NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 11, 2011.

Which teams could make a move for Drew Doughty? What crazy rumors are flying around? Read on to find out! Enjoy!!

BLEACHER REPORT: Franklin Steele ponders which club might make a move for defenseman Drew Doughty if the LA Kings should give up trying to re-sign him and put him on the trade block, listing the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind, Steele’s just spitballing here. The Kings, by all accounts, aren’t shopping Doughty, nor is the defenseman demanding a trade. The betting is the two sides eventually reach an agreement. If, and that’s a big “if”, Doughty were to hit the trade block, there would be considerable interest around the league. I’m not gonna bother wasting time debating over which teams could afford him if he becomes available because that hasn’t happened yet, and probably won’t, but if the rest of you want to bandy that topic around, be my guest.  😉

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” reports a couple of “crazy” rumors. One has the Vancouver Canucks interested in Florida Panthers forward David Booth, the other has the Dallas Stars interested in Calgary Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with “Eklund”, these rumors are crazy, because they stand no chance of happening. Dale Tallon’s made his big moves earlier this summer, and has no reason to move David Booth. The Flames aren’t trading Kiprusoff, period. Nothing more to see here, folks, show’s over, move along…


  1. I think if I were the Oilers, I would seriously consider taking a run at Doughty with an offer sheet. They have enough offensive prospects to build around and besides Whitney and Gilbert, no seriously ‘gifted’ defense. If they could stomache giving up their first round picks for the next 5 years, imagine a team with Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Paajarvi, & Doughty on the back end with Whitney and Gilbert. all you would need is a solid goalie and you could print your tickets to the playoffs and probably a Stanley Cup Final Apearance or two. PS not an Oilers fan, just saying the Oilers could actuallt do it if they were so inclined.

  2. the only way kipper gets traded is if he asks for one,or he has a bad season and they decide to blow up the team totally.i dont think vancouver could afford booth and even if they were trading for him florida would be looking for a good return.and yes every team would be interested in doughty but not the way contract talks are going.i think alot of gms may back away from that situation.if the rumours of the contracts he has turned down are true.what gm would wanna deal with that ,not many maybe the rangers,edmonton and mtl.the blues are on tight budget detroit wont pay him more than lidstrom and the leafs wont deal with thats bs.brian burke would not just hand out 7 mill to a guy who has had two good years.

  3. Well the Rangers love to hand out huge contracts – who else….let’s see the Islanders love to lock up head cases and Burke may need to do something drastic because he really didn’t do much this summer. I don’t see Detroit messing with Doughty cause they like “team players” and have a “structure” in place so their players give a little for the honor of playing for Detroit and for the team.

  4. Foxinthewoods…LA has 10 Million in cap space, they will match whatever offer the Oilers throw out there with money to spare. Especially after Tambellini has tried to screw them on trades with his used car salesman mentallity, you think Lombardi is going to let him walk away with Doughty. DD will be resigned by LA, it was his favorite team growing up and the team he wanted drafting him, and trust me they want him as well. If by some very small chance he is in another uniform next year it will be via trade, and if the Oilers want him they are going to have to offer up Hall and Petry just to get LA to start listening to them.

  5. tattoofreak34….Burke wouldn’t deal with Doughty’s BS? Are you serious? You mean the way he has dealt with it all summer from Schenn! If Burke handed $4.75 Million for 2 years to band-aid Connelly then I think he would give Doughty $7 Million. Burke would be salivating at the chance to get doughty for whatever he wanted, remember this is the team that is paying Phaneuf $6.5 Million and Komisarek $4.5 Million, lol and they are pylons.

  6. The Leafs wouldn’t bother going to hard after Doughty and not because he isn’t a solid defenseman but because the Leafs already have a logjam at defense. But if they did they would be looking at giving up Schenn or Phaneuf + Kulemin just to get the ball rolling. Now I fully believe Doughty will be signed and will be playing in LA, but if you were to talk about teams that would go after him and after him HARD then I would look at the major blockbuster deal. (pure speculation here as we were invited to banter)

    To New Jersey: D Drew Doughty, G Jonathan Bernier
    To Los Angeles: F Zach Parise, D Adam Larsson, G Johan Hedberg, F Cam Janssen, 2nd Round

    Bare with me as I know this is crazy! But the Kings add up a high scoring top 6 forward, a solid defenseman, a one year back up to Quick, and some grit onto their depth as well as some future depth. Devils bring in a top flight young Dman, shed enough cap to get him on, and bring in a young prospect goalie they need to replace Broduer. Imagine

    Parise – Kopitar – Williams
    Gagne – Richards – Brown
    Penner – Stoll – ????

