NHL Rumors From The Blogosphere – September 2, 2014

Given the recent lack of NHL rumors from the mainstream media, here’s a look at what’s kicking around the blogosphere regarding the Sharks and Maple Leafs. Enjoy!

The “Patrick Marleau to the Montreal Canadiens” rumor continues, with the Sharks supposedly wanting two roster players and a top prospect in return. Any trade of Marleau depends upon his willingness to waive his no-trade clause. So far he hasn’t been asked to do so.  The Sharks are apparently still keen to move Marleau and Joe Thornton, depending on their approval. The Sharks could try to move either or both before the season begins or by the March trade deadline.

Internet speculation persists linking Patrick Marleau to Montreal.

Internet speculation persists linking Patrick Marleau to Montreal.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, the Sharks are still willing to trade Thornton and/or Marleau. They’re in trade talks with the Canadiens but haven’t approached Marleau about accepting a trade yet. All this despite the fact both players have already stated they don’t want to play anywhere while Sharks management backpedaled from speculation either player could be moved. Sorry, but I’m not buying this “Marleau to Montreal” rumor. 

It doesn’t make sense for the Sharks to talk trade  about Marleau with the Canadiens if he remains unwilling to waive his no-trade clause. A team usually needs to know in advance what teams a player is willing to waive his no-trade clause for before plunging into trade negotiations. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and effort. 

 If Marleau and Thornton are unwilling to waive their no-trade clauses, there’s nothing Sharks management can do. Their no-movement clauses prevents demotion. They can’t suspend them. They can’t demand either player waive their clauses. Even if Thornton and Marleau feel unwanted by management, they can stubbornly dig in their heels and refuse to go. 

I will acknowledge the possibility either player could change their minds. In that case, the earliest I expect they could be dealt is near the trade deadline, depending upon their performances as well as that of the Sharks. Otherwise, it won’t happen until next summer, if at all. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs still want to add a top-six forward. Goalie James Reimer, defenseman Cody Franson and forwards Nazem Kadri and Joffrey Lupul were discussed in trade talks earlier this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of these, Reimer and Franson are the most likely to be dealt, but it’s a question of both return and destination. I believe the Leafs still wish to retain Kadri, though I don’t doubt there’s interest in him from rival clubs. Last season GM Dave Nonis claimed if he was to move Kadri he’d want a player of comparable age and talent in return. Lupul could get some attention, though I think there’s concern over his injury history. There was talk earlier this summer the Canadiens had some interest but I don’t think it went very far. 


  1. Hartnell had a No Trade clause with the Flyers and it didn’t stop them. They met with him and told he was going to Columbus. Or, he could stay in Philly and get a reserved seat in the press box.

    If the Sharks want to trade those guys, they can do it.

    • Completely different circumstance involving a lesser player. Thornton and Marleau are superstars and hold considerably more leverage than Hartnell. If they don’t want to move, there’s nothing the Sharks can do.

      • there’s nothing those players can do if the Sharks tell them they won’t ever put on a Shark jersey again. I assume they would rather play than sit.

        if that assumption is incorrect, then yes there’s nothing the Sharks can do but sit the players and wait them out.

        • A GM who would “sit” two superstars in order to force them to accept a trade is either insane or has balls as big as church bells. As I said, Thornton and Marleau hold considerable leverage and they know it.

          • Agree with Lyle. Plus is a team blatantly tried to do this-the union would step in. As the NTC was contractually agreed upon.

          • They would if they wanted to get rid of them. Those guys would not want to sit.

            Now it’s obvious a No Trade Clause is of no effect with that team if they did that, so they lose that bargaining tool in future contracts.

            But they could play that card. Look, the Sharks already indicated they don’t want the guys, they stripped them of their leadership positions. Do those guys really want to stay where they’re not wanted?

            so the Sharks will have a lot of salary in the press box. But it’s clear they want to move on from Thornton and Marleau. The team can fill their spots with 2 younger players and wait them out.

