought hard and lead well. I am no fan of his contract, but he’ll be ready for next year and put up a better show.

    • Worst contract in the NHL is a little harsh and actually incorrect as DiPietro’s is the worst contract in the NHL because at least Lecavalier is still making a positive contribution to the team.

      • The Gomez contract is also up there above Lecavalier by a country mile..

    • No way Staal ends up in Toronto … Burke has very little to offer, outside of his #1 pick … if Staal is dealt he will go to Carolina in a multi-player deal … Staal, Martin, maybe Kennedy, Tangradi or Dustin Jeffrey to Carolina for Sutter, McBain & first rounder … I doubt if even Jim Rutherford is dumb enough to trade Jeff Skinner …

  2. Ummmm Gelchenyuk is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He isn’t playing anywhere but the NHL. Period.

    • Thank you. I was just about to clear that up till I read your post under it.

      • and Grigorenko is playing for the Remparts. S&S, your right it may be a concern for Russian players in Rusia but thos who have already come over, I think, will not have that hanging over them.

  3. Eklund exists because die hard fans want to discuss something, even though we all know it is nonsense. Montreal has good defensive prospects, and an offer sheet won’t happen. That said, I don’t believe their only need is at forward. They need a RHD with size to play with Markov for a couple of years while we wait for the prospects to develop. Hopefully we can get a guy at around 2.5 million post July 1.

    As for forwards, I suspect we will make a go at Parenteau. I hope Gionta is traded for younger, cheaper and bigger also, but I think I wake up from my dream before that deal happens.

  4. LOL @ Vinnie.

  5. @ Vinnie

    Yeah I know that …Iam merely reprting that a new contract was put together in the KHL and they are trying to keep all homegrown talent in Russia by creating HUGE entry level contracts for superstars ..even though they are drafted here in the NHL …as to make them not want to play here anymore …as for Russians its all about the MONEY …not the CUP !!!!

    This is why Semin will not be back as well……Gelchenyuk was targeted in this report as well …as was Grigerenko who is a problem star ….I was just stating that this will be a very big issue come Russian draft picks from here on in and in any future draft ….Russia the country is trying hoard there talent and create a league surrounded by overpaid homegrown talent…..

    I didnt write it just letting you guys know of this new agreement that was put into action to beat the draft this year ….so it will change the landscape of the draft this year and Russian players taken so high .!!!!
    Teams may want to pass …..which is fine with me maybe we will have more Ontario players and the NHL will be a better league !!!

  6. Galchenyuk was born in the states when his Belarussian father was player minor hockey. he’s not going to the KHL, and Yakupov said how much he wants to play in Edmonton! guys are coming back from the khl (jagr, radulov, emmelin). some khl teams have folded, some have relocated, i seem to remember a plane crashing…

    the khl is the media’s boogie man used to scare fans into buying newspapers.

    • Personally I think most russian players that come over and play junior hockey in Canada have the intent of playing in the NHL and no where else. Thats what these kids have done. Obviously making that change at a very young age and sometimes without your family with you should be enough to show NHL teams you are serious. I also agree with GusMacDuff if the KHL was so great why are guys coming back to the NHL. The younger guys will see this. I could see the KHL done within the next 10 to 15 years.

  7. Has anyone heard anything about Damien Brunner yet? I heard back in December that the Penguins were the front-runners to sign him, but i don’t know if it is still that way. If you don’t know, he scored 60 points in 45 games in ZUG, which is the Swiss elite league, which is known for low scoring

  8. With the rules of the new cba yet to be determined, I can see a few Russian players signing in the khl in fear that they might not be able to play in the olympics if the stay here. Not all Russian players, but I can see some UFA’s and RFA’s maybe taking a short term contract there just incase.

  9. These bloggers have no idea what they are talking about. Just clueless and only fueling ideas for activity on their web sites.

