NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – November 7, 2011.

In today’s compilation of trade rumors from the blogosphere: The Canadiens are talking to the Kings about Dustin Penner, and  the Blue Jackets and Jets are talking. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” cited two sources (one from Montreal, one from LA) claiming the Canadiens were interested in Dustin Penner…The Calgary Flames were the team with the leading interest in Phoenix’s Kyle Turris…Eklund also claimed sources saying the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets may be in discussion about a goalie “perhaps Chris Mason” going to Columbus, and he “also heard talk of Niittymaki possibly.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt the Kings would probably love to shed the underachieving Penner, but I can’t see why the Canadiens would have interest in Penner, since every report out of Montreal has GM Pierre Gauthier seeking more blueline depth…The Coyotes management continues to insist Turris won’t be dealt…The Blue Jackets need a goalie upgrade at this point, but even if Chris Mason were available – and I don’t believe he is, as Jets GM Ken Cheveldayoff recently said he has no plans to make trades at this point in the season – I don’t believe he would be the answer. As for Antero Niittymaki, he is on injured reserve until December due to hip surgery – has been since October 5th – so it would be not only impractical, but ridiculous, for the Blue Jackets to have interest in him. Nobody is interested in acquiring Niittymaki at this point.


  1. Why do you keep quoting EKLUND!!!! The guy is awful and his sources are inaccurate. Just awful, this site loses credibaiity more and more every time you bring up his name.

  2. How so? I only occasionally note rumors from the blogosphere (maybe twice a week), and you have the choice of reading them or not. If they bother you that much, just skip over the blogosphere rumors and stick to the MSM ones I post. That way, it saves you the aggravation. Life’s too short to get worked up over something so trivial.

  3. maybe the point of posting eklund is to show how he isnt very good at all :)

  4. Why would the Habs be looking for a defensive help the end of November they will be getting back 2 and they will have more than alot ?

  5. The story may have legs if you look at it from a different perspective. The Kings have d-man Voynov in the minors. He was outstanding when he was called up to the Kings. Perhaps the deal is Voynov with Penner as a throw in.

  6. I fail to understand the problem that some people have toward Eklund’s rumours. I consider them to the comedy content of this site and not to be taken very seriously, not unlike Coach’s Corner or Fox football’s Frank Caliendo.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Not likely. This just plays on the fact that the Habs were interested in Penner from the Oilers at last year’s deadline. If the Habs could fit Penner under the cap without giving up too much to get him (neither seems likely), it’s a safe bet he’s an upgrade to Blunden, even if Penner is inconsistent and uninspired. Other than that, they’ve got no real reason to target him.

  8. although Eklund can be a quack… a change of scenery can be good for a few players… lets argue this:
    Penner & Matt Greene to Montreal for Scott Gomez and a mid-draft or Diaz. It addresses habs need for depth @ d, and size up front. Gomez may very well flourish with all the scoring talent on LA, and the salaries would be a wash cap-wise… Gomez has value moving forward as a high cap hit, lower salary to cap floor teams like the islanders or stars for example, so he could be moved later if LA felth the need…

  9. Montreal is thinking size, nothing more. They need a lot more size and toughness up front. Penner would supply the size but the toughness element would still be missing.

  10. Not that it makes any sense, but what about an underachieving Gomez for an underachieving Penner? Aside from LA’s depth at center, the salary difference, and Montreal’s desire for a defender, doesn’t Gomez have a NTC too? Just thought I’d add to the level of ridiculous because it tickles me.

  11. To be fair Eklund also said in the article that he did not know why the Habs would be discussing Penner. Also if we are hearing anything regarding the Habs – It ain’t happenin’

  12. Montreal needs a tough forward and penner fits that role perfectly

  13. Alex | Monday, 07 November 2011 at 7:14 pm
    Montreal needs a tough forward and penner fits that role perfectly
    ?? what…Penner fits that role? have you ever seen him play?

    I saw chipmunks with more grit then Penner. He is as big as they come but unfortunately as soft as they come too…

  14. How does Montreal need a big forward who doesn’t drive to the net?

  15. No one drives to the net for Montreal because they can’t break threw the large defense

  16. How would LA ever soak up Gomez’s contract. sure penner has a somewhat big contract but to take on another 3 mil on top for a player that is utterly useless… not gonna happen.. unfortunatly for habs fans, you will never be rid of gomez until either his contract expires or someone takes a chance on him in the late stages of his final year.. 2014 can’t come soon enough for you guys.

  17. Ecklund’s rumors are completly made up. He is just another fat kid the internet gave a voice to.

  18. VanCanFan has it rigth, this was relevant before Montreal picked up Cole. Penner in Blunden’s spot makes sense to an extent but the fact is Penner’s salary playing on the fourth line does not. Blunden is doing fine. I’m still not convinced Gauthier wants another D man at this time. Gomez has limited NTC where he can designate thre teams he WONT accept a trade to…I think he decides at the start of the year but I’m not sure on that point. Gomez’s trade value, even to cap sensitive teams does not kick in until trade deadline at the earliest Aas he is making 7.5 million this year.
    Spector: I hate Eklund but I’m glad I do not have to go to his site to get the laugh that he is occasionally good for.

  19. JDBGiGC I agree, Penner as a salary dumb plus a good young D prospect that is NHL or very close to it would be doable if the Habs have something the Kings would want…. Maybe picks and a cheap roster or prospect? Anything can happen but the likelihood is stil doubtful.

  20. Perhaps the Habs are looking more at Penner’s potential rather than what he has been doing. LA doesnt exactly play a crash and bang game. Montreal wants more size up front and that is no secret. Also, since LA is not a Canadian hockey hotbed, they (Montreal) may look at that too as a kick in the a** for Penner to regain his potential as well since he knows he will be under the microscope again. Hard to say, he SH** the bed the last year in Edmonton, but yet, Edmonton really sucked and maybe he lost his zest for competitive hockey there. It would not be the first time in history that a team took a chance on getting a player whom showed potential before and they thought that with a chance in scenery that he may come out of it. Heck, Darryl Sutter made a career out of it.

  21. No way LA a) moves Matt Greene or b) picks up Scott Gomez.

    They already have Kopitar and Richards down the middle and don’t need a $7 million third-line centre.