NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – November 16, 2011.

In today’s selection of NHL trade rumors from the blogosphere: Is Eric Staal available? Do the Canucks have interest in Evgeni Nabokov? Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: Mark Colvin, in a post on potential trade options for the Toronto Maple Leafs, brought up Carolina Hurricanes center Eric Staal, suggesting the rise of young Jeff Skinner combined with Staal’s poor start to this season means the Hurricanes captain “is no longer an untouchable”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, Staal is off to a poor start, but it’s laughable to suggest he could be available. Skinner’s rise aside, Staal remains the Hurricanes leader and franchise player. One factor which may be contributing to his slow start is concern – perhaps some guilt? – over the status of his brother, Rangers defenseman Marc Staal, who remains sidelined by concussion symptoms believed to have originated with a hit Eric put on Marc during a game in late-March. Whatever the reason for Staal’s slow start, the Hurricanes – who are in need of offensive depth, and have been since the season started – aren’t moving him. 

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” recently reported a rumor the Vancouver Canucks were interested in NY Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov, which if true would mean they might be getting ready to peddle Cory Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since this rumor appeared last Friday, we know the Islanders management claimed there’s no trades on their horizon, plus Nabokov claimed he has not been approached by management asking him to waive his “no-trade” clause. While the Canucks have been off to a slow start this season, they’ve shown signs of late they could be getting back on track, winning three of their last four games. The Canucks currently have no reason to move Schneider, let alone add Nabokov. Rest assured, if they were legitimately interested, Nabokov would waive that NTC in a heartbeat.



  1. Just what the Nucks would need, not one but two goalies with steller playoff records…..for choking in big games…lol.

  2. Staal looks disinterested at times, but who can blame him he has nobody on his wings. Carolina doesnt appear to have a bunch of NHL ready guys in the minors either so they are stuck with what they have. IMO they should at least consider trading Eric. Phone around and see what can get, it may be worth the effort. As for going to TO they would take him in a heartbeat but Eric would have to drop his crappy attitude towards Kessel. Being the classy guy he appears to be, Kessel would forgive and forget if he got that really good centre he needs. As for Vancouver, why would they trade for Nabokov, they dont need him. Besides, he hasnt been playing all that great anyways

  3. Dumbassdoorman – Lui helped Vancouver make it to game 7 of the SCF, literally 60 minutes away to winning a cup, knowledgeable hockey fans know this. You wouldn’t though, your name says it all! who is your team, just curious?

  4. As far as Staal goes, does anybody a) look at the fact that Toronto is up against the cap ceiling and Carolina is against the cap floor, (meaning Carolina doesn’t want to spend money). which means Toronto would have to trade nearly $8M in NHL roster cap space (ie. no Kadri, Colbourne, etc.) that Carolina would actually want (ie. no Komisarek, Liles, [they have Pitkanen and Kaberle, why would they want another $4 M+ offensive d-man] Connolly, Lombardi, etc.) and b) that Eric Staal has a complete no-trade clause which he almost surely wouldn’t waive being the he is married with one child and his wife is 8 months pregnant with their second child. I can’t imagine many fathers and husbands who would put their 8 month pregnant wife and young child through that (moving across the continent, to a new country – goodbye school’s, friends, the life you’ve built, etc. – while 8 months pregnant) when they can keep their current job, at a fantastic salary ($8.25 M) in a city where Staal is loved and doesn’t get harassed daily by a crazed local sports media. Seriously, reading those two points, can any logical person really think there is any chance at all of Staal being traded to Toronto?

    Maybe Mark Colvin just isn’t very smart. I’d say that between the options of Staal going to Toronto or Mark Colvin not being very smart, I’d bet on the latter.

  5. MattyG awesome point. We always forget about the family aspect when it comes to players with a NTC.

    Wow someone’s touchy about Lu. The abbreviation “lol” actually means something.