          • I just think the Sharks realise they can’t win with Thornton and Marleau and want to rebuild. Balls are big enough to strip Thornton of the “C”. Let say Marc Bergevin called Doug Wilson and offer Lars Eller, Rene Bourque and Nathan Beaulieu for Marleau, if Wilson is interested, don’t you think he’ll ask Marleau to waive his no-trade clause?

    • Lol no they never. Where the hell are you getting your info from? Both parties wanted a change thus the reason Hartnell accepted the trade. Hartnell trade rumors would’ve plagued the Flyers and Hartnell himself that is why both parties accepted the trade.

      • Hartnell didn’t want to leave. he just signed a long-term contract 2 years ago. They told him he wouldn’t be playing. He loved it as a Flyer.

        i think you’re the same guy who was saying the Flyers should trade for Ryan Miller, and I said they had Mason, who’s better than Miller. Miller blew it for the Blues :-))))

        Mason was the reason the Flyers made the playoffs.

        good call :-)))))))

    • I have to beieve that Wilson has seen the Vcr, in the Paific Conf., mover and re build on the fly an thought maybe the time is ripe for SJ to make the same move. Vcr traded Kesler ( NTC ) for Bonino, Sbeza and a 1st round pick that turned out to be Jared McCann, then dumped Garrison for a pick that turned into Linden Vey. Signed on FA Vrbata and looks like they’re back in the saddle….Wilson is looking in competant as we speak.

    • i doubt it’s how it went in the Flyers management room with Hartnell…some people just love to paint a distorted picture of how things went

      • i’m going by what Hartnell said when the trade was announced. go to philly.com and read what he said right after the trade.

        not exactly sounding like a player who wanted to leave.

  2. Please let September be better then August in the hockey world. I am beginning to think the NHL is now a defunct league. I have never seen teams with obviously so much work to do to improve…do so little. Whats going on? Any fan with a brain can list who is making playoffs this year and who isn’t…..training camps haven’t even opened yet.

    • Ok you think listing the teams who will make the playoffs is easy. I will allow that statement for the first 7 Western teams. Please tell me who will be the 8th team in. As for the east. I sure we are ok with Pittsburg, Tampa, and Boston. However the the rest is a crap shoot. The habs were out two years ago. The sens where in two years ago. It changes that easy. Will florida’s youth be good enough. does the team who made it to the stanley cup final have enough to make it more than the 8th spot this year. Hmmmm….doesn’t seem easy to me. What about Philly or Washington? I can go on and on.

  3. Marleau and Thornton probably told management we will accept trades to Anaheim or LA only…

  4. I think a lot of teams are doing so little to improve because they want a shot at McDavid and Eichel. This coming draft class looks great so this isn’t a bad year to do finish low in the standings.

    As for the sharks, if they really wanted to move those two they could but it would not bode well for them. If they decide to tell them that they won’t play there again and want to sit over $10 mill in the press box they could. By doing that it would make them look really bad to other players and could hamper their future. Anything is possible though.

    I think the leafs can get a player soon, a lot of teams are waiting to see what they have at camp before dealing. If a team has a rookie step up and take someone’s place, they could make a deal.

    I think we’ll see a lot of moves when camp starts.

  5. Marleau and Thornton are not going anywhere,at 7 million apiece and their lackluster play in big games along with their age make them unattractive.Joe is a perimeter player who refuses to hit and Marleau scores meaningless goals.They are just too comfy in an arena that demands very little from either of them.The Shark Tank is exactly where they belong.

    • Joe Thornton, parimeter player who doent show up for big games has an Art Ross a Hart trophy Olympic gold World championship gold 100 points in 130 playoff games, and 1194 points in 1200 games…ya who would want that guy lol ridiculous statement. Getting a little older granted but if the Sharks could deal him I think more than a few teams looking for a 1 or 2 center would be pretty interested.

