NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 25, 2011.

A compilation of the latest notable trade rumors from the blogosphere. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” recently claimed there’s been “buzz” the Calgary Flames were talking to the Columbus Blue Jackets and NY Rangers, saying the name he keeps hearing is Jay Bouwmeester could be wanted in Columbus. The Rangers could be in on Bouwmeester but gets the impression they’re more interested in Rene Bourque. He also claimed he’s heard Tampa Bay is in the market for a goalie “possibly from out West”…He also claimed a “trusted source” told him the Flames had interest in David Booth before he was dealt to Vancouver, and they “may look at (Kyle) Turris”…He subsequently claimed he’d heard the Rangers were interested in Curtis Glencross, whom the Flames won’t part with. He also suggested perhaps the New Jersey Devils might have interest in Gilbert Brule, if they could get the Edmonton Oilers to agree to take cap space back. Eklund also believed it’s possible the Maple Leafs and Canadiens might do a deal, noting the Habs reportedly spoke to the Leafs about a defenseman, and wonders if the Canucks aren’t done dealing, perhaps still having interest in Turris.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m sure the Rangers and Blue Jackets would love to land Jay Bouwmeester, but unless they’re willing to part with some top line offensive talent, “Jay-bo” won’t be moving. As for interest in Bourque or Glencross, that runs counter to every report out of New York of the Blueshirts priority being a defenseman, not a forward…Kyle Turris would add nothing to the Flames, unless they could get the Phoenix Coyotes to take center Matt Stajan and his expensive contract in return. That ain’t happenin’…The Devils reportedly are looking at “diamonds in the rough”, meaning they’re apparently going to scour the minors. Yes, Brule is in the minors, but apparently the Devils aren’t willing to take on salary. Still, it’s a good point about a trade if the Devils could convince a team to take salary back, but currently they don’t appear to have anyone they want to move.  The Maple Leafs have been in the market for an impact forward, so forget about Montreal parting with one of those for one of their depth defensemen…Finally, I don’t buy into Eklund’s rumors linking the Canucks with Kyle Turris. Honestly, they have no need for him.They’re already very deep at center, with Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Manny Malhotra, Maxim Lapierre and Cody Hodgson. The only real link is Turris lives and trains in New Westminster, BC, in the off-season, but I don’t see where he’s a possible fit with the Canucks at all.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely recently suggested the Columbus Blue Jackets might have some interest in NY Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov if he can show he’s still a capable NHL goalie…He also cited a rumor from Bottom Line Hockey which had the Flames sending Rene Bourque to Toronto for some blueline help.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nabokov’s looked good in his two starts so far, but I daresay the Islanders won’t move him until they get Rick DiPietro back in the lineup, or have more confidence goalie Kevin Poulin is ready to move up…The Flames would probably want a top six forward in return for Bourque, not a defenseman.

BLEACHER REPORT: Sam Kelly listed “Kyle Turris and 7 players hoping to get dealt”, which included Phoenix’s Shane Doan, Columbus’ Rick Nash, New Jersey’s Zach Parise, and Nashville’s Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: None of those aforementioned players are hoping to get dealt.



  1. I’m doubtful Jay Bo goes anywhere unless somebody is willing to cough up big time and he’s got a big contract too so limited interest in that scenario.

    Somehow Stajan for Turris was an amusing thought in that everybody knows what Stajan can’t do but not everybody’s given up on Turris just yet including Maloney himself so I doubt he would do that trade either.

    The Maple Leafs search for a centreman and the Habs needs are becoming quite clear and sooner or later, these two might work something out; especially if a 3rd team becomes involved to make it all very interesting.

  2. Not sure why any team would love to land J-Bo, he is making top money and is far from worth it. Let’s get real he’s 28, I don’t see him getting much better. Also don’t see Calgary getting a top 6 forward for a guy that is playing on their 3rd line

  3. “Sam Kelly listed “Kyle Turris and 7 players hoping to get dealt..”

    “SPECTOR’S NOTE: None of those aforementioned players are hoping to get dealt.”


  4. “The Maple Leafs have been in the market for an impact forward, so forget about Montreal parting with one of those for one of their depth defensemen”

    One of what exactly? Montreal has no such impact forward so forget the trade based on that, not that you wont get an impact forward for depth defensemen, Mr. Simmons errr Mr. Richardson.Talk about waving the fanboy flag on that one, eh. 😉

    Before someone thinks I’m trashing the Habs, all I am saying is that any forward the Habs offer the Leafs, they wont want because no one the Habs have fits the bill both in physicality and age. They want someone like in the mold of Ryan Getzlaf like of player which doesn’t exists on the Habs.

