NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 11, 2011.

In today’s roundup of blogosphere-generated NHL rumor goodness: Seven trade scenarios for Vancouver’s Cory Schneider, six for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and more Canucks-Panthers trade rumors. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: presented seven trade scenarios for Vancouver Canucks goalie Cory Schneider, which include shipping him to Phoenix for Kyle Turris, Tampa Bay for Steve Downie and Edmonton for Magnus Paajarvi, and six trade scenarios for the Toronto Maple Leafs, including Tyler Bozak for Kyle Turris, Bozak and Carl Gunnarsson for Artem Anisimov, plus Jason Spezza, or Paul Stastny, or Jordan Staal, or Scott Hartnell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sadly, Cory Schneider won’t be dealt in the foreseeable future, as things would really have to go tits-up for the Canucks to convince them to part with Schneider, especially early in the season. As for the Leafs, it’s no secret Brian Burke is seeking a top-six, “impact” forward, but I think we can rule out Spezza, Statsny or Staal, while Hartnell has a no-trade clause, which I doubt he’d waive to go to Toronto, and I’m not convinced the Flyers really want to part with him.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” followed up on his recent “Vancouver-Florida talking trade” rumor, claiming he’s heard of a goalie not named Roberto Luongo going to Florida and the Canucks being interested in David Booth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, the Canucks are under no pressure to move Schneider, and the Panthers currently aren’t pressed to land a goalie. They’ve already got Jose Theodore as their starter, who was solid in the Panthers 2-0 season opener against the Islanders, and Jacob Markstrom is filling in as backup while Scott Clemmensen is sidelined. Sorry, don’t see a goalie deal happening there.


  1. Schneider won’t be traded by Vancouver this season as his value as part of a goaltending duo exceeds what they could get for him at this point, i think it would take a Brendan Shanahan in his prime type of player to pry him loose from the Canucks and anybody that has one of those type of players is hanging onto them.

  2. The Spezza deal kind of seems like it could work for both teams. It’s no secret that Murry wants Kadri and at this point in Spezza’s career, a full on rebuilding project such as the Sens isn’t what he needs to be involved in. The deal to the leafs could see Komisarek, Bozak and Kadri sent to the Sens in exchange for Spezza. Putting Spezza on first line, grabo on 2nd, TC on 3rd/I.R with Lombardi playing the wing on 3rd line.

  3. While it may be possible for the Senators to considering trading him to Toronto and Toronto willing to take that contract, Spezza does hold a NTC in his contract and can veto any move. Furthermore, Spezza will earn $7 million this year.$8 million each of the next two years before it begins to fade at $5 million and $4 million per season until he’s a UFA in 2015. That’s a tough contract to take on or shed for that matter. Only way I see Toronto taking that on is if they get to include Jeff Finger in there too and possibly a draft pick coming Toronto’s way as well, otherwise, I’m doubtful there will be any movement.

  4. Not sure why Ottawa would want to trade their best player for any combination of those players, Komisarek, Bozak, Finger? Really?

  5. I can see Toronto trading for Spezza. Oh yeah. It’s practically a done deal, it’s the same as Don Cherry apologizing for his comments towards three former NHL enforcers…

  6. @Wingman..ya I think the only player out of the bunch that Murray really covets is Kadri and I’m doubtful Burke trades him to anybody, much less Ottawa, without other considerations being involved. Bozak has still got appeal to other GM’s and many other GM”s think that maybe Komisarek just needs a change of scenery and Finger??..ya well…all things said, I’m still doubtful Spezza would agree to a trade and I’m very doubtful that Murray would offer him to the rival Leafs. Perhaps a 3 way trade with some other team where Kadri arrives in Ottawa and Spezza goes to Toronto but otherwise, it’s all pure fodder.

  7. I’m a big leaf fan and hate when we are accused of over valuing our players because I’ve never really witnessed it until now. Guys, c’mon..spezza is elite and 1/3 of the wins Ottawa will tally this year. Komiserik is over paid and would be a huge benefit to lift from the cap. Saying that finger would have to be going the other way in order for this to work is absurd. Bozak, kadri and Komi for spezz would be a borderline steal.

  8. Ottawa is not going to trade Spezza to Toronto ! a rival club- get real now…holy smokes, have we started to forget these little simple fundemental things and common sense ?

  9. Cowtown well said but remember you can’t talk about Leaf fans and the words common sense in the same sentence. These ridiculous trade scenerios for Spezza just shows the lack of hockey intelligence by them, ONCE AGAIN. Oh and I’m not a sens fan either.

  10. @BigBoss… do you really think that the Sens would trade Spezza? Do you really think that if they ever did it would be to a division rival? Do you ever think that Komi, Bozak & Kadri is a decent return for Ottawa to take? They have enough issues with Kuba & Gonchar… do you really think they would take Komi? How do you know that Murray wants Kadri… because he told Burke that at the draft. Do you think he would actually tell Burke who he wanted to pick. He was building the defense…. I expect it was Cowen all along the Sens were going to draft.

    This Bleacher Report I guess must be looking for extra ‘hits’ because he just keeps coming up with the Spezza trade rumours. Why would Ottawa trade away their #1 centre — when the other centres on the Sens look like Regin, Z-Bad, Smith, DaCosta & Konopka? Does not make any sense to do that… and Bozak would not be the best return for a centre position.

  11. Keep reading and hearing a lot about Hartnell all over the place. Generally where there’s smoke there’s fire. Maybe he doesn’t fit into the long term plans of Philly. Maybe his $4.2 million salary which carries into next season is a good reason for them to be looking into dealing him. Next year Philly has to worry about re-signing Voracek, replacing or re-signing veterans Laperierre, Jagr, and Betts, and JVR’s extension also kicks in which will take away some of that cap space.

    Hartnell has played really limited minutes in his first two games this year as it appears the Flyers are happy to give more opportunities to younger players like Simmonds, Giroux, Coutourier, Read, etc.

    Not saying he will be dealt, but it is a big contract for a guy who is being pushed out by the young faces of the new look Flyers. So I believe there is something to this rumour.

  12. No idea if the Flyers are interested in dealing Hartnell but he is definitely a guy that Burke would go after. Everyone talks about the Leafs needing a center to play with Kessel but they need a big winger who can dig in corners, play physical and have net presence on the powerplay just as much. The reason why the Leafs PP is so bad is because they don’t have a guy that can stand in front of the net and collect rebounds like most of the other good teams. Hartnell is still fairly young, under contract at a manageable number for a few years, he is a physical player and would look great on the left with Kessel on the right. Trade one of the other RWs and move Lupul back with Grabs and Kulemin and that would be a great line as well. Again, no idea if Burke is actually interested but it makes sense for both teams, especially if someone like Gunnarson is sent to Philly.

  13. As a follow-up, I must commend “Eklund” regarding the “Booth to Canucks” rumor. While no goalies were exchanged, he called Booth being shopped to Vancouver well before anyone else. Well done.