      • Totally agree Shticky, why would you sign 2 players to new contracts with no move clauses and a year later (?) say you want to trade them? Both Marleau and Thornton will not be easy to replace. Both put up good point numbers consistantly.

      • Thornton can’t get it done when it matters the most. He wasn’t the reason why they won gold in 2010. And he’s now always going to be known as the leader on a team that blew a 3-0 series lead, and will never get rid of that label until he finally wins the cup

      • All that hardware and not a Stanley Cup Finals appearance to fill out his resume. All that noteworthy recognition is secondary to raising the Cup, which is why so many people in the hockey world accuse Joe of not showing up for the REAL big games.

        • It’s almost like hockey is a team game or something.

          • lol agreed Liddy, or like someone didnt watch the last 4 games of that Sharks Kings series… Niemi and Stalock were brutal 18 goals against in 4 games with around an .850 save percentage and terrible D, ya its all Joes fault. Aside from this last years playoffs which he did kind of have a bad series, he is a nearly a ppg in the playoffs, 2013 10 points in 11 playoff games, 2012 5 points in 5 games, 2011 17 point 18 games, 12 points in 15 games. The Sharks havent won a cup because they play in the best confrence in hockey, 09 confrence quarter finals to the Ducks (won cup), 2010 confrence finals to the Hawks (won cup) 2011 Canucks confrence finals, lost to the Blues, in 2012, the Kings in the second round in13 and again to the Kings (won cup) last year. So in the past 5 years they have lost to the team that won the cup 3 times and been past the first round 3 times. How is it Joes fault?

        • Wendell Clark never made it to the finals either.

  6. I agree and am glad nonis has this train of thought with players such as kadri and gardiner. Only way I trade kadri is in a package for a bigger centre, think couturier, johansen, O’reilly type. A player of the skill and body type the leafs currently don’t have.

    • i wonder if moving Kadri and a solid prospect to Columbus for Johansen would be possible? i know Johansen is much more valuable than Kadri so maybe throw in Percy or Finn and a 3rd?? also could Marleau or Thornton for Johansen be a possibility? lot of factors including Columbus giving up a young guy for an older guy but i think it makes some sense. Thornton package to Columbus for Johansen package???

      • John Davidson will have to administer a saliva test to the Jackets GM if he deals Johanssen for Kadri … that’s a joke right? A future star for a 3rd liner?

        • lol! oh ed that thirdliner you speak of has put up 95 points in his past 115 games…not sure how many 23 year old 3rd liners do that? He is 1 year older than Johansen played in a dozen less games than Johansen and put up 10 more points. Not that I would necessarily trade Johansen for Kadri if I was cbus but you are kiding yourself if you think Kadri is a third liner.

        • Jackets need to get Johansen’s name on a long term deal now – cuz it will cost them a lot more after this little two year deal they are trying to get him to sign. The “bridge” deal will be Ryan’s bridge to real big bucks. The kid is the real deal, no doubt in my wind.

  7. Management is just playing fantasy hockey with Thornton and Marleau. They instructed their crew to contact various teams and make fantasy trades to see who can put together the best fictional San Jose team. lol This thought makes more sense than them actually conducting serious trade talks.

  8. The last thing the Leafs need to do is trade what little offensive talent they have.For pure skill Kadri is pretty much the best they have.Yes,right now he is a defensive liability at times but no more than the top line.There is nothing in the minors who can do better.That was shown last year.I do see Reimer and or Franson traded.

  9. I think Riemer is safe for a while, if Carlyle’s job was safe, then I could see Riemer traded, but right now I could just as easily see Carlyle leave town before Riemer. Riemer took a lot of blame last year, but he was no more to blame then the coaching.

  10. I am a Thorton hater until he ends up with the Rangers. That is where he will end up with his 1st stanley cup. As for all of you Ranger nonbelievers , sure they lost a few players, and picked up a few, come April , all the Pitts. Fans will be the ones crying. Remember, SPEED KILLS, and the Rangers have plenty. Come to New York Joe and get ready to hoist that CUP