  10. The Russian situation is not a BLOGGER scenario this is real news and will impact this years draft considerably ….I am not sure why this is an arguement with some of you Iam merely stating that this is a huge factor ….in any future drafts and this impacts all Russian players and players from Europe that may want to sign closer to home and make more money on the entry level contracts as opposed to a league minimum here …….
    Why are you guys saying this is not true or it doesnt matter when this is huge news and effects all players in the NHL that may look to get paid more right away in the first year …….simply stating that the KHL is targeting players and Galchenyuk was named as omne of them in this years draft that was trying to be co hearsed to play in the KHL …..take it for what its worth ….I was just trying to help you guys out with the big News not try and start a fight with some of you ….get a grip people !!!!

    I cant change fact and circumstances just relay the information !!!

    It changes the draft from here on in in BIG WAY !!!!!

    • Don Cherry, you shouldn’t post here!

      Wow! Look at the facts! The KHL does not have a very good minor system like the the NHL(AHL). Young players either play with the KHL team that holds their rights and get few minutes a game or they get sent to a second rate minor team and languish there.

      It sounds like you have a thing against import players!

      Galchenyuk is american, he played for the UD under 18 team! Sure young players will be enticed to go over there…but more than just money will factor into players decision, like possibly dying in a plane crash because the jets are sub standard. or how certain players were not paid by their team for a few months….the KHL is built on a house of cards and is ready for a giant fall! it cannot support itself…

      So please keep your Chicken little theories to yourself…


    • mr khl boogie man if you were paying attention you would see that the khl is a league in deep trouble yes a few russians may go for bloated khl contracts but many more know the real deal is the nhl thats why so many have come back to the nhl…you need to change your drink and as everyone else has been telling you galenchuk is american…you should do a little homework before crying wolf!!

  11. Phaneuf

    Dion Phaneuf is a waste. As long as the leafs defence has him as their leader they will caugh up the puck, pinch too much and generally lose games. Here’s a thought; i believe Phaneuf is from out west. Edmonoton is looking to move their pick for a proven defenceman. Ryan Sutter is the only one available via free agency and he will probably sign somewhere else. Does anyone thing Edmonton will take Phaneuf. If he still has any stock value left this might seem a fit.

    PS. John Michael Liles sucks too

    • I agree 100% about this deal. I posted that a couple of months ago. it’s a win/win for both teams.

      The only stumbling block here is that Burke will not trade Phaneuf.

  12. @ GuSMaCDUFF

    Hey Gus ….can I borrow $5000.00 ……I promise I will pay you back !!! I promise !!!!

    Thats how good Yakupovs word is or any one right now with the Russians saying they will pay millions to these guys for staying right from the get go !!!!!!

    Not sure about your financial situation ….BUT if someone was saying thet your going to get $1miilion yesterday and tomorrow someone else said they will give you 7 million ….not sure what your going to do but I certainly know what Iam going to do !!!!!

    Or at least think about it very hard !!!!!!

    Changes everything !!!

    • Slap, you forget some important factors:

      -The KHL is bogus. Arenas, hotels, travel and amenities are crap.
      -Player safety; do you want to get on those Russian planes and trains???
      -Contracts are not guarenteed
      -Health benefits are not guarenteed or insured. Training staffs and doctors are not held to the same regulations (i.e. concussions and injuries are not treated the same)
      -Language barrier for non Russians
      -Agents: Is your North American agent going to fight for you to get a contract in Russia?
      -NHLPA: Young guys going to the KHL are going to make an enemy out of the PA as it hurts the strength of the group
      -Endorsement Money.. you get none in Russia while Reebok/Mission/CCM/Bauer/Easton will be knocking your door down in North America
      -Its not like the KHL pays you in $USD

      Why do you think most North Americans play in Switzerland or Sweden?

      • Agreed. You forgot that the talent level in the NHL is at a higher level. These guys are top atheletes looking to compete with the best. The money is good enough with the benefits to fend off the KHL.

