NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – November 1, 2011.

In today’s roundup of rumors from the blogosphere: Is now the time to ship Roberto Luongo to Florida?…Rangers and Oilers talking about a deal?…Stephen Weiss to Boston?…Shane Doan to Chicago?…Three reason the Kings should trade Jonathan Bernier…Players who could help the Bruins offense.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” suggests now is the time for the Vancouver Canucks to move Roberto Luongo to Florida, claiming the Canucks will have to choose very soon between Luongo and backup Cory Schneider, and that the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers have inquired about Schneider. He claims the Panthers ” need to fix their goalie situation quickly”, saying he knows for a fact Schneider was discussed when the two sides were working on the David Booth trade.

“Eklund” also cited a rumor of the NY Rangers and Edmonton Oilers talking “Big Deal”, while another had the Kings shipping Dustin Penner to an Eastern team, plus speculation the Bruins are in “heavy talks with Florida” about bringing Stephen Weiss to Boston, or perhaps landing Rene Bourque from Calgary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Eklund’s sources haven’t watched the Panthers much in recent weeks. Jacob Markstrom and Jose Theodore have both played very well. In fact, Markstrom has played so well there’s now speculation the Panthers might consider shopping Scott Clemmensen when he returns from knee surgery. There’s nothing wrong with their goaltending at the present time, and no need for them to try to land one from Vancouver…The Rangers are in need of blueline depth, something the Oilers can’t help them with, so I don’t know what big deal could be made there…Weiss is currently tied for second in team scoring with the Panthers, so there doesn’t appear to be any need on the Panthers part to move him. Yes, I know, strike while his value is high, but unless he’s asking out of Florida, the Panthers have no reason to move him. As for Penner, he’s off to a slow start, but the Kings probably aren’t shopping him at this time, preferring to give him more time to regain his offensive touch. Perhaps later in the season, Penner could be moved. Not now.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely, citing a Bleacher Report post, claims the Chicago Blackhawks are looking for a veteran forward to provide some offense and leadership, and might have interest in Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes aren’t moving Doan, and are in fact interested in re-signing him. That could change if their ownership situation isn’t sorted out by the New Year, but for now, he’s not going anywhere.

BLEACHER REPORT: GaryLlewellin offers up three reasons why the Kings need to shop Jonathan Bernier, while Nicholas Goss lists players who could help the Bruins offensively.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of the reasons (he won’t get a chance to be a starter with the Kings), is valid. One (his trade value) is questionable, for while he’s got promise, I’m not sure on his own he could net a big return. The last reason (they could lose him for nothing) won’t happen for a few years yet, as he’s signed through 2012-13, and will be a restricted free agent after that, not an unrestricted free agent. I daresay Bernier could be dealt at some point before he becomes an RFA, but the Kings aren’t in a rush to move him…Of the players Goss lists that could help the Bruins offensively, most of them (Iginla, Nash, Weiss) aren’t going anywhere. Rene Bourque could be an option. Kyle Turris won’t be dealt, but even if he were, I doubt he’d help the Bruins.


  1. The Broons are VERY deep at center and have no real need for Weiss, although he’s a good player. They need scoring from the wing. Eventually, not necessarily this season, they’ll have to trade a center for Tyler Seguin to move to his natural position.

  2. when is the last time Eklund was right about anything?

  3. We would love Bobby Luo in Tbay!
    The Van;
    Brett Clark ( good shot blocker and could contribute on blueline)
    Dana Tyrell (high energy guy who could use a new start)
    Richard Panik (great prospect scoring winger)
    Jarosalav Janus ( talented goalie just earned the no. 1 spot in AHL)
    First and third in next draft
    To Tbay;
    Roberto Luongo
    2nd rounder in this draft

  4. Markstrom has been incredible and is the #1 goalie prospect in the NHL.. better than Schneider… why would Florida want to do such a thing? Tampa on the other hand, needs help badly in net.

    I dont think anyone is interested in Penner… east coast, west coast, Russia, Switzerland… nowhere.

  5. The Panthers are playing good hockey right now – why would they trade for a goalie when they have a really good tandem right now. Also, I don’t see Weiss going anywhere right now as the team has some really good chemistry going. TB on the other hand does need a goalie – while I really like Rolison and he was an improvement last year – he’s just not the “go to” guy the Lightening needs.

    Out of all these “blog” rumors – the only one I see as being a possibility is the Penner trade. Right now he is in the “dog house” in LA and is not getting the playing time needed to get back up to speed. I can see him going to an Eastern team like Boston who needs a spark right now. I think Penner needs a change of scenery and LA might want to see what they can get for him.

  6. Lyle, you are far too kind…

    Eklund’s piece on Luongo to Florida was completely nonsensical.

    Seriously, it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever read… not just the dumbest thing written by Eklund… but the single dumbest thing I have EVER read.


    BTW I’ve read more than my fair share of dumb crap. I work for the government.

  7. I am starting to regret liking this blogosphere reporting… I am sure the idea behind it was to include the “public” but god damn. We all know “Eklund” make up some grade A clueless guessing but “bleacher report” along with gather.com just waste internet traffic with this attention craving bullshit.

    Sorry for sounding negative.

  8. Favorite part of the site. Always good for a laugh