NHL Rumors from the Blogosphere – September 21, 2012.

There may be an NHL lockout, but that hasn’t fully killed off some trade speculation from the blogosphere.


Could Luongo land in Toronto?

BERGERBYTES.CA: Howard Berger recently reported an Eastern Conference executive believes Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is “poised to make at least one prime acquisition…possibly two”. Berger believes one of those will be Vancouver Canucks netminder Roberto Luongo, believing the goalie will waive his no-trade clause because the Maple Leafs would provide him the best, perhaps only, chance to remain a number one goalie. Berger dismissed the rumors of the Florida Panthers having interest in Luongo, as the club hasn’t provided a “smidgen of evidence” they’re pursuing Luongo, and are believed high on Jacob Markstrom.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rumors out of Vancouver and Florida this summer claimed Panthers GM Dale Tallon had interest in Luongo, but was balking at the Canucks high asking price, which was believed to be one or two of the Panthers promising young prospects. Markstrom is considered their goalie of the future, but his stock seems to have dropped a bit since last season, to where there was pre-lockout talk of Markstrom starting this season in the minors.

As for Burke’s pursuit of Luongo, that’s genuine, but once again, it’s the Canucks asking price which is a major stumbling block. The Canucks won’t just give Luongo away, especially to the Leafs, considering the bad blood between Burke and Canucks GM Mike Gillis. It also remains to be seen if Luongo, who’d prefer to return to the Panthers, is willing to accept a trade to Toronto

BLEACHER REPORT: The Edmonton Oilers, Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Toronto Maple Leafs and New Jersey Devils are listed as five possible trade destinations for LA Kings Jonathan Bernier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers have Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin under contract for this season, and haven’t expressed any interest in seeking another goalie. The Blackhawks remain determined to stick with Corey Crawford and backup Ray Emery. The Blue Jackets are going with Sergei Bobrovsky and Steve Mason. The Leafs are believed more interested in Luongo than Bernier (see above), and the Devils are going with Martin Brodeur and Johan Hedberg. Granted, perhaps one or more of those clubs could be in the market for a goalie as the season progresses, but there’s no need for the Kings to rush out and move Bernier. It wouldn’t surprise me if they retain him until the trade deadline at the earliest, or shop him in the off-season.


  1. No hockey why the make believe rumors.

  2. I believe trade transactions can still happen, lockout or not.
    I’m one of the many Leaf fans that actually don’t want Luongo here. His contract is too long and the media will make minced-meat out of him.
    There is no doubt Vancouver is going to ask a lot in return, especially with the bad blood between Burke and Gillis.
    IF there’s a season Burke should focus more on a veteran stop-gap (Conklin, Turco or Nittymaki) or go with Reimer and Scrivens while keeping an eye on Bernier.

    • No, they cannot.

    • While Gillis needs to realize that Gardiner isn’t coming back, Burke’s rumored offer of Komisarek and a 4th is ridiculous. I’m thinking one of Macarthur/Bozak, Colborne/Frattin/Kadri, and 2012 4th/Komisarek

  3. Depending on how bad of a cap reduction there might be, Vancouver might be forced to give Luongo away for pennies on the dollar.

    • All I really want in return is a solid center and or a solid power forward. I don’t know why Gillis is so desperate to get Markstrom or Gardiner or Huberdeau. We don’t really need them. I do understand his pursuit of Bjugstad and Howden though

      • I honestly don’t see any of the names you mentioned coming back for Lou. Not happenin.

      • Keep dreaming, Lou is NOT going to get you what you want. As claysbar said above you, Van is going to have to give him away especially if the cap goes down and the players salaries aren’t rolled back.

  4. laff fans gardiner is the trade starter for anyone and then your first which could be mckinnon, i hear gomez is available.

    • HAHA- Keith that is hilarious

      I’d Love it if that were true!!! Mckinnon being an unproven commodity and all……….

      Loo is no give away or salary dump.

      Kaberle was a salary dump, we don’t have to beg for the teams interested in Loo to make us a “reasonable offer”

      Kaberle got you Colborne a first and a conditional 2nd from the B’s. I realize that;s a pretty late 1st rounder obviously, but all you Leaf fans figure Loo is worth Less?

      I thought BC had all the good Bud, but you guys seem high to me if that;s what you think…..

  5. Hahaha Keith,No one is stupid enough to trade for Gomez especially making that kinda money for producing squat(oh wait the dumbas HABs did..LMAO)..Gardiner will not being going anywhere in any deal.consider him the untouchable..Our first will not be included in any Lou deal..NoOne will be stupid enough to give a first up for him especially knowing Van will eventually giving him away for peanuts just to free up the cap space,salary rollback or not..

  6. Lol. “Vancouver might be forced to give Luongo away”.
    Let me guess. You’re a fan of a team who needs goaltending?

    Vancouver, LA, St. Louis, and any other team who has a great goaltending tandem doesn’t need to trade any one of their goalies. It’s crazy to imagine otherwise.

    If the cap goes down, cool, they’ll finally be able to get rid of Ballard and his contract. They don’t need to trade Luongo to bring down cap space, there are other more feasible options.

  7. Lu will not be givin away.
    I’m not a fan of either team but look at Lu’s resume and tell me that it doesnt scream good goalie.
    That is an asset. You say his contract is terrible when it really isnt that bad for a goalie of his calibur.
    “But he chokes” So? He would at least get you somewhere to choke.
    Komi and a 4th is a slap in the face. The Trade metioned by Vincent seems very fair. Komi is much more of a dead weight then Lu. Deny it I dare you. Bozak/Macarthur, Colborne/Frattin and a mid round pick seems more then reasonable. if you send Komi, bump to a 2nd rounder. For a goalie who consistently hits playoffs and is top 10 year in year out. Good deal