    • All the great players from russia play in the NHL, its the subpar ones that go to the KHL.

  13. Eklund, as always, is merely starting speculation about which teams will be interested in Staal (which will be every one on the other 29 teams) and is primarily talking about teams that had dissapointing seasons and are looking to improve (Buffalo and Toronto)… No S*** Sherlock… As for players guarenteed to be traded, that list is 2 players long: Nash and Luongo. As for everyone else on that list… it depends on several factors.

    No suprise that Edmonton decided to get rid of Renney (he is a good coach, but the writing was on the wall). What is interesting is how Tambellini is already raising the bar saying that his team needs to compete for a playoff spot and make the playoffs…
    … sounds like they will be looking to add impact players right now– i.e. trading their 1st overall pick for something with experience that helps them get immediately better. My bet is that they trade their pick based on his press conference.

    As for players going to the KHL:
    -Yakupov will play in the NHL. He will follow in the footspets of Bure, Fedorov, Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, and Ovi to prove he is one of hte best Russian players ever. The kid has the talent and theatrics to do it.
    -Grigorenko- who knows. I don’t know enough about him to make a call either way, but my guess is htat he plays in the NHl unless things do not go well for him- then he bolts. But not right away.
    -Galchenyuk- how is this even a discussion? NHL, period.

    The good news is that we should expect some dramatics beginning at the draft this summer!!

    • Slap&Shot- This isn’t an argument I just think the majority of the people here feel the KHL overall does not do for these kids what the NHL could do. So we don’t see it as a serious threat. Its not just cash is king like I was getting at before IF these kids wanted to play in Russia for the KHL they would have stayed there. Its not like they couldn’t have stayed there played in there late teens early 20’s and dominated the KHL and made huge money. All the kids we are talking about chose to come here for a reason and I believe that reason is the NHL.

  14. I’ve just trashed four recent comments because of rude, obnoxious and insulting behavior. I’m not going to single out the culprits, as you know who you are, or at least, you’ll figure it out when you find your posts are no longer here.

    Folks, I’m not going to allow the comments here to degenerate into the equivalent of a school playground. If you can’t be civil with each other when you disagree with another’s opinion, then don’t post here at all.

    • Thanks for this! Some of the other sites allow the content to become so tasteless that it makes you wonder how they have the intelligence to understand the game.

    • Didn’t see the posts.. but well done.

  15. 1. The only chance Lecavalier moves is if the new CBA lets the lightning rid themselves of his bad contract.

    2. Certainly the habs should not offer sheet any defenseman, they have a lot of good young D, they could use one more solid D but it would be useless until they address their scoring needs.

    3. I think Jordan Staal would be a good fit for Toronto (im a habs fan). Not sure what they could give but seems like a Brian Burke type guy and honestly, I don’t see him in Pitts for much longer. I know Shero said what he said but he’s not going to say “ya we may trade him.” That team just doesn’t make sense to me, they have 3 number one centers, 2 of which are superstars (Malkin and Crosby), their wingers pale in comparison i think its time they get a couple more quality wingers instead of having Staal as a third line center. Remember, if they trade Staal they still have either Crosby or Malkin being a second line center which is hilarious (if you’re a pitts fan), depressing if you aren’t.

    • Yzerman isn’t gonna move Vinny. He starter as a Bolt and will finish as one.

  16. The only way that Vinnie goes to Vancouver is if Luongo and/or Kessler are trade there, or possibly Kessler gets traded somewhere else to free up the second line center spot. Luongo frees up big money and Kessler opens up another $5 mil or so. I am not saying I want to see it happen but if Vinnie goes to the Canucks it just makes sense that Kessler must go.
    I certainly don’t see the Canucks taking on a millstone contract again once they deal Luongo. While Luongo going would free up money I believe it would be better spent than bringing in big Vincent.

