NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 18, 2011.

In today’s funhouse: Doughty for Stastny? Are there teams which could use Scott Gomez? Which three Wings could be candidate for a pre-season trade?

BLEACHER REPORT/HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: reported a “tweet” posted up by a fake account claiming to be Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos claimed there was a rumor the LA Kings and Colorado Avalanche were working on a trade which would ship Drew Doughty to the Avs in exchange for center Paul Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neither blog gave the rumor any validity and merely mentioned it as a discussion point. “Eklund” asked if it was “insane or not”, discussing it from a theoretical standpoint. My answer: Yes, it’s insane, because the Kings are already deep at center (Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards, Jarret Stoll), so this move wouldn’t make any sense for them. That reason alone makes such a suggestion “insane”.

BLEACHER REPORT: Nicholas Goss suggested the Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators and Minnesota Wild as five teams which might be willing to “take a flier” on Montreal Canadiens center Scott Gomez.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Apart from the fact all but the Wild are hovering near the salary cap floor, there’s no reason for these teams to take a flier on Gomez. The Avs have Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny as their top two centers, the Stars have Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro, the Panthers Stephen Weiss and Tomas Fleischmann, and the Predators David Legwand and Mike Fisher. The Wild could use more depth beyond Mikko Koivu at center, but they’re certainly not about to invest in Gomez.

BLEACHER REPORT: Isaac Smith suggested Johan Franzen, Jonathan Ericsson and Jiri Hudler as pre-season trade bait candidates for the Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hudler could be, Franzen and Ericsson aren’t, and won’t be.


  1. It is unsure whether Fleischmann will play LW or C for the Panthers. The ideal role would be center, since Santorelli is not exactly effective as a center when going on the backcheck and making defensive plays (i think he is best as a winger), but regardless, even if the Panthers had a hole in center they would not be spending their money on Gomez for three more years of mediocre production.

    Next year’s UFA class could be deeper if players do not re-sign.

    The only way Gomez gets a new jersey is if he is claimed on re-entry waivers, or traded for another underachieving expensive player.

  2. I like that you post these blog rumors, Spector. Bleacher Report drives me nuts, as they are very lazy on their research and are frequently wrong in their facts.

  3. Beyond all the reason’s above, Gomez does not hit “flier” status until at the earliest this years trade deadline. More than that, I honestly believe Gomez is capable of more (never worth a 7.3 cap hit, but more value than last year) and I also believe Gauthier will give Gomez at least until Christmas to show improvement before he honestly thinks about moving him. Any rumoured trades for the Habs are ridiculous at this point. Gauthier will take a good long while before he starts shopping anybody, mind blowing offers excepted of course.

  4. it really makes you wonder what made Gainey give up Higgins and one of their top prospects in McDonagh for Gomez and his bloated salary, desperation doesn’t even begin to explain it.

  5. Higgins was as useless on the Rangers as Gomez was on the Canadiens. Besides, Montreal stocked a ton of blueliner prospects, McDonaugh was spare parts. You really think he’d be cracking the Habs roster this year? He might have last year because of the injury bits but he’s one of the better Rangers these days.

  6. Anyone else noticed a trend in Eklund posts since being stated, dismantled and proven simply too far fetched here? Instead of generating rumors as he were, now it seems he like Lyle comments on them instead.

  7. Why does anyone look at bleacher report, there as credible as my 9 year olds 4th grade class. Johan Franzen, Jonathan Ericsson have no trade no move clauses that would have to be waived, and the wings would trade hudler for a bag of pucks minus the bag, that’s no shocker there