NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 19, 2011.

In today’s roundup of blogosphere-generated NHL rumors: Kyle Turris to Toronto? Sergei Samsonov to Red Wings for Penguins? Jason Spezza to Buffalo?  

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” believes the Phoenix Coyotes will trade Kyle Turris, as GM Don Maloney won’t stand for Turris’ current salary demands. He claims the Maple Leafs, Kings, Devils, Islanders, Canucks “etc” are interested in Turris…He also claims Sergei Samsonov’s potential destinations could be the Red Wings and Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the record, Maloney claimed in a recent interview he has no intention of trading Turris. If he does, however, I doubt the Maple Leafs would have interest unless Tim Connolly and/or Matthew Lombardi are sidelined for lengthy periods, because currently there’s no room for Turris at center with the Leafs. The Kings absolutely have no need for Turris, as they’re already deep at center with Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards and Jarret Stoll.  The Islanders? Not with Tavares, Nielsen, Bailey and Reasoner. The Canucks? Nope, they’ll give Cody Hodgson a long look before they’ll trade for Turris. The Devils? Possible, I suppose, given that Travis Zajac is sidelined for several months, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were a Devils fan…As for Samsonov, the Red Wings appear set with their current lineup, while the Penguins appear deep on left wing with Chris Kunitz, James Neal, Steve Sullivan and Matt Cooke.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claimed The Bleacher Report reported the Buffalo Sabres were looking at Ottawa Senators center Jason Spezza.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seely didn’t provide a link, but I checked Bleacher Report and saw nothing about this. Even if Bleacher Report did post this, it’s absurd and stands no chance of happening. ‘Nuff said. Nothing more to see here, move along…


  1. Even if Connolly and Lombardi where injured, the Leafs would be rolling with Grabs, Coburn and Bozak. We have NO need for a center unless he’s an upgrade over Connolly.

  2. Like shootin fish in a barrel Lyle, Ek spins his trade wheel and makes it up as he goes along. Have you heard anything on McCabe, now that is a guy I would like to see at Isles camp, not a rip on Staios, just sayin.

  3. You have to love that every “blogosphere” rumor has the player going to Montreal or Toronto at some point during that rumor cycle.

  4. Spector,

    Sometimes I wonder why you bring up anything from Hockey Buzz. That website is a joke and Eklund is a bigger joke. Do you write about it to put his articles down, or just to have news for a day? I really hope people stop reading Hockey Buzz. It’s a complete waste of time and nothing EVER happens from that website. Your opinions are more honest and less rumor driven. You look at the teams situation and determine if the cap works with the player and his “New” destination. Nice job on that.

  5. Any truth to that rumour concerning Scott Gomez??? Sidelined from practice and inter-squad games due to a “leg injury” ??? Lots of speculation concerning the true reasons for him being away…(again) !!

  6. Gee it’s been so long since I’ve seen a Spezza trade rumour.

    I don’t know where some of these people get ideas like that. I true #1 centre on a re-building team that lacks experience down the middle after Spezza… there is no way he is being traded — especially to a division rival.

  7. Spector, I’m sick with a sore throat. You can’t do things to me like post that Spezza rumour because it hurts to laugh!

  8. Can’t even give the Spezza rumor any cred – Sabres are excited about the team they have right now and why would they trade for a high salary – $7MM when they already have to shed $3.5M. Also, Spezza has been injured the past two years and has only played approx. 62 games each year. The Sabres have Adam, Kassain and Foglino just itching to come up to the big club – so I’m sure the “Spezza Rumor” was published to garner discussion.

  9. Remember when Gretzky raved about Kyle Turris? I suppose that went straight to Turris’ head. “The great one thinks I’m good, ergo I’m worth 3 million”.

    They also entertained the thought of the Devils picking up Turris on hockeybuzz, but I figured that to be a little far fetched. GMs have personalities; Lou doesn’t like players who want wads of cash if they don’t got the stats to hold it up.

    I hear the Rangers are interested lol (I’m starting a new rumour right here!)

  10. I could see a Turris trade to Toronto if Bozak was involved as part of something heading back to Phoenix. With Lombardi’s health in question, i could see the Leafs going with Connolly, Grabovski, and Turris down the middle.

  11. Turris = Bozak IMO.

  12. The Penguins coverage on Hockey Buzz from John Toperzer and Julie Robenhymer is legit.

  13. James Neal will likely be playing the right side on the Pens with a scoring line. Seeing as though in intra-squad games they had Malkin centering Sullivan and Kennedy quite consistently, i would imagine that means Kunitz will play first line LW, Sullivan second, Cooke third. And by no means would the Pens want someone that cannot PK, fight, or back-check on that fourth line LW. Samsonov is not going to the Pens unless they are looking to add even more depth to Wilkes-Barre.

    As for Spezza, that rumour is just ridiculous.

  14. My opinion exactly GPG. Samsonov would be an interesting pick up for depth, but not exactly a necessary one. Sullivan already addresses one of the issues they had going into this season in regards to depth on the left side and I think with his work ethic and talent he does it well. For Samsonov to work, he would have to be a direct upgrade over someone or at the very least, he would have to be brought in if there was a long term injury and I can’t say either of those are going to happen right now.

  15. I will not rule out the possibility of Samsonov to the Penguins. After all Kunitz and Neal will most likely be found on the same line and LW and RW means nothing on the Pens roster. Heck even centers find their way onto wing possisions. It’s all about depth and the Pens can use more. I look for this as a strong possibility if Samsonov wants to continue his NHL career.