  17. When it comes to those ridiculous contracts (hopefully dealt with at the CBA, as GM’s can’t police themselves), history has proven that they can be moved. But I suspect Vinnie’s the one contract that is impossible to move. A $7.3 cap hit with $10 million actually being paid……whew.

    I have searched KHL news and can’t find any rule change regarding draft rules. Can you share the link?

    Like many players, Luke Schenn is not a bust, he is a bust at his current contract. Just like Horcoff, Gomez and many others, if they were making numbers more consistent with their roles they wouldn’t be considered failures.

    I think the Stall situation is all up to him as a player. If he is comfortable with his role in Pitt, then Shero will definitely try to keep all three. But if he wants a bigger role then the market opens, with Carolina already professing a desire to get some big names.

    I have no issue with players having a choice to go play in the KHL. We tend to be a bit arrogant as North Americans and fail to acknowledge that a lot of the Russian and European players would love to play closer to home, and it seems kind of petty to criticize them for that. If you had a choice to work, good money and all, you would make the choice best for you and your family. Plus with the possibility of a labour stoppage, I am willing to bet that some North American players might be looking at one year deals in the KHL.

    As far as criticizing the KHL, I agree, it is not on a par with the NHL….yet. This is a professional league in existence for 4 years. Give it time, and the growth of their Junior and minor leagues as well, and I can see this as a serious threat to the NHL. Perhaps not today, but in a decade or so?

    Edmonton would never even glance at Phaneuf…..they have spent 3 years trying to get the poisonous personalities out of the locker room.

  18. I got to watch some of Grigorenko’s play in the QMJHL playoffs. This guy is a BUST! He has stated that his goal is to play in the KHL. Yakupov will be in the NHL, period. Galchenyuk is American and is believed to be at the top of the Leafs radar right now. A big center who is a pass first type guy, can play a physical game and put up goals too? seems like a solid pick. Forsberg is also going to be an excellent draft pick, although he may take 2 or 3 years to make a real impact.

  19. Lecavalier has been slowed by injuries. If the new CBA has that buyout option for 1 player.. then I think the Lightning do that…

    Teams may have interest in players like Staal or Evander Kane… but what’s to say they get traded at all.

    Staal would be a good fit in Toronto.. but the price will be high.. and it will be more than Schenn and Kadri. Burke has drafted and traded for some good young prospects. That’s what will go… Why would he now give up what he has worked to hard to bring in — for one player? Is he that desperate to make the playoffs this year.. rather than wait for his prospects to develop?

  20. The Pens have more Dmen than they can handle now… why would they trade forwards for more Dmen?

  21. @Slap: Firstly, yes, you can borrow $5000, you seem like a nice guy. when i have the money, it’s yours to borrow…

    i think you’re missing the point of my post, which is that a lot of the players that went to the khl have come back, and that the khl never became the talent stealing league it was fear mongered to become. i’m assuming they players have come back for a reason.

    i’ve heard writers say the russians in this draft are risky picks because of the khl, because they can be flakey and because columbus drafted 2 high russians and they both tanked.

    all i’m saying is that i don’t believe the khl will be a factor. we don’t have to agree, maybe i’m right, maybe i’m wrong.

    here’s another thought: you said russians (including semin) only care about money, but if they only cared about money wouldn’t they play harder so they’d be better players and therefore get more money.

    …too long a post…

  22. @Slap

    Where did you read this about the KHL?

  23. The thing about the KHL is no one really knows what goes on in Russia. Who knows what the Russians tell these guys? Not trying to start rumors or conspiracies, but if these kids have families back in Russia, who really knows what the Russians could be saying to the players to have them ‘choose’ to play in the KHL? May sound crazy, but I believe it could truely happen.

  24. I think it was Ray Emery on OTR that said he use to get paid with cash in a brown paper that was givin to him by a little old lady at the rink.

    It could have been another NHLer.

  25. Henrik Sedin and Ryan Keslar are our centers. Daniel is a winger