NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – October 8, 2011.

Speculation on possible moves by the Maple Leafs, and linking more teams to Kyle Turris. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: Adam Davis listed six players the Toronto Maple Leafs could trade early in the season, listing Mike Komisarek and Jeff Finger among the possibilities. April Weiner meanwhile mused on the possibility of the Leafs moving Phil Kessel if he gets off to a slow start or poor performance this season, listing seven teams which might have interest in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Could Kessel be traded? Hey, if the Flyers could turn around and trade Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, then sure, it’s possible, but unless GM Brian Burke gets an offer too good to refuse, I doubt Kessel gets shopped if he struggles or if his numbers aren’t quite as good as last season. Komisarek has a no-movement clause in his contract during the season, and his $4.5 million salary and his injury history would make him more difficult to move during the season. If Finger could be traded, surely it would’ve happened by now. 

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” recently claimed sources said two teams were trying to get permission to find out what Turris would want to sign with them, one in the Eastern Conference (maybe Toronto, maybe not) and the other in the Western Conference, which he believed to be Detroit. “Eklund” followed up on October 7th with a rumor of the NY Islanders pursuing a trade of Turris with the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If any team wanted to find out what Turris wanted, they could send him an offer sheet. I believe we already know what he wants from the Coyotes (three years, $4 million per, or two years, $3 million per). As for the Islanders trading for Turris, they’ve got plenty of depth at center in Tavares, Nielsen, Bailey and Reasoner. Doesn’t make sense.


  1. I’m doubtful Turris is going anywhere soon as likely rival GM’s see a kid with talent who has to date anyways, done little to warrant the money being sought

  2. I think the Coyotes are perfectly content to let Turris sit there and be ridiculous. They’re the ones with the leverage, not him.

    The kid has barely even cracked the Coyotes lineup, let alone be any kind of force, so they don’t particularly miss him in their lineup while this is going on. Those contract demands are asinine, and it’s clearly a ploy to be traded, but I don’t think the ‘Yotes are in a huge rush to do so. Not unless the right deal comes along.

    They’ve got nothing but time.

  3. NTC or NMC clauses aside, Burke’s ability to move Komisarek and/or Jeff Finger will largely depend on another GM trying to unload a difficult contract themselves in exchange for either of the two dmen or some other agreed upon salary dump that helps both teams

  4. I’m doubtful that Kessel will get moved as that’s a total pie in the face to Burke and all he gave up to get the guy and would put him on a similar pedestal of ineptitude as the previous regimes in Toronto that were responsible for handing him the mess he got when he first arrived in Toronto.

  5. There are several teams at or near the cap floor who could afford giving Turris a few mil and take the chance. The Coyotes are not shy about letting disgruntled young ones walk (Blake Wheeler) or be traded, and if they can bolster their G status or obtain a good player in the 25-30 yr old range in exchange, then I say let Turris go (PS I live in Phx).

  6. No teams need to get permission to talk to Turris. He is a free agent. A team giving him an offer sheet would just be forcing the Coyotes to match. A team would 1st contact Turris about negotiating a contract, then contact GM Maloney about a trade, if they are indeed seeking Turris. Maloney does not need to trade Turris, so he will be seeking a trade that would benefit the Coyotes this season, otherwise the Coyotes will just let him sit out the season.
    Turris should have let the Coyotes know about wanting to be traded at the end of last season when more teams could have been able to offer trade proposals, now when teams’ rosters are set (including the Coyotes), it doesn’t look likely that a trade will happen any time soon!

  7. WHS is 100% right with the Turris situation. As for trading Kessel, never gonna happen. GMs don’t trade 23 yr olds that consistently score 30+ goals a season who is still developing as a player unless its highway robbery. Burke getting him for what he did was market value and having now proving himself (kessel) to score 30+ goals on a talentless team like the Leafs means his value may be even higher now.

  8. @ Joey

    You’re absolutely right about Kessel. I like Kessel, but he’s not worth the price that Toronto gave up. If Burke traded Kessel now, it would likely be at a loss. He’d then be compounding his problem. In addition, the Leafs are reasonably close to competitive. I doubt anybody has them as a serious contender at this point, but their making the playoffs is completely reasonable. If you make the playoffs, anything can happen. If they traded Kessel they’d be taking a step back.

  9. JDBGiGC “I like Kessel, but he’s not worth the price that Toronto gave up.” Really? Do you undervalue perennial 30+ goal scorers that happen to be under 24 yrs old? Do you know how few players have or can do that? I know the picks Toronto gave up haven’t done that and I doubt they will honestly. Maybe its simply because when it comes to the Leafs everything must suck.

  10. @JDBGIGC..thanks for the support but Donnybrook does make a good point too. Burke’s reasoning for what he gave up for Kessel was a perennial 30 goal scorer as opposed to first round picks who might acheive that and to Kessel’s credit, he has not failed in that regard. While Kessel is largely a one dimensional player, adding a quality centerman to the mix to feed him the puck like he had in Savard, can only improve on those stats and since Kessel’s numbers don’t lie, tough as it might be to admit, he’s been worth every nickel

  11. While Spector and his band of editors made sure none of us say anything politically incorrect, I just wanted to say that glad that Phil the thrill got his first hat trick of the season as the Senators just answered again to the tune of 6-5…Gonna monitor this comment too?

    • Joey, what’s with the attitude?. Your previous comments were approved, and those since your latest one was taken off the monitored list. All you had to do was ask why your comments were being monitored, rather that respond with insults.

  12. I don’t see how Kessel could be traded…….he is a proven 30+ goal scorer on a rebuilding team….. now that burke has added numerous additions to the front and back end….. I just cannot see the Leafs missing the playofffs…. Kessels and grabo’s lines are going to cause some serious issues with other teams this year… Riemer is for real……. and their D is deeeep…..I just can’t see them missing the playoffs again……. I predict that they will finish in 7th or 8th position this year….

  13. WOW ! Elkund not making sense??? whata surprise!

  14. Lots of scouts @ the game last night, i think a blockbuster is in the works, How long can Aulie and Franson sit ?

  15. Ok Lyle..didn’t mean to put out attitude or anything, but since all I had to was ask why my comments were being monitored,then why were they being monitored?. To my knowledge, there was no previous history of inflammatory commenting that would warrant any monitoring but hey, you tell me.

  16. From what I can tell, it was unintentional. You weren’t being singled out.

  17. Thanks for the feedback Lyle. I do enjoy this website though and do encourage you to keep up the good work as a new season is upon us which should be filled with a season of adventure for all fans of the game

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  19. Though the season has just begun Kessel is looking like a more determined player this year.
    Against Montreal he was in on the back check and going into corners and playing the wall hard.
    Against Ottawa he was again coming back hard and helping out defensively. Also, he was on
    in the last few minutes of the game and made an unselfish play to get the puck out
    of the zone and then fought hard in the corner and behind
    their net to keep it there. If he can keep his plus minus in check and plays as hard without the puck
    as he does with it, then it would be difficult to find equal compensation on the trade market.
    Does anybody else not like Lupul on that line right now?

  20. Seems to me like it will be Gunnarson, Bozak, Schrivens and a pick going somewhere for a bona-fide gritty skilled forward plus…rumors of Doan and morrow have been kicked around. I beleive that the price wouldn’t be that high but that is an example of what we have in the bank to possibly trade…not including Kadri.