NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 18, 2011.

In today’s compilation of blogosphere-generated NHL trade rumors: Twelve players who could be dealt early in the season, trade speculation swirls about Blue Jackets center Derrick Brassard, a rumor about the Sabres having interest in Andrew Ladd, and one claiming the Leafs could have interest in David Booth. Enjoy!

THE BLEACHER REPORT: Tom Urtz Jr listed 12 players he believes “could be trade early before the deadline in February”. Among them:  Toronto’s John-Michael Liles, New Jersey’s Zach Parise, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, LA’s Dustin Penner, Nashville’s Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, and Washington’s Alex Semin and Mike Green.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nope, not happening. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that, with the possible exception of Penner, none of these players will be dealt by the trade deadline.

CRISP BREAKOUT: “Stu” wonders if Columbus Blue Jackets center Derrick Brassard might be dealt at some point this season for some defensive help. He listed Toronto and Winnipeg as “leading candidates”, along with Calgary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a fair question by “Stu”, and one I daresay could be raised further if the Jackets struggles continue over the next couple of weeks. For now, I doubt Brassard goes anywhere, as he’s been promoted up to the first line to replace the hobbled Jeff Carter. If he plays well there, it could make him a more attractive trade option, but then again, if he plays well enough to help the Blue Jackets reverse their current slide, it’ll further ensure he won’t be moved.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claimed “three sources, including two in Winnipeg”, claimed the Buffalo Sabres had “serious interest” in Jets first line left winger Andrew Ladd, though he claims Winnipeg isn’t shopping Ladd. He also claimed the Jets had some interest in Buffalo’s Derek Roy…Eklund also claimed the Toronto Maple Leafs have Florida Panthers winger David Booth high on their list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: OK, I call “no way” on the Sabres “interest” in Ladd, because, quite frankly, they have no reason to have any interest in Ladd. They’re off to a good start, and already have a first line left wing in Thomas Vanek, along with Nathan Gerbe and Tyler Ennis, plus rookie Luke Adams, though he’s currently being used as a center to replace the sidelined Jochen Hecht. Yes, Ennis is scoreless in his first four games, but he’s not going to stay off the score sheet for long. The Sabres certainly aren’t moving Roy, and the Jets aren’t about to move their top forward in Ladd. Sorry, “Eklund”, but your Winnipeg sources are out to lunch on this one. Such a move makes absolutely no sense at all for the Sabres…As for Booth, he’s off to a slow start for the Panthers, but they’re not about to ditch him, especially when they’re off to a good start so far tot he season.


  1. To add to your thoughts Spector, I already would assume with both Lupul and Kessel, the Leafs would have little use for another top line wing. We all hear about how everyone feels the Leafs need a top end centre, which I believe to be true as well (nothing against Connolly, but he’s more of a 2nd line). How trading for Booth would address this is beyond me.

  2. What’s the last time Eklund was right?

  3. PLEASE stop posting anything about Eklund… everybody knows he has little to no credibility; his name does not deserve to be included with other more credible sources on a website such as this one, even if it is for the sole purpose of squashing those baseless rumours (which any smart hockey fan can do on their own anyways).

  4. Again, if you don’t want to read rumors from Eklund or other rumor bloggers, then simply skip over the “Rumors from the Blogosphere” posts and stick to those I post up from the MSM. Simple, no?

  5. @ D-POC

    I get a kick out of the Ecklund rumours… No one told you to believe them, and Spector never presents them as factual. Just take them as the wild speculation they are, and enjoy a good eye-rolling… The ridiculousness of most of them are normally good for a smile, if nothing else.

    So, read them and laugh, or just don’t read them… But don’t take them away from me (If you take away all the nonsense out there, I’ll miss out on the distraction, and might actually have to do some work in the mornings)

  6. I have to say I like the speculation of Brassard coming to Toronto. He is a solid player, point production is increasing every year, and he loves to pass the puck which would be great for Kessel and Lupul. At 24, he is young, and was a first round draft pick (2006) which Burkie loves to get ,especially once they have proven they can play in the big leagues. I worry about Connolly returning, and as good as Bozak has been this year, he may not have the steam to be consistent all year. Bozak is a natural # 2 centre, who can play both sides of the puck, and in Toronto with Grabo in the lineup, he will never get that chance. So I could see Brassard to Toronto, for Bozak and Gunnarsson, and a draft pick. Columbus needs help on defense, and also defensively, which this move would help with. I think Gunnarson is being showcased for a trade. He did not stand out in Training Camp, and he is playing a ton of minutes. If the trade with Nashville was primarily to get Franson, he needs a spot to drop into, and gardiner has messed that up. And as for depth in the event of injury, the Leafs have plenty of it in the Marlies, starting with Keith Aulie, who should be playing with Phaneuf.