NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 27, 2011.

In today’s compilation of trade speculation from the blogosphere: Turris to the Blackhawks? Flames and Devils talking? Habs talking to Flames and Oilers?  Lightning talking to Canucks or Kings?  Nabokov to the Maple Leafs? Is it time for the Blue Jackets to trade Rick Nash? Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” adds the Blackhawks to those teams interested in Kyle Turris, claiming they need depth up front, believing Andrew Brunette and Dan Carcillo aren’t top-six guys… He claims talks are “heating up” with the Devils, citing a source linking them to the Flames, who may be seeking “leadership and character”. Also claims the Canadiens might have interest in Jay Bouwmeester, suggested the Flyers might be a long shot for the Flyers…Eklund also claimed “strong rumors” linking the Habs to Rene Bourque, and claimed “Montreal is scouting Hemsky as well”…Believes the Lightning are looking at the Kings’ Jonathan Bernier and Vancouver’s Cory Schneider to shore up their goaltending.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brunette may be long in the tooth to be a top-six forward, and Carcillo may not be a top-six guy, but both are more capable than Turris, who has yet to prove he’s top-six material in the NHL. And since Patrick Kane is playing well at center, and with Jonathan Toews and Dave Bolland already at center, there’s no fit there for Turris…According to recent reports, the Devils aren’t looking at making any major trades, but if they were, they probably wouldn’t make one with the Flames, as the Devils need depth at center, which is also a concern for the Flames…Jay Bouwmeester isn’t going anywhere…The Canadiens aren’t having trouble scoring, their problems are defensive, so adding Bourque makes no sense…Canadiens scouting Hemsky? That’ll be hard to do, since he hasn’t played since re-injuring his shoulder back on October 13th…Wouldn’t be surprised if the Lightning are keeping their options open regarding their goaltending, but I doubt they’ll pry Bernier or Schneider away from their current teams.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely, citing a Bleacher Report post, claims “the latest news” has the Toronto Maple Leafs acquiring Evgeni Nabokov from the NY Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nabokov won’t be available until either Rick DiPietro returns to action, or Isles management feels confident in calling up Kevin Poulin.

BLEACHER REPORT: Franklin Steele wonders if it may be time for the struggling Columbus Blue Jackets to trade Rick Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash is undoubtedly the best trade chip the Blue Jackets would have, but trading him is an extreme measure. Unless Nash asks to be dealt, the Jackets will continue to try to build around him.


  1. A point by point rebuttal of everything Ekland says is a “bit” just like Ekland’s insider knowledge is. This is a stupid routine from both sides.

  2. Lyle just dropped a big deuce on Ek’s Cred.HAHAHA

  3. mcgoo: Stupid? Perhaps. Fun? Of course….;)

  4. Hmmm..well Lyle that sure was an interesting rumor blogosphere. Ecklund, as usual, seems to have sources nobody else knows about who have conversations with people that nobody recalls ever chatting with. Great water cooler fodder though.

    Turris apparently has outright asked for a trade to anybody..hmmm..he’s a RFA so this will be interesting because if he’s not playing by Dec 01, this season is done for him and Maloney has no interest in trading him either.

  5. Turris: He officially asked for a trade today. His agent said that it’s never been about money. Like we hadn’t already figured that out.

    Bernier: Why would a team trade for Bernier to “shore up” their goaltending? I like Bernier but he still is not proven and had two subpar outtings this year. At this point, Bernier is a solid prospect and potential franchise goalie, but not much more. The team that wants Bernier is either a team with an older starting goalie who is looking for a future replacement (New Jersey), or a team that is rebuilding and looking for a starting goalie. Columbus would fit this bill, but they would be taking their chance on an unproven goalie.

    Schneider: Schneider is slightly more proven, but I can’t imagine Vancouver is comfortable with Luongo at this point. I doubt they’d part with Schneider, especially when I don’t think they can take much in cap hit back.

    Bleacher Report: Trade Rick Nash? Right… Because when a team is struggling, one of the best things you can do is trade away your best player. That always improves the team’s chances. The only way they trade Nash is either if he’s a headcase (which doesn’t seem likely), or Columbus is in full tilt rebuild mode. I doubt they’ve come to that point 8 or 9 games into the season.

  6. Eklund posts are cute.

    TeamX talking to TeamY about player Z. More to come… nothing ever comes lol; and still there are like tons of people dedicated to that site.

    I enjoy using Lyle’s little site here more; I mean; At least he’s using information and never makes these wild stabs in the dark.

  7. Ill i read is nash to the wings…….

  8. Trade Rick Nash, huh? You know another team tried trading their franchise player mid-season because the team was playing like crap. They went on to continue being terrible for the better part of a decade.

  9. Eklund is slightly less accurate than drawing names out of a hat.

  10. This just in from Eklund. Hemsky, Pajarrvi, Omark and Edmonton’s 1st Round Pick in this years upcoming draft for Scott Gomez and 8th round pick in 2017. Reliable sources confirm e5.

  11. That is either from Eklund or it’s fabricated. The oilers don’t need Gomez, but they can use defensemen which is why Omark is not going anywhere, this guy shows great promise already.

  12. I agree Nash is not for sale, but teams have dealt their biggest star mid-season befor. Joe Thornton to Sharks…

  13. The Kyle Turris Conspiracy Theory: the NHL, which currently owns the ‘Yotes and provides supplemental funds to, is taking a hard-line stance in a rare opportunity to affect an important negotiating issue.