  5. A.Donnybrook: What I’m saying is that the Habs wouldn’t part with one of their better forwards for a depth defenseman. I’m not waving a “fanboy flag”.

  6. This site loses credibility every time it quotes something from Eklund’s blog. Please don’t recite anything from any website that ends with Buzz.

  7. I don’t put much faith in ANYTHING out of Eklund. But, for a moment, let’s look at the people he’s mentioning.

    If the Rangers want Jay Boumeester, they are going to have to give up an Artem Anisimov or Brandon Dubinsky or a high end prospect like Chris Kreider to get him. The Rangers are alos very week on the top line left side. So Anisimov to the Flames in the Boumeester mover would MAY make sense if the Rangers can bring back Bourque to play the left wing with Richards and Gaborik and then the BLueshirts could move Stepan to center the second line with Dubinsky and Callahan. But how they would pull that off I am not sure. If the Rangers sent say Anisimov, Zuccarello one of their top defensive prospects and a high draft pick that might work. The Flames would likely have to take back some salary too in order to fit the deal in under the cap so there might have to be another forward thrown in to make it work.

  8. lol Spector…. I have to shake my head at you right now. Montreal is in dead last because of a terrible blueline, you don’t think they would trade a forward for defenseman?

    Also a Leafs “depth defenseman” could be a top pairing blueliner with the Habs right now. Honestly, my number 1 criticism of this site would have to be the Montreal homer-ism that shines through from time to time. Kind of sad too.

  9. mojo19: Where did I say I “don’t think they would trade a forward for defenseman”? Never said that

    Also, please explain the “Montreal homer-ism” that shines through from time to time. Is that the same as the “Toronto homer-ism” that I’m also accused of by some reader? Or my “Bruins homer-ism” because I dare to suggest the Bruins could repeat as Cup champions? Or perhaps it’s my “Detroit homer-ism” from my admiration for how the Red Wings maintain a Cup contender for two decades? I’ve been accused so often of favoring one team or city for so long, I’ve lost track of which one I’m supposed to favor!

    Honestly, some folks just love to look for something that isn’t there.

  10. Kevin: as I’ve told other critics, if you don’t like the “NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere” posts, simply skip over them and focus instead on those from the MSM that I post daily. Problem solved. 😉

  11. I happen to like this section of the site, granted most of these rumours are just pure crazy talk but its worth the read. Its also fun to read the comments on this page as well.

    Spector a little suggestion maybe you should just take a few of the 1000’s of the dont quote Eklund posts and just leave them on the top banner so the other people who hate Eklunds rumours wont have to constantly repeat the same comment.

  12. If Nashville can just trade webber to Detroit already so we can all move on with the rest of the season that would be great

  13. “The Maple Leafs have been in the market for an impact forward, so forget about Montreal parting with one of those for one of their depth defensemen…”

    Kostitsyn could constitute and “impact forward”, and perhaps one who Montreal would be willing to part with for help on the blueline. Just saying..

  14. And for the record, I’ve never seen you favour any other teams, just Montreal. If anyone thinks you’re bias towards Detroit or Boston, they’re not reading you enough. And like you said, those are great teams, so it would make sense for you to be speaking highly of them.

  15. mojo: When did Kostitsyn become an impact forward? Guess I missed that development over the previous two seasons and into this one. And you accuse me of favoring Montreal over other teams! LOL. Sorry, but calling Kostitsyn an “impact forward” is something a Canadiens homer would say. Not something I would.

    Would the Habs be willing to part with Kostitsyn if he would land them a decent defenseman? Sure, I could see that happening. Would they part with him for Cody Franson? Mmmmm, don’t think so. Carl Gunnarson? I could see that happening, though I’d hardly call Gunnarson a “depth defenseman” at this point.

    You’ve yet to prove your case that I’ve favored Montreal over other teams. Please cite one example where I’ve done this.

  16. Oh, and again, I never said Montreal wouldn’t trade a forward for a defenseman. As you noted, I said they wouldn’t trade one of their impact forwards for one of the Leafs depth defenseman. Big difference!

    For example, I’d call Tomas Plekanec an impact forward for Montreal, as he’s clearly their best all-round forward, one every team would love to have. Mike Cammalleri would be considered an “impact forward”, though his injury history has hampered him. Max Pacioretty is clearly headed toward “impact forward” status. Do I believe Montreal would part with any of those three for Cody Franson or Carl Gunnarson. Of course not! That doesn’t make me a “Montreal homer”. It’s just common sense. If Pierre Gauthier dreamed of making such a trade, he’d better wake up and apologize!