NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 10, 2011.

In today’s roundup of trade and free agent rumors from the blogosphere: 13 forwards who could be dealt by the NHL trade deadline, speculation on which clubs the Maple Leafs may be talking to, and of a goalie deal between Vancouver and Florida. Enjoy!

THE BLEACHER REPORT: Matthew Fairburn lists “13 best forwards who could be on the move at the deadline”. The list includes Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky and  Sam Gagner, Toronto’s Tyler Bozak, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, New Jersey’s Zach Parise, Montreal’s Scott Gomez and Andrei Kostitsyn, Phoenix’ Kyle Turris, Washington’s Alexander Semin,  St. Louis’ Jason Arnott, Philadelphia’s Scott Hartnell, Detroit’s Jiri Hudler, and Ottawa’s Jason Spezza.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Iginla, Parise, Spezza, Semin and Gomez aren’t going anywhere. Hemsky might be available if the Oilers are again out of the playoffs and he doesn’t see himself having a future with them. I have my doubts Hartnell will be dealt, but given the surprising moves made by the Flyers this year, I won’t fully discount it. Turris won’t be traded at the deadline if he’s unsigned, because he’ll be ineligible to play this season by that point. Hudler and Kostitsyn might be shopped if their inconsistency of last season carries over into this one. Unless Ryan Nugent-Hopkins outplays Gagner, I can’t see the Oilers moving their second-line center. Bozak’s name has been mentioned as trade bait of late so I wouldn’t discount the possibility of his being shopped. Arnott could be shopped again near the deadline if the Blues are out of the playoff picture, but that depends on how well he plays this season.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claimed the Toronto Maple Leafs were talking to the Calgary Flames, Philadelphia Flyers, and LA Kings about a top-six forward and a depth goalie, perhap to ‘flip’ in another deal…Vancouver and Florida are discussing a goaltender deal as well as a highly touted European prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Flames current concerns at center because of injuries to Mikael Backlund and Brendan Morrison, I don’t see where there’s a fit there. The Flyers and Kings do have more depth at forward, but I don’t see where the latter would have any incentive to trade away a top-six forward. The Flyers, on the other hand, might be a more intriguing club, as they’ve got some young talent knocking at the door, which might prompt them to perhaps try to move out some salary to make room for the kids. As for Vancouver talking goalie deal with Florida, why? Unless Roberto Luongo is demanding a trade back to Florida (and I don’t believe for a moment he is), there’s no reason for the Canucks to move him, nor is there any pressure for them to ship out backup Cory Schneider at this point. 


  1. I can see Luongo wanting (or more accurately – willing) to come back to Florida. But I don’t see any trade that makes sense for that to happen. There is an important note. With all things being said a nagging wife can make any player ask for a trade (.. Pronger).

  2. i think we should not discuss Eklund rumors period, waste of time! i think 2 mokeys with 2 typewriters could come up with better than he can !

  3. Huge Oilers fan here. It wasn’t so much Prongers nagging wife as it was his infidelity. I mean if my wife was in line to inherit more money than i could ever make being a pro athlete, i would take my lickins and come running home with my tail between my legs. He is still an ass though.

  4. Schneider ain’t gonna want to wait till Luongos contract runs out either…in like 15 more years. How can u say there’s no pressure. Waste a talent cause of no pressure?? If I was a young gun…I would stay away from Van…every other team seems to give the kids a chance. If I was Schneider, I would be putting pressure soon.

  5. I highly doubt that Luongo wants to come back to Florida. Many fans would not greet him well either after he BS’ed his way out of Florida.

    His wife wants to return? Tough. Should have thought about quality of life rather than money.

    I think Tallon is committed to Theodore for two years and seeing that Markstrom can be the goalie of the future.

    Panthers spent A LOT of money this season, I doubt that they are willing to acquire Luongo’s ridiculous contract.

  6. Micki…I agree that there is no way in hell that Florida wants inconsistent Lou and his ridiculous contract. I don’t get your quality of life rather than money comment, Vancouver is one of then top ten places to live in the world, and anyone with half a brain would rather live there than Florida. Other than that you are spot on.

  7. We all focus on Luongo, but what if it isn’t Luongo, maybe Florida is after Schnieder or Lack? Maybe they did spend a bit too much and are looking to unload possibly a forward + goalie for forward + goalie deal to Vancouver? Now I will note I think there are zero talks going on but the point of this section is all in good fun in creating conversation.

    I don’t know the Panthers well, but maybe they have a top 6 forward + Theodore they could unload for Schnieder + depth forward? Or in a more likely note … maybe they are going to swap minor league type guys and Flordia is thinking about Markstrom + Lack as their tandem of the future?

  8. Yeah, who wants to play for a contender?

  9. Maybe the gas stations in Florida have free air so Luongo can pump his own tires all he wants.

  10. Please do not mention Eklund rumors… LeBrun and Burnside are better than him, and those two are horrible.

  11. Chris, if you don’t like Eklund’s rumors, just don’t read them, and just stick to those rumors I post from the MSM from guys like LeBrun and Burnside, who aren’t horrible, by the way, they’re two of the best-connected pundits in the business.

  12. Flames center needs could interest Pens, with Crosby there is a surplus of Dustin Jeffrey, Mark Letestu, Joe Vitale & Richard Park. Jeffrey is a high prospect with a good amount of goals and 3rd line experience from last season. While Letestu, an Alberta native, actually spent alot of time last year on the #1 or 2 line and held his own, he can score and works best with more talented players alongside. Whereas this season on the 4th line he’s struggling, it could benefit him to move. And the Pens would certainly have interest in some of Calgary’s wingers.

  13. I’ve heard from a few different people that Burke is shopping Bozak & Lashoff or Gunnarsson as a package that could also involve one of our many minor goalies – Only time will tell

  14. Yeah those guys on hotstove and tsn (not the reporters) actually do have sources; many of them talk to GM themselves and maintain a balanced credibility and rapport between the media and the general managers. TSN hired LeBrun for a pretty good reason.

    Thanks to Varlamov, the asking price for spare goaltenders is a bit too high right now, so Schneider likely isn’t going anywhere. It seems to me, as well, that most teams have an adequate starter nowadays.