    (not THAT familiar with LA) and they would still have Johnson – Mitchell, Greene – Larsson, Scuderi – Martinez or something on the back end. As I said, its absolutely insane, but the thought of it is funny … at least to me.

  7. @JJB
    To finish your third line…Clifford. But, Larsson??????, Jansen????????, and the 39 year old goalie?????? for Doughty and Bernier??????? You need to do better than that. Maybe Parise, #1 pick and a player or two.

  8. well canadian king,thats your opinion and i think schenn isnt signed because the leafs are not going to give him stupid money like so many other teams have handed out for average d men this season.schenn has potential.and dont get me wrong these players are good but we have heard nothing about what schenns looking for,is it 5 mill a season or less.whats he worth.i figure no higher than 4.5 mill.and jjb that would be one hell of a trade for both teams ,it would be great to see a big trade like that again.

  9. Canadian King… LA may have the available cap space to match, but if you threw in long term, they have enough of a team structure that they would have remove other aspects of the team to accomodate for matching an offer for Doughty. And, if LA matches for much higher than they hoped, then it logjams the King’s Salary Cap for the next 7-10 years. I know the Gm’s have this honour amongst theives mentaility or unwritten code, so it probably will not happen. hoever if I were the GM of Edmonton, I would seriously consider it. If you get Doughty, great. If not, then you mess up LA’s Salary cap system. And then, I would hurry and ensure my RFA’s are locked up before July 1 each year for the next 10 years.

  10. and where is this server if it is 7:23 right now? 6 hours time difference from me anyways.

  11. @foxinthewoods,
    true the term could be a problem and the Tambellini could certainly cause problems for Lombardi, but the same problems the Kings would have the oilers would have a couple years later as all those high first rounders start moving out of their entry level contracts. it’s fun to play devil’s advocate but it just doesn’t make sense for EDM to chase Doughty.

  12. Dalles wants Kipper ? yeah, ok… well as long as they send Jamie Benn back, I will be ok with that- lol.

  13. foxinthewoods…If the Oil do a long term that LA can’t match for long term cap space then it would have to be quite the contract, LA can shed Mitchells and Penners contract after this season. So then the Oilers would be messing up there own teams future cap. Thus leaving room for LA to come in and swoop one of edm RFA’s in the next few years, ie Hall, Eberle, Paarvii. So as I said earlier the only way they get Doughty is if they blow LA’s socks off with a trade. And we all know how cheap Tambs is so I can 100% guarantee Doughty will NOT be an Oiler.

  14. @Alex and JJB
    Other 3rd liner would be Parse/ Lotkionov (sp?) or both playing with Stoll if Penner didn’t perform. 4th line would be Lewis, Richardson, Clifford. Kings still have Drewiske to play D, not to mention Hickey and the rest of the kids in the minors.

    Hedberg would be fine as a backup, Quick will start 60+ games anyways. Larsson would be fine. No need for Janssen…maybe a 1st instead and I could see it happening.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly what Doughty DOES want for a contract though. It might have nothing to do with the money, it may just be the length. I say start at $5 million/yr for 4 years…add and extra $500K/yr for each additional year he’ll add to the contract. (Example: 5 years @ $5.5M/yr, 6 @ $6M/yr, 8 @ $7M/yr, etc.)

  15. No GM would even consider trying to sign Doughty for anything less then 6.5 mil a year. If they did you might as well spit in his face.

  16. @CanadianKing – “Burke wouldn’t deal with Doughty’s BS? Are you serious? You mean the way he has dealt with it all summer from Schenn!”

    Please provide any reference this summer where either Burke or Schenn have bitched about not getting a deal done so far. Just one. Unless you are one of the many fans who are “in the know” then think before speaking. Burke and Schenn have both said on numerous occasions that a deal will get done and it will.

  17. As a NJ fan thats a bit much to give up… Sounds like a canuck fan rumour..

  18. if Vancouver makes a move before training camp it will be to sign Brad Winchester. the Canucks led the league in scoring last year and only lost Erhoff (who should be naming his kids after the Sedins for the career year they gave him on the powerplay … his defensive lapses won’t be missed) and Torres in the offseason so they don’t need more scoring. Winchester has been spotted around informal on ice workouts with Canuck players.

  19. Dude! Do us all a favor and get yourself an iPhone app to put us all out of our misery. I read the bastard because of a lack of option. You are much more credible and makes less spelling mistakes (haha). I can’t stand the E1s,2s, and whatever. Please!? Help us out! When I read this David Booth rumor, the first thing that came into my head was : ‘Spector needs an app’. HATE Eklund!